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"Harmonics Are Uplifted for All to View" - Gaia Portal Update for February 22, 2018

Source: Gaia Portal

Published: February 22, 2018

Harmonics are uplifted for all to view.

Portentions of dark sights have closed and no longer apply.

Higher Sighted Ones give credence to the Guides.

Clarifications are finished.

Time to see for One’s Self.

* * * * *

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This update from the Gaia Portal website appears to be congruent with the usual theme of positive changes on the planet.  Along with these positive themes, we are, once again, greeted with the same general vagueness in the verbiage. However, as usual, this vagueness can help provide for greater freedom in interpretation as well as the freedom to choose our future manifestations.

Let's consider the first statement, "Harmonics are uplifted for all to view."

This could mean that vibratory frequencies on our planet and throughout the solar system are increasing to the point where we are able to fully see our orientation, ourselves, and possibly one another in more accurate ways. The statement could also mean that the various aspects of our chosen experience at higher frequencies are more available for us to view. This new clarity may allow us to more easily choose our next course for our soul's journey or learning experience.

This point suggests a general clarity of sight. However, as we may know, the paths of self-service and others service hold very different perspectives for those who choose them, as these two perspectives are polar opposites of one another. It is unclear of what the update may be implying about the negative path, if anything.

Seeing that the theme of the update is generally positive, this could mean that the path of self-service is not included within the description. It may also mean that this negative path will not have a significant role in the new age. It could even be that the negative path will dissolve altogether on the planet. If this were the case, this might explain the point that all will be able to view the uplifting of harmonics, whatever this may mean. But this is only one of numerous possibilities.

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The statement, "Portentions of dark sights have closed and no longer apply," tends to remind me of all of the doom and gloom prophesies of calamity and destruction from years past. But before explaining further, let's define one important term.

Definition of portent

1: something that foreshadows a coming event : omensign

2: prophetic indication or significance

3: marvelprodigy

Simply put, a portention is a communication of an omen or some type of negative sign which might foreshadow misfortune at some point in the future. The second statement from Gaia Portal seems to suggest that the omens from negative sources either no longer apply or will not be seen as very significant any longer by those who have chosen a more productive path.

If we remember the year 2015, we will likely be reminded of all the apparent efforts of nefarious interests to spread as much fear and panic as possible in online communities. These came in such forms as negativistic predictions about planetary destruction. Eventually, most people caught onto this age-old tactic of fear propaganda and disallowed these efforts from affecting them.

Though some of the doomsday prophets seemed to be paid agitators, there also appeared to be those who genuinely believed and almost desired for calamity to take place for the planet. If this was the case, it may be that this particular update from the Gaia Portal intends to reassure the people that the brunt of these fear-based efforts from negative sources are largely powerless at this point.

We could also apply the above possibilities with the reference to the Higher Sighted Ones mentioned in the update. There do seem to be some souls who presently have the ability to view life from a higher vantage point than the average person. These are the individuals who always seem to find the positive side of life, who have their own energy in balance, and who seem to exude the initiative to serve others. This focus upon service often results in the success and prosperity of those around the individual as well as the individual themselves.

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If anyone is able to see and acknowledge the help and assistance of positive guides in the lives of present Earth humanity, it would likely be these higher-sighted individuals, granted they made the choice to view such things.

Adding to the progressive clarity is the line which refers to the completion of clarification. This clarification could mean that intentions, choice of direction, and choices of ideology have been defined in the minds of most souls on the planet at this point. It may also mean that those of the higher realms who are said to be assisting the planet in clearing the darkness have largely completed their tasks. Further, it may mean that the road has been cleared for everyone on the planet to make an informed choice for their next souls experience (much like earlier statements).

The follow-up statement that it is now time to see for one's self seems to make the same suggestionthat each of us now possesses the ability to see and to choose our own role in our present and in future lifetimes.

This particular statement is vague, to restate. However, the vagueness can allow the reader to use their free will in order to postulate as to their own true and chosen meaning for this update. This vagueness can be a sign that such information does come from a benevolent source for the most part.

As we may realize, most benevolent beings of higher densities tend to refrain from giving out too much information to those at 3rd density (or being who are 3D to 4D transitional). This is to ensure that the overall ignorance of free will is maintained so that the gradual process or re-remembering and the eventual attainment of full consciousness can be most enjoyable for the soul undergoing the 3rd-density experience of ascension. In this case, the vagueness may be a positive sign.

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