Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Google Censorship Leads to Hard Times for Truth-Tellers - A Call to Action for Former YouTubers and Googlers

It has become widely known that companies such as Google and YouTube have formed the habit of demonetizing and deleting users who defy the status quo. In fact, this unethical censorship appears to be the reason why Adsense functions only intermittently here on the Discerning the Mystery website.

The Effects of Censorship

There is much to be said about the issue of the recent censorship which has affected not only Google users, but has caused significant loss and hardship for YouTubers and users of Twitter and Facebook.

Many websites and channels (or former channels) on these platforms depend upon their respective channels for income. These users have put months and even years of work into making their platforms valuable and helpful for all audience members and at least somewhat equitable for themselves. However, the recent crackdown on truth-tellers by YouTube and Twitter have left most of these users without the means to continue publishing their material.

As much as these various content creators have worked, it seems appropriate that we take the time to share their material even more fervently than before. If we truly appreciate the ways in which these sources have contributed to the truth movement, it only seems fair to assist them in spreading their constructive material to audiences who might benefit.

Below is a list of those most heavily censored and affected by the recent (unethical) censorship of truth-tellers on social media.

BitChute - David Seaman and Fulcrum News

BitChute - Victurus Liberta

DTube - Anti-School

These are a few channels which DTM has found to be largely credible and reliable with regard to breaking information as well as independent analysis for the latest news narratives of the corporate media. They have been particularly helpful during these recent, turbulent times.

These channels have fortunately found other platforms to speak. However, the alternative platforms do not necessarily provide adequate support for those creating their content. For those who feel able enough to assist these brave truthers, we ask that you do what you can in order to support them. Whether it is through donations, shares on social media, or simply keeping up with their content, every act of support would be appreciated.

This brings us to one particular way which anyone who is willing and able to assist the Discerning the Mystery website.

A Request for DTM

Up until this censorship began, DTM was supported by ads and a few donations here and their from generous readers. However, at present, there is little to no ad revenue keeping the site operational.

The fact is that I love writing, and I especially love to deliver the truth to the people in order to help their gradual awakening process. However, the task is still a struggle. There are not currently many ways to make a decent living for myself as I have to live on disability. So besides writing here, there are not many other options.

Right now, I am asking that if anyone enjoys reading the content here and is willing to help keep this site online and continually creating valuable content, please hit the Donate button and help support us.

Right now, we are presenting a goal of purchasing one conservative and yet professional-quality laptop computer so that DTM can have more than one location of operation. This would be a huge step in an extremely productive direction and helps let contributors know that their help is being used for productive purposes.

Please click below and help us meet this goal. Or if you prefer, you can use the Paypal like at the bottom of this post and contribute from there.

CLICK HERE ->> https://www.gofundme.com/dtm-laptop-fund

Your help is priceless to us. Whatever the future brings, we plan to be the best resource for truthful information we can be for all who appreciate alternative media.

Imminent Disclosures 

Can anyone remember the last time the establishment seemed so desperate for the general population to believe a news story? It seems that virtually every news report is either pushing the same suspicious narrative of the Parkland shooting or is performing damage control against all of the alternative media that is contradicting their apparent political agenda following the shooting. If we have noticed the corporate media's use of the age-old method of problem-reaction-solution in these matters, we are not alone.

The shear desperation which the MSM seems to be showing may reveal the fact that we the people are very close to some impending disclosures. These disclosures hold the potential to shake the very foundation of what the general public consider to be real and possible in our world. If this is true, this may explain the fervency of the media and the apparent political agenda behind the Florida school shooting. For more of those details, click below.

SILENCE! Twitter, YouTube Scrubbing All Content and Banning All Users Who Question the Official Narrative on the Florida School Shooting

These times are like no other, it seems. The weight of forthcoming disclosures about past government chicanery and the significance of the changes that may take place following these disclosures, seem to be massive.

This is why it is important that each of us do everything we are able to bring this forthcoming information to the forefront of public attention. The more awareness we create to the possible issues that have affected us all, the more collective power we have to overcome these issues and achieve true and lasting peace and freedom for all of humanity.

Thanks to all of you for your help, support, and your continued readership.
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