Monday, March 12, 2018

"Falacious Visions are Exposed" - Gaia Portal Update for February 28, 2018

Source: Gaia Portal

Published: February 28, 2018

Fallacious visions are exposed.

Elements of materials change to the Cosmics.

Frescoes appear to hu-beings.

Freedoms are embraced.

* * * * *

This interpretation of current energetic developments seems more descriptive than various updates from the past. The subject of logical fallacies are particularly familiar to me and have been an interest of study. This is specifically because many people do not seem to consider such details of communication in modern times.

Simply put, a fallacy is a logical error by which some individuals fraudulently attempt to prove a point. There are those who make such logical mistakes on accident. However, more often than not, these fallacies are intended to deceive and manipulate an audience.
If we know the inner workings of the path of others-service, we will know that this path is characterized by general love, respect, forthrightness, and the honor of all life. This path involves a soul's choice to present themselves in honesty and full awareness of intention. On the other hand, the path of self-service seeks to manipulate any situation to their own advantage. To put it simply, fallacy is the native tongue of this self-serving path, and contributes to the extensive distortion between the two polarities.

If these fallacies are being exposed, this may mean that the dark can no longer effectively manipulate their targets. The truth is becoming more and more clear for all to see. In fact, it could be that at some point in the near future, the dark will be gone from the planet all together. If ancient prophecies of the end of the age are correct, this is bound to happen.

If this massive change of the ages is taking place, this would mean that the elements themselves would be changing in essence. Matter itself could very well be evolving just as consciousness is believed to be evolving. Perhaps the substance of our perceived physical experience is changing into a form that is less perishable and more spiritually enduring, if such a thing is possible.

This could also mean that the nature of our current civilization is evolving from one which is largely materialistic to one which is more focused upon that which is truly important. Instead of being consumed with material social status, wealth, and material gain, perhaps humanity will be more focused upon that which connects us with our cosmic neighborhood.
The statement that "Frescoes appear to hu-beings," seems somewhat enigmatic. However, there may still be some explanation. As we may know, fresco is an artistic technique which involves the application of pigment to a freshly plastered wall. When the plaster (typically lime-based) dries, the art becomes a permanent component to the architecture.

Frescoes were typically designed to endure from one generation to the next. The architecture might age, but the fresco remained as its permanent compliment. If we were to apply this concept of a fresco in figurative terms to our current planetary shift, this may mean that the finer sidethe artistic expressive, and sensual side of societal structures will be returning to society. We might say that these aesthetic embellishments have a way of feeding the soul, and it may be that the needs of the soul will, once again, be appreciated in a broader sense.

Presently, we are surrounded by social and societal structures, but most of these structures lack personality and character. They lack the expression of the deeper nuances that make life enjoyable for all people. The current establishment is largely cold, rule oriented, and based upon domination and control. As freedom is realized, appreciated and resurrected in society, these artistic, expressive, and aesthetic aspects of life may begin to return.

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