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DISCLOSURE - Scientists Say the Dream of Unlimited Clean Energy is about to Come True - Videos and Analysis

The concept of what many truthers term free energy is a popular subject of alternative discussion. For decades now, scientific researchers have grappled with the possibility of tapping into a universal energy source with the potential to obsolesce Big Oil entirely. This potential for obsolescence is said to be a major cause for the consistent media, corporate, and social resistance even to mere investigation of the possibility of free energy.

This strange and constant repulsion which the topic of free energy (or over-unity devices) has become a source of extreme frustration within truth communities. This is primarily because many researchers have realized that for a long while, the concept of over-unity was based upon factual, provable scientific research. Meanwhile, the world of semi-scientific publishers and pseudoskeptics have done everything they could to throw the public off of the sent of free energy, claiming that the principle was ridiculous.

What was particularly frustrating about this pseudoskeptical perspective was that very few of the dubious perspectives about free energy actually came from real scientists. Though scientists were somewhat skeptical about the concept, many still refrained from writing off the principle of free energy as ridiculous before actually examining it thoroughly. Not so with the pseudoskeptics.

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Most of the naysayers have merely been untrained individuals pretending to be experts in order to gain more attention than the researchers that were proving over-unity to be possible. However, the data speaks for itself, and as things appear, the corporate media is even now changing their formerly ignorant tune and giving the concept of limitless clean energy a fair chance.

Though it is good to see the concept of cold fusion being given attention in the MSM, we might keep in mind that this principle is only one of several scientifically proven means of producing clean, limitless energy. Another such concept is said to be the SEG, or the Searl Effect Generator. This is a somewhat complex rotary magnetic device that, when at full rotation, is said to produce more energy than it consumes.

To demonstrate this technology, here are two videos created by the independent, scientific and engineering organizations which have most closely worked with SEG technology.

Demonstration of the SEG mock-up -

There has been some doubt raised about the validity of SEG due to the lack of a complete demonstration of the concept in real time. This doubt is due to the fact that many of the demonstrations fail to address and explain the setups they film rotating. Are these devices truly producing electricity, or are they being powered by electrical input from a power source that is out of the frame they are filming? This is one of the questions which, if answered, will alleviate many of the doubts of the SEG in the minds of reasonable skeptics.

Before making any judgments about the validity of the SEG, we may also address the history of John Searl and the extreme difficulty he is said to have received from the authorities simply for researching the concept of over-unity and clean energy. In short, Searl was arrested, had his possessions stolen, and his lab destroyed soon after making his discovery. Naturally, these scientists are hesitant to experience the same difficulties in modern times.

This trend in media of secrecy has been in place for a number of decades and has largely prevented the public from knowing the true science behind free energy. According to researchers, this secrecy exists not to benefit the people, but to maintain the illusion of superiority of Big Oil.

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The concept of over-unity is sound, according to research. Devices that have been found to provide more energy than is required to start and operate these devices can and have been invented in the recent past. These are claimed to be operating for some time now, and the SEG may have demonstrated this concept several times over.

Ironically, the concept of free energy does not actually refer to energy that costs "nothing" to utilize (as one must research and manufacture a device prior to using it). Rather, the term refers to the result of tapping into a universal physical source to use energy that did not appear to be available beforehand.

According to whistleblowers, the achievement of free energy is not at all a new development. In truth, the concept is decades old and has been in use within black projects on a regular basis. However, in order for the petroleum industry to remain dominant, this revolutionary technology has been ridiculed by the establishment as pure fantasy. Even still, as things appear, the truth of unlimited clean energy is slowly beginning to come forward.

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Source: New York Post

Published: March 9, 2018

By: Michael Blaustein

In just 15 years, the U.S. will be producing unlimited amounts of nearly free, completely green energy. Not only would such an energy holy grail mean the end of humanity’s dependence on expensive fossil fuels, it would also be a panacea for climate change.

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Amazingly, this is not a science fiction. It’s actually about to become reality if a collaboration between MIT and Commonwealth Fusion Systems, a private company, is to be believed. The collaborators announced Friday in the journal Nature that they believe they are on the verge of cracking the code to nuclear fusion — and it could be commercially viable in just 15 years, according to The Guardian.

So far, fusion has been an extremely expensive laboratory experiment that requires more energy inputs than it outputs. However, the collaborators believe they’ve found a way to reverse the math. Their system, built upon a new class of super high-temperature superconductors and small, ultra-powerful magnets, would, for the first time, allow for a fusion reaction that outputs more energy than it takes in.

Nuclear fusion is the be-all and end-all source of energy because, in theory, it’s practically unlimited and has almost no downside. It doesn’t put carbon into the atmosphere like the burning of fossil fuels or generate radioactive waste like nuclear fission, which is the technology in current nuclear power plants.

During a fission reaction, radioactive atoms, like uranium, are ripped apart — producing huge amounts of energy in addition to nuclear waste.

Fusion, as the name suggests, is the exact opposite of fission. Instead of ripping atoms apart, extremely plentiful atoms like hydrogen are smashed together, giving off helium and a huge amount of energy.

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The problem with fusion has always been heat. Fusion produces temperatures hotter than the center of the sun so solid materials melt, ruining any potential for a power plant.

The collaborators’ breakthrough came about because they were able to use a new type of superconductors to produce small, powerful magnets, a key component of fusion reactors. The magnets create a field to hold the fusion reaction in place without it touching anything solid — thus solving the meltdown problem.

In the past, it took lots of energy to power the magnets. The new magnets created by the collaborators, however, are smaller and need less energy. This means that, for the first time, their system produces more energy than it consumes.

MIT and Commonwealth Fusion Systems’ plan isn’t pure theory — they’ve raised $50 million from Italian power company Eni to actually build a reactor. Their fusion experiment, called Sparc, will produce enough energy to power a small city.

“The aspiration is to have a working power plant in time to combat climate change,” said Bob Mumgaard, CEO of Commonwealth Fusion Systems. “We think we have the science, speed and scale to put carbon-free fusion power on the grid in 15 years.”

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Maria Zuber, MIT’s vice-president for research, added, “At the heart of today’s news is a big idea — a credible, viable plan to achieve net positive energy for fusion.

“If we succeed, the world’s energy systems will be transformed. We’re extremely excited about this.”

Not everyone is as buoyantly optimistic about the discovery.

“The exciting part of this is the high-field magnets,” Howard Wilson, a plasma physicist at York University, told The Guardian. “The higher the magnetic field, the more compactly you can squeeze that fuel.”

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