Saturday, March 10, 2018

Benjamin Fulford and Robert David Steele at Inokashira Park - Discussion on Current Global State of Affairs - Video, Links, and Commentary

Most of the truth community knows of the long-standing works of journalist and author, Benjamin Fulford. We may also know about the very poignant and hard-hitting perspectives of retired CIA and Marine, Robert David Steele.

Though opinions may differ to some extent on the validity of some of Fulford's past work, it is difficult to deny his extensive efforts to report his intel over recent years. His work has been exhaustively considered by the truth community and has presented many intriguing possibilities for the progression of world events.

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Likewise, the perspectives of Robert David Steele have offered some very revealing views into the possibilities of American liberation as well as possible avenues for international recovery from Cabal control. In his various interviews and online appearances, Steele has worked hard to deliver his take on the concerning effects of Cabal manipulation in the U.S. and around the world. He has also presented numerous plans to initiate broad-spectrum renewal and recuperation once this Cabal is defeated.

The following interview discusses ways in which various alternative sources and personalities have been smeared and defamed by online trolls. These trolls were not like those of past year in that they did not appear randomly in most cases. Instead these trolls seemed to be working together for what appeared to be the same agenda—that being the complete suppression of truth.

Though the destructive work of these trolls has been energetically taxing for alternative journalists, they may end up being an Achilles heel for the nefarious interests they appear to be working for.

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There appears to be a massive revelation taking place in the world. Of course, this is the disclosure of the existence and the countless crimes of the elitist Cabal which most of us have become aware of. According to research, these Cabal interests have their own army of online cronies who cooperate in order to squelch all opposition to Cabal agendas.

Mr. Steele and Fulford have both been subjected to numerous instances of defamation and smearing simply for sharing their own personal opinions, and it is for these reasons that they have chosen to pursue similar efforts in not only exposing and eliminating Cabal schemes, but to expose and hold all Cabal trolls and online manipulators to account for the suppression they have imposed upon the people.

By my observation, the world is no longer interested in being ruled by Cabal fascists. The people are not subject to the rule of elitists simply because those elitists believe they are superior to the general public. We do not live in a 15th -Century monarchy or oligarchy. We live in the post-millennial world in which all possibilities exist for the conscious and mature. For what sane reason would we choose to subject ourselves to fascism or to digress into mid-millennial tyranny?

In my view, the liberation of the world is inevitable. The people will have their day, we will have our free speech, and the world will have no place for the fascist manipulators of the past. In my view, everyone who desires this freedom has the potential to move forward, but those who do not and who attempt to take the place of the crumbling Cabal, may end up following this Cabal out the door.
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