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Ben Swann Announces Return of 'Reality Check' Series after Year-Long Hiatus; Suspended by CBS Immediately Afterward

It was early 2017 when many avid fans of the series, Reality Check were stunned to see the series come to an abrupt end. On top of this concerning cancellation, viewers saw Ben Swann's Twitter and Facebook accounts go dark with little or no explanation. This led to much speculation and a little worry.

Had Ben received some unknown opposition or attempt at censorship? Had he been sued or unethically reprimanded by CBS? The questions mounted. However, nearly a year after this disappearance, the series Reality Check is not only back; it's back with a serious momentum.

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It is good to see that there is still a desire for truth in media, and to see an organization with this exact name fighting for the truth which many of us value is refreshing to observe. The past months have been difficult for many of the people who have been waiting to see forthright, unimpeded honesty from the MSM. Instead of delivering the straight facts, the MSM has steadily extruded an endless load of Hegelian manipulation and pseudo-truths laced with corporate and political agendas.

Needless to say, the people have had enough.

There appears to be an ever-growing desire and need for honest, unbiased, and independent reporting in modern media. This is what has made Ben Swann and the Reality Check series so refreshing over time.

This series presents material that is viewed by one of the largest audience bases in alternative media. Its past airings on CBS exposed the concept of independent journalism to thousands of people who may not have otherwise thought to look for more than the MSM handed them. It was through this series that Ben Swann was able to impact this audience and encouraged them to look deeper into the distorted version of reality which the mainstream commonly hands us.

Below is the first appearance by Ben Swann after a year of silence went by.

This report was well received by audiences, as it showed that Ben was safe and had not lost his resolve to bring the truth to light.

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It is good to see the Reality Check series and the Truth in Media organization in full swing (to restate). It is also good to see that everyone is safe and being more productive than ever in the fight for accuracy in modern reporting. As we may have already learned, now is a very crucial time in this race, as the current news narrative is, for the first time in decades, migrating back into the hands of the people.

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The above portion represents the original version of this post. However, not long after the above video was released, it became apparent that CBS did not take the announcement very well. As many have already heard, Ben Swann was suspended from CBS following this announcement, and this raises even more questions than the first time Swann received reprisal from the established media.

The following article by The Daily Sheeple gives a clear and somewhat expected response by the mainstream when independent voices speak out in defiance of MSM narratives.

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Source: The Daily Sheeple

Published: January 29, 2018

By: Derrick Broze


Award-winning journalist and news anchor Ben Swann was suspended by CBS Atlanta after announcing the return of his Reality Check segment.

On Friday, award-winning journalist Ben Swann was suspended as the evening anchor for CBS46 in Atlanta. Only hours before the suspension Swann had released a new video – his first independent video since January 2017 – announcing his impending return to the independent/alternative news arena. Rodney Ho of was the first to report on the news.

“CBS46 evening anchor Ben Swann has been taken off the air after his efforts to revive his independent investigative operation he called Reality Check came to light today,” Ho wrote. “On Thursday night, Swann posted a video on Vimeo teasing about an upcoming new project he planned to announce next Tuesday. He only identified himself as an “investigative journalist” and did not reference his ties to CBS46.”

Ho goes on to state that once CBS46 learned of Swann’s extracurricular activity he was suspended and his video was removed from Vimeo. A copy of the video is still available on Twitter and has been seen more than 16,000 times as of Monday morning. Activist Post confirmed the suspension with CBS46 Atlanta. When pressed for more information regarding the cause of the suspension, CBS46 News Director Steve Doerr told Activist Post via email, “We don’t have a comment at this time.” Doerr only became news director in July 2017 and was not the News Director at the time of Swann’s initial blackout in February 2017. Sources close to the situation tell Activist Post that Doerr was aware of Swann’s attempts to bring back his popular Reality Check segment.

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Swann “went dark” on February 1, 2017 as his social media accounts on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere were suddenly deactivated. Swann is a well-known local journalist at CBS46 in Atlanta, as well as a viral Internet sensation for his Reality Check investigative reports. Swann’s Reality Check reports began to garner attention around the 2012 U.S. election and have continued to gain millions of views while questioning the mainstream narrative.

Prior to his disappearance, Swann had been under attack by much of the corporate media for his now notorious Reality Check segment on the controversial Pizzagate theory. During the segment, Swann draws attention to what he sees as curious aspects of the theory which warrant further attention. Swann was immediately attacked by The Daily Beast (going so far as to place a tin-foil hat on the journalist), the Inquisitr, and many other publications. CBS46 initially defended Ben Swann’s reporting, but later appeared to take the blame for allowing the report to air.

In mid-December 2017, Ben Swann began posting in the forums of the cryptocurrency, DASH. While an increasing amount of public attention is given to the popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin, many people in the privacy focused crypto community are placing their support behind DASH. Originally released under the name “Darkcoin” back in 2014, the crypto would later be rebranded as DASH, or digital cash.

The biggest feature that sets DASH apart from Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is the use of self-governing, self-funding protocol. This allows users to submit proposals to the treasury which help grow the DASH community and potentially receive funding. Users submit proposals via forums in the DASH community. It is in these forums where Ben Swann successfully sought funding for reviving Reality Check and his Truth In Media website. After the proposal was approved by the DASH community Ben Swann’s team began working on fulfilling their end of the arrangement, promising new episodes of Reality Check every Tuesday and Thursday throughout February, March and April. Swann also confirmed that he will begin appearing publicly starting with the Anarchapulco conference in Acapulco, Mexico in late February.

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However, Swann’s suspension could spell trouble for his arrangement with the DASH community. The intrepid journalist obviously has enough support to completely sever ties with the mainstream and go independent, but he is likely contractually obligated to CBS46 Atlanta. Activist Post will continue to follow the situation and provide updates as they come.

Derrick Broze is an investigative journalist and liberty activist. He is the Lead Investigative Reporter for and the founder of the Follow him on Twitter. Derrick is the author of three books: The Conscious Resistance: Reflections on Anarchy and Spirituality and Finding Freedom in an Age of Confusion, Vol. 1, Finding Freedom in an Age of Confusion, Vol. 2 and Manifesto of the Free Humans.

Read more at:

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The overgrown corporate interests that have maintained the media monopoly for decades on end appear to finally be losing their grip. This has been a positive development. However, this progress has not exactly been free from resistance.

This questionable move by CBS to suddenly suspend an individual for something he did off of the clock on his own time does not strike me as ethical.

As the situation appears, it was not only Swann's report on Pizzagate that was frowned upon by certain interests. It was the fact that he was doing any reporting at all that opposed certain aspects of the established narrative. What could the reason have been for the reprimand this time? Is there a reason, or is the situation similar to the arbitrary censorship of YouTube as of late?

As things appear, our current juncture in history does not allow for truth and establishment to coexist with much ease. It seems that no matter what the circumstances, if a media source comes too close to truth that may damage (or even topple) the establishment, the establishment will work frantically to silence that source as well as anyone who attempts to disclose the facts.

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As history has proven, any tyrannical, elitist regime cannot exist without a wall of secrecy protecting it. The only reason elitism works is the that elitists prevent the general population from attaining the resources and knowledge necessary to reach the economic status of the other elitists. If this wall of secrecy were damaged even in the slightest way, the dam of knowledge could break. At that point, the elitist game of secrecy, manipulation and control would come to an abrupt end.

This historical constant may be the reason why the present MSM establishment and visibly corrupt aspects of government continually attempted to prevent the people from learning all of the facts. When we look past the corporate media narrative—about mass shootings, their attempts at saving face after massive scandals break the news, and the seemingly insane attempts by media to either hide or distort the truth—we may see what is truly taking place.

As the situation appears, corporate interests are using media as their own personal sounding board. However, despite these attempts, the people are growing beyond the need for exterior control mechanisms.

This positive change is individual, communal, societal, and even global. The people are awakening to their own ability to decide for themselves how to think, how to feel, and what to believe with regard to the news and information. We are learning to be our own journalists, to do our own research, and to diligently seek out reliable answers for ourselves.

It is only a matter of time before the answers are readily available for all of us to see. Naturally, this comes with a bit of resistance by the outgoing established order. However, the upside to the situation is clear. In the end, truth always wins.
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