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'Primary Light Stations Complete the Process' - Gaia Portal for February 11, 2018 - Update and Analysis

Source: Gaia Portal

Published: February 11, 2018

Primary Light stations complete the process.

Favorites are eliminated.

Shadow violators are eliminated.

The Light Worker Alliance commences the new works.

* * * * *

This particular update from Gaia Portal was admittedly more of a challenge to decipher. Some of the terminology used seems unusual, and this can often challenge our process of consideration. It may be, however, that there are more indicators within previous updates of the meaning behind some of the language used in this update. 

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The term "light station" appears to have some significant meaning in the above passage. In order to gain a better understanding of what is being communicated, let's look at other instances of this term being used on the Gaia Portal sight.

Stationing of Light Carriers and Holders prepares path of Expansion.

Forestations of Light unveil and display.

Stations of Light are established over and around Gaia to enable smoother transitions for humans to Hue-mans, in this period following seasonal change.

Locations of Stations of Light are flexible and move as required. Those called within to steward such will feel the pull… strongly.

We of √ČirePort station are monitoring planetary consciousness levels as Light levels upon and within Gaia increase. The Stations of Light stewardship crews will be called to take appropriate steps to bridge discontinuities as they are noted.

According to these past updates, these light stations appear to be some sort of higher-dimensional hubs of energy, or staging areas for high-vibratory beings to complete some task. This task seems to involve assisting in the natural transitions and evolutionary processes of the planet and all of its systems.

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Seasonal changes are mentioned, as are the raising of vibratory frequencies of the planet, and the overall ascension process which involves the transition of humanity into higher evolutionary states. These all seem to be included within the function of these light stations.

The verbiage in these passages also suggests that these stations have some sort of order to their arrangement. It seems that some are unveiled or are activated before others are. It is as though there are many of these stations present on some level, but they are designated for specific tasks in the overall process of assistance. It may even be that these stations are geometrically arranged around the planet in some sort of grid formation to offer the greatest effect for the planet.

As the Earth transitions, these light stations lead the way, according to the definitions of the above update. And according to the update, these light stations have completed—or will soon complete—their intended process.

The next statements declare that "favorites" and "shadow violators are eliminated," but what could this mean?
As we progress in our own personal evolution, we may find that our perspectives change. The ways in which we view our surroundings and our overall life experience has a way of transitioning as we make these internal shifts.

One particular shift we might have is in the way in which we view the people around us. It is natural to admire various influential individuals in our lives. However, admiration can often distract us in numerous ways. We may admire a public figure in some way, but that admiration can replace our personal obligation for independent study and reflection of the lessons we receive in life.

Instead of appreciating the lesson, we can be consumed by the concrete experience of the person delivering that lesson and become distracted from the true meaning and reason behind the lesson itself.

If this is the case, the update from Gaia Portal may mean that we now have a lesser tendency to be distracted. We may now see others as equals despite our original tendency toward hero worship. We may now realize that all beings are equal despite their apparent positions or social influence. This is simply one possibility, but it seems significant nonetheless.

It is unclear as to what is meant by the statement, "Shadow violators are eliminated." This may refer to the development of the Cabal themselves being eliminated—either energetically or physically—from the planet. It could also refer to the negative aspects of the intangible world being dissolved and removed from this universe.

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According to Cobra, the process of elimination of these negative forces both above and below the planet is now in a state of acceleration. These expanded efforts of planetary clean-up have reached such extremes that very few reports (if any) may be allowed to come forward until the process is completed, according to Cobra. This development may have some relation to the above update, but again, this is one of several possibilities.

As always, the reality of these updates tends to reveal itself in the tangible world. If we actually experience a decrease in our tendency to worship others, this will show in our personal lives. If the shadow violators we have discussed are truly being eliminated in a physical sense, we will eventually see this take place.

Above all, it is important to know that no matter what one online update says, that it is we who are guiding the planet to whatever intended future we have chosen as a collective. And of course, it is in our best interest to manifest this creation in full consciousness and with the highest intention of prosperity and freedom. But that's just my perspective. What's yours?

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