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FISA Memo Cover-up May Be Motive behind the Staging of Parkland False Flag School Shooting - Links and Analysis

Just as the nation was beginning to demand answers for what looked to be a botch false flag shooting in Las Vegas, several other shootings take place in various schools around the country. One of these shootings—that took place in Parkland, Florida—has received continuous coverage from the MSM and presented supposed witnesses and protests after what looks to be yet another manipulated incident of gun violence.

Are these tragic incidents little more than random acts of violence against innocent Americans, or is there something much more sinister going on behind the scenes?

The supposed terrorist bombing in Boston, MA in 2013 was reported to be one of the most tragic events in recent American history. However, in truth, this event appeared to be surrounded by just as much suspicious activity as the recent shootings in Las Vegas, and Parkland, FL.
All of these events were heavily surrounded by FBI and similar security organizations. The presence of security is expected and does not indicate any suspicious activity. However, the fact that the FBI was well aware of every suspect involved in these three incidents very much does raise suspicions.

In fact, each of the suspects involved in these shootings were either tipped off to the FBI or well-known, and were even under surveillance by the Bureau when these respective attacks took place.

Alleged Boston Bomber, Tamerlan Tsarnaev

One of the two suspects reported to have bombed the Boston MarathonTamerlan Tsarnaev—was reported to the FBI by Russian officials months before the bombing took place. It was later reported in MSM news that the Bureau dropped the ball in the case of the Boston bombing by failing to fully investigate a man who would later prove to be extremely dangerous, according to news reports.

Boston bomber: FBI 'dropped the ball' over Tamerlan Tsarnaev -

Reported Vegas Shooter

We might also remember the Vegas shooter—reported to be Stephen Paddock—was known by the FBI as well. Only in this case, it was his father who was wanted. As it turned out Paddock's dad was on the FBI most wanted list for bank robbery, auto theft, and a number of other serious crimes.

Las Vegas gunman’s father was on FBI’s Most Wanted list -

Some may think this FBI connection might simply be a coincidence to other suspected false flag events. However, independent investigators tend to disagree. It seems reasonable to believe that the FBI, SWAT and possibly other agencies know much more about the incident than the meager amount of information they offered to a handful of MSM sources following the shooting.

The mainstream narrative behind the Vegas shooting seemed to crumble just as fast as it was thrown out by questionable news sources. There were too many holes in the story, logical inconsistencies, and far too many unanswered questions for the awakened general public not to take notice and demand the truth.

As of the writing of this article, there have still been no answers presented by corporate media or any office of authority. The most we had to consider is more violence with just as much inconsistency as the Vegas shooting.

The Alleged Parkland Shooting

As we have heard, there was an alleged shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL on February 14th. Once again, we have the usual scenario of a suspect that is well known by the FBI. Yet again, the FBI did nothing to protect innocent lives from being lost.

According to reports, Nikolas Cruz was reported to the FBI by a YouTube user who found a comment which Cruz wrote which actually stated that he, "wanted to be a professional school shooter." Despite the FBI's knowledge of this issue, once again, they failed to thoroughly investigate the issue, which then led to the tragic news we are now witnessing.

Florida school shooting suspect legally bought rifle, was reported to the FBI for online threat -

Just as in each of the other cases, the suspect of the shooting was on psychoactive drugs, was diagnosed with mental illness, and showed clear signs that he was about to commit some act of violence long before he was alleged to carry out the shooting.

After having so many of these exact same details in various stories of shooting tragedies, many independent researchers and journalists are demanding answers. What makes each of these events even more suspicious is the fact that each of these alleged false flags have come in the wake of damning revelations of government corruption—particularly related to pedophilia and the Democratic Party.

Below is an excerpt from the website, Gateway Pundit, with one of the predictions about the then-impending FISA release.

* * * * *

Source: The Gateway Pundit

Published: February 2, 2018

By: Joshua Caplan

‘SH*T IS ABOUT TO HIT THE FAN’: Ex-Secret Service Agent Warns ‘Devastating’ FISA Memo Set To ‘Expose’ Obama

The House Intel panel’s passage of New York Republican Rep. Peter King’s motion to release the FISA abuse memo to fellow House members has rocked Washington, D.C.

Lawmakers from Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) to Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) have called for the classified memo’s immediate release. According to Fox News contributor Sara Carter, the contents of the memo are so “explosive,” that it could end special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe once and for all.

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Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino warned the release of the FISA report will destroy the image of his former boss Barack Obama.

“Take it to the bank, the FBI/FISA docs are devastating for the Dems. The whole image of a benevolent Barack Obama they’ve disingenuously tried to portray is about to be destroyed. The real Obama, the vengeful narcissist, is going to be exposed for all to see,” tweeted Dan Bongino

“My sincere apologies for the expletive but SHIT IS ABOUT TO HIT THE FAN. The former Obama administration’s going to have a lot of explaining to do.”

“Take this check and cash it, the Democrats are in a full blown panic right now over the #Obamagate scandal that’s about to become a nightmare for them. Watch them all scurry like roaches when the lights come on it.”

“Release the memo and watch the rats run away like the cowards they are. Your mind is about to blown, and your eyes open, to both the power of the federal govt, and the vengefulness of an Obama administration hellbent on destroying Trump,” added Bongino.

Last week, Bongino called the Steele dossier firestorm “the most explosive scandal.”

It’s getting ready to burst!” the former Secret Service agent added.

Read more at:

* * * * *

As we can see, the FISA memo was known by many to be a serious disclosure even prior to its release, and as we may recall, following this release, it very much was.

Possible Motives behind False Flags

Let's think back to 2013, right around the time when the unfortunate incident of the Boston bombing took place. Was there some political scandal we might question as the motive for some covert group to stage a false flag as the FBI has been caught doing in the past? As it turns out, there is.

Right around the time of the bomber, the IRS was being outed for targeting progressive, conservative groups—hitting them with undeserved penalties and investigations outside the bounds of the law.

IRS admits targeting conservatives for tax scrutiny in 2012 election -

Combined with these disclosures, was the revelation of unethical and unwarranted surveillance of U.S. citizens by the NSA. These disclosures came forward primarily by Edward Snowden and the Guardian news outlet. Both the IRS and the NSA disclosures combined to form a significant stain on the image of established (and corrupt) order of Obama-era United States.

NSA collecting phone records of millions of Verizon customers daily -

Just as these damning disclosures hit mainstream news, we receive the reports of a violent bombing at the Boston Marathon on April 15th of 2013.

In and of itself, this incident might be considered purely coincidental. However, combined with the usual details of false flag attacks as well as the presence of known FBI suspects with no adequate or preventative response from the Bureau, we might see much more than pure coincidence.

As we might recall, the horrific shooting in Las Vegas came on the heels of the rampant accusations and disclosures of pedophilia in high places. The world of Hollywood and Washington were both inundated with revelations of these heinous acts against children in the entertainment business.

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These disclosures gave credence to the possibility that the scandal of Pedogate was very real, and that true and thorough investigation was needed. However, it seemed that by the continued media cover-up that certain parties in power had no intention of allowing this news to be seen as true.

Following the independent investigations of this scandal, it appeared that the MSM and social media did everything it could to gaslight the public and the cover up any evidence that suggested that Pedogate deserved public and legal attention. However, the truth of pedophilia still managed to come forward to an extent.

Just when mainstream audiences were waking from their apparent brainwashed state of apathy toward child abuse, the MSM was blanketed with reports of a violent shooting in a Las Vegas lot just yards away from the main strip. The timing of this tragic incident was once again brought under serious question by the general public. What added most to the suspicion was the fact that authorities appeared to avoid questioning, and apparently wanted to keep the truth from the public.

Very little if any true answers were offered for the umpteen questions which independent investigators and members of the general public demanded. The most information we received came to us from a talk show that offer no true value to the narrative at all.

Now, we come to February 14, 2018, just when the truth of the Democratic crimes against the country are being unearthed. It is precisely then when we receive news of the tragic Parkland shooting.

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Prior to the shooting, news of the infamous FISA memo covered newsstands across the country. Some reports claimed that the memo would be a scathing revelation as to the rampant crimes the DNC had committed prior to the 2016 election. Other news outlets predicted the memo would either be a flop, or claimed that it would be too complex for the public to understand. As we found out upon its release, the FISA memo was not complex, nor was it a flop in any way. It was just as damning as predicted.

The memo revealed the fact that so-called conspiracy theorists were correct in their assessment of the schemes of the DNC and the FBI in their attempts to undermine American elections by sabotaging Donald Trump. All the time that the media and the FBI was blaming Russia and Trump for rigging the election, those of the Democratic party were doing everything they could to distract. This proved that some parties within politics will deliberately accuse their enemies of what they themselves are guilty of in order to escape justice.

This news was the hottest story covered since the election of 2016, and just as in the other cases of embarrassing revelations involving suspected Deep State operatives, we see another abrupt change of pace in media as the FBI botches another investigation at the expense of innocent lives.

Each one of these cases took place under highly suspicious circumstances and involved the same symptoms we have seen in the past of other suspected false flag attacks. Just as in the other cases, guns are being blamed and seemingly artificial protests are being staged in order to promote anti-gun sentiment in Washington.

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The usual suspects and alleged crisis actors are present. The usual political rhetoric is present. However, one thing has changed. The people are no longer asleep. When suspicious circumstances such as these take place, and tens of lives are reported to be lost, the people no longer sit back and watch idly as our lives are manipulated and our rights are denied.

We realize there is a civil cold war taking place between those who desire to enslave us and those who want to see a more free society. Though we might be grateful for the act of service of those who fight for our rights, it is up to each of us to ensure that we are accurately represented. Though we may see positive change taking place, we must remember that our state of peace and freedom is ours to own and maintain.
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