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Facebook Moves to Censor Cryptocurrency Ads; Claims They Are All "Misleading" - Links and Analysis

It is the season of change—a change of the ages, of social and cultural norms, and of world opinions about the established order. One particular change we may easily observe is presently taking place within the world of economics.

The advent of cryptocurrency was somewhat slow to start off—around 2009. However, as the 2000s progressed, these various digital currencies made quite an impression on young investors. The market of various Western countries have been somewhat iffy and slow to adapt to crypto, but overall, it appears that the desire for a reliable alternative to the U.S. dollar and fiat money as a whole is clear.

As the country patiently waited for the results of the congressional hearing regarding cryptocurrency on February 6th, there was a clear sense of anticipation in the air. Initially, there were many speculations and predictions about the impact of the Tuesday announcement. Some expected a largely detrimental change in the congressional view of cryptocurrency while others anticipated the announcement being more advantageous for the general public.

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Prior to the hearing on February 6th, a number of investors in the crypto market opted to sell their stock due to the uncertainty of the congressional announcement. This is understandable as everyone is free to make their own choice as to what to do with their own assets. Whatever one's choice was in this situation, it is helpful to take note of where the dubious rhetoric has come from. If we do, we may also note the fact that most of the large corporate sources who spoke negatively about the crypto market each have a significant conflict of interests--that being that they have been extremely successful in a strictly fiat-controlled economy.

If we take a look at Facebook—a well-established social platform and infamous censure of non-establishment content—we may see an interesting trend in their business practices.

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Source: The Duran

Published: January 31, 2018

By: Alex Christoforou

Facebook moves to ban cryptocurrency ads. Bitcoin prices fall at social network censorship
Bitcoin prices fall as Facebook bans cryptocurrency ads.

In an effort to stop misleading or deceptive ads, Facebook is banning all advertisers from promoting cryptocurrencies…even moving to ban bitcoin ads.

The price of all major cryptocurrencies dropped following the Facebook announcement.

Facebook said its new policy will prohibit any advertisements related to cryptocurrencies, binary options or initial coin offerings (ICO) from appearing on the social media platform.

RT reports

Rob Leathern, the company’s product management director, said the ads were a problem for users because they are “frequently associated with misleading or deceptive promotional practices.”

We want people to continue to discover and learn about new products and services through Facebook ads without fear of scams or deception,” Leathern said. “That said, there are many companies who are advertising binary options, ICOs and cryptocurrencies that are not currently operating in good faith.”

Leathern said the policy was designed to be “intentionally broad” while the company “works to detect deceptive and misleading advertising practices.” The policy will be enforced on Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network, an ad network that extends Facebook campaigns to third-party apps. Facebook said they will revisit its decision and how they enforce it once their “signals improve.”

“This policy is part of an ongoing effort to improve the integrity and security of our ads, and to make it harder for scammers to profit from a presence on Facebook,” Leathern said.

Adverts for cryptocurrency-related investments have surged as bitcoin prices skyrocketed. With an average two billion monthly users, Facebook has been one of the sector’s largest markets.

After the announcement, bitcoin’s price tumbled by more than 10 percent Tuesday, slipping below $10,000 for the first time in over two months.

Many other cryptocurrencies also took a hit Tuesday. According to Cryptocurrency Market Capitalizations, the price of the top 50 major cryptocurrencies dropped, with each of the top 10 losing between seven and 15 percent of their value.

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The announcement follows a Bloomberg report that the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) sent subpoenas to cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex and Tether last month.

Tether mints coins they claim are pegged one-to-one to US dollars held in reserve. However, according to unnamed sources, the company has never provided any evidence of its nearly $2.3 billion in total assets to the public nor have its accounts been audited. Some are skeptical that the money is even there

Tether and Bitfinex both share the same top five executives, including chief executive and chief financial officer, according to their websites.

The announcement comes on the heels of the Japanese government’s announcement last week that it had suspended trading and withdrawals at the cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck. The move came after hackers stole some 500 million NEM tokens worth around $532 million, the biggest ever theft from a cryptocurrency exchange.

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If we have kept up with the trends of Facebook in the past, we may have noticed this platform faithfully following in lockstep with Deep State interests. We will recall the strange and seemingly comical announcement by former President, Barack Obama that "fake news" was a clear and present threat to freedom, and that the only way to stop it was to censor the information which people were allowed to see.

Immediately following this announcement, platforms such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, and YouTube began demonetizing and even removing content that did not support the mainstream narratives. Any content which supported the newly elected Donald Trump was censored and appeared to be artificially down-rated. There were even times when the President was disallowed by Twitter from being seen at all.

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This out-of-control censorship outside of even general respect for a commander in chief seems to indicate a clear breakdown of societal standards of ethics.

At every turn, anyone posting material which contradicted the narrative of liberal media was silenced without explanation and without notification of any kind. The breaking news of rampant pedophilia in government was both reported and denied by corporate media. It seemed that these platforms were panicking and doing everything they could to keep the truth from coming forward. This was provable, fact-based information, not hearsay or propaganda. Yet Facebook and various other overgrown censures refused to allow their users to see it.

Due to the trends of Facebook and other platforms to stifle and censor true information at the will of corrupt officials, it seems very likely that Facebook, in this case, is merely following old protocols and acting in the best interests not of the people, but of the outdated, dollar-controlled establishment of decades past.

It may also be that Facebook is continuing its clear trend of promoting anything and everything that is anti-Trump in whatever way that it can.

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Source: Tech Crunch

Published: November 9, 2016

By: Natasha Lomas

Cryptocurrencies Rise on Trump Victory

Donald Trump’s historic victory in the 2016 US presidential elections predictably and immediately hammered the value of the dollar on foreign currency exchange markets. But, for cryptocurrencies, the news had an equal and opposite effect.

Coindesk reports the value of Bitcoin started rising steadily as the vote count began. Bitcoin is now trading up 3 per cent on news of the Trump win, with the price of one BTC hitting a high of $740 — up from a high of around $710 yesterday.

Even newbie cryptocurrency Zcash appears to be having a bit of a Trump bump, although trading remains volatile given the new privacy-focused digital currency only launched at the end of last month.

Gold is also doing well.

Bitcoin and gold also experienced a surge in value this summer after the UK’s Brexit referendum result on leaving the European Union — another political upheaval that pollsters had failed to predict.

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Commenting on the similarities between the cryptocurrency and the precious metal, forex market news site DailyFX wrote in July: “[T]he spirit behind buying gold and buying bitcoin appears to be very similar. In a ‘doomsday scenario’ where you desire an asset to hold value while other fiat-priced assets are plummeting in value, BTC like Gold is ideal for bartering. The difference is that BTC can allow bartering to be done digitally thanks to the blockchain.”

Whether the election of a rank outsider to the White House can be described as a “doomsday scenario” remains to be seen. Certainly it upsets the establishment apple cart. And injects the adrenaline of uncertainty into traders. Although the dollar looks to have pared back some of its initial losses after Trump’s emollient acceptance speech — in which he reiterates his pledge to kick start infrastructure projects and create jobs.

But what’s clear is that when politics defies conventional expectation, and when very many best laid plans are laid to wrack and ruin, cryptocurrencies are acting as a haven and a hedge against uncertain times — alongside the traditional one: gold.

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As we have seen, most of the financial interests that oppose cryptocurrency have a history of success in the fiat-based market. Many of these fiat-based businesses also have a history of corruption to answer for, according to sources. This corruption could be said to be a significant reason for the success of these businesses.

When a competitive market such as crypto emerges, these fiat-friendly corporations may naturally become nervous. They may either attack the newly established currency, or they may plan to somehow buy it out. In general , it seems common that these corporate interests attack the credibility of any source or resource they themselves do not control. Simply put, they are bias in the largest way.

If we are familiar with the rumors of the backstory of Facebook of how Mark Zuckerberg is alleged to be a member of the Rockefeller family, then we may realize the likelihood that Facebook is simply another arm of military industrial control of the people. We cannot say for certain whether or not this is true. However, the level of popularity which the social media platform has acquired over time combined with the unethical and manipulative control mechanisms which the platform imposes upon its users without explanation or cause seems to reek of the typical corporate corruption.

Adding to the suspicion of numerous users is the way in which Facebook has actively censored users who post information which opposes the established order. Posts which actively oppose pedophilia, suggest criminal behavior of ruling elite, and that expose governmental corruption perpetuated by the Deep State are regularly censored, marked as spam, and are even prevented from being posted altogether.

All these unethical acts appear to be committed with no explanation from Facebook administration. The combination of these dubious actions by the overgrown social media platform have caused thousands of awakened users to realize the clear stance of anti-free speech which Facebook has assumed.

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The subject of cryptocurrency is just one of numerous topics which appear to be targeted for censorship not because they are actually misleading, as Facebook has claimed, but because they represent a direct threat to the established order which Facebook appears to be maintaining. If this is the case, we can rest assured that such manipulative social control will not last very long.

History has shown that controlling, dictatorial regimes are destined for destruction. Every time a tyrannical power structure is superimposed over organic civilization, it eventually falls completely and thoroughly. The larger the regime and the greater the attempts are at control, the greater and more thorough their destruction is when these controlling regimes come crashing down.

If questionable platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Google are truly intent upon thought control, censorship, and the stifling of human consciousness, these platforms will not survive. Whether the intent is the elimination of competitive currencies or the concealment of information which threatens the establishment, the result of controlling such information tends to be the same.
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