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The Hidden Lives of Abductees - Throwing Back the Curtain of Secrecy on ET Abduction with Dr. David Jacobs - Video, Commentary, and Digest

The phenomenon of ET abduction at this point, may be somewhat of an afterthought. There is so much going on in the world and so many new and quickly developing events taking place, that subjects such as these can be significantly obscured. However, there are still many individuals who report to have endured these experiences and the true numbers have been staggering, according to reports.

There are many theories and observations about the experience of ET abduction. Why does it happen? Who is behind it? How can one stop it if they so choose? These are all questions that many abductees have asked, including myself.

The Truth Must Come Forward

There are countless questions to be answered, not only for ET abductees, but for the basic existence of ETs. Also, the subject of the ETs' level of development, their technology and means of space travel, and their overall civilizations are glaring questions to be answered. These mysteries and many more are a few of the very reasons why full and complete disclosure of all formerly classified information must be executed if we as a planet are to make real progress into the future.

Presently, the institutions of science, government, religion, and the corporate world are all running on distortions and half-truths about the world and the universe around us. According to reports, the Military Industrial Complex holds the most efficient and resourceful scientific research centers both on and off planet. However, due to the MIC's insatiable addiction to all-encompassing secrecy, the rest of society—and particularly, the scientific establishment—is forced to work from blindness.

Many of the advancements which terrestrial science has yet to make have reportedly been achieved and even obsolesced over the course of the past several decades. There are technologies and discoveries which we would consider science fiction that have been developed several times over. These concepts, along with the truth of the phenomenon of abduction must be brought out into the open so that the entirety of humanity has a chance to learn the portions of our history and our present which will aid in our advancement toward the future.

Scientific Ostentation

Now, before getting started, we should probably accept the fact that as of the time of this writing, the scientific establishment does not acknowledge ET abduction as a true and valid phenomenon. This is largely due to the fact that no irrefutable and overt evidence has been gathered on the subject. However, according to research, there are further reasons as to why the scientific community typically shies away from the topic of ETs, at least up until recently.

The importance of a scientist's reputation is sort of an unspoken priority among most professional, scientific communities. Before any project is undergone, a scientist will typically consider how a project might affect their career as well as the possible perception other scientists might have about their work following the project.

If a topic is seen as fringe, it is typically avoided by the average scientist. This seems to be a large reason why many topics are left unstudied. The reason we do not have data on certain subjects such as abduction is not likely due to lack of availability of said data. Rather, it may be due to the lack of effort on the part of the scientific community.

The above scenario reflects a very significant problem within the modern establishment which we might term the religion of Sciencism. This religion consists of a belief system which many scientists have faithfully adhered to, and anyone who ventures beyond the bounds of these scientific (actually unscientific) belief systems is ridiculed and even ostracized from the rest of the scientific community. This could be considered the adult version of the children's fear of cooties.

In short, the topic of ET abduction, for the most part, could be said to be crawling with scientific cooties and very few scientists have chosen to risk catching them. However, some scientists—who are more dedicated to science than they are conformity—have dared to study the phenomenon of ETs, abduction, and many other topics to the point where many subjects which were once considered fringe are now becoming more mainstream. As it turns out, each of these true scientists have found notable data.

Dr. David Jacobs seems to be one of these dedicated scientists. Through his career, Jacobs has followed his curiosity of UFOs and hypnotic regression despite the judgment and ridicule of others, and this has led him to the task of studying the psychological conditions and affects of experiences which some claim to be ET abduction.

Dr. Jacobs studied this phenomenon for such an extent that he eventually became convinced that there was actually something to the phenomenon.

Though DTM does not entirely subscribe to the work of Dr. Jacobs, his dedication and efforts toward disclosure are much appreciated.

Varied Perspectives

Dr. Jacobs has done extensive study on he phenomenon of UFOs and abduction. He has essentially surmised that due to the findings of his research, that the majority of ETs have a negative agenda of some kind and that their plan for humanity is clandestine and largely malevolent. However, we might keep in mind the fact that the individuals who actually come to Dr. Jacobs for regression represent only a small portion of those who are encountering ETs on a semi-regular to a regular basis.

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In other interviews, Jacobs proposes that the reports he's received from clients suggest a hybridization program among ETs. He then proposes that these hybridization programs are negative because ETs are attempting to learn about humanity. There seems to be an assumption that because ETs are learning about us and becoming more like us, that their plan is to somehow replace humanity on Earth. However, this is only one of countless possibilities.

The fact is that there are numerous possibilities for the intentions of ETs in their various levels of contact with Earth humans. According to other research, there are different types of ETs, different groups, and all of these act upon a variety of agendas. If we limit our thought process on the matter of ETs, we can shortchange ourselves as researchers. In true scientific research, it is important for a scientist to consider a variety of possibilities from their findings and to keep an open mind regarding possible future findings. It is fine to surmise various possibilities from one's research as Dr. Jacobs has. However, it seems clear that our present juncture is not the proper time to draw any strong conclusions.

Dr. Jacob's work in hypnotic regression has been key in our learning greater details about the phenomenon of abduction. However, it is important to realize that this work only represents a small subset of the whole situation of ET/human interaction.

The Complexity of Abduction

According to several whistleblowers and experiencers, ET abduction has an actual purpose behind it. These professional experiencers have consistently asserted that ET abduction is a very real occurrence and that it happens not as a disorganized, random event, but seems to resemble a scientific procedure.

Many have reasoned that some ET life may be behind humans with regard to their evolutionary development. However, the chances are that many races of ETs are millennia ahead of Earth humans, developmentally. If this were true, that would mean their technology, their science, and their natural ability may be significantly superior to ours as human beings.

If these ETs were hyper-intelligent, this would explain why there is so little evidence of their presence. It is no difficult task to hide from a species that is evolutionarily and technologically inferior. Though scientists ignore this possibility for the most part (at least on the surface), it is still valid. These ETs might have a regular regimen of selecting certain humans at different times, tranquilizing them and studying them for different purposes. In fact, according to numerous whistleblowers, this is exactly what is taking place.

There are various ET groups with their own scientific studies being undergone at present, according to reports. Each of these groups have their own procedures, directives, and overall intentions behind their various projects. These may involve breeding, genetic experimentation, and some of these may even be beyond our present ability of comprehension.

The entire subject of ET abduction can be extremely confusing to those who endure it. It can be equally stressful and even terrifying. The perception of this phenomenon as supernatural or paranormal can be somewhat of a turn-off with regard to scientific study (from the human side, that is). However, just as Dr. Jacobs has demonstrated, there is always a good place to start.

It seems that recent times have brought an onslaught of new disclosures to the mainstream media. Subjects such as ET life and space travel and interstellar phenomenon have suddenly received front-page attention in major news outlets. From these rapid changes as well as those who predicted these changes taking place some time ago, it appears that some sort of media initiative is taking place to reveal more truth out into the world than ever before.

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Though it seems that the recent disclosure attempts have been taking place in a largely underhanded way, these disclosure are slowly preparing the public for even more significant revelations in what could be the near future.

Will ET abductions be one of the subject disclosed? This might be a very controversial revelation and may cause many people some discomfort and even fear. However, the only way to begin learning about the truth of our world and about the universe as a whole is through complete and thorough honest.

Disclosures such as ET and military abduction programs might require a significant amount of tact as they are revealed. However, to short-change the countless people who have endured these experiences would be unethical and downright cruel, in my humble opinion. The people need answers, and thanks to dedicated pioneers such a Dr. Jacobs and many more, the disclosure of such answers are well on their way.

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