Thursday, January 18, 2018

President Trump Reveals Winners of His ‘Fake News’ Awards - Commentary and Links Included

Upon hearing the announcement of a mock awards ceremony by President Trump, many people were intrigued. Some people were amused, some scoffed, and others waited in eager anticipation over what might come from the latest Twitter escapades of the President. The truth seems to be that whether or not the President's views on news media are agreeable to audience members, he certainly knows how to draw a crowd.

Many Americans did not necessarily need a day for Fake News Awards to know which corporate sources were compromised. In today's media the symptoms of corporate compromise are clear, and when we learn how widespread the issue stretches, we may realize that this compromise is not the exception, but the rule.

The reality of corporate media corruption is painfully obvious, and the concept makes sense. If previous administrations spent so much time, money, and energy blackmailing and bribing prominent figures within corporate media (as well as law enforcement), this could help various political figures get away with even the most heinous crimes and yet still be painted in a positive light by media (as well as escape prosecution).

Then a Trump comes along and ruins the game. Though imperfect and sometimes troublesome, he may be, his presence seems to have delivered a much-needed disturbance to the corrupt system. To add, he doesn't appear to have bribed or blackmailed anyone in corporate media, but instead, directly competes with those who still hold significant control over the establishment. Consequently, Trump is painted in a negative light even when his decisions have a positive impact upon the state of the country.

This seems to be a major reason why President Trump felt the need to bring attention to our compromised media establishment. And though this Twitter-based awards ceremony was somewhat chaotic, it seems to have been effective at exposing the issues of dishonesty and compromise in corporate media to an audience that might not have paid much attention previously.


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Source: True Pundit

Published: January 17, 2018

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President Trump revealed the winners of his self-proclaimed ‘Fake News’ awards Wednesday night on Twitter with The New York Times topping the list.

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Despite some very corrupt and dishonest media coverage, there are many great reporters I respect and lots of GOOD NEWS for the American people to be proud of!

The official website is currently down, we have the archived link HERE or view the full results below.

The website in Trump’s tweet was originally down, most likely due to the site being flooded with visitors.

This is a developing story.

When I tried to follow up on this in the Oval Office, Trump told me to get "out." We then went to the Roosevelt Room where WH aides obstructed us from asking questions. 

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