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Pedogate Normalization Plot Through Pizzagate Marketing Campaign Directed at Little Boys

Source: The Divine Frequency

Published: January 18, 2018

This t-shirt was purchased from Hot Topic.

(Teresa Yanaros) I recently did a news piece that uncovered a sinister plot by the negative global control constructs as pedophilia symbolism creeps its way into the collective consciousness through a merchandising campaign directed at little boys.

Read the article and watch the video here.

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Basically, by inserting common pedophilia symbolism into the mass consciousness, these symbols are accepted into the collective mind and normalized. This normalization serves as a subconscious acceptance of pedophilia concepts and actions.

“The repeated exposure of pedophilia-related symbols into the public lexicon causes a concurrent acceptance and masking of the subject matter in a person’s mind.”

-Justin Deschamps

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This information created an uproar in the truther community, and I began receiving emails and images of pizza-related t-shirts marketed to little boys.

Here is one I received yesterday:

The person who bought this merchandise pulled the shirt out of her closet to take a picture and send it to me, and then started philosophizing:

"Is this an infiltration into our beliefs by those who are nefarious mixing off Earth with the evil of this planet?"

-Shell Cumming

She demonstrated a capacity to pull a symbol out of the subconscious into the conscious mind, share important information with the community, ask deeper questions to get to the root of the display and start a conversation about it.

Truthers across the community have been sharing this video far and wide with their friends with kids.

Over the last few days, I’ve been receiving this question:

What do we need to do as a community to stop this effort to normalize and seed pizza-themed/pedophilia-themed marketing into the collective consciousness?

Retired FBI Chief Discusses Inside Knowledge of Satanism, Occultism and Pedophilia within the Upper Echelons of US Government

  1. Get Educated: Read the Podesta emails that demonstrate a sinister usage of pizza-related terms. Learn about the psychological mind control tactics of the cabal to seed concepts into the mass media. Learn about the common pedophilia symbols used in public sector.
  2. Share Information: Spread awareness of the FBI official release that shows common symbols used by pedophiles amongst their community. You can also share the Podesta emails.
  3. Don’t Buy Related Merchandise: When you see the pizza-themed merchandise, show your friends to spread awareness, and don’t buy these shirts for your children!

Next, I am pleased to announce that I’ve reached out to respected alternative media journalists for their commentary on this developing story.

First, we will hear from Jonathan Carty, the investigative journalist who wrote the brilliant recent piece on blatant pizza-related pedophilia symbols present in Phoenix, Arizona. Carty stumbled upon a store with creepy art on it and found out that the sinister plot thickened when he looked deeper. He provides commentary on the news video I posted on January 15th, 2018 (shown above), in an effort to push the importance of transparency and disclosure on a global level.

Read Carty’s Recent Article here.

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by Jonathan Carty

(Jonathan Carty) As the veil that has existed for so long slowly lifts and we rub our eyes after waking from such a deep sleep, we awaken to a beautiful and also horrifying scene. In this video, we witness ‘The Apocalypse” (unveiling) of many instances of blatant abusive and occult symbolism in everyday life which purport egregious crimes against our children (the future), fellow humans, the global consciousness and the planet. Follow Teresa, and other amazing lightworkers into the new world of transparency and justice for those whose voices fell upon deaf ears for far too long.

-Jonathan Carty


(Teresa Yanaros) Next, we turn to Conscious Optimist, writer for popular alternative news media website, Stillness in the Storm, who describes the realities of the Pedogate scandal and encourages a deeper level of consciousness we can apply to the controversy.


by Conscious Optimist

(Conscious Optimist) Have you ever wondered to yourself how many pictures of bloody transvestites and children taped to tables does James Alefantis, the fabled owner Comet Ping Pong and Pizza, need to post on his Instagram before people start to wonder what’s up?

How many bizarre references to pizza do the elites need to make in their emails before people start to contemplate the possibility that the word “pizza” means something other than food when the elites say it? Also, why does Tony Podesta seem to enjoy collecting artwork that features dead kids?

All I know is this:

There is more than enough evidence to implicate numerous major political and cultural players in child abuse and sex trafficking. The question that should be on all of our minds isn’t, “How do we prove to our fellow citizens that this is happening?”

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But rather, “Why are the masses so pathologically impervious to the obvious? And what can good men and women do to help the situation?”

-Conscious Optimist


(Teresa Yanaros) Conscious Optimist has a jarring way of breaking the sinister realities of the functionality of the cabal, and presenting valuable actionable information on how we can move forward as a community in light of these events that are being disclosed to the public blatantly.

Next, let’s conclude with commentary by founder and CEO of Stillness in the Storm, Justin Deschamps, and see what he has to say about the matter of Pedogate symbols being seeded into the collective consciousness.


by Justin Deschamps

(Justin Deschamps) The PizzaGate saga began as a conspiracy related to pedophilia code words found in John Podesta emails, released by WikiLeaks in the final quarter of 2016. For those who were willing to look at the FBI databasedetailing the same coded language described in the Podesta emails, it became glaringly obvious that some very disturbing things were, and likely still are, occurring at the highest places of worldly power.

At the very least, there is more than enough evidence to compel the FBI and any other authority to conduct an extensive investigation.

"Wouldn’t it be worth looking into if lives are being harmed or lost, especially those of children?"

It Might Be Crazy, But It’s Real

To those who never looked into the coded language, the idea of pedophilia rings involving officials seems crazy, or too absurd to believe. This is important to consider because it draws a line in the sand, morally speaking. Those who are willing to look past their preconceived notions of what the world is like move into an awareness of a seemingly insidious human trafficking effort, one that reveals the totally rotten core of political organizations on Earth.

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What Happens Next?

With this knowledge, people who have leaned into the information are empowered to help the scores of children who have been victimized. Those who weren’t capable of mustering the courage to investigate these claims rested their beliefs on appeals to authority. Namely, it is just too crazy to accept that our most revered leaders are guilty of such horrific crimes, which have to-date been labeled “conspiracy theory” while the crimes themselves have never been denied by those accused of them.

Regardless, the truth, and most importantly, justice, is no respecter of beliefs, or one’s sense of what is true.

Consider the following:

  • Did the world stop being round because the Vatican declared it flat for centuries?
  • Did the Enron malfeasance stop being real because they denied the claims in the press?
  • Did the NSA’s warrantless spying never take place because the government labeled it a conspiracy theory and denied the revelations of Edward Snowden?

The answer is a resounding no to all these questions.

We Need To Stand Together

And the fact of the matter is, we who are willing face the truth, despite how unbelievable it might sound, are desperately needed. Children’s lives are being destroyed and it is not moral, ethical or right to refuse to look at the situation, especially on the part of those in law enforcement who claim to protect and serve the people. While it is understandable, from a psychological viewpoint, why people refuse to accept the truth, it is no less sustainable, and more importantly, it places a burden on those who have accepted the truth, to share it with tact, compassion, and an honest desire to educate.

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In a grander sense, the PizzaGate scandal highlights a much grander aspect of how and why injustice continues to thrive in our world:

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men [and women] to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke.

Arguably one of the biggest elephants in the living room on our small blue planet is that countless crimes go unchecked, some of which have been legalized, because we the people continue to avoid facing the harder truths of our budding civilization. Despite this disturbing realization, with knowledge comes power. While we can’t force others to face the truth, unless a clear and present danger exists, we as individuals can do our part, even if it only means investing time to research claims ourselves. We can become experts in our own right to help share the truth, and divest ourselves of the parasitic nature of appeals to authorities that often, lie, steal, and cheat to maintain their power.

What Can I Do to Get Involved?

And when it comes to PizzaGate, please just share the truth, without melodrama. So many less than intellectually honest researchers have sensationalized this story at the cost of justice. The throngs of undiscerning people, those who refuse to even look into these troubling matters, are further compelled to ignore the merits of PizzaGate because of fallacious claims that aren’t in harmony with the evidence on hand.

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So many truthers have fallen prey to unfounded claims in an effort to convince others of the actual truth. But the truth can’t thrive if we use lies to sell it. In closing, morality and ethics is not a quick and dirty business, we who seek to be agents of justice must stay the hand of reactionary impulses that cause us to behave violently to those who don’t believe what we do. The world needs clear thinkers, honest discerners, and most importantly, justice dealers who have exercised due diligence to ensure the truth is at the foundation of any desired change.

"With the truth at our backs, all things can be transformed for the good, so long as we allow the truth to transform us as well."

-Justin Deschamps

by Teresa Yanaros

(Teresa Yanaros) Thank you to everyone in the community speaking up about this plot run rampant across our soil. We must continue to band together and spread awareness of the atrocities occurring in the world around us. If you see anything that is worthy of sharing, please send us an email at thedivinefrequency@gmail.com.

Stay Vigilant.

"All Around Us Are Pieces of The Gigantic Cosmic Puzzle. Let’s Attune to its Frequency."

-Teresa Yanaros

Read more at: TheDivineFrequency.com
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