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Former CIA Officer, Robert David Steele - Trump, Putin & XI Must CRUSH the Deep State - Radio Snaga Naroda - Video, Links, and Commentary

For the majority of 2017, most people had no clue what was going on in Washington, D.C. and the White House. Both Democrat and Republican citizens alike had little or no idea what to think or what to believe when it came to the actions and future plans of President Trump.

Some people assumed the worst—believing that the corporate media was spot on in their bleak and fatalistic assessment of the President. The constant criticism and attempts to assassinate the character of the President at every turn in corporate media and online was insatiable, and this left both supporters and opposers of President Trump wondering what was really happening.

Those of us who have been demanding for openness and justice for all of the victims of child rape and pedophilia were waiting expectantly for the President to launch the overdue investigations into these issues, yet for months, we saw none. We waited to see proof of whether or not the accusations against Trump's character, his health and his ability to lead were as poor as the corporate media claimed. The situation did not look good either way.

Zero Hedge - Ex-FBI Assistant Director: Patriots within the FBI Will Soon Step Forward and Expose the "Cabal" - Links and Commentary

Then out of nowhere, we see strange 4Chan and 8Chan posts of people claiming to have insider information on future actions of the White House to end national and global crimes against humanity. This brought hope to many, but proof was not seen, at least not at first.

Fast forward several months, and it is now undeniable that many of the 4Chan and 8Chan posts from the anonymous sources Q and Mega Anon were authentic, calculated, and knowledgeable of official plans to take down Cabal power-players in the world.

Close to none of the American people saw this coming. The future is no longer looking so bleak and the battle for justice does not appear hopeless anymore—far from it in fact (though concerns regarding certain choice of the President are understandable). According to several sources, a good portion of this battle has already been won. However, the end results are currently being decided by the actions of the international Alliance behind the scenes, and by the people of the world.

There are further details to this unfolding situation, but before getting too far ahead, here is former CIA Officer, Robert David Steele and Radio Snaga Naroda with an eye-opening interview on the state of the world.

Donna Brazile's Change of Heart

Admittedly, the situation regarding Donna Brazile was not initially one which drew much of my interest. The world of politics is one I tend to stay away from for a number of reasons. However, following the election, I did consider it very interesting to see so many political figures changed their story and oppose Hillary Clinton. But before going any further, let's get a general understanding of the situation.

Clinton’s FBI Files Literally Mention “The Shadow Government” At The State Dept. Wow. - Links and Extended Commentary Included

The gist of the story was that Donna Brazile, as the former chairperson of the Democratic National Convention, was assigned the task of overseeing an investigation into the events preceding Clinton's nomination for the DNC's pick. Initially, Brazile claimed to find that no evidence of any violation was found. However, afterward, Brazile admitted that ethical standards were clearly violated. Here is a segment taken from the Conservative Tribune with the details.

“I’d had my suspicions from the moment I walked in the door of the DNC a month or so earlier, based on the leaked emails,” Brazile wrote. “But who knew if some of them might have been forged? I needed to have solid proof, and so did Bernie.”

To find the proof, she simply followed the money.

“My predecessor, Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, had not been the most active chair in fundraising at a time when President Barack Obama’s neglect had left the party in significant debt,” she explained.

That was debt that Clinton, a woman worth millions upon millions of dollars, sought to exploit to her advantage.

“As Hillary’s campaign gained momentum, she resolved the party’s debt and put it on a starvation diet,” Brazile wrote. “It had become dependent on her campaign for survival, for which she expected to wield control of its operations.”

Clinton pulled this off by crafting a fundraising agreement between the Democrat National Committee and her own fundraising organizations that “specified that in exchange for raising money and investing in the DNC, Hillary would control the party’s finances, strategy, and all the money raised.”

The agreement basically made Clinton the DNC’s queen.

Here’s the kicker: The agreement was signed in August of 2015, long before Clinton became the party’s nominee.

“The funding arrangement … was not illegal, but it sure looked unethical,” Brazile opined. “If the fight had been fair, one campaign would not have control of the party before the voters had decided which one they wanted to lead. This was not a criminal act, but as I saw it, it compromised the party’s integrity.”

It also compromised Clinton’s integrity, assuming she ever possessed any. Based on her history, my guess would be no.

Regarding the moment she finally put the puzzle together and realized what had occurred, Brazile wrote, “By September 7 (of 2016), the day I called Bernie, I had found my proof and it broke my heart.”

The above account, as well as several other revelations have been disclosed by Brazile following what many suspect to be a plea bargain between Brazile and the authorities. It has been rumored that an ongoing investigation into the extent of Clinton's crimes was taking place behind the scenes, and parties such as Donna Brazile have been key in uncovering much of the evidence needed to arrest Clinton.

Brazile's change of heart not only involved the above ethical violations by Clinton, but also included some very damning information about Clinton's refusal to investigate the murder of Seth Rich.

Rich was a DNC staffer who was rumored to have leaked to Wikileaks the damning information about the corruption of the Clinton campaign. According to reports, Rich was murdered soon after the leak took place by "robbers" who took nothing from him. In fact, according to reports these parties kidnapped him, interrogated him before killing him, and dumped his body back where they picked him up. The murderers got away with this crime without the police even completing their investigation.

Whoever the DNC leaker was, the wealth of information they revealed may have saved thousands (possibly millions) of lives. The scope of the detriment that may have been brought by the reelection of the Deep State may never be known—that is until the people receive full disclosure of everything which these alleged conspirators have done behind closed doors. (Though this is not to condone the questionable actions of President Trump whenever such questions arise.)

Addressing Fascism

Fascism is one of several unfortunate results of tyrannical, elitist control. Whenever elitists combine their efforts of control against the people, they tend to used various social schemes and tricks to convince the people that the changes are for the good of all people. However, in reality, the numerous changes enacted upon would-be fascist states are typically only beneficial for those in power.

Elitists have, for centuries, used the guys of unity to enact some of the worst social conditions upon the common people. This is not to say that true and organic unity is not a beneficial thing. It very much can be, given a social situation also includes complete freedom and transparency. With balanced, healthy unity, the people of a country can achieve anything they put their minds to. Without these healthy attributes, however, fascism can result.

Trump Executive Order Targets Deep State & Opens Door to Full Disclosure - Exopolitics

Fascism could be considered a type of nationally-coerced pseudo-unity, and typically includes the consolidation of banks and financial institutions, of government offices, and of religious organizations. Eventually, under a fascist state, a small group of wealthy elitists control much of the world's resources and secondarily, its people. This is what the Cabal has done over the centuries, and it is only now that their deeds are being forced out into the open by courageous whistleblowers such as Steele.

Our situation, though currently in flux, has maintained this sad state of elitist consolidated institutionalism for the last century. The ultimate problem with fascism is that in order to maintain it, there must be an increasingly strict and violent hand of control enacted against all resistance thereto. Without resistance, the various facets of the system will eventually disperse. Unlike the healthy, organic unity we have come to know, fascism typically has a very short lifespan.

The Trend of Treason

As we may have heard, treason is a normal part of working within Cabal organizations. Each member—whether they be upper echelons or in a servant class—is expected to work toward the interests of the international organization and to betray the laws of their resident country. This cross-continental allegiance goes back to the secret societal belief systems of a one superior bloodline which was thought to be higher than all of the rest.

The elitists who held these beliefs used their wealth and power to advance the ideals of their religion and to betray every other belief and ideology for the sake of their allegiance. Many of the dedicated members are bound by oath to serve only the interests of these groups. So naturally, whenever a national or regional law prohibits their adherence to their secret societal allegiance, they betray their countries and break laws in order to serve the secret society. This is the general reasoning behind the trend of treason among these people.

The Podesta Brothers

It could be that the Podesta brothers are two of the most controversial personalities involved in the Pizzagate/Pedogate scandal. These two individuals have been suspected in the disappearance and murder of Madeleine McAnn, as well as similar acts against untold numbers of children.

Their alleged Satanic worship and practices of child sacrifice have become widely discussed on numerous social media platforms. Yet the contrast between these platforms and the silence of corporate media has left many infuriated. "Where is the justice?!" many have asked.

Victim’s Testimony Exposes Vast Child Trafficking Network among the Politically Elite - Video, Links, and Commentary

According to Q-Anon and Robert Steele, the Podesta brothers have already been quietly arrested by the authorities and may be spending a long stretch of time at Guantanamo Bay. If this is true, there are thousands of children that can sleep just a little bit safer now that these two suspects are confined, along with many of the other Cabal cronies, allegedly.

Bernie's Betrayal

Bernie Sanders, during the 2016 election season was an optimistic hopeful for the Democratic party. Many people saw his stance as particularly superior to that of Clinton on multiple levels. Much of the awakened communities envisioned Sanders being a positive benefit to the country in multiple ways. However, things turned out differently.

Many of us may still be flabbergasted at how Sanders allegedly colluded with Clinton in gaining support only to turn most of his support over to Clinton in the end. According to reports, Sanders was not entirely knowledgeable to Clinton's dishonest plans, but afterward, he still does not seem to mind being cheated.

Here is a short excerpt from the website, The Federalist Papers, on how the pre-elections situation went down.

A new WikiLeaks email shows the lengths Hillary Clinton would go to secure the nomination – including a virtual “payoff” of Bernie Sanders, only to double-cross him in the end.

The message was from political blogger Brent Budowsky, to Clinton advisor John Podesta. In it, he suggests that the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee grovel to Bernie Sander and his supporters by speaking about him in glowing terms … Then when the time is right – stab him in the back and tell his then-loyal Bernie supporters to turn tables and support Hillary Clinton:

Interestingly, Budowsky did precisely what he said he was going to do – he wrote glowing articles about Sanders (with headlines like “Clearly, Bernie is Most Electable” and “Bernie Surges: DC Insiders Panic” and then suddenly … it all stops. His glowing blog ends with “Bernie Sanders: Dream Merchant” in May. He never wrote again. It was a double-cross.

To this day, it is still somewhat difficult for me to believe that Bernie Sanders was a willing participant in the Democratic shenanigans that took place prior to November of 2016. It may have been that Sanders was fully aware of what happened to those who oppose the Clintons in the past and did not want to wind up in the same situation as Seth Rich. However, this is only my personal opinion. I have no knowledge of Sanders' personal intention prior or following the Clinton double-cross in late 2016.

Zionist Censorship and Media

It was definitely interesting to hear Steele's take on the issue of corporate media and social media censorship. Up until this point, I had not thought of these efforts as particularly Zionistic in nature. However, I can see the advantage these criminals would have at controlling the media in this way.

I have considered the recent censorship within corporate media to be largely corporate oriented and centralized by the Cabal. However, upon consideration, it would make sense why Zionistic control might come into play. If it is truly these Zionists which control media, then it would be their efforts which ultimately funded the various cover-ups, the anti-Trump efforts, and virtually every other effort designed to help them maintain power over the minds of people.

Mind Control and Social Media - A Few Things You Might Not Have Known about Your Favorite Social Media Platform

As far as internet censorship was concerned, I can also see Zionists taking advantage of the situation. Although I might consider such efforts of censorship and subversion to be advantageous to many covert groups and secret societies, the Zionists would most likely be one of these groups.

Zionism is rumored to control a good portion of the CIA, the media, and consequently many (if not all) of the social media platforms audience members depend upon. This can make it all the more easy to control the minds of as wide of an audience as possible.

George Soros

By this point, George Soros is well known by many within alternative communities as one of the biggest threats to freedom on the planet. His historical habit of financial manipulation on a global scale has earned him a special notoriety in the world, especially in the year following the election of President Trump.

According to numerous reports, Soros was behind the majority of anti-Trump protests. Whether these were disguised in some way, or if they were overtly anti-President, each of them appeared to be traceable back to Soros' money.

For further study on George Soros, see the links below.

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The Power of Alternative Media

There is definitely something to be said about the front seat which alternative media has taken in recent days. It is as though the subjects of the alternative world are now steering the narrative of corporate news. Though many of these subjects are fragmented, manicured, and partial toward secretive agendas, subjects such as ETs, UFO, and black budget projects are now being openly addressed by corporate news.

All of these were subjects which alternative communities were discussing in detail for years before mainstream media chose to bother with them. Those within mainstream news did little more then make fun of subjects of the unknown prior, and yet in late 2017 and early 2018, the media can't stop talking about these formerly left-field subjects.

The news is definitely changing, and according to Robert Steele and numerous other sources, it's fairly easy to see why. The people are waking up, and it is only a matter of time and a matter of effort until we know the entirety of the truth.
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