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Feminism Created by the Rockefellers and CIA? - A Revealing Discourse about Social Movements and Their Potential Impact Upon Society

The existence of Feminism in America is seen as a good thing, and in many ways, it is. The rights of women have, to a large degree, been denied for ages on end. In numerous countries, including America, women have been treated as the lesser of the two sexes and have often been subjected to harsh and unfair treatment by society.

In America, the plight of women may be better in multiple ways when compared to women of other countries. However, women still struggle to be recognized and to be treated equally here in the U.S. This may be the reason why the movement of Feminism was so welcomed by American women during the early 1900s. At the time, it seemed that this was a positive movement that was sure to bring productive change. However, in many cases, the end result of the Feminist movement has been brought into question.
The endeavor to solve the plight of women is a just and noble one, I believe, and it is necessary to pay attention to it. However, since its early efforts, the movement of Feminism has been unsuccessful at creating certain societal/economic changes. Some may believe that this is due to lack of application of pressure in the correct areas of society, but there is another possibility.

This idea may be somewhat disturbing, but I will present the question anyway. What if Feminism was not designed to create change, but was instead intended to sustain oppression against women?

The United States of America is internationally known for being the center of brainwashed, socially unconscious people. I do believe there is some truth to this unfortunately. However, there are plenty of exceptions, of course. Many Americans are waking up to the problems of elitist rule in our world, and how these people have oppressed humanity for decades on end.
Yet many countries of the world feel sorry for the citizens of the U.S. due to the excessive amount of brainwashing we have been subjected to by corporate media. Under healthy circumstances, it would not be a problem for a population to be subjected to such propaganda, as healthy and conscious people would simply rise up and stop the psychological oppression.  However, as things stand, many U.S. citizens have forgotten what true freedom of thought really is. Consequently, many still tend to side with the manipulators.

There is much more to be said on these subjects. But before getting to that, here is Alex Jones and Aaron Russo with commentary about a conversation that Russo had with the Rockefellers. - Gloria Steinem - How The CIA Used Feminism To Destabilize Society

Like any movement, I am sure that many feminists—both in the early years of the movement and today—were honest women with integrity. These women may have believed themselves to be fighting for a just cause. However, just as in protests today, there are often participants who are unaware of the underlying motives of the central members of the group.

The True Origins of Oppression

Those who are awake and aware to the true societal issues we face know the fact that most (if not all) of the social, economic, governmental, and health-related issues we face are caused by a central group of elitist criminals. These elitists have basically used the last half century to convert the world into their own corporate cash-cow.
These individuals have manipulated and exploited one country after another—using people as cattle, resources as their own property, and the global economy as their personal bank account. These individuals are proven to have been responsible for causing pointless wars, creating mass depopulation programs, and using food and pharmaceutics not to heal, but to maintain illness and control over the people. These elitists are provably the cause of virtually every problem which has been protested in the past century.

All the while, these individuals have been using the media as their arm of propaganda to introduce divisive, destructive, and yet attractive beliefs into the population to keep the people ignorant, divided, and subservient. It has been proven to a large extent that the plight of women is not caused by "men," as so many women seem to believe. It has been caused by this group of sexist and racist elitists who care nothing about the people of the planet, and who force their beliefs and standards onto the rest of us.

Movements and Motives

It is crucially important for all of us to learn the difference between movements which unify people for a positive and constructive cause, and movements that are simply designed to divide people. Many of us may already know what I am referring to when I speak about divisive social movements, but let's explore.
When we examine real, authentic grassroots movements, we will see positively oriented people who see a social need of some kind. These people—on their own—choose to come together and improve some aspect of society for the sake of the common people. These types of movements are common throughout history. In fact, each of them can easily be traced back to extreme social need of some kind.

Considering human nature, it is virtually impossible to even get a movement to come together without a unified effort of people who choose to work as a team. It is not possible to form a positive group while maintaining a goal of excluding and belittling others. If we attempt to do so, we get groups such as the Nazi party or the Ku Klux Klan. This brings into question the true origins of some varieties of hostile, radicalized Feminism.

Destructive vs. Constructive Feminism

Naturally, women's rights are an important subject. Women need their voices to be heard just like everyone does. However, the branches of Feminism, which demand to be heard and yet attack and often degrade the men they demand listen to them, tend to shoot themselves in the foot.

Some branches of Feminism do not teach social unity or progressive ways for change. Instead, these groups seem to close their minds to the universal problems of society—refusing to listen to how society has affected and oppressed men as well as women (though in different ways)—and yet demand that their audience give undivided and unconditional attention when they speak.
It is common knowledge that society looks down on women in numerous ways, and this is unfortunate and requires change, of course. However, it is nearly impossible to solve a problem that recreates the imbalanced conditions that first created it. This is the challenge of walking a positive path. Do we uphold an ethical standard regardless of what those around us do or say, or do we let the immoral and deplorable actions of others taint us and corrupt our standard of ethics?

In order for any social movement to be successful, the members of that group must take the high road, so to speak, and never stray from it. There have been numerous social groups in recent times which failed to do this. These groups claimed to have ethical intentions, but when their methods were scrutinized, their cause was found to be flawed.

Questioning Motives

Movements such as the anti-Trump movement claimed that the ethical standards of President Trump were poor. These groups may have had a point here and there. However, their methods caused citizens to have doubts about their intentions. Many of the protests connected to these motives showed a complete lack of respect for humanity itself—name-calling, mocking, and belittling their target at every turn. These action showed that much of the anti-Trump protests came from a particularly negative and destructive origin, and due to the rule of what goes around comes around, their destructiveness caused their own group to be dissolved.
The group Black Lives Matter was another example of this same problem of a group demanding attention with double standards. The main spokespeople of this group demanded that society pay attention to the lack of respect (and sometimes dangerous hostility) for Afro-Americans shown by police and authorities, and this is understandable. Like everyone, this issue needs a voice. However, for whatever reason, these spokespeople chose to operate under a name that overtly discriminated against everyone who was not Afro-American. And unfortunately, this alienation has caused the same alienation to come back to this group in the form of social ignorance to issues which require our attention in order to be solved.

We could go on about groups such as Antifa, the Man-Boy Love Association, and others. However, the problems with these groups are clear and largely self-explanatory, including (but not excluded to) their pro-pedophilic standards.

"By Their Fruits"

The bottom line—and every single professional public speaker knows this—is that a speaker will get nowhere by consistently alienating their audience. The very same thing is true about social movements. In any group—whether it be for women's rights, social issues, issues of racism or classism—activists must uphold a standard of integrity no matter what their audience's reaction might be. Moreover, a social group must uphold a strong, positive, and constructive standard, as anything less will only cause the group to dissolve.

In fact, I would argue that any group which holds overt double standards such as those we have discussed will come from questionable origins. Social groups never get off of the ground unless all members choose to work together to build something productive. This means that the overtly destructive groups may have another reason for forming. In this case, I think it very likely that corporate interests and divisive elitists are behind most (if not all) social groups that operate upon overtly destructive standards.
When a group shows double standards, tendencies of name-calling, and personal degradation of nonmembers or of those who disagree with them, these can be clear signs that money and corruption are the driving forces behind their cause.

All of us have problems to solve, and everyone deserves to be heard. Though the issues of men and women in society are different, they as well as the intrinsic value of both are equal, and just as in any case, the only way we will successfully solve our respective and mutual problems is together as a team.

Our collective issues have been caused not by the opposite sex, not by a different country, or race, but by the century-old oligarchy we have been forced to live under. This is why our issues have not changed for the better for the past half-century, and this is why we must all work together to change this country and this planet for the better.
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