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Divine Cosmos - Dark Alliance Mega-Attack Repelled... For Now - Links and Commentary

By all observations, it appears that many of the long-awaited changes we have hoped for are now upon us. Whether we see the present progress of world affairs as overwhelming, largely inconsequential, or somewhere in between, we may all agree that something is happening in our world which we have not seen before.

In order to appreciate where we are going, it is always helpful to evaluate our past progress in reaching our present point. With this in mind, I wanted to give a view--and review--of one particular topic from David Wilcock and Divine Cosmos.

Some may look at the date of the original posting and conclude that it is not worthwhile to review because it is not hot off of the presses. This is, of course, their choice.

It is understandable that we want to remain updated as to the latest information that comes forward. Yet, when reviewing this information, it is important that we remember that, though it may represent significant change behind the scenes, it is only information. However, some people seem to view these posts in an unhealthy way. In other words, people can begin to emotionally depend upon them. Let me explain.

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It seems that many people have not considered these updates to simply be updates. For some, these posts and other alternative news sources serve as a sort of fix, or a drug to satisfy their craving for newness. To my knowledge, this is not the intention of these sort of updates.

There are many people who are working very hard and taking significant risks to bring this information forward, and this cannot be understated. We have seen many times, the impact which the type of work which people such as David Wilcock and other figures can have on a person's life. Of course, we can be grateful for their efforts. However, when we begin to depend upon their information as some type of mind-altering drug, or when we emotionally depend upon their intel to give us a sense of newness in the world, this can harm our motivation to participate in this creation of change and newness.

As stated, sources such as David Wilcock, Benjamin Fulford, Corey Goode, David Seaman, and many others who appear to have direct sources have done important work in the areas of journalistic reporting. However, these individuals need the help of the people to assist in their efforts. We all have a role to play and no one individual is more important than another, in my view. We each hold the task of helping to create newness, not in simply waiting for this source or that source to give us our fix.

This point, I feel, is important to make as we progress into the future. It is also important to know what is going on behind the scenes of what we have recently seen online.

As we progress toward greater levels of revelation, the amount of distraction and opposition may increase. As things appear, this has already begun and is well underway. In light of this, it remains important for us to keep our heads about us, to discern to the best of our ability, and to resist the temptation to succumb to knee-jerk reactions in this way or that.

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The following update by David Wilcock and Divine Cosmos came at a particularly interesting time. If we will remember, there were so many simultaneous changes taking place in the world that most of us did not have time to respond. We might remember the fires and hurricanes which all appeared to flare up at the same time following the solar eclipse of August, 2017. Along with these events, the truth community was bombarded with even more issues to consider.

As we have observed, the continued smear campaign we have seen on social media does not even begin to depict the entire scope of what is actually being attempted by unknown criminal interests. Many people have latched onto these past smear efforts and even considered them trustworthy, not knowing that these efforts were directly tied to other parties who were doing much more than simply speaking harsh language online.

There was much more to this situation than we may have realized at the time. However, instead of getting into those details, we will let David Wilcock do the honors.


* * * * *

Source: Divine Cosmos

Published: August 18, 2017

By: David Wilcock

Death threats… by phone and in writing. Blackmail efforts for over a million dollars. Possible attempted murder by sabotaging car brakes.

Anonymous calls to Child Protective Services saying Corey Goode's children are in imminent danger.

All worldly possessions of a fellow insider, Pete Peterson, being illegally seized and sent to the dump – causing losses in the millions.

Armed policemen, protecting the crime, with the homeowner guaranteed 90 days in jail if he comes within a mile of the operation.

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Simultaneous seizure of his truck, leaving him with no transportation.

And then, a massive attack against Divine Cosmos that completely destroyed the site for 21 hours -- and which could have been weeks if we hadn't been lucky.

These are just some of the actions of what we are calling the Dark Alliance. Enough is enough.

[UPDATE, NEXT DAY: A miraculous outpouring of your public support has appeared for Pete Peterson! I am truly awed and humbled. Thank you!]

[UPDATE II: An emergency fundraiser for Pete is a vast, unexpected, purifying flame consuming the Dark. We may yet win this for him!

[UPDATE III, 8/20: We are working on another major update now as a separate article. You have stepped up in an incredible fashion!]


The day after my brakes suspiciously gave out, Corey Goode got a call from Child Protective Services. They had been told his kids were in "imminent danger."

Two days later, police arrived at Pete Peterson's former home and began emptying everything he owns -- with value in the millions -- into dumpsters.

Before we get to all of these more serious events, let's talk about the massive hack we just repelled against this website, Divine Cosmos.

We had some initial signs of trouble when the numbering system on our comments section mysteriously broke.

Instead of all the section numbers appearing on one line, and centered in the middle, it was now broken into two, and left-justified:

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A hacker had already been able to make one of the sections of our comments non-functional, as well as having created a massive down-vote attack.


As I said in the last update, the person responsible for this attack then wrote a comment and blatantly threatened me:

One key to point out is that a few months ago, I posted a Facebook Live video with a female friend going by the protective psuedonym JackStar.

Therefore, whoever came up with this name appeared to be paying very close attention to every public statement I made.

Once this type of scrutiny extends into malicious hacking, we are now dealing with felony stalking charges, as well as cyber harassment.


As I said in the previous update, this threat precisely mirrored a statement I had received from a formerly-trusted insider on July 3rd, 2017 by phone.

This insider told me he was passing along a message to "dump Corey Goode" or else be "brought to the slaughterhouse."

He told me flat-out that this was being done on behalf of the Rothschilds, and he was passing it along because he "owed them a favor."

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He did not say he supported them. His official position was that he did not support them, but he still felt compelled to convey this information to me.

I will share recordings of the core threat from these calls with certain researchers in person under selected circumstances.

The key will be for me to guarantee they are not re-recording it, so there is no chance of it accidentally leaking online.

I still wish to protect the identity of my insiders, even if they betray me. I would not publicly present this data unless this turns into a legal trial.


This insider furthermore said that I was being invited to become an "asset", obviously for the Rothschilds.

I could talk about whatever I wanted as long as I detached from Corey Goode, apparently involving some sort of official public divorce.

I was given strong and clever hints that I could sell items of value, such as my car, and be massively overpaid for them.

This would then create much greater financial solvency that I could then use to build a platform to become, as he said, "the next Alex Jones."

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It was also implied that they would use other paid "assets" they already had in our field to boost me up and make me significantly more famous.

He identified these assets. They were known individuals who had been stridently and publicly attacking Corey Goode for months.

If you think you know who I'm talking about, you're probably right. I just don't want to give them any further publicity than they already have.

It took more than two weeks for me to admit to Corey that I had been threatened like this. I apologized for not telling him sooner.

I did not agree to the offer and made it clear that I had turned them down when I posted my "comeback update" on August 5th, 2017.


The comments were very aggressively attacked, and the hacker then revealed his identity with an identical-sounding threat.

I immediately posted updates to the article where I revealed what he had done.

Then, this same individual began sending Corey and me very strange messages telling us he wanted to become a whistleblower.

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He was saying he was prepared to reveal the entire operation being conducted against us.

All we had to do was sign an NDA, and agree to promote something for him down the road.

The problem is that him asking us to promote something for his profit, after admitting to hacking us, constitutes blackmail.


Furthermore, the NDA was a nightmarish cluster of booby-traps, as Corey Goode delineates in his update, shared a bit later on here.

The key features were that he wanted to pass along "Confidential Information" to us for public distribution -- but then wanted to be able to redact it.

Once you put something, anything, online, it is basically impossible to ever take it down again.

This man expected to be paid an astonishing 900 THOUSAND Euros from both Corey and me -- over a million dollars each -- if we failed to do this.

In general the Dark Alliance is perpetually accusing us of "Ego and Money," but it would take Corey or me the rest of our lives to earn this much and still survive.

Since he was an expert hacker, he could then own the website that would refuse to take down the information.

We could never trace it back to him. We would each owe him a million dollars. Thus he could very easily commit an act of extortion with this NDA.

The document had numerous spelling and sentence-mechanics errors, and there were several other clever traps in it as well.


During this same timeframe, Corey then received an urgent update from an insider in the Texas State Guard.

The update revealed that the Alliance -- a majority group of the US military and foreign nations fighting the Cabal -- had found very disturbing information.

Their secret grand juries had concluded that the Cabal pedophile networks were far more deeply entrenched in our society than had been expected.

This extends through multiple governmental bodies in the EU and the US, and works all the way down to local governments, police departments, even post offices.

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These people have been trafficking sexual materials involving children on an epic scale, and have been very sloppy in how they have handled it.

Alliance military personnel are now positioned around all key Cabal power centers and are ready to act.

However, they are very concerned that if and when they do, the controlled media will label this as a revolutionary act of the greatest evil.

It could indeed take time for a mass panic to quiet down in the aftermath of such an event -- but it now appears nothing else will be sufficient to save earth.

If we do not tackle this problem, these people may yet succeed in their efforts for "depopulation" -- mass death on a scale never before seen.


I was asked to get this warning out there, as I have a significantly wider reach than Corey does on his own after having been out there for 20-plus years.

Before I had a chance to release the update, the brakes went out on my car. The main cylinder was suddenly non-functional.

Thankfully this only happened after it had made it down the mountain. Had it happened just a bit earlier, it could very easily have caused a fatality.

We consider ourselves to be very, very fortunate. And we will not give up. There is too much at stake to be a coward right now.

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As I delineated at great length in the previous update, there are spiritual laws in place that protect us from being harmed or killed.

Unless we "authorize" our own deaths, meaning that we generate sufficiently negative "karma" to actually warrant being killed, it will not happen.

This is a very key element of this battle we are all fighting. If you can maintain a positive and pure alignment, no serious harm will come to you.


In his letters to us, JackSmith had already admitted that he had been ordered to file a "cult complaint" against Corey with a non-governmental organization at the UN.

He sent us a copy of the filing, as well as their response, which was to ask others from the "cult" to provide similar testimonials.

JackSmith also sent emails he had passed to others in our community, where he had given them similar threats and bribery offers.

Corey recognized these emails immediately. His trusted colleagues had already sent them to him -- but they had never been published online.

Therefore, whoever was doing the hacking and making these threats now was the same person who had written the threat emails in May.

On Saturday, August 12th, less than 24 hours after my brakes went out, Corey got a call from Child Protective Services.

It appears that he has been able to quickly dispel the attack and his family is not threatened. Nonetheless, a very serious crime was committed here.

I understand that two to five percent of our audience has been "taken in" by the attack campaign of what we are calling the Dark Alliance.

Nonetheless, at this point if someone is still snickering and laughing at us, or thinking we are making all of this up, they are very sick indeed and should be shunned.


After I found out that Corey's kids were being threatened, along with my own life, I took action and wrote a second, much longer three-part article.

I wasn't able to finish it until Monday, August 14th, and had worked on it non-stop, all day, every day, causing stress on my body -- but it was necessary.

The very next day, at 6:17 PM, Pete Peterson called me up and revealed that all of his worldly possessions were being removed from his former home.

This has been a legal issue he has been fighting ever since coming forward as a whistleblower in 2009, as a joint effort with Project Camelot and myself.

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He lost his security clearance and 3600-a-month pension, and the bank began refusing to accept his mortgage payments, effectively forcing a default.

Every time I have talked to Pete for the last eight years, I have heard new twists and turns about this awful case.

He hasn't lived in the house for well over a year now. He now has a separate apartment that he pays for out of his pension.

Nonetheless, an entire lifetime of his worldly possessions was still being stored in this house. Some were extremely valuable.


We knew something like this might happen if he lost the legal battles he was fighting.

He had effectively caught them in lies again and again, committing almost unbelievable acts of fraud repeatedly.

We knew that if they ever did start removing items from the home, they were required by law to place them into storage.

We could then repay the costs to recover the items. This would be very well worth it, as certain easily-overlooked items are literally worth millions.

I was set to inherit these items. That is a very key point here. There is nothing else like this on the horizon in my life. This was it.

Pete wanted me to have greater financial stability in the future after all I have done to help him over the years, often when no one else would.

Furthermore, there is a dazzling wealth of classified information, objects and documents in this collection as well -- far more than I can explain here.


The judge in this case has committed multiple easily-provable crimes.

The most recent was to file the notice about the seizure of these assets to an old California address Pete hadn't lived at in 18 years.

Pete is an elderly man living at home with very little mobility. Every other notice had come to his apartment, but this one was sent to the old address.

He never received it. And on Tuesday, August 15th, the local police surrounded the house, armed and ready, as Pete was robbed.

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All of his belongings were being thrown into dumpsters on the property. A neighbor approached a police officer and asked what was going on.

The police officer gleefully replied that they had already dug a hole for all of these items at the local dump.

Furthermore, they were going to repeatedly drive a Caterpillar bulldozer over everything, smashing it to useless bits, before burying it deep underground.

Everything of significant value that I mentioned before would be rendered worthless by this type of damage, unless they stole it first.

Best of all, if Pete or I or anyone else dare to approach this operation, we will be arrested by armed police officers and subject to a minimum of 90 days in jail.


It strains common sense and credulity to the breaking point to think that all of these events are merely coincidental, particularly in light of their close timing.

I get a very serious threat by phone. That threat was mirrored by an aggressive hacker on this site a month later.

I am asked to leak intel about imminent Cabal mass arrests. Two days later the brakes go out on my car. The next day Corey is threatened with the loss of his children.

I go public and expose the whole operation. The next day, Pete Peterson has his entire life's worth stolen from him by armed policemen.

Even worse, the judge decided he didn't like Pete defending himself by filing motions against all of these illegal acts.

His punishment for Pete was to also seize his truck, which was his only form of transportation, on the very same day they ransacked his house.

I still have to speak to Pete and find out the latest, but as of today it is estimated that the items have already been destroyed and buried.

Short of someone actually being assassinated, I can't think of any other combined attack quite like this in the history of the modern UFO community.


I decided the best way to handle this unbelievable cluster attack was to go public, on a highly-defensible radio show, of which there are only two -- Jimmy Church and Coast to Coast.

On Wednesday night, I went onto Fade to Black with Jimmy Church and exposed this entire operation in detail.

Here is a link to the complete audio of our show in its archived form on the Spreaker website. I highly recommend listening. I appear at the half-hour mark.

Corey was feverishly working on an update about his side of the story, but didn't get it done until after the broadcast was over that same night.

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I have decided to publish Corey's words here as additional supporting information, which he wrote with some editorial support from his team.

The radio show generated enormous publicity, effectively exposing and compromising the goals of this "Dark Alliance" operation to "destroy Corey Goode."

Now get this:

Just eighteen hours after I went on the radio and blew the whistle on all of this, the Divine Cosmos site was completely destroyed.

Had we not been exceptionally careful with backups, a highly expensive support plan and a crackerjack team of professionals, we could have lost everything -- just like Pete.


At about 3:37 pm that next day, Thursday, August 17th, 2017, our site suffered a massive "SQL Injection Attack" that completely ruined it.

When you clicked on the site, this was all you would see for the first few hours after this happened:

I posted a Tweet as soon as we found out about it:

Continue reading at:

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