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Roll-Up of the Cabal and Restoration of Republic in 2018 - A Digest of the Progression of World Events - Links and Commentary Included

This is most definitely an interesting time to be alive. For the first time in decades, we the human racethe common peoplehave realized ourselves as being in control of our own destiny. We are realizing our collective power to choose our own present and future experiences as a planet.

This freedom of choice is a most precious right, yet for roughly the last century, this right has been denied us by a totalitarian, global elite. The group known as the Cabal has done everything it could to stifle and curtail the natural health, development, and prosperity of humanity for the sake of their own selfish gain. These wealthy elitists used their vast resources to ensure that the general population had no opportunity to be anything more than cattle on a free-range human farm.

Our food and water was poisoned. Our medicine was toxified, and our health sabotaged. Even our information from corporate media was poisoned against us. All of these atrocities were committed by elitist establishments to ensure that the Cabal stayed on top and the people remained subservient. However, the tables have turned.

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The truth is coming forward, and the people are awakening to the reality we have been missing. We know what was attempted and why. Though there still remains much to be disclosed about all of the crimes committed by the Cabal against humanity, we have enough information to know that these people need to be permanently removed from their place of power and influence.

The Achilles heel of the Cabal has turned out to be their hubris. Their flagrant ignorance of their own vulnerability has led to the outing of the Pedogate scandal and the overwhelming epidemic of child and human traffic within the U.S. and around the world. The corporate media has done all it can to prevent the elite from being outed as being the center of this scandal. However, this alleged mass cover-up by corporate media has failed to prevent the knowledge of pedophilia from spreading through the entire country.

As many predicted, the Pedogate scandal turned out to be the Cabal's downfall. These elitist criminals did absolutely everything they could to prevent the truth from coming forward in this light. They weaponized the corporate media against those who opposed pedophilia. They censored social media and the entire internet to prevent the people from working together, and they introduced into the alternative media disinformation in their attempt to divert the awakened people from putting all of the pieces together. However, these criminal elitists failed at every turn.

It is clear from the countless breadcrumbs these Satanic cabalists left in their trail that they never expected to get caught. As we realize all of the clues they left behind, the symbols they religiously used, and the flagrant way in which they failed to cover their tracks, it seems clear that these people never imagined they would fail.

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They did not expect to get caught, didn't expect to lose, and never imagined that their supposed slaves would rise up and topple their house of cards. Yet here we are.

There was one reporter of several who persevered through some of the greatest opposition and the worst harassment, yet still fought to bring the truth forward. Independent journalist, David Seaman, made a name for himself through his perseverance in reporting the truth of Pizzagate/Pedogate no matter what the censures threw at him.

Thanks to reports such as these, the people were able to learn the true story of elitist pedophilia in the U.S. and the world despite the disinformation the corporate media attempted to straw-man the issue with. The overall collection of data gathered on this matter will ultimately help the people bring justice to a country that has long-since abandoned the concept all but completely.


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Source: Fulcrum News

Published: December 25, 2017

By: David Seaman and Fulcrum News

Roll-up Of The Cabal & Restoration of Republic in 2018: The Details

- Sources added for reference - 

Luciferians in our midst, and they came so close to destroying it all: 90% global depopulation and calamitous financial collapse was their goal. Why? Arrogance, greed, in-group confirmation bias.

I'll be honest. I hate the Cabal so much, that when I dwell on what these people have done to my country and peers ... it gets hard to remove myself logically.

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Yet God protects us best when we reflect on Love. I have so much love for those in the military and government working tirelessly to awaken us from this absolute nightmare of unimaginable proportions.

I have a lot of love and respect for them, so I will focus on that as I proceed. Everything below is real. Some of this information will upset you; I'd encourage you to share it anyway. When everyone discovers they have been a victim, then no one is, and we will plow forward at exponential speed. What Trump and other whitehat world leaders have in store for you would blow your mind if I shared it now... so I won't. You don't need to know that part yet.

What if I were to tell you we should be living like the Jetsons in 2018, not like debt farmers to foreign bankers who worshipped Lucifer?

More important: what if I were to tell you, in 2018, we will be living like the Jetsons. You heard it here first, just as you did with Bitcoin and Ether and the rise of Trump.

Things are not as they seem.

Hillary Clinton and John Podesta really do harm and torture children, but it's so much worse.

The broadcast media - Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper and other compromised television men play "theatre class" every evening to their rapidly dwindling audiences and play out a narrative that is not actually happening.

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Practice at the gun range if it makes you feel more secure, but no civil war is coming in America. Antifa leadership have ankle bracelets on. Most of the funding has been frozen. Authorities are aware of what Eric Schmidt was doing on his planes, and so much more than that.

More than 4,000 sealed federal indictments popped up during the course of less than 3 weeks in November. The Sessions Sweep. For comparison's sake, in a typical year only 1,000 or so federal indictments are sealed. Literally unprecedented in the history of our nation's justice system.

A VIP was extracted during the 10 hour Atlanta airport shutdown, and remains in US custody. The underground power lines to the airport terminal were intentionally cut through with thermite and/or high temperature blowtorch, and photos have surfaced online of these cut lines.

During that time, only one aircraft took off from Atlanta.

So much is happening, and the media is not reporting on it. The child trafficking networks are imploded. As many as 604 FBI personnel have been arrested and charged. You're not hearing this on the TV at night because the Administration knows it will cause chaos if not explained properly.

The MSM will say, "Look, Drumpf is a dictator after all!!! We told ya!"

Trump is smarter than that, and will not allow them that opportunity to tear our country apart any further. Enough damage has been inflicted, and soon America will inflict vast damage on her enemies. North Korea is the fireworks show that's ahead to remind the planet America is back, and never being taken advantage of again in this way.

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Never again.

And our children will never again be taken advantage in a wholesale, institutionalized manner by people who are simply evil. Pure evil- I feel my anger rising just thinking about it. God is Love. God is Love. God is Love.

There are so many victims of these people, it is chilling and breaks you if you think about it for too long. Many of the victims are criticized, mocked, carefully gangstalked and then led into drug addiction or suicide. Few survive to tell the tale.

Yet the tide is turning. Children have been rescued from underground facilities and transport trucks by US Special Forces. Eric Schmidt has resigned and more info on him will surface publicly soon, in ways the public will not be able to look away from.

Google and the CIA took advantage of us in the worst ways possible, and they will pay dearly. Nerd piƱata ahead, and the public's gonna swing hard.

If someone is wearing an ankle bracelet or boot, they are one of the sealed federal indictments, and cannot leave the country. That's the law.

Hillary Clinton has a sealed indictment. Many others will be allowed the courtesy of suicide to save their families the shame ahead. The media will play along: so and so died of natural causes unexpectedly. You are going to see a lot of those ahead. To the point you'll start to laugh, it will be ridiculous.

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Obama is weaker than you believe. He was an installed Cabal Muppet from day one, he's not part of the leadership class, and not very smart. Doesn't have much personal wealth, an order of magnitude less than most Presidents. Doesn't have the crippled Deep State on his side (because he's a liability now). He's just a guy in a big empty house with a Twitter account at this point, whereas Trump is commander-in-chief and has the US Air Force, US Marine Corps, US Navy, US Army and NSA at his immediate disposal.

Many in Silicon Valley are already wearing ankle bracelets, and if they attempt to leave the country at 3 a.m. in a private or chartered jet, the US Air Force is authorized to blow them out of the sky. Their planes and aircraft hangars are monitored.

Trump is very involved in the process, watching some of the raids and arrests on live feed.

Because a state of national emergency was declared on December 21, 2017 at 12:01 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, national security resources can be deployed without Congressional approval or oversight.

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Language from the 12/21/2017 Presidential Executive Order, activating a state of national emergency.

The state of national emergency also means enemy assets can be seized without judge or court approval of any kind. Many Khazarian globalist freaks awoke on December 21st to zeroed out bank accounts, followed by rendition in a few cases.

No celebrity lawyers and no amount of money will save them.

Because A.G. Sessions is more thorough than ever imagined (Lazy Sessions was a false meme, in order to distract the public, MSM, and Cabal simultaneously), very few people are being given deals in exchange for turning State's evidence. Sessions and the DOJ just don't need their help when they have all the emails and communications.

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III is, I would argue, a national hero.

At least 90 percent of the military is now "pro-Trump" and "pro-America." You can't wage a war when 50 percent of your armed forces are loyal to Hillary/Obama/MSM, but you absolutely can with 90 percent in your camp.

And shortly after America heals from the synergistic poisoning scheme, massive military campaigns will take out our enemies abroad. People financed this. People knew. And they are going to have their worlds rocked to the core in 2018. Hunting season opens January 2nd, 2018.

America has cloaked jet fighters and high altitude bomber aircraft (if you could even call them "aircraft") at least 30 years ahead of what the public thinks is possible.

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Synergistic poisoning scheme

This is evil to do to us. And every single one of them will pay in 2018, no exceptions.

How are globalists comfortable spraying the cities they dine and live in - DC, NYC, Denver, etc. - doesn't it kill them also?

Well, no. Because they tell each other not to drink the tap water, and to avoid any drinks or foods containing hydrofluoric acid, hexafluorosilicic acid, sodium fluoride, or any other fluoride derivative.Little Illuminati secret.

Globalist-controlled food companies and water processing plants have increased fluoride inclusion significantly in recent years.

You see, spraying aluminum particulate constantly 30,000 feet above your pretty head is not all that harmful, unless you also take in a decent amount of fluoride... and then, it's curtains for you. The fluoride attracts more and more aluminum into your brain, causing premature Alzheimer's, anxiety, incompetence, and eventual death.

Further, the fluoride attracts calcium and "calcifies" your pineal gland, which is the part of the brain responsible for regulating melatonin (the sleep hormone) and other key hormones required for healthy living. This significantly shortens your lifespan. People used to live much longer.

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If this topic interests you, search for information on healing the pineal gland, and only drink water that is vapor distilled or purified through reverse osmosis.

Some well known brands of water that are believed to be entirely, or nearly, fluoride-free:

- Smartwater

- CORE Water

- PENTA Water

- Aquafina

Many water brands, such as Dasani, cannot be trusted as its bottler Coca-Cola sources the water locally. If your city has fluoride in the water, chances are your Dasani does, too. And globalist food companies even reintroduce fluoride into water marketed to the public as "spring water." Pure evil. Mass poisoning, no other way to put it.

They wanted a very weak populace before taking our land.

Instead, we voted in Trump, WikiLeaks exposed Podesta/the Cabal, and millions of us have de-fluoridated already. As a reasonable person who has been fluoride free for several months now, the difference is night and day. You'll feel like a different species.

Water filters for the home that are affordable include the Berkey filter and Propur filters. Neither are FULCRUM sponsors; in fact, we have no sponsors and don't sell any filtration systems or nutritional supplements, to remain impartial.

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Even major drugstores including CVS now stock multiple brands of fluoride-free toothpaste, including Dr. Sheffield's, which I personally recommend:

CVS and Bed Bath & Beyond jumped on the fluoride-free bandwagon.

Studies conducted in Europe have shown no higher incidence of tooth decay/cavities, even when populations are not given fluoridated water. In fact, several European countries including France have already banned fluoridation.

Although none of this article should be construed as professional medical advice, many researchers have found success in healing the pineal gland quickly with holy basil and turmeric, which are both readily available and legal nutritional supplements.

So: spread this information, heal up, and get ready.

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America is going to war soon. Propaganda and poison was a very weak way to try to take us down. Now they get to see what a restored United States military looks like; this takeover attempt was a declaration of war on their part. We are pushing back.

For further reading, I'd recommend my friend David Wilcock's latest update:

And please follow me on GAB, as I've been banned for life from Twitter for sharing too much truth:

God Bless you, God Bless America, and see you in 2018. This is our time, and our fight.

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