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Layers of Disclosure – Defining the Many Subjects of Secrecy and the Coming Revelations of Full Disclosure

There are numerous subjects within the arena of disclosure, and these vary greatly in depth and complexity. These subjects require intelligence, consciousness, and general open-mindedness in order for us to even begin to understand them. Along with these attributes, an individual must have the qualities of maturity and self-responsibility in order to process these numerous topics productively.

Without these qualities, the information which a complete disclosure may yield can be wasted and fruitless. If our minds are not ready and able to handle such conceptually complex and life-changing information, there is no way to determine the result of disclosure. However, when we do have these traits, we can be better prepared to digest the full revelation of institutional secrecy on our planet when the time comes.

Research and Reason

Now suppose we are looking for answers that haven't yet been fully revealed, and we are unsure of how or where to start our search. How would we progress? I would imagine that if an individual cared to get to the entire truth, they would consider all possibilities of the situation and thoroughly research them so as to come to a coherent and reliable conclusion at some point.

On a finite, human level, we are always in a state of learning, and it is our choice that determines the pace of this learning. (From a higher vantage point, it could be said that we do have all knowledge, but in our physical, finite state, our knowledge is limited.) At no point could a person rightly declare, “I now have all the answers.” Why? Because as a matter of common sense, we do not know what we do not know. Learning, as we know it, is a gradual process, and at no point can we blindly declare that we have consciously attained all knowledge in the universe that one can know. Well, we could, but multiple diagnoses of psychological disorders might soon follow.

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So in order to learn, we must give thorough consideration to whatever subject we choose to study. By doing so, we can have the best chance of gaining the greatest level of knowledge possible. So then what might the situation be when someone claims that we should avoid looking in a certain direction, or that we should avoid certain information? “Don't look there. Don't listen to this or that source. They're nothing but lies.” Is this the ideology of a thorough and independent researcher?

If we take the advice of those who hold such limiting beliefs, we will become just as mentally limited as they are. It is fine to have a healthy degree of skepticism in our search. This skepticism actually helps us avoid blindly believing everything that we hear or read. However, if we allow ourselves to be stifled in our consideration of possibility, we may not be the students we claim to be. We may simply be continuing our life-long pattern of being a yes-man or yes-woman.

Prospects of Study

If you haven't yet noticed, the disclosure process has already begun. Sure, we might be waiting for some grandiose, official, and undeniable announcement to hit the corporate media all at the same time. However, this has not been the case thus far. So far, we have received some very significant disclosures on a number of topics. However, these revelations have been limited to only a handful of sources and topics.

This slow and subtle method of revelation is not nearly as satisfactory as many of us desire to see, but as I see the situation, this still represents progress.

The reality of the possibilities surrounding a full disclosure event is that a data dump of this size would take years to sift through, and the subjects included would be just as numerous. These subjects can range from those which are simply interesting for the average person to those which may be difficult to process.

So what might we find when this revelation comes forward? Let's start with the basics.

Financial Corruption

Perhaps the next subject of disclosure may be another relatively easy pill to swallow. I would say so considering the fact that much of this information has already come forward up to this point. The economic crash of 2008 was a historic moment when Americans were shown for the first time, the blatant corruption of central banking.

The shear ferocity and lack of regulatory responsibility shown not only by the large financial institutions, but by the government agencies which were supposed to prevent the entirety from happening, was scandalous, not to mention criminal. For details, see the articles below.

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The entirety of central banking has been controlled only by a handful of criminal elitists for the past century, but recently, this global pyramid scheme has faced several opponents—these being asset and precious metal-backed currencies along with crypto-currencies which allow the general public to trade without any interference from the central banking cartels.

The general idea surrounding this revelation is that the crash of 2008 involved the disclosure of several world banks rigging their rates in order to basically rob the general population of their life's wages. After these banks finished this extensive gambling endeavor, they gave themselves large bonuses and extended vacations. It took years in order for any authority to even declare these acts of global robbery to be criminal.

After this point, these banks were given slaps on the wrist and left to further defraud the entire world's population of their life savings. To this day, people have not received any reparations for the hard-earned wages they lost during this act of financial cannibalism by central banks.
According to the consensus of research, the financial system is basically a pyramid scheme designed around the illusion of wealth. Paper money has been sold as the greatest asset a person can own. However, none of the paper is backed by anything. The elitists who control the printing presses rigged the game decades ago and ensure that they alone would have the advantage.

Now, the people of the world spend their entire lives chasing after this paper simply to survive, only to be left to poverty and starvation for lack of paper bills.

The world has fought wars over the rights to wealth. Countries have gone to war and sent thousands to their deaths on false grounds that some enemy existed in a foreign country, when in reality, the wars were simply fought to improve economic dividends for the central bankers. These military bloodbaths also helped to reduce population, maintain a social environment of fear and cultural division, and ensures that the money machine keeps running.

Food and Pharmaceutical Corruption

It is no secret that the pharmaceutical industry is compromised in numerous ways. The mere fact that this industry is for profit and yet claims to rid society of its own necessity seems oxymoronic. In case this sounds convoluted, let me put it simply. If the pharmaceutical industry were 100% effective, it would only exist for a few years at most and then it might become completely obsolete.

Some people may not be aware enough to look at the animal kingdom and realize that perpetual sickness is not a natural phenomenon. Yet this sickness is so common that most Americans and those living in the “civilized” world largely count on the assumption that they will eventually contract a serious illness at some point in their lives.

It is the assumption of many Americans that they will be diagnosed with cancer, Alzheimer's, or dementia in their old age. Contrary to popular belief, these conditions do not indicate a healthy society (or an effective pharmaceutical industry).

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From vaccinations which include mercury and formaldehyde to drugs and water supplies tainted with mind-numbing chemicals, it seems clear that American regulatory agencies have no real interest in actual health. These agencies seem more interested in the profits that result from treating/sustaining illness.

We do not need to look far to see just how compromised and corrupt the pharmaceutical industry is in the United States. The uncomfortable intimacy between these pharmaceutical companies and the regulatory bodies which claim to keep them accountable is downright atrocious. The same officials tasked with controlling this industry have just as much interest in Big Pharma profits as the actual executives of these companies.

The American Cancer Society is in Bed with Major Cancer Drug Makers

The Fraud of the American Cancer Society Exposed

Cancer Charities Need Dose of Organizational Chemotherapy

Unintended Holistic Doctor Death Series: Now 80 Dead

According to multiple sources, the pharmaceutical industry is not at all the benevolent and good-willed industry it claims to be. This is an industry that specializes in managing illness, and only cures illness when it is profitable to do so. It is a cluster of companies that research detailed and complex means of prolonging illness so as to maximize their profits.

At the same time, organizations such as the FDA of America appear to be working toward the agenda of population reduction and control on a grand scale. These agencies and corporations have gone to extreme lengths to ensure that human life does not reach its true potential for health and longevity, according to multiple sources.

A disclosure of this level of pharmaceutical corruption would be infuriating to the population especially when considering the millions of people whom these agencies and industries caused and allowed to suffer and die without these people knowing they could have easily been cured. Nevertheless, this disclosure must take place so that we can move forward and attain the health we have been denied.

Population Reduction

Continuing on a previous subject, the concept which has been termed “overpopulation” or “population control” is another subject which the general public has been indoctrinated to. Unlike the other subjects of disclosure, this one may be somewhat familiar to the average person. Though a portion of the concept may be familiar to some, the darker side of this agenda may be somewhat shocking.

We may have seen a number of interviews or comments from various elitists who have stated their belief that many people need to die in order for the planet to be healthy. Billionaire Ted Turner is notorious for promoting drastic population reduction and has been openly promoting eugenics for some time now.

Some may also remember the infamous quote from Prince Philip of the royal family of England stating his apparent views on population control. According to Prince Philip, “In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation.”
Why are all of the people who advocate for population reduction by the billion all billionaire elitists? Where are all of the average people with normal lives who believe that over half the Earth's population need to die off? Did these people observe such a need on their own, or was the concept simply fed to them by elitist-controlled media? The truth seems to be that these elitists do not intend to die off themselves. It seems they believe there are too many poor people on the planet who need to be gotten rid of.

While researching these topics, one thing we will eventually stumble across is the belief that only the strong survive. This is a pervasive belief of the scientific establishment, but also happens to be common within secret societies. The corrupt Cabal elitists who have manipulated and exploited the entire planet for nearly a century or longer actually have similar beliefs as the Nazi party of the 1930s. These elitists have many of the exact same ideals and have reportedly taken steps to fulfill many of these genocidal plans on the world.

The actions of these elitists have largely been taking place under the radar. However, we may note the stark similarity to our current world dilemma and the plans which were openly stated on the Georgia Guidestones as well as various official documents.

It does not seem as though this plan was allowed to succeed completely. However, he world has been significantly scared by the dark deeds of those who did everything they could in attempting to execute it. In fact, according to sources, the elite are intent upon wiping out the world's population before we achieve full disclosure of their past deeds and future plans.

Here are few links for reference:

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Mind Control and Entertainment

The subject of mind-control is commonly misunderstood by most newcomers to the subject of global atrocity by elitist interests. This subject is also ridiculed by established science, making it virtually impossible to gain adequate understanding for those who solely depend upon science to explain the subject to them.

The idea that the human mind can be manipulated by anyone but its owner is not typically a pleasant thought, and is commonly laughed at by narrow-minded scientists who are addicted to mainstream dogma. However, research has shown that mental manipulation is not only possible, but that some organizations have actually mastered the discipline as an art.

Most of those reading this will at least be somewhat familiar with the practice of psychological manipulation. Simply put, this is the natural behavior of manipulative people—those who naturally seek out the weaknesses of others in order to exploit them and get what they want. This is one simple means of what could be considered mind control. However, we are referring to a level of control that is enacted by official sources and used to control millions of people simultaneously.

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In order to manipulate an entire country of people, you need to have a medium of communication, and then use this medium to expose them to material that will invoke the desired behavior. For manipulative controllers, this would involve maintaining psychological domination of the people mostly through fear programming. By using this fear as a mainstay and then giving short moments of relief and then associating this relief with the desired behavior, a manipulator can condition their victims to behave in a certain way on command.

This has been the general method of the elitist Cabal up to this point. This method has gained in intensity greatly in the 2000s, but has generally been the same method for the majority of the last century.

This is simply the first and most basic level of programming and can be distributed through music, television programming and movies. There is no real need for direct interaction for this level. However, in order to achieve greater levels of mind control, there have been several other types of programming to maintain subservience of the people.

Past covert government operations such as Project MKULTRA, Project Monarch, and other similar projects have been declassified. In short, these programs violated and abused countless innocent citizens in unspeakable ways in order to gain control over their minds. Much like Nazi Germany, the United States became a haven for eugenics, tyrannical control, and gross violation of human rights.

Per the usual procedure, no government official was ever tried or punished for these gross crimes against humanity. These crimes were simply brushed under the rug and ignored by supposedly ethical authorities.

Everyone who would have otherwise been found guilty of crimes against humanity for participating in these projects was long deceased before their crimes were ever disclosed. Atrocities such as these are said to be the main reason behind systemic secrecy. As history goes, the truth only comes forward when it is convenient for the government officials who are incriminated by it. This has been the status quo in America, at least until now.

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There are several types of mind control to note. There are the less invasive tactics such as psychological suggestion. Then there are the more direct methods for which individuals are physically kidnapped or abducted, tested and conditioned over periods of time, and then placed back into their normal lives. There is also the prolonged invasion of the mind through electromagnetic transmission. To read more on this subject see these links.

The reality of mind control is far from the fictitious mockery it has been given in popular entertainment. These are very real techniques with some of the most destructive consequences we can imagine. In fact, much of this mind control is directly linked with human trafficking.

Human Trafficking

The subject of human trafficking in disclosure is quite possibly the most sensitive subject on the terrestrial side of things. This subject has been one of the most heavily censored subjects in media since its revelation by independent journalists and researchers.

The topics known as Pedogate has been one of particular frustration for most awakened Americans. This is because of how irresponsible, inhumane and downright diabolical the corporate media has been in its complicity in covering up the issue of pedophilia, child trafficking, and mass murder. The American media has gradually been outed as a haven for sex offenders. On the same token, the executive side of Hollywood has been outed as a sanctuary for pedophiles and rapists.

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Though these revelations represent progress toward justice, they do not even begin the scratch the surface of true disclosure of the problems at hand. Compared to the true extent of the Pedogate issue, these disclosures are miniscule in comparison. The true issue and problem resides within government and elitist circles and have lasted for decades at minimum.

The transgressions of various government officials extend farther than any of us desire to think. However, these crimes against the young and against humanity must be outed in detail in order to save the past, present, and intended victims of these pedophile elitists. We may note that to this point, the U.S. government has been run on corruption and monetary benefit. Yet this year—for some reason—all of these new revelations have taken place, and we have witnessed disclosures the likes of which we have never seen.

It has taken over half of the year to come to this point of revelation, but we are here. Still, it appears that the media is slowly working its way up to the greatest level of distraction before these corporate sources reveal the truth. The reality seems to be that the media companies themselves are controlled by those who most guilty of these crimes. Consequently, the disclosures have been superficial up to this point.

There is no easy way to tell a partially sleeping population that their establishment has been run by pedophilic Satanists, that these people sacrifice children in blood rituals designed to make them more successful, and who make every effort to rule over the general public. However, there is no real way around this disclosure.

The issue of human trafficking is worldwide. It does not only exist in present-day America, but is happening everywhere. Though a good portion of this trafficking is invisible, there is an element that is happening in broad daylight for all the world to see.
Possibly, one of the saddest sights in media today is the market of African slavery being resurrected in 2017. Many of us might ask, “How in the world could this happen if the world has evolved beyond this ?” The answer seems to be, “It couldn't.” It seems that the world did not learn the lesson of the value of life and humanity the first time around. We are still idle in the face of atrocity. We still allow the greatest evils to be perpetrated by elitists who seem hell bent on domination and destruction of humanity. We have not adequately stood up to these treacherous people, and until we do, we will unfortunately have to deal with the result. As always, the problem can only be healed when we face it. The truth must come forward to be acknowledged so that the suffering can end.

Covert Developments and Space Programs

There may be fewer topics of disclosure more extensive and complex than the one we know as the Secret Space Program. This topic covers virtually every concept which the corporate establishment and media have blindly dismissed as pure fiction for at least the last 60 years.

Until recently—within the last five years—most awakened communities were largely unfamiliar with the numerous and detailed testimonies of the various off-world space projects, but today is a different story. Now, we have numerous whistleblowers and experiencers from within these programs who have had glimpses of such operations. These individuals have found numerous corroborations within their documentation and testimonies, and together, have been able to give audiences a clear image of the possibilities that await us upon full disclosure.

The various secret space programs involve multiple developments of high technology taking place under the radar, but above the governments of every developed country. These programs are completely separate from the citizenry of their originating countries and provide no benefit for the general public. In short, these various off-world programs exist completely independently from Earth civilization and have virtually no interaction with life on Earth's surface.

The subject of the SSP may be one of the most difficult to reveal, particularly because it tackles some of the most controversial subjects of scientific studies. Basically, the scientific community has laughed at the majority of these concepts—giving average people an excuse to ignore and ridicule them just the same.

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The subjects of UFOs, ETs, anti-gravity, time travel, ancient civilizations, alternative history, the afterlife, teleportation, and scientific secrecy are largely considered ridiculous by the mainstream establishment. Consequently, no one within the scientific community bothers to learn anything more than they already have. This seems to have been by design, at least within the last century, and has largely limited the topic of the Secret Space Program only to true free-thinkers.

It can be difficult to bend the rigid thought process of the average person when it comes to scientific belief systems. In many ways the sciences have been extremely productive. There have been numerous developments within its various disciplines over time. However, these developments only seem to be focused upon maintaining the current status quo, and appear to have no regard for changing it to improve life on the planet for anyone but the billionaire class.

We may factor in the fact that not billions, but trillions of dollars have gone missing from the United States Treasury with virtually no explanation from those who processed these transactions. That's right. The American economy has been drained dry with virtually no explanation from those processing these secretive transactions to unknown recipients. It seems very likely that this money is going to black budget projects, and these projects could be taking place either in space or deep under the Earth's surface.

Fed's Inspector General Elizabeth Coleman Missing Trillions of Taxpayers' Dollars



The fact is that when multiple countries and corporate entities have virtually unlimited and unregulated access to technology and resources, many developments can result. According to many whistleblowers, anti-gravity, time travel, and interstellar space flight have already been developed and put into production. Along with these have come advanced weaponry, anti-aging technology, food materialization, and numerous other technological developments.

According to multiple whistleblowers, technology has advanced so far in these black project space programs that most of us on the surface would hardly recognize them as being human creations. Yet they are, reportedly.

The existence of off-world, human civilizations—often termed break-away civilizations—can be somewhat difficult to wrap our heads around initially. As testimonies claim, between 1950 and the late 1970s, there was a large portion of the population that seemed to simply disappear. These individuals were said to be the smartest and brightest in their areas of study and employment. Due to the high strangeness of these incidents, this period of time was simply termed the Brain Drain.

According to whistleblowers, these efforts to recruit intelligent Earthlings was a military operation to populate the off-world civilizations. We may also notice that the time period from 1950 and the late 60s was the time during which the notorious, Operation Paperclip, was taking place. This was during the post-WWII era when NASA was developing its public space program. According to whistleblowers and researchers, this was also the time when the brain drain took place. It seems very possible that NASA itself was a cover for the various SSP branches that would later be developing technology far beyond anything we have seen here on the surface.

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If we consider the situation, it makes perfect sense. According to whistleblower, Corey Goode who claims to be a former operative within a SSP branch codenamed Solar Warden—the Brain Drain was, in fact, designed to add to the off-world human population during the reported recruitment phase of the program. Solar Warden was created to counter the Nazi developments in space that had already begun after WWII, according to corroborating testimonies from Goode and the late William Tompkins.

If Solar Warden was recruiting scientists and personnel to compete with a technologically advanced Nazi party, the Brain Drain as well as Operation Paperclip would have come in very handy. On the public side, it might have simply appeared that the NASA space program was in full swing. However, in the classified sector, these scientists could be working on off-world technologies to be used in SSP development efforts. In other words, Operation Paperclip along with the Brain Drain may have served as the public version of a massive effort to shuffle and position new recruits for off-world civilizations.

According to Corey Goode, Pete Peterson, William Tompkins, Michael Relfe, and numerous other whistleblowers, this is very likely to have happened behind the public development for space exploration.

Compartmentalized Perspective

It is important to grasp the level of compartmentalization that exists among the various black projects and secret space programs. According to numerous accounts, the division of knowledge personnel within these programs has caused difficulty within the process of disclosure thus far, and this was apparently the idea. There are several individuals who report different versions of the truth, but not always because the information 100% accurate. These individuals were given this information in order to help conceal details of the truth from those who had no need to know.

Each whistleblower can only do their best to report information which they themselves experienced. Outside of their own first hand accounts, there is not much of a way we are able to gain the rest of the story. Consequently, we presently have some rather interesting firsthand accounts, but as far as further experience is concerned, we may need to wait until the entire truth is fully revealed.

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Some whistleblowers report traveling outside of the solar system, while others were told that it was impossible travel that far. Others within these programs may have been told that it was impossible to travel to other planets and moons or that no ETs were ever discovered. Yet several former operatives report serving on Martian stations, on lunar basis and space stations with different types of extraterrestrials. The accounts varied greatly among various whistleblowers, but in general they paint an interesting picture of the true extent of interplanetary and interstellar travel.

We cannot know for certain how far humans have gone in their exploration of the galaxy, but we do know the likelihood that these treks go much farther than mainstream media and NASA has dared to mention thus far. We also have an extensive list of poignant questions to present to any establishment that attempts to sell us half-truths.

In my personal view, in order for full disclosure of these operations to take place, we must leave no stone unturned.

ET Life and Interaction

Once the disclosure of the SSP moves forward, it would not be too far of a stretch for the average person to accept the reality of ET life. According to numerous whistleblowers from various backgrounds, not only has ET life been discovered, but many ET groups have evolved far beyond anything Earth humanity can presently comprehend.

The secrecy of ET life has been so heavily guarded that hundreds (possibly thousands) of people have literally been murdered to maintain it. Additionally, populations have been excessively manipulated and abused to maintain their subservience to the dogmatic and worthless systems of secrecy. As it turns out, the elitists who have funded and maintained the secrecy absolutely believe in ET life. In fact, advanced ETs are reported to be a major part of certain elitist belief systems.

When we discuss ETs, it is impossible to avoid the subject of past ET and human interaction over the course of the centuries. According to numerous reports, ETs and humans have a rich history together. Some ETs have come to Earth offering assistance and opportunities for advancement. Some did so in benevolence while others demanded subservience and punished all those who did not submit. In general, ETs have largely kept their distance and allowed Earth humanity to develop without knowing of their existence.

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When it comes to ET/human interactions, there are numerous outcomes that can result. Some ETs may view humans as equals and offer them a friendly bit of advice when invited to do so. These groups may offer advanced technology to those who are ready and willing to receive such help. Other groups might keep their distance and simply study Earth as a scientific interest. Then there are some ETs that come to conquer.

According to sources, the benevolent ETs far outnumber those we might consider negative. However, the results of interactions with these negative ETs can vary. The overall goal of negative manipulators is to dominate and control entire worlds of people, and as it turns out, our world seems to be one of those which the negative groups presently control from behind the scenes. However, this appears to be changing at ever increasing paces.

ETs and humans can have any number of interactions, but some groups may simply treat humans as we humans treat animals. Again, those who respect humanity are said to far outnumber those that do not. In any case, it is important for all of these subjects to be addressed.

Many ETs do not see the physical aspect of the human body to be as important as we ourselves believe. Instead, these beings consider the consciousness of humanity to be more of an interest. Some groups may have respect for their own kind, but due to the undeveloped aspects of humanity, they may not show the same amount of empathy which many humans show each other. All of these concerns are addressed in the subject known as Exopolitics—a subject which is helping to shape the present and future interactions between Earth humans and ETs for the greatest benefit of all involved.
Perhaps the existence of ETs will be the greatest pill to swallow for the general population. It may actually be that even when this truth is disclosed, it will not have that significant of an impact on the planet. It may not be until we actually begin to meet with ETs face to face that the reality will really sink in. However, I believe such contact will only be peaceful and respectful.

According to reports, we as a species have been manipulated and exploited by some malevolent groups. However, these groups are finding it more and more difficult to interact with Earth humans specifically because our focus is become less conducive to manipulation.

It seems that the announcement of advanced ET life is just around the corner. Mainstream headlines have already taken a sharp turn in that direction, and it is anyone's guess as to when the official announcement of advance ET life might be. If this announcement is made, this will would mean that a major hurdle of disclosure will be out of the way, and many other disclosures would follow.

Though the shock may be more intense if these announcements were made irresponsibly, it will be much easier to disclose further truths about other secrets that have been kept from the general population for years, decades, and even centuries of time.
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