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Fake UFO Footage? - Taking a Second Look at the Recent UFO Video Paraded by Corporate Media - Special Commentary by Retired Captain John Lear

Image: Proposed UFO encounter by an F/A-18 Hornet compared to the F-18 Hornet/UFO combination from the 1996 film and video game franchise, Independence Day

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Nowadays, we are exposed to so much information that it can be easy to lose track. It can be even easier to forgo our due diligence and avoid vetting out the sources we have trusted in the past to tell us the truth. For instance, if a sensational video is consistently posted over and over by one mainstream source after another, it can be easy for us to be taken by such an experience without allowing the storyline to prove itself factual or fictional.

The recent video of the apparent UFO taken from what was claimed to be a F/A-18 Hornet represented some particularly striking imagery in mainstream media. This video was paraded on multiple mainstream sources for an extended period of time. Yet where was the official verification of this video proving its authenticity?

Soon after this video landed on corporate media websites, a number of the experienced researchers began to question the authenticity of the video, and as they did, it became apparent that there were a number of inconsistencies in the audio and footage.

One of those who had serious doubts about the authenticity of this video was former Captain John Lear. For those who may not know, John Lear is a former airline pilot who flew for numerous airlines around the world. He also worked for the CIA for a number of years. We might be familiar with his family name, as William Lear—John's father—designed the Lear jet.

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Lear has made many appearances from Coast to Coast AM, to Cosmic Disclosure on Gaia, and Fade to Black. Many people have appreciated John's testimony and perspective on matters of UFOs, aviation, and the process of disclosure. So when I saw that he had a few perspectives on the recent footage promoted by the mainstream media as authentic UFO footage, I took notice.

Here is John Lear with commentary on the alleged UFO footage from the F/A-18 Hornet.

A Scientific Analysis of Harry Reid's Fake Video Requested by Ryan Penka

First thing I noticed right off was the ambient noise, supposed to be sounding like wind rushing against the aircraft. Like someone who didn't know anything about ambient noise in a fighter jet was trying to make wind noise. There is no wind noise in a jet because the microphone is inside [t]he oxygen mask which seals around your face and does not let any ambient noise in. When a pilot is talking there should be a very faint sound of him breathing. In this case there was not even the slightest breathing sound. It sounded like the pilots where reading from a script into a recorder on a kitchen table and they were using a home-type vacuum cleaner to simulate wind rushing outside the fighter. There were several interruptions in the pilot['s] conversation which, if it was being recorded from the aircraft's audio system, there couldn't be.

Then the pilot's conversation using 'dude' and 'bro' is not Navy jargon. Fighter pilots talk in short, clipped sentences. No extraneous comments. Then the one pilot says something like “The wind is out of 120 degrees at 20 knots” or something like that. Why would he bother to tell the other pilot that information? The other pilot has that information on his HUD (Heads Up Display) Maybe because the other pilot can't read? Not. That's a stupid remark to put in the script.

Then the attitude reference, presented to the pilot by the HUD (Heads Up Display) which allows the pilot to see attitude, altitude, airspeed and other vital information while simultaneously looking directly outside and showing him a point of reference to aim at. There are 2 little vertical lines that tell the pilot exactly where he is aiming. Down to the left on this HUD is the airspeed, in this case 238 knots. So if he is going 238 knots how come the UFO isn't getting any closer? The attitude reference (on the HUD) shows he is in a 20-degree left bank. So if he is turning how can the alleged UFO stay in the exact center of the HUD? The UFO would have to be matching the jet's exact rate of turn to stay in the center of the HUD. That means whoever drew the UFO or penciled it in somehow didn't know how the HUD or the aircraft point of reference worked. That UFO should have been making changes left and right, up and down as the pilot attempted to keep it in the center but the alleged UFO didn't move like that.

Then the clouds were simulated. They were of a stratocumulus type and their shape was uniform throughout the turn. Unless there is a storm in progress (which there isn't) clouds, if there are clouds, should have been of the stratus type simply because the underlying sea does not have varying degrees of temperature to make a stratocumulus as shown in the video. The clouds over the Pacific could not have been the stratocumulus type as shown in the video. The uniformity of the clouds throughout the turn indicates to me that this video may have been filmed in a flight simulator which does have that uniformity simply because it would be unnecessary added expense to the background presentation. I have thousands of hours in all types of simulators and I know how they work and how they are built.

If this fake video cost more than $6.32 somebody got robbed. The alleged UFO looks like it was penciled, inked or dubbed in. They should have used the latest Hollywood tech and made it look like a real UFO. The alleged 'aura' surrounding the fake UFO was simply pitiful. It doesn't change contrast or density with [t]he alleged UFO movement.

But apparently, whoever was commissioned to make the fake video didn't have the money for a real professional job which would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is why current space age movies cost hundreds of millions of dollars to make. They can't afford for audiences to say “They sure didn't do a very good job faking that alien spaceship.” If you are going to present a fake video to the public you better be damn sure it takes advantage of and represents the current state of technology.

Initially, in my own observation, the video was quite striking, and the experience perplexing. Quite honestly, it was easy to get swept away upon seeing this unexpected imagery of an alleged UFO in corporate media. Yet at the same time, I found myself asking why this one video was so important compared to all of the other videos which the media has failed to acknowledge up to this point.

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According to recent CIA disclosures, there are thousands of UFO images and hours of footage to be examined by the public eye. Each of these images presents a striking case for the reality of UFOs. So then why—for several days straight—has the corporate media fixated on this one questionable video while ignoring all of the other evidence?

Naval Radio Chatter

Before analyzing further, let's have a listen to actual flight recordings from a predecessor of the F/A-18 that allegedly encountered a UFO during flight. This footage comes from the personal recording of an F-14 pilot. The F-14 Tomcat was also a naval aircraft (similar to the Super Hornet) and can give a us good feel for what type of radio chatter a pilot will hear during an actual mission.

This footage gives a prime example of the actual communications a naval pilot will hear in the cockpit. Notice that the only sounds we might hear are the breathing of the pilot, the high-pitched whine from the electronics, and voices of the pilot, his wing-man, and possibly the tower.


One particularly odd part of the video in question was the use of the words "dude" and "bro." By my understanding, pilot jargon doesn't typically include these words. Let's keep in mind that these individuals are supposedly fighter pilots on high alert while encountering what could be an enemy aircraft. In this situation, a naval pilot's temperament would not be anything close to the lax state we hear in his voice. Nor would a pilot in this situation waste vital time with the long drawn-out pronunciation of the word "braaaooohhh."

I have had the pleasure of knowing a number of pilots in my life and was able to learn a good deal about the profession. According to their experience, the act of piloting requires a completely different state of mind. It is not casual or lazy in any way. The level of alertness a pilot possess in flight must be high, considering the significance of the situation. On the com, a pilot's words are typically just as decisive and to-the-point as their control of the aircraft. According to my knowledge, this standard is consistent from the civilian world to that of the U.S. Navy.

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In general, the profession of airline piloting is one of the most prestigious occupations an individual can achieve. In the Navy, this standard holds a similar prestige.

The use of the word "bro" in the video of subject was also striking in that this colloquialism has been the centerpiece of several other strange and questionable publications in recent media. These publications were actually centered within the alternative community and seemed to be catered toward a similar agenda of diversion as the alleged UFO footage.

Disinformation - Attempted Pollution of the Disclosure Process

Many of us have known for some time now that interests exist both within the alternative media and the corporate media that intend not to inform, but to distract audiences and to distort the truth in any way they are able. The ultimate goal, in essence, is to stop the truth movement from achieve disclosure and ultimate liberation in our world.

To do this, these deceptive interests introduce various forms of disinformation and propaganda designed to distract, infuriate, and/or to discourage audiences from working together to achieve freedom. These are old tricks, but many people still fall for them.

One of these tactics is to introduce perceivably authentic material which is sensational and superficially appealing. However, under the appeal lies manipulation, distortion, and overall distraction from the truth.

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Once again, these efforts exist both within the alternative media and within the corporate media as well. This relationship between disinformation within corporate and alternative media seem to be very easy to catch in the year 2017, as these same methods were being used in both arenas one after the next. The overall goal, according to numerous sources, has been to use UFO and ET disclosure to distract from Pizzagate/Pedogate as these issues broke into corporate media.

In the same way the corporate media attempted to white-wash and distract from elitist pedophilia, questionable sources in alternative media began to do the same thing. This took place in November and December of 2017. These were the last moments before the proverbial storm of political action against the Cabal took place. It was as though certain elitist interests intended to use their last moments of freedom for one last-gasp effort to divide and distract the public.

Partial Disclosures and Half Truths

The partial disclosure taking place is coming forward largely because the scandals of elitist sexual abuse and pedophilia are being brought to light, and despite the efforts of the Washington Post, CNN and other corporate Cabal mouthpieces, this truth is coming forward.

These media companies are reported to be owned by Cabal interests, and as we may see, these news outlets are doing everything they can to avoid reporting the scandals which focus on the crimes of their corporate owners.

It would make sense that instead of publishing authentic UFO footage from actual flights from commercial and military sources, that the corporate media would simply waste the time of the public, parading false videos around as though they were authentic. By doing this, they could stretch out the limited disclosure they had in mind over a longer period in order to buy themselves time.

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Though the intentions of these Cabal interests seem to be deceptive and self-centered, these efforts may actually help the public slowly adapt to forthcoming revelations reported to be on their way. In this way, elitist may believe they are working for their own benefit, when in reality, they are assisting the planet in making themselves (the elite) obsolete.

An Actual Encounter for Comparison

To broaden our perspective, here is a recording from an actual UFO encounter which took place over Royal Air Force Base at Lockenheath, U.K. (a notorious hot-spot of UFO activity). Though this UFO was spotted by Air Force and not U.S. Navy as in the questionable video, the comparison between the two can assist us at discerning whether or not the recently-released video is authentic.

(Note that the visuals do not correspond to the actual mission where the UFO was encountered. The visuals simply demonstrate various flight exercises involving F-15s.)

We might keep in mind that RAF Lockenheath is not a naval base, but an Air Force base. For those who may not know, the U.S.A.F. has been known to be a bit more lax than other armed forces with regard to procedure. However, this may have changed in modern times. The occasional use of the word "dude" might slip through during extreme situations, but we may note the differences between naval standards and those of the Air Force.

Closing Remarks

We cannot say with 100-percent certainty that the alleged UFO footage was completely falsified, but we have made an excellent case that suggests that the corporate media is holding out on the public. As we may know, full disclosure is both a personal effort and a collective effort to demand high standards for the information presented to us by the establishment—whether it be from corporate or alternative media, from military origins, or from religious or other corporate establishments. These institutions have held back the truth for decades, and I think we can all agree that the time for complete honesty is now.

As we demand quality, thoroughness, and impartiality from the disclosures presented to us, we set the standard for further revelations and ensure that we attain the high quality of disclosure which the people deserve.
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