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Ancient Fossil Microorganisms Indicate that Life in the Universe is Common - University of L.A., CA - Links and Commentary

Credit: Jeff Miller/University of Wisconsin–Madison
An epoxy mount containing a sliver of a nearly 3.5 billion-year-old rock from the Apex chert deposit in Western Australia is pictured at the Wisconsin Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer Lab (WiscSIMS) in Weeks Hall.

Well, it seems that we can check another item off of the disclosure list. Once again, we have the corporate establishment admitting the reality and likelihood of abundant life existing throughout the cosmos. When we combine this admission with the serious consideration of advanced ET life on planetary bodies both within and outside our solar system, this revelation further establishes the apparent rush of never-before spoken truth from corporate media.

Let's remember that a couple of years ago, the topic of ET life was all but completely taboo in any established publication. Unless a media sources was deliberately attempting to make fun of the idea altogether, there was rarely any mention of anything related to ETs, UFOs, or any other possibility of life existing anywhere but Earth.

Here is an experiment we can do in order to prove that the scientific establishment and news publishers have turned on a dime here in late 2017. If we look at any article before September of 2017, we will likely see the largely skeptical and ridiculing attitude toward any matter pertaining to ET life. Whether it is life at some distant point in the galaxy which existed millions of years ago, or any possibility of microbes coming from outside the Earth's atmosphere, the media did everything it could to downplay or dismiss altogether the possibility that humanity was not alone in the universe.

Just three years ago, the common-place blind skepticism about anything ET-related was prevalent in the scientific establishment. At that time, corporate media sources consistently defaulted to scientific theories which dismissed the possibility of ET life altogether. If ever there was a situation in which ETs or UFOs were discussed by the mainstream, the idea would be debunked and forgotten almost as quickly as it was introduced.

Past scientific principles seem to prove that the majority of the scientific world had no interest in fully considering the true scope of the UFO phenomenon. This ignorance also includes the establishment's consistent attempts to dismiss any possible evidence that these craft were real.

Scientific principles such as the Drake equation and the Fermi paradox seemed to make several blind assumptions when it came to ET life.

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The Drake equation was, in short, an equation designed to calculate the probability of encountering developed ET life in the Milky Way galaxy. This equation was based upon pure theory and showed absolutely no proof of being valid in any way. Yet the establishment wasted no time in adopting it as the staple of calculation.

The Fermi paradox was a principle which stipulated that life in our universe must be abundant, but that there was virtually no perceivable evidence that any advanced life ever visited us. This principle seemed to make several counterproductive assumptions, yet the paradox was still considered valid by the establishment.

To refute the Fermi paradox, all we would need to do is accept the possibility that ETs did not consider human life interesting and consequently, chose not to visit us. It was because of such arguments that many simply chose to assume that ET life was impossible and ridiculous to consider.

It could very well be that ETs are visiting us on a regular basis, but because they are more intelligent and more technologically advanced than we are, they have every ability to operate among us undetected.

Further, the Fermi paradox seems to deliberately ignore the blatant attempts of government agencies to lie and to deceive the public about the phenomenon of UFOs. These scientists have typically dismissed accounts of abduction and contact experiences with ETs. They also seemed to ignore accounts of UFOs or any other strange phenomenon.

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What has been most telling of the scientific establishment is their lack of interest in declassified evidence which clearly suggests the existence of superior technology of apparent, non-Earth origins. It is as though with one hand the scientific establishment has been searching for evidence, but with the other, they have actively tossed aside the very clues they needed to suggest that ETs were visiting us on a regular basis.

According to numerous whistleblowers, ETs are, in fact, visiting Earth. These ETs can go about their business undetected and many of them have advanced so far beyond present-day Earth humans that they have no real worry about detection at all.

At present, the majority of the Western scientific establishment still appears to blindly ignore the obvious possibilities of ET life. This includes the education system where colleges teach their students not adequate scientific process, but rather, conformity to the established order, though this is gradually improving.

This is not to say that science is worthless, but simply to say that blind thought control has prevented true, unbridled scientific progress from taking place. It is also to say that if this blind skepticism of the scientific establishment was not so tightly maintained for the past half-century, this present abrupt roll-out of ET disclosure would not need to be so dramatic as we are observing it to be.

If this science is so reliable, why is it only being discussed now, after decades of assuming that life was non-existent in the universe?
Here is yet another truth from the alternative community which is now being promoted by mainstream media. It seems that after years of ridiculing and demeaning most of the concepts discussed in alternative communities, that now the corporate media is following the lead of alternative media with regard to subject. ...Interesting.

Suddenly, the "conspiracy theories" of yesterday are becoming the headlines of today. That which was formerly ridiculous is now becoming factual. The established order of secrecy is dissolving, and naturally, the corporate media is reporting these subjects as though they have always agreed with them. ...Also interesting.

The rate of these acknowledgement seems to be increasing. However, it is still vitally important, I believe, to hold this notoriously bias and propagandistic media accountable along with all of the establishments who have promoted secrecy over the decades. It is our duty as the people of the this planet to demand that all institutional secrecy ends completely. It is our charge to ensure that every truth which affects us is openly presented with no reservation, deception, or distortion.

Today, we learn that the universe is teaming with life. What will we find out tomorrow?


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Source: University of California

Published: December 21, 2017

By: Stuart Wolpert, UCLA

A new analysis of the oldest known fossil microorganisms provides strong evidence to support an increasingly widespread understanding that life in the universe is common.

J. William Schopf and colleagues from UCLA and the University of Wisconsin analyzed the microorganisms with cutting-edge technology called secondary ion mass spectroscopy.
Credit: John Vande Wege/UCLA

The microorganisms, from Western Australia, are 3.465 billion years old. Scientists from UCLA and the University of Wisconsin–Madison report today in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that two of the species they studied appear to have performed a primitive form of photosynthesis, another apparently produced methane gas, and two others appear to have consumed methane and used it to build their cell walls.

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The evidence that a diverse group of organisms had already evolved extremely early in the Earth’s history — combined with scientists’ knowledge of the vast number of stars in the universe and the growing understanding that planets orbit so many of them — strengthens the case for life existing elsewhere in the universe because it would be extremely unlikely that life formed quickly on Earth but did not arise anywhere else.

“By 3.465 billion years ago, life was already diverse on Earth; that’s clear — primitive photosynthesizers, methane producers, methane users,” said J. William Schopf, a professor of paleobiology in the UCLA College, and the study’s lead author. “These are the first data that show the very diverse organisms at that time in Earth’s history, and our previous research has shown that there were sulfur users 3.4 billion years ago as well.

“This tells us life had to have begun substantially earlier and it confirms that it was not difficult for primitive life to form and to evolve into more advanced microorganisms.”

Schopf said scientists still do not know how much earlier life might have begun.

“But, if the conditions are right, it looks like life in the universe should be widespread,” he said.

Finding signs of life Ancient fossil microorganism that consumed methane
Credit: J. William Schopf/UCLA Center for the Study of Evolution and the Origin of Life

The study is the most detailed ever conducted on microorganisms preserved in such ancient fossils. Researchers led by Schopf first described the fossils in the journal Science in 1993, and then substantiated their biological origin in the journal Nature in 2002. But the new study is the first to establish what kind of biological microbial organisms they are, and how advanced or primitive they are.

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For the new research, Schopf and his colleagues analyzed the microorganisms with cutting-edge technology called secondary ion mass spectroscopy, or SIMS, which reveals the ratio of carbon-12 to carbon-13 isotopes — information scientists can use to determine how the microorganisms lived. (Photosynthetic bacteria have different carbon signatures from methane producers and consumers, for example.) In 2000, Schopf became the first scientist to use SIMS to analyze microscopic fossils preserved in rocks; he said the technology will likely be used to study samples brought back from Mars for signs of life.

University of Wisconsin professor John Valley.
Credit: Jeff Miller/University of Wisconsin–Madison

The Wisconsin researchers, led by geoscience professor John Valley, used a secondary ion mass spectrometer — one of just a few in the world — to separate the carbon from each fossil into its constituent isotopes and determine their ratios.

“The differences in carbon isotope ratios correlate with their shapes,” Valley said. “Their C-13-to-C-12 ratios are characteristic of biology and metabolic function.”

The fossils were formed at a time when there was very little oxygen in the atmosphere, Schopf said. He thinks that advanced photosynthesis had not yet evolved, and that oxygen first appeared on Earth approximately half a billion years later before its concentration in our atmosphere increased rapidly starting about 2 billion years ago.

Oxygen would have been poisonous to these microorganisms, and would have killed them, he said.

Life without oxygen A microorganism analyzed by the researchers
Credit: J. William Schopf/UCLA

Primitive photosynthesizers are fairly rare on Earth today because they exist only in places where there is light but no oxygen — normally there is abundant oxygen anywhere there is light. And the existence of the rocks the scientists analyzed is also rather remarkable: The average lifetime of a rock exposed on the surface of the Earth is about 200 million years, Schopf said, adding that when he began his career, there was no fossil evidence of life dating back farther than 500 million years ago.

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“The rocks we studied are about as far back as rocks go.”

While the study strongly suggests the presence of primitive life forms throughout the universe, Schopf said the presence of more advanced life is very possible but less certain.

One of the paper’s co-authors is Anatoliy Kudryavtsev, a senior scientist at UCLA’s Center for the Study of Evolution and the Origin of Life, of which Schopf is director. The research was funded by the NASA Astrobiology Institute.

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