Thursday, November 30, 2017

Presidential Address on North Korea - Kim Jung-Un Launches Test Missile toward U.S. and Japan

In the early morning of November 28th, news of a missile launched from the Pyongsong, South Pyongan Province in North Korean was broadcast to American news audiences. This launch apparently raised concerns among news anchors as well as some audience members. However, the early-morning launch test may have simply represented more saber rattling from the seemingly unstable North Korean Chairman.

We may keep in mind the very high likelihood that Chairman Kim Jung-Un is little more than a Cabal/globalist puppet. This would make it very convenient for the elitist-controlled media to create fear and distraction as the reality of serial rape, pedophilia and child trafficking in government offices rising to the surface of public awareness.

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Even the corporate media is now reporting on the reality of Pedogate, investigating high-profile Hollywood suspects and political figures from D.C. The election of President Trump has been somewhat turbulent, but along with those turbulence, we are seeing justice find its way to the dark recesses of American government and society in new and unprecedented ways.

Here is the address by President Trump on North Korea, followed by multiple other news reports on the situation.

This address was informative, yet at the same time, it was particularly strange in that it included not only a talk about a missile launch out of North Korea, but of the reasoning why several Democrats refused to attend this crucial briefing. It seems as though a meeting was planned earlier for this same time-frame and that these representatives were intent upon avoiding that particular meeting without knowing about the issue of the N.K. missile. However, this is only speculation.

It is clear that there are definitely problems with cooperation within the United States government as a whole. For some time now, multiple whistleblowers have been disclosing an alleged civil cold war that is taking place behind the scenes between those loyal to the former administrations and their financial interests, verses the new administration along with their interests. It has also been disclosed that the reason we are learning about so much corruption and sexual misconduct from the former administration is due to the efforts of the Trump administration, though these efforts have been hindered in a number ways.
The number of people caught in child trafficking rings, and the numerous government officials being outed as serial pedophiles has gone through the roof since January of 2017. This is not to say that the new administration has been without problems, but simple to state a particularly interesting fact of the matter.

To add to this trend of serial criminals crackdowns, we have the bombing of numerous drug labs in Afghanistan—these labs being the financial support of much of the elitist terror organization in the Middle East. These targets have been well-known by the U.S. government for years, and yet nothing was done to stop the smuggling of heroine out of the Middle East. This has lead many truth-seekers to examine the true nature of the drug war and revealed this war to be a complete hoax, according to numerous publications.

Though flawed, he may be, it took a Trump to take action on these matters. Many may hate him for being less-than-considerate on a number of occasions, along with countless rumors spread about his personal life. However, in this case of the stoppage of suspected American drug smuggling and child trafficking, his leadership led to productive ends.
It appears that just as in the past, the issue of missiles launches from North Korea have been overstated and fixated upon by the American media. Though I understand the concern, it does not seem to make sense to raise alarms every time that North Korea tests a missile system. We may either deal with the issue, or leave it alone, but the apathetic middle-ground which the U.S. has held in past years has not done the country well.

The recent visit by President Trump to Japan, China and a number of other countries seemed to be geared toward taking definitive action so that North Korea no longer had a chance to flirt with war in this way. Then again, this succession of events does make me somewhat suspicious about the timing of the launch.

The fact of Trump's recent trip overseas to the very region where these launches are now taking place makes me wonder if this launch was predicted by the Alliance. Perhaps they were testing to see what Un would do with a large American battle fleet just off shore in the Pacific Ocean. Un had to know that these meetings between the Americans and various other nations were taking place, and this may have been the plan.

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If the Alliance could bate North Korea into some kind of conflict, they could deal with the problem quickly at a time when they were poised for a conflict. Then again, this may have just been Un's way of acting out and toying with the nerves of those whom he knows oppose him. In any case, this slight startle wound up being just another missile test just like all of the other missile tests from Pyongsong.

Instead of more warnings about the alleged Cabal proxy, North Korea, I would very much enjoy receiving news of the end of Cabal operations entirely. It would also be a joy to hear about the end of central banking and the beginning of fair play among financial institutions worldwide. Instead of hearing about further actions from Kim Jung-Un, I would very much like to hear about the opening of the North Korean borders and the end to the tyranny in the entire Korean peninsula as well as an end to tyranny world-wide caused by Cabal elitists for the past century.

That is a presidential briefing I am sure many of us are looking forward to.

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