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(Part III) Massive Intel Drops on 4Chan by Individual(s) with Highest Level ‘Q’ Clearance & Other Updates - Links, Video, and Commentary

The recent disclosures from the anonymous 4Chan source, Q, though cryptic, have continued to be expository while challenging our skills of observation and analysis. These disclosures appear to come from one or more individuals who are well informed about certain inner workings of the underlying activities behind the large-scale global crackdown on Cabal interests.

According to the revelations thus far, there are currently plans being drawn (and executed) to take down the criminal, global elite which many of us have become aware of over the past months and years. Contrary to the narrative that the corrupt corporate media has sold, there are actual positive developments taking place behind the scenes of American government. Though on the surface, we may see rather distasteful activities taking place, the truth behind the show may be much brighter.

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According to numerous sources, a coalition of international forces have pooled their resources and military might to oppose the criminal elitists behind the racket of central banking. This global money-laundering scheme could be considered a cover for some of the world's most detestable activities including (but do not exclude to) terrorism, drug and human trafficking, deliberate instigation of war, and mass genocide whenever the act is profitable. In short, those behind the central banking scheme have grown so greedy that to them, human life is seen as an afterthought.

This criminal Cabal is the financial power that has turned governments and corporate media against the people and used pedophilia as a tool of blackmail to ensnare anyone among their ranks who might otherwise oppose them. They have also turned the corporate media into an echo-chamber of self-advantageous narratives that bolster elitist agendas. Consequently, none of those within corporate media have been able to honestly report the reality of a criminal elite that has manipulated and dominated world leaders for the last century.

These are the reasons why it has been necessary to disclose information on a website such as 4Chan. It is why a president is hated by a corporate media which laughably claims to be objective in their reporting. It is why a large portion of the American people do not know the truth to the situation in their own country, and why such actions as we have seen in Saudi Arabia, had to take place.

All of the evidence seem to suggest that foreign oil cartels have manipulated the American government for decades. Much of the money which American elitists depended upon to run their schemes came from the Middle East and various oligarchs that resided there. These power-brokers are said to be those who were just apprehended and are soon to be prosecuted.

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Numerous sources have stated that similar raids and arrests of elitists are soon to take place in the U.S. In fact, not only are these arrests pending, but many of these raids have already taken place, according to some sources. It would make sense that if a corporate media was so heavily compromised by Cabal interests, arrests would need to be executed so quickly that this media would not have time to react.

One other detail that has come forward is that if and when the announcements of these arrests are made, the information may be distributed via the Emergency Broadcast System. Again, if the media that has been consistently spewing pre-election, anti-president rhetoric a full year after the election ended, it would seem fit for the President to use an alternative means of communication. If President Trump wanted to have a serious conversation with the American people, this might be the chosen way to do so.

There are numerous possibilities of current events in the world today. As we consider them, we might keep in mind that many sources from alternative media are now, for the most part, syncing up with regard to their intel. Though these sources can be helpful in our search for answers, we do not necessarily need to depend upon an outside source to observe such significant change ourselves.

Among the countless uncertainties ahead of us, of one thing, we can be sure. The world as we know it is about to get a lot more interesting.


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Source: Truth Earth

Published: November 11, 2017

I must mention that it is important to exercise discernment when coming across this or any information you find. Q did mention that disinformation is real and necessary.

For parts I and II of this intel drop please visit the links below:

For video explanations of this intel please visit the YouTube channel by Tracy Beanz. QAnon has been submitting a trove of questions on 4Chan which I believe are ultimately aimed at painting the big picture of what is going on in regards to these operations. It has become a bit chaotic and therefore difficult trying to put everything together in an organized fashion. You can find the partially answered questions from Q’s first appearance beginning on October 31st to the time of this writing at this link.

It appears that someone is partially updating the following link with Q’s intel.

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This article will be combination of intel by this 4Chan user, which at this point isn’t as much as the first 2 articles, and current events in relation to pedo arrests and other disclosures. If you ever wanted to see what a collapsing empire looked like, this is probably it.

I would also note again that not everything Q included will be part of this article as it would take up a lot of space and much of the new information is mostly questions. Links to the rest of the information are included.

First I wanted to share an interesting Presidential Proclamation from the official White Houses’s website. November 9th, 2017 has been declared World Freedom Day:

(Whitehouse.gov) President Donald J. Trump Proclaims November 9, 2017, as World Freedom Day

World Freedom Day, 2017

– – – – – – –

By the President of the United States of America

A Proclamation

For 28 years, the Berlin Wall divided families, friends, and communities, barricading oppressed Germans living on the Eastern side from seeking the freedom they deserved in the West. This World Freedom Day, 28 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, we celebrate the day on November 9, 1989, when people of East and West Germany tore down the Berlin Wall and freedom triumphed over Communism. We laud the courage of all people who insist on a better future for themselves, their families, and their country, as we reflect on the state of freedom in our world today and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice defending it.

The fall of the Berlin Wall spurred the reunification of Germany and the spread of democratic values across Central and Eastern Europe. Through democratic elections, and a strong commitment to human rights, these determined men and women ensured that their fellow and future citizens could live their lives in freedom. Today, we are reminded that the primary function of government is precisely this, to secure precious individual liberties.

While we live in a time of unprecedented freedom, terrorism and extremism around the world continue to threaten us. The ultimate triumph of freedom, peace, and security over repressive totalitarianism depends on our ability to work side-by-side with our friends and allies. When nations work together, we have and we will secure and advance freedom and stability throughout our world.

On World Freedom Day, we recommit to the advancement of freedom over the forces of repression and radicalism. We continue to make clear that oppressive regimes should trust their people and grant their citizens the liberty they deserve. The world will be better for it.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, DONALD J. TRUMP, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim November 9, 2017, as World Freedom Day. I call upon the people of the United States to observe this day with appropriate ceremonies and activities, reaffirming our dedication to freedom and democracy.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this eighth day of November, in the year of our Lord two thousand seventeen, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and forty-second.


Interestingly, this came after some intel that was dropped involving some alleged operations disclosed on 4Chan by Q. I should add that Q has also said that ‘nothing is a coincidence, everything has meaning’:

(4Chan) (Sun 05 Nov 2017 17:57:33)

Nothing is a coincidence.
We are at war.
SA cut the strings.
They are scrambling for cover and using any means necessary out of their remaining power/control.

God bless.

(4Chan) (Sun 05 Nov 2017 21:34:15)

The complete picture would put 99% of Americans (the World) in a hospital.
POTUS is our savior.
Operators are active.
We are at war.
Goodnight BO.

Snow White.
Godfather III.

(4Chan) (Sun 05 Nov 2017 21:56:55)

US Military = savior of mankind.
We will never forget.

Fantasy land.
God save us all.

There has been a massive drop of questions and little pieces of intel here and there and it has become very difficult to compile it all. Much of it at this point is questions being asked by Q to the 4Chan population to piece together, which they are doing a great job at.

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I will say here that it appears that Q is attempting to get people more involved in the investigation process to help disseminate this information among the general population so as to help them acclimate to the coming disclosures which we know will be epic and very upsetting. I recommend following the videos I mentioned in the beginning of the article so as to keep up on the continuing intel, assuming they continue to make videos.

There is another signature being used as of a couple of days ago which was VQC+++. This person goes on to say that the +++ might interrupt the functions of ‘bots’ that are scanning and recording the information being released there. Now I am not sure if this is a different person or not but I will share some of the important posts they wrote:

(4Chan) (Thu 09 Nov 2017 02:00:28)

Bots are written in OO language so why would +++ break them?
How can you use that in threads?
Why is that important?

(4Chan) (Thu 09 Nov 2017 02:00:28)

What is a redpill?
What is a cascade?
What is the domino affect?

Why is that important?
What makes memes go viral?
Do memes hold truth?
Why are the left bad at memes?
Do the arguments of the left hold up?
Why is that important?
What are the other redpills like NK being fake in many ways?
Why was Diana killed after surviving the accident?
What did she know?
Why is that important now?
Is the House of Cards about to fall?
How can you help?

Why are autistic spectrum people easier to redpill?
Do folks on the spectrum see patterns better?
Are autists harder to lie to?
Why is this important?
Why does POTUS love pol and autists?

We have another big piece of intel that sounds very encouraging:

(4Chan) (Thu 09 Nov 2017 03:04:12)

This domino will come last.
The others will fall because of SA and NK, you only have to watch now.
We are safe.
China is on board.
The indictments are ready.
The Titanic LEAKs of all time are coming.
Nothing can stop this.
Extractions are complete.
God bless you and God bless the United States of America

This is followed by another interesting and just as encouraging piece of intel:

(4Chan) (Thu 09 Nov 2017 21:56:14)

Why is it important to keep your enemies close *tracked*?
Why do you seal canned goods?
Why does the real prince sleep on a mattress on the floor?
Who supplies security for the nuclear facilities not controlled by the swamp?
How will the light penetrate the darkness?
Who will come in the darkness?
Are we ready for the darkness?

What goes from 38°4437.57N 104°5048.40W to 39.8561° N 104.6737° W?
Will the Patriots leave?
How much will the red pill cost?
Can the price be paid?
Who makes the cards?
When are they from?

Th 5:21


Interestingly they sign with the same numbers as we saw before but this time they added a couple of digits. We know 4, 10, 20 = DJT which could mean Donald J. Trump and the extra numbers would be 10 = J and 18 = R. So with everything combined we have DJTJR. And I immediately noticed that if we assume, and that’s important because we don’t know for certain what these numbers mean, that these numbers represent letters in the alphabet, the most logical conclusion could be that it stands for Donald J. Trump Jr.

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It is interesting to note that his son’s Twitter address is @DonaldJTrumpJr. And the ‘Th 5:21′ appears to be a bible verse, a common pattern throughout all of these intel drops is that this individual(s) frequently asks for prayer from the 4Chan users in addition to including full bible verses. If this was the case then the bible verse would be 1 Thessalonians 5:21 “…But test them all, hold on to what is good…”

Someone also pointed out that hours after this intel drop was made Julian Assange tweeted the following message:
Now I would like to mention a piece of information going around that many of you may or may not have heard about. It is regarding a large cache of sealed and unsealed indictments in various parts of the United States. I need to say that I am not a lawyer or someone who has thoroughly researched law enough to know if this is common or not. But some people are saying that it is very significant. The number is up the 200s I believe. Trump’s former State Assistant James Brower tweeted on this subject:

Now that's a whole shitload of indictments over the past two days. Like I said definitely be paying attention. Weird for so much activity over the last two days.

There is very bad news for the Podesta Group, which Tony Podesta had recently stepped down from, as their CEO is reportedly leaving and taking their clients with her. Employees were told not to expect a paycheck after November 15th:

(Bloomberg) Podesta Group Unravels as CEO Plans to Take Clients to New Firm

The action in Saudi Arabia is continuing as there are many more important headlines emerging after the mass arrests there recently:

(Zero Hedge) Saudi “Deep State” Prince Bandar Among Those Arrested In Purge: Report

(Zero Hedge) Saudi Purge Goes Nuclear: Over 1,200 Bank Accounts Frozen

(Zero Hedge) Saudi Arabia Is About To Confiscate $33 Billion From Four Of Its Richest People

(RT) $100bn embezzled, misappropriated in Saudi Arabia over several decades – attorney general

(The Wall Street Journal) Saudi Crackdown Targets Up to $800 Billion in Assets

(Daily Mail) Two women rescued from Saudi diplomat’s home after it was raided for human trafficking

As far as intel goes, this is everything that is ‘big’ that I have been able to find. Please forgive me if I missed something as lately there is a FLOOD of news stories coming out that I am trying to stay ahead of. It has become a bit overwhelming at times. But I am being guided to get as much as I can included in these articles as possible.

I’d like to share some news stories in regards to the fall of Hollywood now. This has been totally epic and collecting these news stories has been really challenging considering how many people are coming forward with their stories of abuse. Again, please be forgiving if I miss something.

Continue reading: TruthEarth.org
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