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Mind Control and Social Media - A Few Things You Might Not Have Known about Your Favorite Social Media Platform

The advent of social media has been somewhat of a benefit to the avid web user. Everyone who enjoys visiting other places, meeting new people, and shopping for new items from their own couch has found social media to be its own world of convenience. Along with the various benefits of the entertainment, education, and pseudo-social contact that social media may offer, there can also be a number of side-affects you might want to know about.

Many social media sites have become somewhat of an addiction for many people, though many may not realize the fact. Many of us do not necessarily understand the risks which platforms such as Facebook and Twitter can pose. Yet these risks affect may be affecting us on a daily basis. As long as we are aware of them, these platforms can be somewhat useful, though actual human contact is typically more preferable.

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There are always risks when we choose to interest online. However, Facebook can have a particularly detrimental affect on the mind, and whether or not these effects are accidental or deliberately posed, it is always good for us to be informed about them. Here is JChristoff.com.

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Source: JChristoff.com

Published: August 2017

By: Jason Christoff

The Mind Control Tactics Used Within Facebook

1. The Casino Effect – the sounds of messages and comments coming in is meant to stimulate the excitement centers of the brain, similar to the noises in a casino, which in turn helps the person bond to the sounds and crave them. The sounds of “attention” can help decorate someone’s empty life and set up facebook addiction. When people react to our posts with likes and comments, it triggers a satisfaction substance called dopamine, proven to initiate addictive behavior. This agenda revolves around breaking down traditional family and community bonds by making people bond with computers and electronics, as opposed to family and other humans. One of the founders of facebook explains the same in this comment.

2. Face Recognition – this is why it’s called Facebook by the ruling families who organized this technology, to track everyone’s face, so face recognition software can track you across the world if you happen to run or cause too much trouble when the Orwellian Boot kicks you in the face in the upcoming years. As a side note, this technology is completely bogus at this point in time, because a recent conviction using face recognition software failed to recognize that the REAL CRIMINAL had a large mole on his face, when the person arrested and sent to jail (and eventually let out) didn’t have a mole at all. Just another scam to throw you in the slammer when you cause some trouble for our social engineers down on the control gird. http://bit.ly/2eIN3dW. They want to be able to track you everywhere, in case you leave the control grid. Facial recognition technology is one part of the human farming operations, to keep all human cattle inside the fence.

3. Emotional Venting – the emotional venting of the slave class is a simple technology, which is used in many other areas as well, not just facebook. It’s about making the slave class believe they have a say and some form of control, by allowing them to vent off emotion or rebellion potential, as to divert that angry energy away from the abusive slave master. Slaves, in their 9-5 slavery, don’t experience a full range of emotions or control in their lives so the “emotion” icons were added to help with the emotional venting, a way to trick the slave’s mind into pretending it has control. To more fully understand this venting concept, you may want to watch this video I made on how sports is used in the same way, to vent off rebellion potential from the slave class, to help protect the tyrannical slave master. http://bit.ly/1PkJHdU

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4. Using Likes To Drive Addiction – the algorithms inside the Facebook program are set to more widely distribute what you write to your friend list, the less you use it. This means the first post you make in the morning, gets the most wide distribution, and successive posts that follow, get progressively less and less distribution. Facebook is designed like a casino machine, to give out a massive payout of likes, with your first post in a day, to make sure you’re drawn to the addiction daily. It is also interesting to note that more likes, comments and traffic toward your page happens when you are on it. This means when you sit in front of the computer moving the mouse, you get more emotional rewards, as opposed to posting and walking away.

This sort of brain activation reward control system makes people addicted to short term reward only, making them unable to apply themselves to any project that provides a reward in the long term future, like starting a business for example. This short term stimuli system manufacturers a person who needs reward on a minute to minute basis, placing real success completely out of their reach because real success is based on accomplishing long term goals. This cements a slave farther in their slavery, especially conditioning the mind to be adverse to starting an independent business venture.

The man at this link explains the death of long term goals (which is great for the ruling 1% and terrible for the slave class) via electronic addiction. http://bit.ly/2fl1yUu The part of the brain that gets activated by facebook stimulation actually grows in size, needing more and more stimulation from facebook or other stimulants. What this means is that facebook technology, which is proven to activate addiction centers in the brain, can trigger other addiction and short term pleasure seeking. In short, facebook can trigger the hedonism gone wild spiritual take over that’s now so common within the population at large.

5. Control Venting – by allowing slaves to pretend they have a say in all topics it also stops them from preparing for what’s really coming. Many people vote on line to save the rain forest or stop the pollution or they write an article about the government being corrupt but how many actually have a firearm, a wood stove, a supply of food, lots of ammo, solar power, a fresh water supply, warm clothing, hunting supplies, fishing supplies etc etc. When a person thinks they’re helping the world by doing little, if anything at all, they’re now deemed a “slackavist”, (engaging in slacktavism) and our society is drowning in this type of dis-empowered narcissist.
The powers that organize Facebook would rather give the population pretend control through Facebook posts, to help them vent, as opposed to the slaves using that same energy to actually prepare for what’s coming. Our social engineers will use the economy, power/heat/lighting, food, false flags, ever increasing violence and the ensuing chaos against the population soon enough so it’s best to make at least minor preparations, if not major ones. Stop just writing about stuff and talking about it……do something and take real action.

6. Dissident Tracking – facebook algorithms track who’s posting pictures of their cats and their glass of wine on a Friday night (the compliant drone bot, boot licker, order taker, repeater, slave type, government loving, flag waiving, war monger, cheer leader, sedated, distracted, sports watcher, follower type) and facebook also tracks who actually knows what’s going on. Both types of people are targets, using different methods.

The uninformed slave will be poisoned off the planet of course with vaccines, toxic meds, ever increasing poisonous junk food, cell phone radiation, fluoride, chemtrails, taxed into oblivion, charities drives that steal their money etc and the dissidents will be hunted down eventually………unless every slave comes together as one force and demands slave master reel in his satanic behavior. Regardless, no one will be spared so spreading the word and awakening more people is the only strategy I believe that is worth while on facebook.

Find people of knowledge on facebook, learn, educate, ascend, evolve, rediscover morality, promote ethical behavior and move the world in the direction it needs to move in for the next generation………..which isn’t posting pictures of yourself shitfaced every Friday night or a picture of your newest stuff. Lets adult up and get on with it. Facebook also tracks the most powerful truth based information and then tags limitation algorithms to it, so the least amount of people can share and spread that information. Facebook inversely also uses highly contagious algorithms so that useless information and compliant behavior spreads far and wide, to provide the reflexively obedient order taker with the emotional feed back they need to feel secure and content in their empty life of slavery down on the human farm.

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7. Behavior Analysis – the behavior of the collective Facebook community is analyzed daily regarding if the public is still under hypnosis or not. How are people reacting to each particular fabricated news event our handlers manufacture and spread using the lame stream media? What story works best to inject fear into the public, what colors work best, what pictures work best, are the sheep still asleep, do the tyrants have to start placing even more toxins in the vaccines to destroy nervous system function in the slave class, is more fluoride needed, maybe more mercury fillings etc etc.

This is called Cybernetics…..the study of how the bullshit travels, how fast and it what direction. The ruling 1% use facebook to assess the most effective way to move the lies into the collective psyche of the public. Government propaganda is advertising for the ruling families and like any good business, you need to track the results of your advertising to see what works best for driving the profit skyward.

8. The Like Language Effect – if you’ll notice, many young people today can’t communicate effectively using language, because every second word is “like“. Word magic, the ability to communicate effectively and change another person’s mind, is interrupted by the word “like” being used in a sentence. The use of the word “like” as a joining word in sentences is slave talk, for the slaves, because it means no effective communication of ideas can occur. The use of the “like” button and conversations about “likes” drives that word deeper into the slave subconscious, making it more apt to be used in slave talk, if that is even possible.

I hear young people talk today and every second word is “like” and of course this form of communication destroys their ability to lead others or bring groups together etc etc, like a good speaker (magician) has done throughout the ages. Using the word “like” is all part and parcel of what teacher John Taylor Gatto calls the new dumbness. The new dumbness is a new manufactured state of dumbness, that doesn’t occur naturally in children or adults when raised absent of media and government influence. http://bit.ly/2gwpy4q

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9. The Emoji Agenda – recently facebook has added emotion icons to the reaction buttons for posts. This of course is based on research that proves people who can’t communicate can’t lead themselves or others because they can’t find the proper wording to get their points across. The research also shows that people who can’t express themselves with language are always easier to control and even more prone to violence. By using an emoticon reaction to a post, instead of explaining exactly how you’re feeling with words, you self murder the part of yourself charged with expressing your emotions and thoughts with any precision.

Emoticons are designed to dumb down the slave class even more, throwing them down the evolutionary ladder, to the status of drooling troll, making them unable to communicate or describe exactly how they’re feeling……and more importantly eliminate any sort of deep thought processes by which a slave can rally themselves or other slaves against the tyrannical control of slave master. By controlling the emoji buttons on the screen, you control the emotional spectrum of the participant. Use your mind and bring it out of the abyss by expressing your emotions with words and not the psy-op emoticons our human farmers set us up to use. This is very similar to what is called “The Sponge Bob Square Pants Effect”, a similar agenda to destroy communication skills in children. https://goo.gl/G4LVvw

Continue reading: JChristoff.com

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There is one particular oddity that I have noticed during my recent experiences on Facebook. This supposedly neutral platform has a way of filtering out material that seems to have been censored by other sources such as Google, YouTube, Twitter and Wikipedia. This type of information control has been reported by various news sources to be a result of Facebook's desire to eliminate false information from their platform. This controversial intention of Facebook to omnipotently declare for its users what is true and what is not may seem ridiculous in many cases (and I would have to agree). However, the true extent of censorship seems to extend far beyond even these Orwellian measures.

For a good while now, the subject of what many in the truth community term Full Disclosure has been gaining significant momentum. This movement proposes the need for public disclosure of all institutional secrets which have been kept from the general public to the detriment of the people and society. This disclosure would include current and former secrets of all governments, corporations, religious, financial institutions, and any organization that has been any detriment to human growth and development.

As we have learned, most if not all of these secrets have been kept for the selfish advantage of the elite class. A company intended to make greater profits than their competitors. A financial or government institution wanted to avoid prosecutions for their misdeeds, or a religious organization wanted to avoid pedophilia charges. In virtually every one of these cases, these secrets have been kept for the benefit of a handful of unethical people and to the detriment of the rest of humanity. Naturally, thousands more people are interested in ending secrecy than the few hundred elitists who want to maintain it.

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Naturally, elitists interests have more influence in the corporate world. This includes online platforms such as Google and Wikipedia, and it is these companies that seem to be most interested in censoring specific information in media and online. So when we see information online which opposes elitist interests, we will naturally see limits put on the information that reveals too much of the truth to the general public. 

In past decades, there were multiple military and government interests who were intent upon ensuring that certain truths never came to light. This included the truth behind the JFK murder, of rampant corruption in banking, and the reality of the UFO phenomenon in our skies. Yet since then, all of these truths have come forward as official disclosure from the CIA, the FBI, or other government organizations. However, prior to these disclosures, these truths were censored, ridiculed and dismissed by these same organizations as false.

Rumors discuss the close connection between the CIA and Facebook. Some sources believe that the CIA is actually the foundation of Facebook and other social media platforms. In my view, this would make perfect sense and would serve as an effective surveillance tool as we as an extension of the well-known Project Mockingbird from the late 1960s. As most may be aware, this project never completely ended, but was adapted into various other similar programs up to modern times, according to multiple sources.

Due to this century-long trend of secrecy, most of the sources who advocate for full disclosure have met extensive opposition. These individuals have typically been slandered, censored, and ostracized from large platforms such as Facebook. Additionally, these platforms are rumored to keep track of all users who frequent alternative information and distinguish them from users who simply go with the grain of societal norms.

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Posts from sources that have been deemed worthy of censorship by Google and other online platforms are typically distinct from the average posts. They may be blocked from being shared or marked as spam. They may also have their likes deleted so that it appears that no one is interested in them. This seems to be a common means of social engineering on so-called social media, and according to Edward Snowden's disclosures, these tactics are very similar to those used by CIA operatives for years now.

We cannot say for absolute certain what specifically is taking place behind the veneer of these social media platforms. However, we can keep note of the past and remember what we have learned about corporate media in American.

With that, I leave you with a video from the Onion which seems to use a very old method of disclosure without revealing the fact that what is being said is true. In my view, this is a demonstration of truth in jest at its best. Keep in mind that this segment is intended to be satire (at least on the surface).

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