Friday, November 17, 2017

David Wilcock EXCLUSIVE: Pizzagate, Donald Trump, & Fall of the Cabal - Video, Links, and Commentary

The speed of progression of reported events has reached an all-time high at this stage. Every day we are hearing new disclosures and announcements about major world developments and progress toward impending liberation, and it seems that this case is no exception.

Journalist and reporter, David Seaman of Fulcrum News, has been well-known for his coverage of the Pizzagate scandal as well as his analysis of the poor health of Hillary Clinton prior to her loss of the 2016 election. Unlike the mainstream journalists, Seaman tackles the very controversial and yet, evidently valid issue of child trafficking and rampant pedophilia in the U.S. government and Hollywood.

Trump's Presidential Announcement – The Speech and Its Possible Meaning – Video, Links, and Analysis

The scandal of Pizzagate was a major target of corporate media ridicule. Virtually every evening, established news and entertainment did everything in their power to put the American people to sleep and to keep them unaware of the fact that children were being trafficked, raped tortured and murdered right under our noses. Yet despite this grueling opposition, Fulcrum News maintained coverage of the issue right up until the media began to come clean about the validity of Pedogate/Pizzagate claims.

Recently, the alternative online community has been focused on the website, 4Chan and the disclosures of the user, Q Anon or Q Clearance Patriot. These reports have been exceptionally accurate in their ability to telegraph major political and military moves of what can be likened to an international, anti-Cabal alliance. Though these disclosures from 4Chan have been cryptic, they have proven to be valuable tools of disclosure for average researcher.

Here is an unexpected, yet much appreciated interview by David Seaman with author, researcher, and public speaker, David Wilcock.

These types of disclosures can be somewhat difficult to digest for the average person. However, for those who are familiar with subjects of the unorthodox, this information will not be very shocking.

It has been common recently to see trolls and suspected paid shills to attempt to provoke authentic audience members to anger for arbitrary reasons under posts such as this interview. Each time new reports come forward to be analyzed and digested by audience members, these provocateurs do everything they can to distract from the issue of discussion.

(Part III) Massive Intel Drops on 4Chan by Individual(s) with Highest Level ‘Q’ Clearance & Other Updates - Links, Video, and Commentary

These trolls are a common issue for researchers such as David Wilcock, and David Seaman and others. However, such high amounts of intense trolling activity may only be a sign that those behind these scandals are losing. These paid provocateurs are a last line of defense for the Cabal powers that soon won't be. Whenever we see them, we can be relatively certain that someone with a lot of money paid these people to stop us from considering the information they are distracting from. In this way, paid trolls can actually validate information they attempt to discredit.

The list of disclosures continues to grow, as proven sources reveal the latest reports on world developments. I encourage everyone to keep your eyes open and to do what you can to catch your unawakened friends up to speed. I would also encourage us to keep our discernment hats on so as to remain independent as we observe events unfolding.

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