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Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock and Corey Goode - The Ascension of Earth - Observing the Progression of World Events toward a Long-Anticipated Breakthrough

This episode of Cosmic Disclosure was somewhat familiar to me and several others in that the experiences reported related directly with our own. This is true for many people, I imagine. However, it is understandable that not all viewers may be able to directly relate to the situations discussed in this way.

In viewing these episodes, we may form different perspectives and opinions about them. Some of us may watch the series because the subjects discussed directly relate with our personal experiences. Others may tune in for the interesting subject matters discussed and the possibilities which these accounts inspire us to think about.

Some may view the series simply for the entertainment value which each account provides, and that is completely fine. However, it is when we can observe ways in which we personally relate with the stories told that the experience can be most impactful. In fact, such experiences—though some can be difficult or even traumatic—can actually assist us in our process of spiritual maturity.

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We may find the topics discussed in this episode to be some of the most mysterious out of all the others. However, if we can find the lesson within the mystery, we may find ourselves at greater levels of development than we ever thought possible.

* * * * *

Cosmic Disclosure - The Ascension of Earth

David Wilcock: All right, welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I'm your host, David Wilcock. I'm here with Corey Goode.
And in this episode, we're getting into a long-awaited update about several key issues that are happening right now.
So, Corey, welcome to the show.
Corey Goode: Thank you.
David: So, Corey, we've described how the Anshar have been worried about our future. And a lot of this concern seems to have coordinated with the timing of this eclipse.
What were you told about the eclipse exactly from the Anshar and how it relates to what's going on now?

Corey: The eclipse was an energetic alignment that was going to enhance our co-creative consciousness' ability to make thoughts into real things, supposedly.
What she said was that a . . . and this was in concurrence with what Tier-Eir had stated about doing mass meditations. We had gotten together with a few other people and put together a mass meditation on the day of the eclipse, and the Anshar were very happy about that.
And they stated that they were going to participate in it as well, and that a lot of the contact that people were going to receive was going to be initiated then. But it was very interesting.
During the eclipse, I was standing out looking through a filter at the eclipse. And everyone was meditating and putting out good intent.
And I was in the middle of doing that when, through the filter, I saw a little flash to the bottom left of the Sun.
And I was just about to say something about it when the lady next to me came up excited and showed me her phone.
“Look what I got! Look what I got!”
And just in the exact spot I saw the flash was a triangular craft. And we caught it . . . We got a photo of it.

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David: Very cool.

Corey: And it was very interesting that that occurred during the time when I was putting out intent for humanity to receive assistance.

* * * * *


It was an extreme privilege to participate in this meditation and event firsthand. At the Eclipse of Disclosure conference, I was able to connect with several people with whom I felt very familiar even though we were meeting for the very first time.

The meditation at Mt. Shasta was one of the most memorable experiences of my life as well. The energy, the people, and the overall atmosphere were otherworldly in numerous ways. The day started out with breakfast with a couple of friends and then heading toward a large meeting area where we would view the eclipse with other attendees at the conference.

We stood there with cameras and viewing glasses in hand looking up at the site of the eclipse. The feeling was surreal and yet we were experiencing all of this in real time. There were many things that went on that day that still seem mysterious and yet very vivid in hindsight.
The moment this image was taken (above), I did not personally see anything, but I heard several people did. It was journalist and YouTube'r, Jordan Sather, who came by and first told us about the image taken by a woman who just happened to get a lucky shot with her camera. Jimmy Church later reported the image to the larger group standing there. Whatever the nature of the apparent craft was, it seems that someone out there chose to take the title of the conference literally.

That morning was filled with drastic changes from energetic changes, downloads, and healing reported by several people in the crowd. There was also the announcement by Dr. Michael Salla of the unfortunate passing of Mr. William Tompkins. Though saddened, many of us thought that it was very interesting for Tompkins to pass during such a monumental event as the August eclipse. Some felt that Tompkins planned to go out with a bang and hand off the reigns of disclosure to the next generation.

During the eclipse there were also reports of sightings of some sort of energetic discharge originating from Mt. Shasta. Various reports of something similar to fireworks, arcs of energy, and even a pyramidal structure were reported by various witnesses to the eclipse.

* * * * *

David: Now you brushed on something very briefly that I think we need to cover more, and that is this concept of contact.
What was the nature of this contact you were informed about by the Anshar that would be happening, or that they were trying to make happen?
Corey: Well, they stated that contact in the beginning would start out with people having dreams.
David: What contact would take place?
Corey: Contact between the Anshar and people on the planet.
David: Okay.
Corey: They would begin to have dreams that would slowly acclimate them to finally having an in-person meeting with the Anshar.
So I was expecting things like that to occur during the eclipse.
What I didn't realize is that a lot of the people that were participating were getting these downloads, just information rushing down into their consciousness, giving them ideas about how to use their talents, about how to solve issues in their lives.
And I was expecting something a little bit more dramatic.
Soon after I got home from this event, I did have a meeting with Ka'Aree, where I asked her more about this.
David: So these contacts start out, as you said, with dreams and possibly telepathic things. Where does it go from there?
Corey: Well, it actually starts a little bit differently.
After I got home, I was exhausted . . .
David: Home from where?
Corey: . . . from the Eclipse of Disclosure at Mt. Shasta.
Corey: I'm laying in bed, and the next thing I know, I'm in that exact same greeting area that . . . the first time I had met the Anshar. And I'm laying on my back.
But this time, there's a thick bed mat that – it was pretty interesting; I don't want to go into detail on that – and then a round head roll that was behind my neck.
And immediately, I looked up, and I saw Ka'Aree and two others standing. And she just briskly asked me to get up, and we walked back to that original meeting room where she had offered me the Elixir of Isis.

She was kind of frazzled or in a hurry.
She brought me back to discuss the eclipse and the mass meditation. And she was stating that it was a very big success, that . . .
David: Oh, great!
Corey: Yes, that a lot of people that partook in it received massive downloads, only a little bit that they were conscious of, that was going to help them prepare themselves for contact.
And I told her at that point that I appreciated seeing the UFO in the sky, but I was expecting something a little bit more dramatic to occur.
And she told me that I had jumped to a lot of conclusions, that there is a very specific way that the benevolent beings have to approach humanity.
And I thought it was interesting.
She said that they see us on a little bit more of a level than just our physical personal egos. They see us on a multidimensional kind of level.
And before they can come and introduce theirselves to us, they first have to approach our higher selves.

And our higher selves determines whether we get contact, what type of contact we will get, or what we need before contact – what we need information-wise to prepare ourselves.
So it's not the case that I thought that these beings just come to us because we have the right vibration or they think we're ready.
They come to us because our higher selves have approved it . . . have approved that contact.

* * * * *


The prospect of being visited by beings of higher consciousness may be amazing to most of us. However, within such an experience, many of us might wonder how we might distinguish such visitations from normal, everyday experiences.

We have all dreamed, had new ideas and thoughts, and we have all had conversations with people we meet. If we are in contact with a being of higher consciousness and dimensionality, I imagine these experiences might be different than what we are used to.

According to past testimonies of Corey Goode as well as various passages from the Law of One, the process of introducing a being of higher consciousness to one of lower consciousness requires a certain tact/tactic. The process consists of a series of vague subtitles which may lead to greater levels of interaction. The contact might manifest in new and productive ideas, and new thoughts which an individual would not typically have on their own. The contacts may consists of interesting dreams suggesting further conversation or interactions with a benevolent and yet unfamiliar person.

These subtle contacts might progress from that point to dreams of mentorship of some sort. An individual may dream of sitting in a classroom either alone or with other students learning a lesson of some kind. There may be dreams of social occasions during which the individual is introduced to those attempting to make contact. According to my understanding, it may require several of these subtle contact experiences before an individual is ready to receive direct physical contact from beings of higher consciousness.

These gradual contact experiences are typically initiated by positive beings. According to my research, negative beings are more self-advantageous and less respectful of the Law of Free Will. Because of this, the negative beings will either rush the process along, or they will skip the process altogether in order to achieve their objective more quickly. Consequently, those who encounter negative beings may have impressive stories to tell, but these individuals are typically unaware that they are being manipulated.

* * * * *

David: Now, you said a while ago that, I believe, it was Tier-Eir had told you that as we get closer to the solar flash, people would start seeing ghosts of some form.
Corey: Yes, he said as the energies peak – reach their peak – that you will know this because all across the world, people will start describing stories of meeting family members that have died and having conversations with family members who have passed on.

* * * * *


The true nature of the solar flash is admittedly unknown to those who speak about it. One of the most bizarre aspects to this predicted event seems to be the appearance of deceased relatives just before the flash takes place. Most of us may find it difficult to imagine a moment when we begin seeing people we thought were gone forever, walking around and talking to one another.

If we think about the notion that the universe is illusory and that space and time are merely expressions of one single moment in one infinitesimal and yet infinite space, this appearance of dead relatives may begin to make more sense.
If the physical bodies we see, use and interact with on a daily basis were merely a single expression of our greater consciousness, this may explain the situation. The egotistic or the physical self represents one aspect of the greater soul expression. If this physical vessel expires, this may still leave every other expression at other levels intact. This could mean that just above our own physical experience, very little may change after we pass; meaning that we would still be interacting with a world similar to this one after our apparent death, with relatively physical objects and experience according to that higher level of conscious being.

If the higher densities represent our intended destination, this would mean that those who have released their 3rd-density bodies would be waiting for us to become aware of them when our conscious state reaches 4th density. As our consciousness reaches this level, these people would appear to materialize before our eyes. This increase in consciousness might also explain some biblical prophesies which describe the dead rising from the grave.

* * * * *

David: So do you think that perhaps these Anshar visitations could also come in the form of that, as they say contact is going to unfold over time?
Corey: What it sounded like is that they approach our higher self. Our higher self and them come to an agreement about what type of contact our egos will receive.

If our egos are not ready for one-on-one contact, our higher self will converse with the being – the Anshar, in this case – and say, “This is what they need to be prepped, . . . to prep for that type of communication.”
And they'll receive the information they need in the form of a download – an information download.
David: It's been pretty stunning to me to see how soon after the eclipse we've had massive hurricanes. Do you think that is related to this eclipse and what they told you was going on?
Corey: I was shown basically a vision of what is occurring. And the Blue Spheres are almost gone. They're almost completely translucent and gone.
And we're receiving higher and higher doses of this cosmic energy. Our planet and solar system are bathed in this energy right now.
The image I was shown was of the Earth spinning, rotating within that energy, and it was like a dynamo. And the energy was feeding into the Earth through the poles.
And in the vision, it was causing massive, high-energetic storms like what we're seeing and earthquakes.
David: So some people have tried to say that these are HAARPicanes, that they're not natural phenomena, that the Cabal is doing this to try to collapse the American economy. What are your thoughts on that?
Corey: These storms are not created by these technologies, but they are being steered. They have satellite systems that shoot, I think, what they call masers – microwave lasers, focused microwave beams – into the ocean, close to the storm to warm up the water. And that causes the storm to go towards the warmth, and they can lead the storms where they want, to a degree.

* * * * *


It has been reported that the hurricanes which recently struck the American coast were deliberately directed toward major metropolitan areas specifically to distract the positive Earth Alliance from coordinating and executing mass arrests. According to reports, it was believed by Cabal interests that by distracting the military with rescue operations, that the Cabal could extend their schemes for short while longer.

It is not difficult to see what the Cabal is doing through media at this point. They launch false flags. They execute publicity stunts with celebrities to gain the attention of their audience and then they advertise themselves. This can be seen in Miley Cyrus's recent discussion of her Luciferian faith and her thanking Hillary Clinton while presented questionable letters of thanks just four days later.

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It was interesting to see how this political stunt was allowed to completely take over a show that was supposed to be about entertainment and fun. Yet we see political spectacles completely take over at the drop of a hat similar to election season from a year prior to the night the Fallon episode aired. This seemed to be a sign that the Cabal is attempting to subtly and yet openly introduce their Luciferian religion and its spokespeople to audiences. The upside is that Cabal themselves seem to be the only people who actually buy anything they are selling.

* * * * *

David: Do you think that the American economy can survive disasters of this scope?
Corey: It's going to affect the economies, but more so, it is a distraction. It's [a distraction] to all of these groups that are working on trying to set up arrests and courts to hear these cases. The military is heavily involved in this.
If you have all of these major events occurring – weather events – then the military has to be pulled over to assist.
David: Wow!
Corey: So it's – t part of it, at least – to be a misdirect.
David: Why do you think North Korea has been acting so crazy lately with this nuclear threat that they're making?
Corey: Well, North Korea is . . . I mean, it's fairly well known that the Cabal has a certain amount of control in that country, although it appears that we don't. So they are a perfect distraction tool.
Now, another theory that I've heard was that North Korea would become such a threat that we would have to use new exotic weapons platforms that we have never disclosed to the public. But the only way we could use them would be to disclose them to the public.
And that, to me, sounds like a perfect opportunity to disclose triangular craft that are used to go down and try to neutralize North Korea before they fire all of their ordinance into Seoul.
David: Pete Peterson has been saying a lot lately that what he kind of affectionately calls “quadcopters” - though these are full size and piloted – that the military is very close to unveiling these.
Corey: That's exactly the intel I'd been given. And if you remember on the show here, maybe six months ago, I was reporting that the Air Force Secret Space Program, they were going to begin to “accidentally” let us see a lot more of their triangular craft.
I reported that we would start seeing reports of triangular craft.
And indeed, recently over an Air Force base in Tampa, on two separate occasions, people have been taking photos of triangular craft. And I believe we have an image of that.

David: When you were meeting with Ka'Aree, and she's telling you about . . . that contact is going to develop, did you get a sense . . . I know we're talking about higher-self handshakes and so forth. Did you get a sense that eventually people like those watching this show might actually have the type of in-person experience like you've been having with them?
Corey: Absolutely. The Anshar basically let me know that the visitations that I'm having, it'll become commonplace, and that I will, like I want to, slowly kind of drift off into the background because everyone else, or so many other people, are going to be having these one-on-one experiences.

* * * * *


Corey Goode strikes me as an ordinary person who, at an early age, was thrown into extraordinary circumstances. It seems that later on in life, he began to remember many of these circumstances, as many tend to. The reports of his memories seem to give credit to several other accounts of experiences of extraordinary phenomenon and reveal quite a bit about the possibilities within the off-planet, military operations taking place in the secret space programs.

I find it very likely that Goode is but one of thousands of people who have endured these experiences in various SSP missions, yet he is one of the only ones who is so outspoken about them. If this is the case, it is understandable that he would not want to be in the spotlight forever.

It was not his idea to be a public figure. According to his reports and past records that we have seen, it was untrustworthy reporters which forced him into the public eye. So naturally, to be relieved of such excessive attention might be preferred. Also, to encounter other people with whom a person can converse about such experiences can also be a pleasant change.
It is one thing to have an extraordinary experience. However, it is not as exciting unless we are able to recount and share these experiences with others who have had the same experiences. The social component of experience is one which helps us unite as human beings. We thrive on our ability to share our stories with one another. These stories never actually have all the evidence presented with them, but they are always interesting to hear and create special moments of comradery when they are shared.

Were I in Goode's position, I imagine it would be pleasant to hear others legitimately testifying to similar experience as he has. Personally, I would not be surprised if these reports were to begin in the near future.

* * * * *

David: Do you think there would be a way at some point to be able to validate who is actually having real experiences, as opposed to who's just trying to jump into the spotlight and gain some attention?
Corey: I think at that point it won't matter.
David: Why wouldn't it matter?
Corey: So many people will be having open contact that the attention-seekers that are lying, . . . it'll be pretty obvious who it is. And it just really will be of no consequence to everyone else who is receiving contact.
David: Do you think that if we have more catastrophes take place like these hurricanes, and everybody's having to go through that, that that in some way opens up more of the universal law for the Anshar to do these type of contacts?
Corey: I don't know about that, but when I spoke last to Tier-Eir, when he was showing me all of these things, I was a little perplexed about why these things were being allowed to occur.
And Tier-Eir stated that while these things are happening, it will be an opportunity for people to be Service-to-Others. And that's the only real response I got on that. The Anshar did not go that in depth.
David: Now you've had another meeting with Ka'Aree much more recently that really has some fascinating new plot twists in it that actually caught me off guard. When you first told me, I was quite surprised.
Corey: This was the same meeting.
David: Oh, it was?
Corey: Yes.
David: Okay.
Corey: Once again, I had noticed that she was acting abnormal. She was a little bit stressed, and, like, preoccupied.
So she was behaving abnormally from the way she normally behaves, you know, real calm, serene. She seemed preoccupied.
And I asked her if the timeline was continuing to diverge from the timeline that they were sent here to steward. And she said, “Yes, that is indeed the case.”
And she said, “Things have developed quite far in the timeline” – divergence from their timeline.
David: And just to be clear, what you had said was that this negative timeline could involve a very dark future for humanity. Could you reiterate what that was?
Corey: Well, it was a very dark future for humanity, but the Anshar were concerned because if that timeline was diverged from, they would no longer exist.
David: If our positive timeline . . .
Corey: Right, was diverged from. Or, well, THE timeline that they were trying to manicure.
David: So she's concerned, indicating that she's worried whether that negative timeline might still take place.

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Corey: Right. And I asked her, “Is this completely unheard of?”
And she said, “No.”
She said, “We have gone through this on several occasions during the changes of cycles,” that her people have had to take drastic measures during the cycles.
And I asked her what she was talking about, and she started walking me back to the area where I had first appeared, that radiated out into different hallways.
She took me out in there and immediately hung a right and went through another hallway. And we eventually ended up in an area that came out to where we could see where the giant city was that I described before.

And we exited in a different area. We popped up from a different perspective.
And as soon as we looked into this huge, huge cavern, it was immediately obvious that everything had changed. None of the buildings were there anymore.
The rock pillars that went up to the roof of the cavern that had all of these dwellings cut out in them, those were still there. There were no lights.

And there were little footprint areas where all of the buildings had been.
David: Really?
Corey: Yes. And then there was this weird, . . . this weird . . . It looked like time-space folding in on itself, kind of going into a cone.

And where the cone ended, it was, like, flailing around a little bit.
And I asked her what it was. And she stated that in times past, during the cycles, the Anshar have put their people in this time-anomaly bubble, . . .

. . . and that this time-anomaly bubble is exactly the same as the anomaly-bubbles outside of Jupiter and Saturn where the Super Federation has these giant stations, where they meet.
David: Do you think that the Anshar dwellings are built to be modular, that it's like a little craft . . .
Corey: They are.
David: . . . they can move around?
Corey: Yes.
David: It is.
Corey: Yeah. And what had happened is all of them had levitated and gone into the event horizon of that anomaly to where they would be protected from everything that's occurring energetically.
David: Would that include that if the timeline shifted that they would still have a reality partition that they can live in?
Corey: Exactly.
David: Really?
Corey: They have their own little reality bubble.
David: Hm.
Corey: And in the conversation, she stated that . . . I learned a little bit more about the anomalies, how they work, which is very interesting.
We're supposedly inside this protective barrier here in the solar system. And she's saying that when we enter that anomaly, when we were going to those meetings, we were going to a time-space bubble that had been created that was outside of our reality, so to speak, and that there were entrances to it in, like, other galaxies. From other galaxies, beings were flying in to attend these meetings, but you have to go out the exact same way. You have to punch out the way you punched in.
David: Um-hmm.
Corey: They can't come in and then go out another exit and end up in our galaxy.
David: Hm.
Corey: The majority of her people – that entire city – are inside that anomaly right now.

* * * * *


In past episodes, it was discussed how the Anshar civilization was experiencing a sort of drastic Mandela effect which caused large portions of the civilization to spontaneously disappear as though they had never existed. If this were the case, I can understand why Ka'Aree and other members of this civilization would be nervous about the outcome of our present situation on Earth.

I would like to extend a word of reassurance—to all who might feel this way—that there are those of us who are working tirelessly to ensure that the outcome of our current juncture is beneficial for all parties, and that through each of our efforts, the benevolent timeline which Earth may be destined to experience will come into being.

As things stand, if the Anshar are in fact, us thousands of years in the future, it would be in our best interests to ensure their survival and prosperity, as these represent our own prosperity.

* * * * *

David: Well, this raises an interesting question, just really briefly. And that is, if these people are sitting in these chairs, and they're telepathically communicating with us, apparently as, like guardian angels, and helping us meet the right people, and have telepathic nudges, and things like this, if they all took off, wouldn't that dramatically undercut our angelic support, if you will, that they've been providing?
Corey: Well, what I was about to say is that all of the people that were dwelling in this city were now inside of this time anomaly, for the lack of a better word.
Everyone that was a part of the religious order, until the last minute, are remaining outside of that bubble and are focusing all of their time, all of their energy, on trying to influence the surface population in a positive way to help steer back towards their timeline.
David: So are you saying that it's only the religious order that was doing this before anyway?

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Corey: No.
David: Oh.
Corey: No. Many, many from their cities were joining in, but, yes, all of the religious order were taking part. But the Anshar were taking part and some of the subgroups that are with the Anshar were taking part.
David: Do you think that perhaps the presence of these giant spheres in our solar system could in some way help to provide back-up spiritually if these people are no longer able to serve in that function for us?
Corey: When they get to a point where they can no longer really be of service, they're just going to enter that time anomaly and ride it out.
David: Well, but I'm thinking about what that means for us, as these people are kind of like our guardian angels. Would there be other assets that would still help us at that point?
Corey: Well, I think what we would have to realize is that most of this is on us. You know, it's . . . Most of this is up to us. We can't be looking to angelic beings to come and save us or to assist us.
We really need to focus on being the change ourselves.
David: And what would that look like? If they're not helping us anymore, how would we steer the ship without them and get the outcome that we want?
Corey: The steering is going to be done by a very small number of people here. A very small number of people can affect the timeline.
And the people that they're getting in contact with now, that they're going to appear to, that they're giving downloads to, to help them get to a point to where they're ready for open contact, those people are the people that are going to be the feet on the ground of the co-creative consciousness army, I guess you could say.
David: So it's like we're going through our own graduation and stepping into a more active role than we've had before.
Corey: Right. As a part of that graduation, we have to become the masters.
David: Do you feel that there are going to be other events similar to this eclipse, where there will be yet additional sudden leaps forward?
Corey: Absolutely. I think what you're talking about will be born from how people process these downloads they've received.
A lot of people have received a lot of similar downloads that are going to have them coming together.
One of the things that Tier-Eir stated was that in this mission that he's given me that people were going to start just organically just migrating, that are people that are needed at the time.
And I kid you not, we'll say, “We need a person that does this type of graphics or animation,” and usually within 24 to 48 hours, we'll get an email, a person say, “I don't know why, but I feel like I would like to volunteer or be a part of this project.”
And they have the exact skills that we need, that we were just talking about.
David: Hm.
Corey: And I think that what's occurring is going to start occurring in the macro sense, that all of these people that received downloads are going to start receiving assistance and energy to help them feed and nurture the different projects that were given to them in these downloads.
David: I guess I had this view that we were just going to kind of coast right along up to the flash without anything really that disruptive happening, that it was just going to be this boring, business as usual, nothing really changes that much, and then – poof!
But what you've been saying they're telling you lately strongly implies that even before the solar flash, there are going to be some very noticeable changes in how things are going. Could you explain that?
Corey: Yeah, and I'm glad you brought that up, because in the last update when we described it, I didn't go deep enough. And a lot of people thought it just seemed like fear porn or something pulled out of “Revelations” out of the Bible.
But the way it was described to me is, Mika, a while back, had described what his planet had gone through. And his planet is mostly islands. It's mostly islands. It's mostly a water planet.
And they were having . . . Just before their solar event and a sentient event, they started having massive earthquakes, tsunamis. They started having all of these types of things, too.

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David: Before the flash.
Corey: Before their Ascension. And what was communicated to me was that our planet is a living being.
Most people watching this show will know exactly what I'm talking about. Gaia.
David: The network.
Corey: Gaia! Right. Now Gaia is going through an Ascension. It is finishing its last transitions into fourth density.
And we're kind of like the fleas on a dog, a dog that's going through Ascension, and we happen to be on the dog. We're riding a planet. And we're riding the wave of Ascension, or the wake, I guess you could say, of Ascension that our planet is going through.
David: Hm. Well, you know . . .
Corey: The symptoms of this change is that there are earthquakes, which cause tsunamis, volcanoes explode, that kind of thing. That's just a natural part of the metamorphosis.
David: How disruptive do you think these Earth changes might get before the solar flash?
Corey: I think that they'll be fairly disruptive. It'll definitely have our attention, just like these recent hurricanes that are more powerful than what we've seen prior.
I think that we're just going to slowly get used to seeing more and more things – earthquakes. It might become the norm.

* * * * *


The reports and predictions of massive global change and upheaval are not a new concept. In fact, these predictions and prophesies stretch back thousands of years of human civilization. The concept of end-times disaster and renewal are a major part of ancient religious texts from around the world. Many of these texts refer to a cataclysm which took place in ancient times and reshaped the world as it was then known. These texts also refer to a sort of fire that burns all things at the end of this age.

When observing these texts scientifically, the process of destruction and renewal seems to point toward a solar event of some sort which changes life on Earth in major ways. These may result in some sort of destruction by fire and by flooding. However, it should be emphasized that life and civilization do continue on the planet according to ancient predictions.

As we read such texts or hear such developments, we may be tempted to become afraid of what we may experience. However, it should be known that just as always, our natural collective creativity will shape this event in any way we choose. If we choose to experience disaster, that possibility will be presented to us. If we choose to experience grand renewal, this opportunity will be presented to us as well. Whatever we choose, it is important that we maintain that vision of experience, and no matter what happens around us, we must remain free of fear or doubt that our positive creation will come into being.

* * * * *

David: Do you think that as we are going through these disruptive experiences that people are going to start to have more spiritual contact, more access, more telepathy, or these types of paranormal events in their lives?
Corey: Yes. And the way it was also explained to me is that these things will be catalysts to push us further into our polarities. As in . . .
I guess right now we're seeing negative people are being pulled more towards each other in negative groups. And positive people are starting to congregate as well. And that's going to happen on a much larger scale.
So this is a very positive thing happening. It is kicking off the Ascension process. And if truly there is going to be a three-way split, maybe how we react emotionally and energetically to these Earth changes will help boost us or determine which polarity we're pushing into.

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David: And this is up to us now. We are the ones that have to steer this.
Corey: We are the ones we've been waiting for.
David: Indeed. All right. Well, Corey, I want to thank you for all this information. And I want to thank you for watching and supporting our grassroots effort here at Gaia.
I'm David Wilcock with Corey Goode, bringing you “Cosmic Disclosure”, and we'll see you next time.

* * * * *

At our present juncture in time, there seems to be more mystery presented to us than definite answers.  We have an uncertain situation in which we are attempting to figure out all of the operations that are taking place over our heads. We are also faced with the numerous possibilities of our history on Earth, and we are presented with the opportunity to create a brand new future consisting of endless prosperity for all of us. This collective enigma can be quite perplexing to solve, to say the very least.

To put us at ease, we might consider one thing. If we believe this to be true, all of us—at some level—are already fully aware of our past, present, and possible future. However, for some reason, we all chose to experience the temporal illusion we are currently experiencing. We chose to only allow ourselves to see small portions of time so that we could fully witness the cause and effect of each occurrence. This may have been to give our higher consciousness a challenge in remembering the knowledge we already possessed.

What is our true past? What is the true nature of our present situation? What does our future hold for us? We may not presently know, but we do know—again, if we believe—that we are all completely capable of shifting each of these in a direction that is most beneficial for everyone. It is only a matter of choice as to which direction that is.

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