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Freedom from Abduction – Defining the Means to Stop the Cycle of Suffering and Take Back Your Life

This article is written under the premise that ET abduction is a real and true phenomenon experienced by thousands of people around to world over decades of time. It is for those who are already familiar with this phenomenon and wish to put these experiences to an end. This post is also for those who would like to learn more about our natural ability as human beings to command our own lives and to claim our sovereign right to give and to receive the love and respect that we each deserve to have.

The information within this post may seem somewhat bazaar to some readers. However, this material may also prove to be extremely helpful for those who have endured the experience of abduction (and various disturbing occurrences) and who desire freedom from these ordeals. I invite everyone to read this information with an open mind and thoughtful consideration.
Reports of these encounters come from individuals from virtually all walks of life, from doctors to police officers and public servants. Even government officials have, on occasion, given reports of experience with UFO encounters and more. There are also the average, everyday individuals who report these seemingly supernatural occurrences and actually have the medical records to support their claims. These can be some of the most interesting cases of all.

From the thousands of reports we may hear over the years, it seems clear that this phenomenon deserves our attention. We hear numerous accounts from individuals from around the world, yet the corporate media has failed to acknowledge any aspect of these claims to be anything but fantasy. This has largely left those individuals who endure ET abduction to feel alone, abandoned and without aid of any kind.

Our Long-Awaited Change

How long have we wanted to see change occur in this world? There are countless possibilities of positive changes waiting for us to experience both as individuals and as a collective. There are numerous avenues through which this progress might take place. Yet most of these changes require significant societal evolvement in order to be implemented. However, among these avenues of large societal progress, there are some changes—many, in fact—that only require a personal choice.

There is an overwhelmingly common occurrence in our world which underlies the world we consider normal. This seemingly supernatural phenomenon is ignored, dismissed as nonsense, and is yet still reported by thousands if not millions of people from around the world, from various walks of life. This is the experience many have come to know as alien or ET abduction.

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For along while now, we have hoped that ET disclosure would take place and that we could all begin to enjoy a life of abundance and freedom. We who have endured abduction experiences have hoped that ET disclosure would occur, that human sovereignty would be acknowledged and respected by all races both on and off-planet.
This change by itself would completely transform the idea of what it means to a human being on planet Earth. If this level of progress were to occur, abductees would no longer have to worry at night about what might happen to them after they closed their eyes. That day may very soon come, but until then, let's discuss a way to solve this issue in the now.

Taking Back Our Lives

We have already discussed in past articles, the numerous possibilities with the experience of abduction. We have also heard from a number of sources why these occurrences may take place. Some of these acts are said to be committed by ETs for the purpose of experimentation and/or exploitation of various types. Overall, most of these experiences represent an enormous mystery which many have difficulty solving.

Along with this subject, we should also acknowledge the presence of the parallel phenomenon of the contactee. Distinguished from abductees, contactees are the individuals who claim to have had interactions with ETs that were more benign or more benevolent in nature. The contact experience is reported to be helpful and uplifting to those who experience it. However, for those who consider themselves to be abductees, the ordeal is much more disturbing.

One commonality among many abductees is that they do not remember agreeing to endure such traumatic experiences (at least not in this particular lifetime). It has been stated by several different sources who discuss the subject that many individuals did actually agree to experience the ET abduction during their lifetimes for various reasons. Some of these reasons may have involved karmic balancing, desired soul experience, or some other motive which we do not realize in the present. Whatever the cause of these experiences, it is common among abductees to desire for these nighttime ordeals to end.
At any moment, we actually have the ability to stop these abductions in their tracks. Though there may be significant benefit to such nighttime experiences, these abductions largely violate our sense of security and our overall peace of mind. There may be benefit. However, this benefit can be experienced in numerous other ways than that which we currently do not want. In such cases, we have the free-will choice to alter or end any unpleasant experience we have, granted we know how.

If traumatizing abductions have been your experience, and you want these ordeals to end, read and remember these steps detailed below. On top of these details, we must also remember that to simply read these words without putting them into practice is useless. This gets into our first point.

Passive Victimhood

This article is intended to be a guide for those who wish to take charge of their life experience and to make it as great as they possibly can. In order to do this, we must first learn to take responsibility for our life choices. If we simply let life pass us by and merely take whatever we are given without actively examining it, we can miss the point of the experience altogether. By the same token, if we endure abuse without protest or expression of our true desires, we ourselves may be jointly responsible for our suffering along with those who initiate it.

To have requires the act of acceptance, and the acceptance is the role of the receiver. When we cease to be passive receivers of hardship and choose to become actively selective of that which we experience, our lives will begin to change. So if we find that our life experience is filled with hardship, pain and regret, we must acknowledge our passive ignorance of this cycle. We must also remember our right to change our experience for the better.

The Revocation

The exercise below is similar to one you might have heard of—one known as contract revocation. However, there is a very distinct difference within this exercise. This revocation, if done properly, will stop abduction (as well as multiple instances of abuse) in its tracks. After this exercise, you are not likely to have the same issues as you did before. Though it should be known that certain people may still experience attempts by former abductors to reestablish the exploitative relationship. These attempts may manifest in dreams or visions of different types, and are designed to subtly coerce former abductees back to subjection.

There may also be certain rare instances of abduction after the revocation is completed.  Though this may happen, these rare cases exist outside of our free will choice. Such cases might be considered a direct violation of universal law, and if so, they have dire consequences for those who chose to subject humanity to them. There are specific and direct responses to these occurrences, but we will get to those details in a moment.

The concept of soul contract revocation is somewhat well-known among awakened communities. This is the act of taking charge of our life experiences, as they have been affected by pre-birth agreements which we made with other entities. Many of these agreements were made with our knowledge. However, some were the results of manipulation by negative entities designed to ensnare us into various control systems that were only advantageous to the self-serving entities.

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When we choose to break these agreements with negative beings, we become free to determine our own life course without the detrimental interference with our soul contracts. We might call such interference, fine print. To allow such soul contract fine print to interfere with our lives can lead to all sorts of painful, regretful, and unnecessary experiences we would not consciously choose. Consequently, many may desire to free themselves from these undesirable contracts.

To completely revoke a contract, we must avoid all loopholes that any opposing party might use to maintain control over us. We must therefore be specific and direct when revoking any soul contract. This means that we must revoke the soul contract on every level of reality that exists. In this way, we can ensure that no reiteration of the contract comes back to bite us. Now, let's get to the text.

To revoke your pre-life contract for abduction, recite the following:

I (insert your name if you like) recant, revoke, renounce, null, void and destroy 100 percent of all soul contracts with all ETs that are not in 100 percent service to Benevolent Divine Source/The One Infinite Creator/The Benevolent Crystal Star Presence, and/or which were not made in the best interests of my highest soul experience. (If you know the specific ET groups to which you were subjected, state the specific groups along with this statement.)

I now recant, revoke, renounce, null, void and destroy 100 percent of these soul contracts from infinity above to infinity below to infinity upon 100 percent of every density, level, plane, dimension, and realm; from infinity in the past to infinity in the future to infinity in the present, on 100 percent of every timeline; within 100 percent in every lifetime, in 100 percent of all of spacetime and 100 percent of all time-space.

Note that when we state “In service to Benevolent Divine Source, Crystal Star Presence, etc. this is actually an important step because we are distinguishing that which we desire to experience from that which we do not. In this way, we set the standard of highest benevolent influence in our lives. Also, when doing these revocations or invocations, it is important to be in a positive, loving and peaceful state. These steps along with the specification of verbiage ensures that we are getting true results and are not being deceived by trickster beings of any kind.

We may know this, but there exist beings in the universe whose goal is to make life difficult for humanity. These beings are resentful toward humanity for various reasons—mostly related to jealousy. Consequently, these beings occupy themselves by distracting and deceiving any human who is seeking higher knowledge or contact with higher, benevolent consciousness. So in order to avoid interference, we must be disciplined with our energetic state and our words. (We may also note that there is no exact verbiage we must follow. The above words are only a suggested guide, but until we understand the finer points of connection with higher consciousness, I would recommend sticking to the above words.)

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When we learn this technique and make it our own, some variation of this recitation will help us break our contracts with our former abductors and void all contracts that would subject us to further negative experiences. Though this revocation can be very effective, we must remember that it is not the words that hold the power to set us free. It is we as sovereign, divine beings who hold the power within ourselves that possess the ability to liberate ourselves from these issues. We alone hold the authority to direct our life experience, and it is we who will change our lives for the better. This realization is a key first step.

Another key point is that our words are our power. When you say it, mean it, and as you do, put your power behind it. Know that you are the one who has the power to direct your life in any way that you desire, and if you choose freedom, that is what you will have.

There may still be some individuals, who after reciting these revocations, may experience an abduction once in a blue moon. This can take place due to negative beings who refuse to respect the Law of Free Will. For these special occasions, we give the abductors something extra to think about.

End-Time Protocols and the Galactic Central Sun

We have heard this subject discussed from a number of sources regarding the times we are currently in. This time is claimed by many ancient texts and modern esoteric sources to be both an end and a monumentally new beginning on planet Earth and within our solar system as a whole.

These times are proposed to bring major endings within government, religion, and civilization as a whole, as well as a grand renewal in every aspect of life. In fact during these end times, we can expect to see a number of enormous changes in the way which life functions.

At the end of a cycle of 26,000 years, there is typically a cleansing that occurs. This cleansing take place at nearly every level of reality and represents an overall balancing of energy, of consciousness, and in the whole of civilization. Of course when these acts of balancing take place, the control structures which shape our system must change.

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Those who have been maintaining control and abusing the common people as they please typically face certain demise during these times. Due to the fact that these powers have maintained control and typically refuse to relinquish their influence over the people, that control is usually taken from them by force. At the same time, the positions of power and influence which these negative beings hold are taken by force as well. In short, the recalcitrant controllers are given the exact choice they force upon the people they enslave—that being, “Submit or be destroyed.”

The changes we are currently experiencing have been discussed by sources such as Cobra, James Gilliand, and David Wilcock. All three of these individual have their own means of reporting information and means of obtaining and composing their respective reports.

According to Cobra, our current time represents one in which there is an all-out elimination of negative forces in the entire solar system. Cobra's recent report included the details of major attacks made against certain light workers which were a complete violation of the treaty between the forces of light and darkness. Because of this violation, all negative entities in our solar system are being hunted down and given a choice to either be healed or be destroyed and remade. This is unfortunate for these beings, but it represents their own choice. These conditions of solar-systemic renewal also give us an extra advantage over any would-be abductors.

Due to the extreme disadvantage all of the negative and exploitative ETs are currently under, all we need is one request to the right positive forces in order to eliminate negativity. Keep in mind, this is only a last resort, but for beings that have little or no concern for our well-being, this is a necessary step toward our complete liberation.
As things stand, negative beings actually have the choice to be healed and reformed to serve Divine Sources, given they are willing to go through the difficult process of the reformation. If they do not choose to reform, they always have the option of recycling, which could be considered the worst thing for any soul to undergo. In short, recycling is the equivalent of death of a soul, but is followed by a rebirth.

Granted, the essence of a soul is divine and cannot be destroyed, but after this process of recycling takes place, there is nothing of the old that remains. Afterward, one or more beings could be created from the reaming soul material, if you will. As stated, this is the worst experience a soul can have in the universe and is considered by many to be a last resort if reformation cannot be accomplished.

Choice and Responsibility

Initially, I wanted to simply type out the invocation for anyone to read, but after considering the possible consequences, I realized that this was not the best course of action. There are specific individuals who have chosen to take on the task of direct action to balance negativity in this world and it is these people who hold the task of distributing this choice. I would not recommend anyone who has not found this path on their own to simply use these techniques frivolously. Instead, I would rather those who are already knowledgeable continue as they are.

The role of a light warrior is a difficult path. If anyone is interested in learning the finer points of the role, I may begin teaching on this subject, as I have had a good amount of experiences. However, to simply hand out the weapons of the role without teaching the healthy respect required to use them, would be irresponsible of me.

Potential Scenario

Now imagine if as a collective, the whole of human abductees were to make this request for freedom en mass. What do you think the result would be? According to various whistleblowers, Earth humanity has been involved in what is referred to as the Grand Experiment for decades, centuries, and possibly even millennia. This experiment involved 22 different ET groups who basically experiment upon humanity and alter our DNA as a sort of test for a number of different purposes, according to some sources.
I say this with the understanding that not all abduction experiences are negative, fearful, or harmful. Once again, the above measures are only intended for those who suffer the horrifying experiences which traumatize victims and make everyday life difficult. It is understood that there may still be some benefit even to these unpleasant experiences. However, some exploiters do not care anything about balance or the growth of those they abuse. These are the experiences which some might choose to end. Overall, the choice is ours to make.

These nighttime tests have been harmful in many ways to humanity, and yet no one to my knowledge has ever been compensated for the countless problems they face due to these inhumane experiments. To add insult to injury, those of us who have endured these tests and violations have been made to feel like outcasts of society and have suffered in silence for lifetimes on end. If we as a collective stood up to overt exploitation and told those responsible that their test was over, I think that would be a pretty strong message.

Whether an ET group considered themselves to be benevolent, amoral, or if they cared nothing about humanity at all, it is doubtful that any group would ignore such a strong assertion of collective humanity.

Societal Control and the Need for Liberation

This planet has been under negative control for a long time—both by negative humans and reportedly, by negative ETs. We have seen our global society brought to its knees in countless ways, and have even seen our own bodies and health deteriorate from a slow to a rapid pace. We have watched as our planet faces insurmountable abuse and devastation, all while corrupt and soulless exploiters deliberately destroyed the whole.

Among all of the corrupt and inhumane control mechanisms that have imprisoned us for ages of time, this one demand from the whole of humanity for freedom and equality could represent a major shift in human consciousness. This could help us realize that it is we who are in control of our planet and not some outside, unseen and seemingly careless power. This control mechanism of scientific experimentation and exploitation is only the first of numerous control mechanisms which must be eliminated for the sake of human liberation. The way I see it, there is no other option.
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