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Ready or Not? - An Evaluation of Our Human Ability to Accept Positive Change and Our Destructive Tendency to 'Shoot the Messenger'

Humanity has a long history of defaming and killing iconic public figures, and then labeling them “heroes” years later. In their own time, people such as Jesus, Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Malcolm X and many others were called “criminals,” “witches,” “frauds,” “sell-outs,” “demons” and “thieves” simply for breaking the status quo and showing society a larger perspective of human potential.

In observing this, it seems that humanity is able to appreciate change of ideology, but only decades or centuries after that change is introduced. In the beginning, those promoting positive change are labeled “evil” by a good portion of society.

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On the flip side, many of these public figures of the past were worshiped as “larger than life” and put on pedestals as though their level of development, knowledge, and wisdom were impossible for anyone else to achieve. These figures were made into cult icons and religious symbols by those who did not understand their true message.

It does not seem practical to pursue either path of extremity, but rather to listen and give responsible thought to the positive message being sent, whoever the speaker might be. Then a person could take what was valuable to them, and learn and grow as they chose.

Had the audiences of the past exercised self-control, they may have avoided the gossip being spread about these would-be heroes. The people may have even avoided being manipulated into murderous rage, and may have actually had a chance to appreciate the messages of love, peace, unity, and equality that these iconic people were trying to send.

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The question is, “Have we—in present times—learned any better than our ancestors?” Have we grown to have the skill of observation, the independence of thought, and the personal responsibility to avoid the temptation to judge and condemn at the drop of a hat?

There are several reasons a society might respond to a message of love and unity with hostility, anger, and accusation. We could look at the personalities of the past like Jesus, Lincoln, or Martin Luther King Jr. and we could say that it was the stories they told that angered people. Was it the allegories, parables, and anecdotes these figures shared that caused certain people to become violent toward them? Was it the stories they told that some people just couldn't stand? This would not make sense.

We hear stories all the time from friends, coworkers, and sources of entertainment.. We see analogies of life experiences on a constant basis. Yet none of these experiences make us want to hang anyone. They are benign in virtually every way. So what was the difference between listening to the stories a friend, coworker, or TV show, and the stories of the social trailblazers of the past that made the people hostile toward them?

Mahatma Gandhi

In my observation, it was not the stories they told. It was the fact that their messages cut to the heart of societal dis-ease. Each of these individuals was able to reach the core of human suffering and challenged their audiences to go within and search themselves to find the solutions. This message through the centuries has been able to unify thousands and has catalyzed major social change as well as the spiritual awakening of countless people, even to this day. However, we need to remind ourselves that some individuals do not want to heal.

Some people do not want to get better. They enjoy the current human state of disease, suffering, and self-deprecation. The cure is not welcome and anyone who offers or even refers to that cure becomes a sworn enemy. Most of the time, this adverse reaction is subconscious and completely unbeknownst to those having it. Overall, it is this tendency to reject personal and societal healing which the establishment takes advantage of.

This state of dis-ease of various individuals—along with defaming rumors and accusations—has historically been used as the medium of opposition against social trailblazers. In other words, in order to fight against social and societal healing, the Cabal has consistently employed one weapon. The weapon is You. The rumor is the primer, self-ignorance is the powder, and you are the round.

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The system will always oppose those who tell too much of the truth. It will always attack the people who threaten it most, and those who succeed at reversing the effects of the Cabal's divide-and-conquer tactics are its primary targets. Those who succeed at opposing the system will always be called “evil,” “frauds,” “liars,” “cheats,” and many other names—both by the system and by those who still depend upon that system.

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The truth-tellers, the social trailblazers and their companions will always be defamed in some way by the system and by various people. However, this does not mean that we have to follow suit.

What's your opinion? Do you believe we have learned better than our ancestors? Would we actually listen if another messenger reminded us of love, peace, and unity in our present times? Would we accept the message, go within, and heal our personal and societal problems; or would we throw away the opportunity and the messenger the same way our predecessors did?

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