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Washington Post Forced to Disclose Paid Protests; Spins Story to Rationalize Globalist Manipulation

It definitely appears that the corporate media is in a mode of damage control. There are certain subjects which this media establishment would have never touched unless somehow coerced into doing so. Yet recent reports from publications such as the Washington Post may reveal that this trend of controlled narratives is changing rather quickly.

Since the end of 2016 until this point, the public has been exposed to an endless stream of media outrage. This media campaign of antagonization naturally led to an outraged and volatile public. Some of this public outrage seems to have been genuine. However, there has been a good majority of demonstrations which turned out to be largely counterfeited in nature.
We all know the name George Soros by this point and how this overly wealthy billionaire has used his remaining fortune to attempt to overthrow the United States government for his own selfish gain. Though the current government has been problematic in a number of ways, the motives of George Soros have been strictly financial. The current United States government has been extremely disadvantageous to Soros' own financial interest as well as the interests of many of his elitist cohorts.

The corporate media which ultimately follows the financial direction of George Soros and other globalists has attempted to sell the idea that the anti-Trump movement was solely motivated by good conscience and authentic public upheaval. Though some Americans have been genuinely upset by the actions of the current administration, the numerous public demonstrations do not seem to add up. The issues which many people claim to have started with the Trump administration have been problems for decades on end. Yet none of these issues had ever lead to such large and numerous protests until money was offered to thousands of individuals in exchange for their participation.
This recent admission from the Washington Post not only confirms the compromise of authentic American grassroots movements, but actually attempts to excuse away the hypocrisy of many recent falsified protests. Here is Washington Post.

On April 15, thousands of protesters gathered around the country to call for President Trump to release his tax returns. Trump responded as he often does, by tweeting: “Someone Should look into who paid for the small organized rallies yesterday. The election is over!” Breitbart News picked up on the tweet and ran a rambling article that linked to its extensive coverage of how George Soros is (allegedly) singlehandedly funding the organizations and staffers leading the anti-Trump movement. Breitbart similarly claimed that an entirely different set of protesters agitating at the University of California at Berkeley in February were paid about $50,000; that same month, the National Review Online claimed that Dakota Access Pipeline protesters had been paid unspecified amounts for their time and trouble.

Little evidence exists to back the claim that significant numbers of protesters are paid, or, for that matter, that any significant number of workers seeking a union are “salts.” However, the allegations that even one participant is paid immediately calls into question the legitimacy of a cause. Behind these accusation is the idea that social movements should be entirely spontaneous, volunteer-driven, and untarnished by the exchange of money. Anything else would betray a lack of moral purity and reveal ulterior motives. And although successful protest movements rarely if ever succeed without an investment of resources, we create simplified mythologies that perpetuate these ideas of monetarily immaculate conception.

In reality, organizations often do sponsor or support rallies and send paid staff to help organize them, although unpaid protesters typically outnumber organizers. Nonetheless, history suggests that strong movements do well with both paid and unpaid agents agitating for change. Take, for instance, Rosa Parks. Often referred to as the “mother of the civil rights movement,” she refused to give up her seat on an Alabama bus to a white passenger after a long day of work. Parks, however, did not stumble upon her role in history simply because her feet were tired. By the time of her Dec. 1, 1955, arrest, Parks and her husband were seasoned activists with more than 20 years of experience in the civil rights movement, including Parks serving as secretary of the Montgomery, Ala., chapter of the NAACP. Parks worked as a seamstress for local white liberal activists Clifford and Virginia Durr, who helped fund her trip and training at the famed Highlander Folk School, where she received training in tactics of resistance, just four months before her arrest.

Predictably, just like today, many tried to discredit the Montgomery Bus Boycott by arguing that Rosa Parks

WaPo Admits Protests Are Paid, Doesn't Care

To the untrained and unawakened eye, articles such as the one above might appear to offer reasonable arguments. Those not familiar with recent events might buy into the falsehood that there is no proof of any wrongdoing by corporate interests, and that the elitists behind them are nothing but angelic. To the observant, however, this is one more classic case of financial corruption to add to the countless others that have polluted governmental and corporate integrity.

Snopes, the Supposed Arbiter of ‘Fake News’ - Accused of ‘Defrauding Own Site to Pay for Prostitutes’

There can be extreme hazards in the financial compromise of public movements (as in every case of financial compromise). These false astroturf movements have been presented by the corporate media as authentic and genuine. As per the typical media narrative, there is nothing wrong with a little charitable donation here and there, but by this point, most of us know better than to blindly believe the "charity" of corporate interests. Reports like the above may either reveal the failure of news companies to do their due diligence, or the deliberate attempts by these companies to hide the fact that many recent protests were merely gimmicks promoted by financial interests for selfish gain.

Corporate news sources such as Washington Post have a tendency to only promote the side of the truth that is advantageous to their corporate owners. They ignore corruption and criminal activity in order to promote the narratives of the elite. This has largely converted modern news sources into the Marketing and Advertising departments of their respective owners. Due to the likelihood that many of the corporate heads who run these institutions are clinical psychopaths, the business decisions these owners make can often reflect their own unbalanced and self-interested outlook. In short, propaganda is good business.
To many corporate interests, bad is good and good is bad. Corruption is honesty, and honesty is corruption. In the case of this article from the Washington Post, hypocrisy and authenticity are one and the same. In the world of the greedy, the dollar rules all. Its gain is the one and only standard for corporate interests. Consequently, buying crowds for the sake of the social conditioning of the American people is not at all a problem.

Paid protests such as the recent pro-globalist protests are no surprise to those of us who have studied history. We realize that social manipulation is a common method used by elitists to maintain power during regime change. As one government falls, elitist interests actively direct the governmental collapse toward their own advantage. They care nothing about the people they manipulate, and only use the people to achieve their own psychopathic agendas. These elitists are only interested in maintaining their ill-gotten power before and after the new regime is established.
Many people have been angry at the election of President Trump. Though there is no real point in debating whether not his election was a positive or negative development (mainly because it was both), it is very beneficial to examine the reaction of the greedy elite who have basically bought their own supply of protesters who stand ready and waiting to support whatever political agenda the elitists intend.

Though the Washington Post claims that financially motivated American protests are normal, while shamelessly using Rosa Parks as an example, the truth is clear. Globalism—which in reality is Nationalist Socialism minus the swastikas and goose-stepping—has proven to be one of the worst movements to have ever existed on the face of the planet and there is no comparison between Globalists and civil rights organizations such as the NAACP, but this is obvious. We may have already seen that the Washington Post is basically owned by globalists and promotes their agenda at virtually every turn. This recent article serves as further confirmation.
There is a big difference between being sponsored by civil rights organizations and being bribed by heartless Globalists who are unapologetically opposed to civil rights. The comparison between Rosa Parks and manipulative elitist billionaires such as George Soros shows a very concerning lack of historical knowledge by those at the Washington Post.

We learn about what kind of man George Soros truly is by his own testimony, and unfortunately, this is not the upstanding individual which the corporately owned media attempts to promote. Soros was a Nazi collaborator in his teen years and looked on as his fellow Jewish people were sent to their deaths during the Holocaust. He even confesses feeling absolutely no remorse for what he allowed to take place. Soros was actually protected by Nazis as he watched his own people being sent away to die by the thousand.
Soros has spent his life building his fortune with similar calloused outlook of humanity. He has spent the majority of his years manipulating millions of people and exploiting markets for his own personal gain regardless of how his financial exploits affected others. Just as countless elitist manipulators of the past have contorted and directed revolutions to the advantage of the elite class (and to the extreme disadvantage of the common people), Soros has used his wealth to direct the anger of the people not toward true freedom, but to further enslavement and the financial advantage of himself and his Globalist cohorts.

Many people who take part in these paid protests believe themselves to be fighting for their own rights. They believe themselves to be doing the common people justice, but by their ignorance they make the same grave error as their impoverished, manipulated predecessors. These unfortunate people of the past unknowingly fought for elitist interests in numerous manipulated revolutions, and just like modern Americans, they had no idea that they were simply being used. See the references below.

The Falsification of History: Our Distorted Reality - By John Hamer

The Ruling Elite: The Zionist Seizure of World Power By Deanna Spingola

Ending the French Revolution: Violence, Justice, and Repression from the Terror to Napoleon / Edition 1 - By Howard G. Brown

The Invisible Hand of the Disorganized Masses and the Application of Pre-French Revolution Conditions in the Modern World (FREEDOM)

It does not take much mental capacity and observational skill to see that the efforts of Rosa Parks and the manipulative hand of George Soros (and the rest of the Globalists) have nothing in common. For Washington Post to make this comparison may either show an alarming amount of ignorance on their part, or the concerning perspective of a psychopathic mind. In this case, the thinking of the psychopath would be as follows:

Rosa Parks fought for civil rights and won, and that made the world a better place. If I pay people to protest for my business interests while making them believe they are fighting for freedom, I will benefit. This will mean that everyone benefits because I am what is best for everyone.

From publications such as this article from Washington Post, it seems clear that the corporate media is losing the war of information, and that the truth is coming forward. The world is not what it seems and has not been for a very long time. In reality it has been constructed out of money, lies and hypocritical elitist motives. However, through all of the unreliable and untrustworthy sources we are exposed to on a constant basis, many have remained honest and have stood the test of time.
It can be frustrating to see the corporate media publish manipulative material such as this. However, we may take heart in the fact that the disinformation campaign has reached the point where damage control is the new norm.

We have seen CIA shills attempting to convince the people to ignore key whistleblowers on social media. We have seen the established news promoting overtly bias material which defends suspected pedophiles while demonizing the investigators of the pedophiles. Now we have seen one of the major apologists of pedophilia and corporate corruption defending Globalist agendas and misrepresenting them as benign and even benevolent. By now we should know that there is no story too big for corporate news to twist. However, the time is quickly approaching when there will be no audience left to buy into such notions.
The following video is an interview of George Soros himself. I invite you to watch carefully and to make note of two particular details. The first is the overt psychopathic outlook which Soros seems to hold of the world, and the second includes one specific contradiction which Soros makes. This is that a wealthy individual must be ruthless and careless toward the people with regard to business exploits and yet be compassionate and philanthropic at the same time.

The Clinton-Silsby Trafficking Scandal And How The Media Attempted To Ignore/Cover It Up


In the upper echelons of Freemasonry, it is believed that in order to achieve true enlightenment, a practitioner must embody the contradiction attributes of extreme benevolence and overt evil. This symbolism is demonstrated by the double-headed phoenix or eagle and the checkered pattern on the floor of the traditional Masonic lodge. The swastika and the Maltese cross are also major symbols within Freemasonic belief. To learn more about what the Freemasons actually believe and who they worship, click here and here.

This is a Masonic brooch pin which combines the symbolism of the Templars and the Freemasons. The Maltese cross is implied, as it is covered by the double-headed eagle. The pyramid on the top is the Masonic symbol which represents enlightenment, and the 32 indicates a very high rank of the Masonic order. Notice that the swords which connote the dominant and war-like outlook of the Templars and the Masons.
The checkered floor in Masonic symbolism is said to represent the belief that a practitioner needs to practice both good and evil in order to reach enlightenment.

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