Thursday, April 6, 2017

Breaking News - U.S. Launches Military Strike on Syria - Links and Commentary

This is happening a bit too quickly to post a full article at the moment, but I would like to offer a few thoughts for those who might be feeling shocked and angry, which commonly results from such news as this.

We know the likelihood that the gas attacks which recently occurred in Syria were a false flag attack. If this is true (which it most likely is, in my view), we do not know if the President Trump and the American government will admit the fact, nor do we know to what degree Trump has been compromised.

This move does not at all seem like an Alliance move, and feels out of place. A move so destructive, counterproductive, and rash as this attack on Syria only leaves a handful of conclusions to be formed.

This is a Cabal move.

False Flag - A Modern and Historical Account of Staged Attacks by American Interests and the Economic Powers that Fueled Them

Whether the order to attack came through Trump himself, or if he was moved out of the way and the order given in his name, this was a Cabal move. But why would the Cabal make such a drastic move so suddenly?

Before this point, these criminals have been subtle and gradual with their schemes. Why jump to war so unexpectedly?

There may be an explanation.

These crooks know their time is up, and they now realize they have nothing left. This move to start open war with Syria may mean that the mass arrests we have been waiting for have begun, or it could catalyze the mass arrests seeing that the proverbial gloves have already come off.

If the Earth Alliance has the means and the will they have been claimed to, they will use them. If they sit back now and do nothing, there is little use of their efforts up to this point. We could have senseless war by default, but we have a positive group of white-hats to offer the world a better option.

Positive Earth Alliance, I would say it's about time to show your hand.

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