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Who Controls the World? - The True Story behind Money and Media Manipulation with TED X - Video, Links and Extended Commentary

In modern times, information is everything. It is the sum total of our entire sensory experience within nature and the artificial world. It composes our DNA and allows life in its countless forms to exist. It is our knowledge base and means of communication, and through it we better ourselves—opening our minds to greater levels of consciousness. In essence, information in its countless forms, is the foundation of life.

This fundamental nature of information reveals the importance of accuracy within information and its exchange. Whether we are speaking to a friend, catching up on recent world developments, or buying a house, accuracy in communication is vital. This importance especially exists with regard to the media we frequent, as the mass media functions as the central hub and distributor of information from around the globe.

A functional, competent and independent media is an essential component of a free world. This ideal of an honest and impartial system of information distribution can ensure that a society remains healthy, balanced, and knowledgeable. But is this impartial and fair media the state of our present corporate media, as so many tend to assume? Let's find out.

The Illusion of Unanimity

The title of this section sort of gives the answer away, but let's not jump to conclusions. Instead we will examine the structure of the corporate world (according to corporate sources themselves) and as we do, we will discover that the state of our current mass media is significantly complex.
While taking a critical look at our media on a national level, we find a few surprising facts. There are clearly thousands of companies. However, when viewing the true ownership of these companies, an entirely new dynamic to the situation is revealed. Below is a graphical study (miniaturized) published by Business Insider detailing the extent of the interrelated nature of today's media. (Click below the image for the full-sized graphic.)

According to the study by Business Insider, out of all of the thousands of choices of media sources we believe ourselves to have, there are only six actual companies. These six companies control a whopping 90 percent of all the information we receive through corporate media. This does not represent the balance and forthrightness a free society demands. In such a corporate climate, countless inconsistencies may spring up without anyone even realizing it.

These inconsistencies would not be represented in the information itself. On the contrary, the information such a media conglomerate communicates would appear very consistent and contiguous. Such a media conglomerate could produce such a convincing collection of information from a small number of fictitious sources over a broad range of topics that this information could easily be mistaken as true, unanimous and fair. This fictitious form of media could replace true information with any media distortion they chose depending upon what the latest corporate and/or political agenda might be. This is, in fact, what has taken place.

Review - Pentagon Caught Paying PR Firm $540 Million to Make Fake Terrorist Videos - Demonstrating America's Real Stance on "Fake News"

Though the true nature of this media might be thoroughly compromised, appearances would depict a reliable and professional establishment. The sources deferred to by this media would be preselected and bias, the interviews could easily be staged, and the entire situation would be a prefabricated ruse designed to appear authentic. Again, according to the evidence and past disclosures by government, this is actually what has taken place. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

We can see that the majority of information in American media only comes from a few different sources. So why is it that the illusion of choice is so heavily maintained; and why is it that we so rarely question the sources we frequent? More interestingly, why would anyone deliberately conceal this overt lack of choice if their intentions were entirely admirable? The answer may relate to the fact that it is much easier to control a population when they do not realize they are being controlled.

The Nature of Financial Control

The fact of financial manipulation is well known for all of those who have kept current with economic news. Over the past few years we have seen revelations of numerous instances of indictment and convictions of multiple large financial institution involving massive fraud, global economic manipulation, and rate rigging. These crimes had been ongoing for decades on end and are said to still be taking place (made evident by the lack of actual jail time served by major perpetrators). Yet despite these revelations the corporate media has reported little if anything on the consequences of these matters.

The fact of massive organized crime on a global scale has been a common component throughout history, and it appears that modern society is no different. We will go over the specifics in a moment, but first let's take a look at the mainstream acknowledgement of the massive potential for manipulation of the global financial market. Here is physicist James Glattfelder in his TED X presentation on global economic control.

James B. Glattfelder: Who Controls the World?

You may have noticed that Glattfelder clearly shies away from the topic of the deliberate attempt of global financial takeover by a number of corporate entities. This is fairly common among those who speak publicly about these issues. It seems that the only way that public forums such as TED X are allowed to discuss these matters is if they do not disclose too much information that would disrupt the power structure of the global economic models they analyze. (We will discuss why in a moment.) Though we cannot say for sure if this was Glattfelder's true intent, it was a noticeable aspect of the presentation. Also, it is understandable that the subject of global conspiracy is far too broad to cover in a fifteen-minute lecture. 

Amazon Sells Out of Orwell's 1984 as America Starts Paying Attention to What's Really Going On

Whatever the motivation for dismissing the possibility of deliberate financial takeover, the subject is very interesting. I find it particularly interesting that Glattfelder used the Freemasonic symbol of the Pyramid and Eye. This is a symbol that is most commonly known on the American dollar bill, and ironically, the dollar bill has been the center of one of the world's largest financial conspiracies in history.

The symbol of the Pyramid and Eye is understood as being Freemasonic in origin, but in actuality it dates back for thousands of years. Though the beliefs associated with this symbol have slightly changed over time, the manipulative cults who hold it as a religious icon still maintain these beliefs in modern times. For an in-depth history of this symbol along with its origins, click the links below.

Illuminating the Templars and the Maltese Cross – Surprising Correlations between the Photon and Numerous Historical Symbols

The Succession of the Templars – Ancient Wisdom, Myth, and Distortion – Navigating the Journey from History to Modern Times

LIBOR and Image Management

The TED X presentation seemed to disregard clear and publicly known financial scandals such as LIBOR. To give a brief history, the LIBOR scandal involved many of the same transnational banks which Glattfelder discussed, conspiring to rig the entire world's financial system to their own advantage. These banks basically changed their own interest rates so that they made far more in profits than their true rates would ever allow. These institutions cheated the global financial system so excessively that the true scope of the damage they caused may never be fully understood.

LIBOR was very strange in that this scandal was well known long before any action was taken to oppose these crimes. The crash of 2008 was indicative of major issues within global trade, yet little was done until later. It took years before any regulatory agency even bothered to look into the situation (starting in 2012). After the investigation finally began, it took even longer for these agencies to come to any conclusion about the scope of the crimes these banks committed against an entire planet of bystandards.

Finally, in 2015 the public began to see results of the investigation into LIBOR and how these massive crimes affected millions of people. Here is Business Insider with the results of these investigations.

The fines are rolling in for Wall Street in connection with the 2008 LIBOR currency market and interest rate rigging scandal.

Six banks have agreed to pay a combined $5.8 billion to the Justice Department and other regulators.

Five of them have pleaded guilty to criminal charges.

Citicorp, JPMorgan, Barclays, and RBS are pleading guilty to charges tied to forex manipulation, while UBS is pleading guilty to interest-rate manipulation charges.

They have each agreed to a three-year corporate probation period.

The London Interbank Offered Rate is a benchmark interest rate used around the world and calculated based on the interest rates set by all the major banks in London.

According to the Justice Department, a handful of those banks rigged the rate by colluding and sharing information on what rates they would each set.

"[I]ts just amazing how libor fixing can make you that much money," one RBS trader said in a chatroom, according to a CFTC transcript. "Pure manipulation going on," said another.

Attorney General Lorretta Lynch announced the resolutions on Wednesday.

"This Department of Justice intends to vigorously prosecute all those who tilt the economic system in their favor; who subvert our marketplaces; and who enrich themselves at the expense of American consumers," she said.

The entire issue behind the LIBOR scandal was that it was not just a one-time offense for the mega-banks involved. These were the world's largest international financial institutions, and yet they had been cheating the world's population out of their investments for what looks to have been decades on end. All the while these banks maintained a public image of fairness and upright conduct. This information was available to read for anyone interested in learning the truth behind world banking. Yet these facts were omitted from the TED X presentation.

Again, this is not to accuse James Glattfelder specifically, as this episode of TED X seems to have been completed before the final rulings of the LIBOR investigation and trial were concluded. However, it seems clear that the studies conducted by the research team were partial to maintaining the positive image of the corrupt banking establishment.
LIBOR ended with at least six banks pleading guilty to their crimes and paying a total in the ballpark of $5.8 billion. What is very strange about these charges is that not one of the top executives of the banks involved faced any jail time for these crimes. Even more strange was the fact that despite the billions of dollars that were stolen from unsuspecting citizens worldwide, no one was reimbursed for the astronomical damages suffered after the crash of 2008 (at least not to my own knowledge).

In light of all of these crimes and devastating results, we the public were expected to believe that for decades, the executives of these banks had no idea that such massive crimes were taking place. We were expected to believe the notion that all of these chief executives maintained all of their success without any oversight to prevent the gross offenses of global theft and manipulation that were revealed during the scandal. This feigning of ignorance is the common line of defense for most top executives of establishments who are caught in their crimes. This plea of ignorance also serves to maintain the image of uprightness and honesty within corrupt financial and corporate institutions.
The LIBOR scandal was very revealing of the fact that big banking at its highest level did not at all have the best interests of the people in mind. It revealed that within the world's largest financial institutions, self-interest trumped the interest of the people at almost every turn. These may seem like serious offenses, and they are. However, they do not even scratch the surface of just how manipulative and exploitative the current corporate establishment has been.

Economic Death Match

By now, most of us are familiar with the NSA program which has been termed the economic hitman program. Simply put, this program involves various corporate, governmental, and financial institutions contracting special agents who act as salesmen of corporate loans to foreign governments.

The job description is cold and heartless, and has been utilized for decades on end. These contractors travel to foreign countries and give out bad loans to their governments. These loans range in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and are basically designed to be so large that they bankrupt the governments of the countries to which they are lent.

None of this money goes to the impoverished populations of these countries. Instead this money remains in the hands of the corporate world and only benefits the excessively wealthy. When these foreign governments cannot pay their loans, the NSA contractors extort the foreign leaders and force them to run their country to the advantage of the American corporations and government. All of this takes place as the people of the foreign country suffer and die due to the lack of resources caused by the exploitation.

All of this information is not mere speculation. This is the resume of one of many former economic hitmen who have come forward to confess their participation in this insidious NSA program. Former hitman, John Perkins, is one of the main voices behind this confession from the past. Here is a short excerpt from one of Perkins' interviews on his book, Confessions of an Economic Hitman.

IMF Whistlebower John Perkins, Confessions of an Economic Hitman

We should note that this system of global exploitation is not only a corporate operation. These economic hitmen work for both government and corporate interests simultaneously. This incestuous relationship between government and the corporate world has been the root of the current state of corruption and tyranny.

Unfortunately, most Americans don't even realize they have lived under this tyranny for the good part of a century, and are perfectly satisfied eating out the hand of its spokespeople—those being the heavily compromised corporate media. It is this media which pacifies the public while selling this tyranny by the metric ton—all while terming it "democracy." But how is it that all of these horrendous atrocities could occur for so long without the American people realizing it? The answer, of course, is propaganda.

The Age of Propaganda

As Americans, we have seen decade after decade of wars and conflicts in foreign nations. We have been told that there are a number of "dangerous foreign leaders" who are oppressing their people and need to be overthrown. We see news report after news report proposing the idea that invasion and overthrowing of this or that government is good for the people of that foreign nation.

Eventually we see the aftermath of the American "liberation" of the foreign people, and believe that American intervention is a good thing. In reality, we are only seeing a twisted version of the truth—a doctored and contorted fiction of the reality behind the idealization of foreign interventionism. The truth behind the facade is the economic hitman program destroying country after country, killing millions for the sake of exploitation and extortion, and then using American media to make the U.S. look like heroes. This is a horrible realization for us to come to; yet without this realization, no change can occur.

The subtle control of media by the corporate kleptocracy is foundational for the stability of the current (corrupt) financial system. This is not a financial system which provides equal opportunity, as the idealistic capitalist model suggests. The reality behind capitalism was that it merely served as a gateway of extortion by greedy and ruthless financial predators.

The current financial system only exists to serve those who sit on the very top of the financial pyramid. As those at the top sit in luxury and anonymity, the rest of us slave away creating the wealth upon which the elite benefit. This grossly unbalanced financial control can only continue if we the people remain unaware that we are being used and manipulated. Consequently, those who work under this system in any public light (such as TED X) are commonly pressured to avoid rocking the boat.

If anyone does speak out against rampant financial manipulation, they tend to lose their job and could even be black listed from future high-paying employers (or worse). So even when explaining these situations in scientific terms, there is timidness in the delivery and extra caution in avoiding disrupting the mental illusion of fairness which many still hold in an excessively unfair system of financial control.

The main ingredient which has kept the people pacified and ignorant of their imprisonment for the majority of our lives is the corporate media. As we have discussed, this is not a media of independent, various, and impartial companies as we have been taught to believe. This media is self-interested and runs for the sake of the corrupt corporate and banking world. For the most part, the corporate media bends virtually all information they communicate toward the interests of their own top shareholdersa select few exploitative elitists.

To maintain this system of media control requires a skilled hand. In fact the task of controlling the established media has been shown to belong to both governmental and corporate powers. Many of us may already be aware of the ties between the various media companies such as Sony Pictures to the RAND Corporation. For those who may not know, RAND is an official organization designed to collect logistical data and to implement media formulas which are advantageous to both corporate and government interests.

This has been the status quo for decades, and yet the people of the U.S. have been all but completely ignorant until recently. The recent Sony hack which took place by the hacker group Hacking Team revealed the strong connection between Sony and RAND. In fact it was this hack which revealed the fact that Sony's CEO, Michael Lynton, was a member of the board of executives at RAND. Read more about that revelation here (below).

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock - “The Cabal’s Downward Spiral” - Assessing the Final Days of a Crumbling Cabal, and a Prelude to Breakthrough

This revelation showed that not only was the infamous Operation Mockingbird ongoing, but that it had evolved into a manipulative strategy which was much more organized and effective while remaining all but completely unknown to the average American.

So we see that in no way is American corporate media the completely fair, objective and honest group of institutions we have been convinced it was. Instead, this media has been shown to be a mere piece to the corporate puzzle of manipulation, extortion, and corruption. The companies we trust, outside of their popular names, large shiny signs, and professional makeup artists, have little to do with anything honest, objective, or independent. Instead, these corporate media sources appear to be little more than the mouthpieces of heartless greed.

Modern Anomalies

The status quo behind corporate media has always been to prop up government no matter how sinister and corrupt that government has been behind the scenes. It has been the role of the media to whitewash any and all detrimental actions by government, and to ensure that the people remain agreeable no matter how destructive the results of these actions might be. So then why is it that absolutely every action that the current president takes is portrayed as evilsinister, and destructive, while any positive action that he has taken has all but completely been ignored?

Ex CIA Names D.C. Pedophiles; Discusses Soros/Obama Coup, and U.S. Destabilization - Video, Links, and Commentary

This apparent one-eighty the corporate establishments have recently made seems completely opposite than virtually every message communicated by the media for past half century. It has been the media's past job to make the establishment look good no matter what the truth of the situation was. However, the modern goal of corporate news seems to be the character assassination of the current administration at all costs (though not to defend any of their irresponsible actions thus far).

This poisoned well of the corporate media from which many of the people happily drink has created a bipolar social environment within the United States. This has been largely effective, as many people have not yet caught onto the fact that the corporate media is all but completely untrustworthy.

Big Media Bias

We have seen the corporate media portrayed as a benevolent, independent and impartial entity which holds the interests of the audience as its highest priority. Yet from the evidence we have seen here, the standards of these media companies are far from ideal. The corporate media has proven to be so heavily compromised and bias that any large corporation or lender is thoroughly immune from being portrayed in a negative light.

Clinton’s FBI Files Literally Mention “The Shadow Government” At The State Dept. Wow. - Links and Extended Commentary Included

When the average corporation shares ownership with a corporate news agency, this can pose serious problems. In an ideal situation, a news company remains independent from every other business so that the stories it publishes can remain free from bias. However, when one investor or corporate entity owns both news and the other corporation in this example, the two entities work as a team. The news agency works as sales, advertising and public relations for the corporation.

This means that any and all damaging information which would otherwise come to light for the corporation would be swept under the rug and hidden from the public eye.  To a large degree, this is exactly why the LIBOR scandal took so long to come to the surface. Media is consolidated and so is the corporate world. The two behave as a singular entity.

This unified tool of media manipulation is often used by corrupt government officials as well. We may keep this in mind as we observe just how bias the corporate media has been toward the Trump administration since he came into the presidential race. Without taking sides, let's examine.

We may remember how numerous journalists were found to be on the personal payroll of Hillary Clinton just before the election process began. For all of those who understand the strong potential for media compromise in the U.S., this should have raised major red flags. This overt media bias showed many Americans just how thoroughly slanted corporate media can be.

Hill’s Shills: Leaks Have Exposed Journalists in Clinton’s Corner

To add, we have seen the Washington Post offer John Podesta—one of the central focuses of the pedophilia investigations currently taking place—an official column in their weekly news reports. This is unheard-of and in any free and sane society, this would be completely out of line. However, the Washington Post shows no reservation in giving this suspect of child rape, torture and murder more of an ear than those who investigate these crimes. If we know the true nature of propaganda, this will not sit well with us either.

While the mainstream aids and embeds suspects of gross crimes against humanity, they continue their constant attack against those in government who are attempting to bring these crimes to an end. Consequently, the American people now believe that the pedophiles are the proverbial good guys and their investigators and would-be prosecutors are evil, good-for-nothing, and need to be stopped at all costs. (Though I do not necessarily support President Trump, I can appreciate his initiative to finally put a stop to pedophilia and human trafficking.)

It is easy to determine a conflict of interest. It is also an extremely simple task to determine independence and impartiality among corporations and those with whom they associate. These situations along with many others reveal a significant failure of the American corporate media. Yet how many of us have given this situation the consideration it so desperately deserves?

American Mind Control: The Cost of Secrecy Part 1 – Examining the Effects of Secrecy, Propaganda, and Organized, White-Collar Crime

If we truly care about being confident in our knowledge and the information we frequent, why would we not bring it into question? If in fact we are not simply feeding our ego and claiming that others are wrong because they do not agree with us, what good is our viewpoint? What value does our opinion have if we lack the courage and the character to reconsider our position based upon the new information we receive? These are mature question for mature individuals who care more about accuracy than they do about ego. Those of us who choose to ask and then answer these questions honestly will be those who are most accurate in their points of view.

Simple No More

The age of simplicity is over. We live in complex times, and are surrounded by situations too complex for the overly simplistic analyses we are given from the mainstream. Only those who are able to think in complex terms will be able to understand the true scope of reality. Only those who are able to rise above the compartmentalized thought forms we are conditioned to operate upon will find the truth of any situation. Only those of us with the initiative to form those vital mental connections between the separate ideas we are given will be able to learn and to benefit from true knowledge. Those who cannot only have more limitation, stagnation, and victimization in store.

Divide and Conquer – An Expose on How the New World Order “Globalists” have Manipulated Americans for Decades - Links and Commentary Included

Information is everything. It composes the entirety of our life's experience. Its accuracy represents our opportunity at greatest prosperity, but its inaccuracy could lead to our wasted energy, our ill health, and our vulnerability to manipulation.

Ultimately, we are our own source of information just as we are our own source for sustenance. Most of us do not depend upon someone else to bring us food and nourishment because we are completely able to provide these for ourselves. We are able to find and utilize most if not all of the resources we need to live a successful and healthy life. So then why do we depend upon someone else to give us information as though we are helpless to do so on our own?

The fact is that public school does not teach children to seek their own answers. On the contrary, we learn through our entire schooling experience how to blindly accept answers from authority. Whether it be a text book, a teacher or a news reporter. Each of these are blindly accepted by most people to be unquestionable sources of fact. However, on a conscious level we are all fully aware that people make mistakes, people have hidden agendas and biases that cause them to bend and twist information according to their own advantage or the advantage of those they work for.

Know Your Propaganda – 'Arguing from Ignorance' – What is it and where have we seen it?

This reveals the clear and present need to learn accurate journalism for ourselves. We as grown adults hold the task of undoing the conditioning of public schooling and breaking free from the subconscious addiction to blind acceptance of information. We have a responsibility to ourselves and to the world around us to be more than sponges and regurgitators of unproven hearsay.

Just as we are able to find our own food and drink, we are more than able to gain accurate information for ourselves and those around us. The question is, “Will we use this ability, or will we simply sit back and remain in our state of addiction to unconsciousness?” The responsibility is clear, and I hope that we can do our part to transform ourselves from being a society of blind dependents to being diligent and fully conscious seekers of truth.
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