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Report - CNN Insider Reveals Ties between Andrew McCabe and Pedophilia; Plans Drawn to Take Propaganda to Greater Extremes than Before

The personality known as the CNN Insider is one of several individuals we have recently met who have delivered sensitive information in anonymity. This covert means of information distribution has become common in our times of disclosure, as the information divulged by such personalities is so sensitive that to openly disclose this intel may pose major threats to those who are blowing the whistle.

In the recent revelations by the CNN Insider and the YouTube channel, Victorious Libertas, the subject of the inner workings of CNN—an organization which has become more and more questionable in the eyes of American viewers—was addressed. These reports stated that on numerous occasions, CNN has not only been excessively bias and dishonest in their news reports, but has actually shown signs of involvement in the seedy affairs they cover.

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According to this insider from CNN, the news company intends to sway reports even further toward the favor of elitist criminals and to take their apparent propaganda machine into overdrive. This would include a number of news campaigns designed to misinform the public to such an extent, that even those of us who are accustomed to corporate media distortion would be shocked. Here is the report.

Our CNN insider has been giving us some great information regarding the #VeryFakeNews of CNN and it’s agenda for President Trump and for the population of the United States and even the world. We have learned some concerning things from our source, but this latest contact we had with that insider was so compelling and of such concern, I wanted to show you verbatim what was said to us. I hope you can feel the fear our insider was feeling as this was being sent to us.

This is the correspondence verbatim:
Hello. I have some new details, that I have overheard in meetings. They are adamantly pushing for a full-scale assault on Trump, Putin, and Assange. I hope you remember reading about the first two Red Scares, because this is to be the third. It is currently in the finalizing process. This is an agenda hell-bent on destroying Trump, Putin, and Assange, and on pushing the CIA as a protective force of the people, from these men. They are also planning on using psychological conditioning to validate severe forms of pedophilia and liberal extremism and to make anyone, who dares question it, labeled as a conservative, alt-right, or neo-Nazi. This is so extreme, that I do not care if I lose my job. This is so sick, I can’t look away. Please, Victurus, stay vigilant. Even with knowledge of it upfront, their psychological conditioning can make you side with them. This might be my last word with you. If it is, keep reporting the truth, that is all I ask for.
This sounds very serious to me. We must get this word out. Even though people are getting to know what CNN stands for and even though a lot of people do not trust CNN at this time, I believe their agenda is possibly bigger than just that station. Let us ALL stay vigilant!

Video - BREAKING - Our Latest Terrifying Contact With CNN Insider
To hear that CNN intends to go to such extremes to distort the facts may be appalling to those of us who value truth. However, to those who are still largely unaware of the hazards of mainstream media, such deceptive practices of CNN might go completely without notice and would appear as the typical unquestionable truth.

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In today's America, many people are still asleep to the reality that corruption exists in such extreme amounts. There are those who still believe that large corporations are their friends and that government is nothing less than wonderful unless television tells them otherwise. Though it is unclear as to how such people might be shaken from this old way of thinking, the wake-up call must be made so as to avoid further manipulation of American society.

Another message from the CNN Insider gives us a closer view of the mood of the CNN staff and the affect which these new policies have had on employees. Once again, here is CNN Insider and Victorious Libertas.

We heard from our CNN insider again. For a while, our source was under scrutiny, but it seems like things are better, as far as not being under as much suspicion for our insider. We are thankful for that.

According to our CNN anon, the leaks that have been multiplying by the day, have all of the major reporters “terrified“. The insider says the feeling is that soon their sickening crimes of pedophilia and rape will be catching up to them.

The source reports: “The recent leaks that I’ve seen and heard about are legitimate, and they know it too.”

Our insider also stated something that was interesting. It seems that Deputy Director, Andrew McCabe has been in the office lately, “barking orders” to everyone in the studio. Last week he was calling constantly, “demanding to know if any of his private details are compromised.”

Our source says they all know his details – according to our insider, “he’s involved in the same pedophilia ring as the Clinton’s.” The insider believes he’s only at the CNN studios personally, because he’s setting up the propaganda campaign that was mentioned in our previous correspondence, which can be found HERE.

Lastly, it’s not just CNN and FOX anymore. Our insider has gotten word from other employees with the same position and title, at CBS, ABC, NBC, and BBC that they’re in similar positions as our source. It is apparent the government owns the MSM, and they are selling authoritarianism.

Video - BREAKING - CNN Insider Confirms CIA Controls CNN & Most Other MSM Outlets

For decades now, the reality of corporate media compromise has been a clear visible to the keenly observant. This compromise consists of the corporate partnerships within the media as well as the entirety of partnerships which exist above the companies themselves. Consequently, the media has largely given a skewed and inaccurate view of the world, and this distortion extends across the entirety of the spectrum of subjects covered by the media establishment.

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Whatever the truth of the situation is, it seems clear that the world of news and entertainment are nothing close to what they claim to be. We may be familiar with the recently disclosed recordings covertly obtained from the CNN newsroom. These recordings were collected by an unnamed employee and consist of several hours of conversation which took place on and backstage of the CNN set.

Project Veritas Releases Over 100 Hours of Audio From Inside CNN

These recordings revealed that this news organization was much more than simply an honest distributor of information of world events. These news personnel were revealed to be spinning information for questionable interests, controlling the narrative of the stories they reported, and only presenting an air of honesty and public interest. However, when the cameras were turned off, the face of CNN seemed to change drastically.

Upon examining such evidence of CNN's poor track record, the corporation seems to be little more than a propaganda machine designed to promote the ideology of the Cabal establishment. These personnel pretend to be an objective and vital source of information, but as we are becoming increasingly aware, this is one of many media corporations whose reliability and usefulness ended ages ago.

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No matter what our political affiliation is, what our religious beliefs are, or our economic status, I don't see how anyone in the general population could benefit from the dishonest and corrupt corporate media establishment we have presently. It is in each of our best interests to demand the truth behind the curtain of CNN and mainstream media as a whole. After all, we cannot sensibly claim to be properly informed if the only sources we depend upon distort reality to their heart's content.

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