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FBI ANON Resurfaces; Discusses Plans to Take Down the Deep State and D.C. Pedophilia Rings - Video, Links and Commentary

The commentary from the FBI insider has been instrumental in helping the people gain greater awareness of the efforts to defeat the ruling globalist elite. In the past the insider known as FBI ANON and the YouTube channel Victurus Libertas revealed other possible developments surrounding the unfolding story of Pizzagate (Pedogate). These reports detailed the progress toward the complete roundup of D.C. pedophiles and the steps necessary to accomplish these goals.

Vault 7 - CIA Hacking Tools Revealed by Wikileaks - Links and Commentary

In a previous interview, FBI ANON gave a number of revelations on the soon-to-come Pedogate disclosures. They also discussed the ousting of the Deep State, the incrimination of multiple high-level pedophiles, and more. These revelations came in tandem with visible progress toward ending pedophilia in the United States. The fact that law enforcement were openly disclosing the re-evaluation of their own operations toward these ends, as well as reforming their practices to end pedophilia tells us that FBI ANON is not simply blowing smoke.

This next interview is just as revealing as the previous one. The term used by ANON, Spring Purge, is certain to get our attention. But what does it mean? This purge is said to be the long-awaited political flush which will undo the secrecy surrounding Pedogate, ending the CIA-created wars in the Middle East, ending rampant political corruption and much, much more.

ANON further states that this event was supposed to take place a number of weeks ago. However, those guilty of the massive crimes against humanity are afraid and have refused to go down without a fight. They have successfully delayed the process of their own undoing, but these delays are just that.

Personally, I do not see any reason to wait any longer to act against the war criminals acting outside of the law to sabotage humanity every way that it can. The time for such delays has passed, and to hold onto these problems which have held this planet back for the last century is futile. It is time to move forward now. To do this, we each must say goodbye to the stumbling blocks in our personal lives, and as we do, the collective of humanity will set a standard of freedom. If we are all diligent toward these personal ends, this freedom is very likely to spill over into the tangible world.

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Pizzagate - Pedogate - FBI ANON Resurfaces and Promised by Our DHS Insider - Shadow State Vampires

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Source: Victurus Libertas

Published: March 5, 2017

As promised by our DHS insider earlier this week, our FBI insider surfaces with information on #ObamaGate and a Spring Purge. If you heard our interview with Robert David Steele, he also spoke of a Spring Purge. This all falls together like pieces of a puzzle. Below is the latest question and answer by FBI Anon:

Largest Pedophile Ring in History, 70,000 Members, Heads of State, the Rats Scramble - VT and Keshe Take the Lead in Breaking the Most Insidious Human Trafficking Gang on the Planet

Question: Thank you for talking with us. What do you think of Trump’s allegations against Obama?

Answer: In the worlds of the Carpenters, “its only just begun”

Question: So was Trump wiretapped as our DHS insider and Robert Steele suggest

Answer: Yes.

Question: Why?

Answer: Wrong question

Question: Ok, by whom?

Answer: Trump tower was bugged by more than just our IC.

Pizzagate Goes Mainstream - Ben Swann on 'Reality Check' - Video, Links and Commentary

Question: WHAT????? Could you elaborate?

Answer: Brits, Israeli’s. In the fullness of time, much will be revealed

Question: Why the Brits?

Answer: The same reason as the Israeli’s. Trump is a threat to the Deep State. The Deep State is a threat to Trump. Globalists are the populations bee keepers. They harness the energy, they harness the honey. Controlled oppression.

Question: So why do you and other insiders leak to us and others?

Answer: Because once in a while, a bat needs to be taken to the bee hive.

Question: So you want the bees swarming?

Cabal on Suicide Watch - Op Ed by 'Light Bringer Flex' and The Event Chronicle

Answer: In a manner of speaking. We leak, so that the people may have a just outrage and demand a just result. The People outnumber the Government 300 to 1. It’s a numbers game. We expected high level arrests to happen weeks ago, but discovered the bee keepers had interfered at the highest levels. There is an internal war within our Government, as many know. The Shadow State is like a vampire facing dawn. They do not go easily into sunlit areas.

Question: So why did the Israeli’s bug Trump

Answer: The same reason they keep close tabs on Jared Kushner, who I fully expect will be let go by Trump soon. There is too much liability with Kushner. Kushner has pressure from the Israeli lobby and Trump knows he is a delivery boy for AIPAC. The Israeli’s bugged Trump because they were concerned about Bannon, America First, the possibility that with a Trump win, they would see their foreign aid cut, which by the way, is going to happen.

Question: What do you think of David Seaman? Is he a Mossad asset?

Answer: Never heard of him.

Question: How will this all play out?

Reports: Democratic Representative Anthony Weiner Facing Child-Porn Charges

Answer: We are entering a time of political purge – the likes of which has not been seen for decades, if not centuries. Trump has the evidence he needs to launch an investigation into a myriad of DC collusions. He must concentrate on the communications between Lynch, Bill Clinton, Obama, and Brennan. He needs to get serious with the pedophilia investigation because he can bring down his enemies in one fell swoop. McCain, Graham, Obama, Bill Clinton, and so on… His greatest tools include the Wiener file titled “Life Insurance“. (Names, dates, photo’s, videos) and the Epstein videos captured by NSA when they were being delivered to Israeli intel, Wiener and Epstein. But, his greatest tool is the collective rage of the People. Trump must prosecute #PedoGate. The relationship between Schumer and Wiener must be explored. It may lead to some stunning climaxes, if you can excuse the pun.

Question: This is huge!

Answer: As I said before, there is enough underbelly rot to collapse not only our Government, but collapse the Likud part in Israel and expose a huge political pedophile ring that exists in the US, UK, Asia, etc. All inter-connected. And that’s not even venturing into the extortion aspect.

Dr. Michael Salla - Recent Twitter Posts Hint at Possible Beginnings of Antarctic Disclosures on CNN, CBS

Question: Will it get bloody?

Answer: Lets just say its flag weather.

Question: Any advice for Trump?

Answer: He who hesitates is lost…..

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