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Edward Snowden Gives his Perspective on "Vault 7" Wikileaks, and Obama's Targeting of Trump Tower - Live from Moscow

There are numerous thoughts and perspectives being shared on the events in the U.S. at present. Now, seemingly more than ever, the world's attention is on the United States to see what the next move of a questionable government and a questionable citizenry might be.

Ex CIA Names D.C. Pedophiles; Discusses Soros/Obama Coup, and U.S. Destabilization - Video, Links, and Commentary

Those of us who have made the effort to gain vital knowledge on the subjects of disclosure, the silent cold war raging within American government, and the opportunity of the people to free ourselves from corporate slavery, know that these times are vital for human survival and prosperity.

The situation is complex. However, the opportunities it presents are key in the push to free the planet from corporate greed and captivity. In these times, it is vital to avoid knee-jerk reactions, snap judgment, and ignorant emotional choices based upon the latest media hype. This is why commentary from knowledgeable operatives such as Edward Snowden is so helpful to consider.

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This poignant interview with Edward Snowden offers new perspective on the activities currently taking place within American government. The conversation covers a number of topics ranging from CIA leaks and mass surveillance to the legitimacy of recent allegations. Snowden also addresses the topic of the lack of responsible thought in media and in the minds of Americans today. Overall, he presents these topics in a clear and responsible way, as we have come to respect him for in the past. This run contrary to the twisted American media, and is a refreshing change of pace for the audience.

(Though I do not necessarily agree with every point made within this video, I can appreciate the variety of perspectives it offers.)

Edward Snowden Vault 7, Wikileaks, Obama Targeting Trump Live from Moscow

The discussion is interesting to hear. However, I find it difficult to fully respect any perspective which fails to acknowledge the overwhelmingly obvious existence of corporate agendas in both the U.S. government and multiple governments around the world. This is not to say Snowden's perspective is lacking, however.

In fact, I believe Snowden has extensive knowledge of these issues of rampant corporate corruption in politics, as he consistently approaches the subject. However, it seems that the host of this interview is severely lacking in the knowledge of such corporate compromise and only chooses to focus on politics as though modern politics operates in a vacuum.  However, his commentary still offers much to consider.

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It is a positive to see people thinking beyond the narrative of the corporate establishment. However, to restate the conversation seems to fall into the same keyhole perspective which parrots the narrative of "Trump did it." This is not to claim the innocence of the current president, as it is clear that Trump has caused his own share of problems (as I have stated numerous times).

The problem with the limited perspective and focus upon the president is that the environment in which Trump "did it" is not considered. Who did it before Trump? It is obvious that many have caused the exact same problems, and still are, yet none of the numerous other problematic personalities are being discussed. Why is it that so few people in public forums seem able to think beyond current mainstream narratives, and choose to waste all of their energy on addressing appearances instead of confronting the true issue that create the problematic situations to begin with? Let's find out what this keyhole perspective has consistently missed thus far.

Here is the other piece to the puzzle which most media platforms—even RT—tend to avoid in their reporting. Many of us are well familiarized with the whistleblower John Perkins and his former carrier as a contractor for the NSA. In short, his carrier consisted of extorting foreign regimes for the sake of American corporate interests and expansion of what has become known as the Corporate American Empire.

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Confessions of an Economic Hitman - John Perkins

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We have seen this over and over again. A foreign prime minister is propositioned by these economic hitmen to do business with certain American corporations or conglomerates. If these corporations fail to turn the foreign leader, that leader is attemptedly assassinated.

It is common that a coup in is staged in the target country in conjunction with assassination attempts. Mass demonstrations are typically staged by corporate interests to give the false appearance of authentic grassroots protests. However, these protests are nothing more than astroturf movements initiated by provocateurs along with citizens who are unaware of the true agenda behind the protests.
If these protests do not work, the military is usually sent in to the country under false pretenses. The distribution of propaganda by mainstream media is typically used to give the appearance that the foreign leader is oppressing or killing his own people and needs to be overthrown for the sake of humanity. However, in reality, the efforts to overthrow the leader are nothing more than corporate interests forcing themselves on the world. This was reported to be the true nature of the recent invasion of Syria, Ukraine, Afghanistan, and numerous other governments.

We have seen this method used countless times over the last several decades. We are seeing it now, only we may not realize it. The atrocities demonstrated against innocent unarmed Natives at the Dakota Access Pipeline represent a major step toward the downfall of the economic hitman program and predatory capitalism. Now why do I say this?

The Anatomy of Propaganda – Examining Multiple Tactics of Psychological Manipulation in Media Today

The DAPL and Keystone projects could be considered a domestication of this system of economic conquest. Only in these cases, instead of occurring overseas, these conquests are now infringing upon American citizens on American soil. In other words, economic imperialism has begun to self-cannibalize, and as we know, this is the beginning of the end for such corrupt and insidious endeavors.

The fact is that nearly every other government has wised up to this ravenous form of Western economic domination. The only people who are still largely ignorant of this program live in America. This is why we find ourselves holding such small-minded opinions of our current political situation. Most people are still largely clueless of the damage America has done to the world since the 1950s (and even before then).

We have seen virtually every aspect of the economic hitman program demonstrated against the current president. Though this president is causing numerous problems of his own, it seems that for some reason, the old economic empire and their corporate propaganda machine do not want Trump in office at all. We have seen protests that were participated in by well-meaning people, but were not as they seemed. In fact, these protests show significant evidence of being orchestrated not by grassroots movements, but by corporate interests. We have seen a constant campaign of media misrepresentation of the current situations we face. These reports do not seem to be solution-oriented, but only seem to employ the overused problem-reaction-solution method of the Hegelian dialectic.
Instead of the media giving the multi-pronged assessment of the current situation as any sensible audience expects, we receive a message that misdirects the audience into focusing solely on one aspect of our current issues—that being Donald Trump. In so doing, this media completely ignores the monstrous problem which has loomed over the planet for over a half century—the economic empire, or globalist agenda.

Where is the discussion on American imperialism and how greed, mass murder, and extortion have shaped the economic world? It is senseless for us to fixate on limited corporate media narratives and then afterwards, claim to be solution oriented. For those who maintain their own capacity to think freely, it is important for us to choose our own thought process as opposed to following whatever carrot we are offered by the corporate media. Evidence has already shown us the obvious connection between the problem itself and the media which a few remaining audience members still believe gives us the truth. In reality, the media has proven itself to be the very mouthpiece of the problem.
Once we wake up to the reality of the complexity of our situation, our perspective becomes more clear. Only then will we be able to claim that our minds are actually our own. Only when our perspective is unique within a world of yes-men and yes-women will be able to call ourselves individuals. Until then, we only have the fate of falling in line and believing everything we are told by someone we don't know, whose motives we've never questioned, and whose intent we are completely unaware of.

Freedom requires more than this. Adulthood requires more than this, and we are surely able to heed the responsibility to expect more of ourselves in creating a world in which this freedom is the rule, instead of the exception.

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