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Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock and Corey Goode - The Great Solar Flash - With Special Guest, Jay Weidner

This episode of the series was unique specifically because it featured an individual who has been a significant source of inspiration for the Gaia team. Mr. Jay Weidner is a well-known film director, scholar and student of multiple ancient mystery schools. Much like David Wilcock, Weidner has spent a good portion of his life observing the world from a significantly unique perspective.

Over time, Weidner has maintained and expanded upon multiple areas of study and from these studies, has developed a keen insight into worlds beyond our present perception. This insight has given Jay a unique view into the perceivable world, and we can see this in many of his films. The quality of this unique perspective is one of the many reasons why Jay is able to view the subjects of human evolution, of alchemy and transcendence of human consciousness in the unique way which he does.

Cosmic Disclosure with Corey Goode and David Wilcock - The Law of One and the Secret Space Program - Exploring the Striking Correlations between the Law of One and Past Testimonies of the SSP

This and many attributes give this episode and discussion an extra dimension of depth and significance.

* * * * *

The Great Solar Flash

David Wilcock: All right, welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I'm your host, David Wilcock. We're here with Corey Goode, and we're also here with one of the only guys who's been in the scene longer than I have, Jay Weidner.

I got into what you were doing a long time ago, and I think one of the first things . . . The way I first encountered you was through Richard C. Hoagland.

Jay Weidner: Yeah, right.

David: So you worked with him for a long time.

Jay: Yeah, about 10 years I spent with him.

David: And you did some pretty phenomenal analysis of “2001”, . . .

Jay: Right.

David: . . . which I'd never really seen the full extent of that. So since this episode's on the solar flash, and, of course, “2010” has a flash of Jupiter . . .

Jay: Which was based on Hoagland's theory, too, by the way.

David: Oh, really?

Jay: Yeah. The “2010”, the followup novel by Arthur C. Clarke, it says at the end, “based on a theory by Richard Hoagland.”

David: No kidding?

* * * * *


To be honest, I never watched the first 2001 movie in its entirety. Though I have seen excerpts of it numerous times, and I understand the general plot line, the thought simply never came to me to watch the entire film in one sitting.

One thing I notice about entertainment from that period is that at that time, many of the motion pictures consisted of actual artistic films, whereas now, we are only acclimated to mere movies. Today we have Hollywood entertainment. This entertainment has plenty of visually intriguing scenery and CGI effects, but when it comes to true artistic content, most movies don't hold up to the traditional standard of intellectual, artistic expression.
2001 came from a time in film when this artistic standard was the norm among productions. Though when 2001 first debuted, I was a child too young to sit through such artistic films. There was very little activity in the film and not much action that the average child would take much interest in (not that I was very average). It was not a kid's movie by any means. However, if I knew then what it was truly about, it may have been a different story, as I was extremely interested in the subject of transcendence as a child.

It might seem strange to the average person that this film was a documentary of true past and future events. However, according to what we have heard on the Cosmic Disclosure series, this very much seems to be the case.

* * * * *

Jay: Yep.

David: What do you think the message of “2001” was? What were they trying to tell us in that movie?

Jay: That we are on the edge of a great transformation – the human race is. And that we are faced with kind of a Hobson's choice, where we can go down the AI thing with Hal and have AI run our lives, or we can rebel against the AI, cut it short like the astronaut Bowman does in the movie, and then physically, organically ascend – ascend like he does, by going through the stargate.

So the aliens, whoever the high intelligence is, are trying to initiate humanity, and he's the first one through the gate.

David: Corey, do you think that “2001” might have been an effort to disclose the reality of Ancient Builder Race ruins, considering there's this black, obelisk-type slab on the Moon?

Corey Goode: Oh, yeah. That's obvious. Yeah.

Jay: Yeah.

David: So, Jay, when the original obelisk shows up, a lot of people are confused by “2001” at the beginning. They say, “What the hell? There's 15 minutes of monkeys running around, screaming.”

Jay: Right. Yes.

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock - Prepare for Ascension

David: And then this obelisk shows up, and the first thing that happens when one of the monkeys touches it is he becomes aggressive.

Jay: Yes. He learns how to kill and eat meat. They're eating veggies before, plants, but after the encounter with the monolith, they turn into meat eaters.

And clearly, the next shot is a guy eating raw meat.

And then the first killing, the first murder, happens over the waterhole.

And, again, Kubrick is telling us that transformations are messy. They can be very messy, and that violence can come from transformation, especially if they're not ready, and the first murder happened.

And then, of course, Bowman kills Hal at the end, near the end of the movie, before his transformation.

And then Hal, the AI computer, murders all the astronauts. So the whole thing is about Hal is trying to stop them from becoming enlightened, because he's reaching his own form of sentience.

And in the beginning, the monkeys were headed for extinction, for sure . . .

David: Okay.

Jay: . . . because they're hiding at night from the wild animals, and the monolith intervenes to bring about the first wave of enlightenment.

David: Why do you think that the bone that the monkey uses as the weapon to kill gets thrown up in the air, and then it turns into the Odyssey.

Jay: Yeah, because he was trying to . . . He was saying that all of human history that happened between the time of that first transformation and the time of the next transformation, which is the next part of the film, all of that is useless and pointless. All of that history, all of that is pointless.

The only thing that matters is this transformation of the human race. That's all he cares about. He doesn't care about anything that happened in between, because none of it's important.

The only thing that's important is this transformation by the monolith to create a new human.

The Road to Ascension - From Ancient Myth to Current Intel - Commentary on Recent Disclosures of our Planetary Situation

David: Why do you think he chose the year 2010 for the next movie?

Jay: I don't know why he chose 2010, but I think I know why he chose 2001.

* * * * *


The notion that every age begins with some sort of conflict seems fairly accurate. As Jay states, the 2001 film depicts this present age as having begun with the first murder, along with the use of tools, of eating meat, and attaining a new means of survival. These were all results of the evolving beings attaining higher states of consciousness. It seems reasonable to expect such events to occur as a new species develops self awareness.

Higher awareness could be considered a first step to our present 3rd-to4th-density transition. This awareness may either come in the form of service-to-others polarity or that of service to the self. Depending upon which path we take, we will have an experience of conflict, or one of cooperation with other evolving beings.

To choose competition with others may accurately depict the path of service to self whereas cooperation with beings while remain consciously independent could describe the path of service to others. According to the Law of One, this choice of paths awaits those who graduate from 2nd density to 3rd, and as we move through 3rd, we will experience further choices in how to cooperate or compete in more advanced ways, depending upon our path.

* * * * *

David: Okay.

Jay: Okay. So what happened was the original title was “Journey Beyond the Stars”. And then, mysteriously, in late 1967, Stanley decided to change the name to “2001: A Space Odyssey”.

Well, what's very interesting about this is that one of Stanley Kubrick's best friends was Mel Brooks. They grew up in the Village together, and at late 1967, an episode of “Get Smart” appeared called “The Walls of Jericho”.

Now, this was very interesting, so stick with me on this.

Dr. Michael Salla - Partial Disclosure and Competing Secret Space Programs with Corey Goode

David: Okay.

Jay: So in this plot, Maxwell Smart is assigned to find out why these buildings that this company is building keep falling down. And he's assigned to be on the construction crew and find out what's going on.

It's so important because the building that they're building is called the Odyssey, and it's going to house the Moon program, and so they don't want it to fall down.

So Maxwell Smart goes to the building site, and he finally figures out, and he calls the chief on his phone and he says, “Chief, I've figured it out”.

And he says, “They're putting the explosives in the building as they're building it”. All right?

David: And what year is this?

Jay: This was 1967, the year they decided to build the World Trade Center.

David: Oh, my goodness.

Jay: All right? Freeman, the researcher, he was a pretty good researcher – his name was Freeman Fry – he interviewed the architect of the World Trade Center's Chief Assistant. The architect's now dead.

And on video, he said, “Yes, we put explosions in the building as we built it.

Video interview:

Guest: We noticed in Las Vegas that people have that stuff, and it's starting to spread through New York. And I said, “What's starting to spread?”

Host Freeman Fry: Yeah.

Guest: “Well, to put in demolition devices before you take occupancy.”

Fry: No way.

Guest: “And that means they'd come down like a set of pancakes.”

* * * * *


It was pretty amazing to see how the television show, Get Smart, so closely telegraphed the building and the destruction of the World Trade Center towers. I was honestly surprised to hear anyone speak such a plan out loud for an entire television audience to receive.

We know of the concept of psychological suggestion in which an idea is subtly introduced into the subconscious of a population, then later, that idea seems to magically manifest in the physical world. For a long time now—since the introduction of the modern media machine—this method of seeding the mass consciousness of the American population seems to have been the norm. The example of 9/11 was just one; yet there have been many.

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock - NASA’s Flying Saucer - From Scientific Breakthroughs to Entertainment Media Stunts

Ke$ha appears to be another Cabal creation designed to be an attraction to Illuminati beliefs.  She seems to have endured the typical abuse which women are subjected to for the sake of Cabal agendas. Ke$ha was well-known for the controversial song/satanic/Illuminati ceremony "Die Young." This song was performed at the American Music Awards ceremony on November 19, 2012.
Only a few weeks after the performance, the Sandy Hook "shooting" took place. This incident is thought by many to be one of many false flags which the Cabal has used in attempts to take away the people's ability to overthrow the increasingly corrupt government at the time. Ke$ha seemed enthusiastic about the song prior to Sandy Hook. In fact she gave a speech about what the song was said to represent. However, this explanation made no sense and seemed to have been given by a visibly drunken woman.

The Do-Over Trailer (Adam Sandler - 2016) - A movie which advertises the Cabal lifestyle and meets the typical low profit and low standard of Cabal-promoted movies. Notice the emphasis of this violent shooting scene in the cover art.
YouTube ran continuous previews for the Netflix series, The Do'Overs. Every one of these 15-second previews showed Adam Sandler's character shooting multiple people in a tropical location surrounded by palm trees. This would not be very notable except that these previews played before virtually every single YouTube video right up to the day of this false flag event occurred (June 12, 2016). After the Saturday/Sunday shooting supposedly took place, the previews stopped altogether.

Wake Up World - Orlando Mass Shooting: A False Flag Attack?

A scene from The Simpsons episode, "The City of New York vs Homer Simpsons" which aired in 1997

11 Times The Simpsons Predicted the Future with Eerie Precision
All of these examples seemed to include some form of false flag or staged event which was preceded by some type of suggestion in media. Whether or not these suggestions were made in order to use mass consciousness to manifest the events that followed, or if these were just the Cabal going through the motions of telling us what they are doing, the correlations seem to indicate that each of these events were pre-planned.

* * * * *

Jay: I think both Stanley Kubrick and Mel Brooks had dealings with the New York mob. They're very famous. People know the mob funds movies. And they got word that something was going to happen.

He made the Maxwell Smart, and Stanley Kubrick changed the title of his film to “2001: A Space Odyssey”, because he knew it was going to happen in 2001.

I know that sounds far fetched, but you should watch this Maxwell Smart.

David: And this building is related to the Moon?

Jay: Yeah. It's called the Odyssey.

David: But it's . . . The building had something to do with colonizing the Moon?

Jay: The building had to . . . It was housing the Apollo program.

David: Well, Corey, how close is 2010 to the date that you were given for some sort of solar flash like the flash in the solar system that happens in the movie?

Corey: Well, in the programs, on the smart glass pads, and the scuttlebutt, [it] was occurring between the years 2018 and 2023.

David: So we're getting really close to the end of the Mayan calendar here, too.

Jay: Right.

David: Right?

Jay: Yes.

David: Do you think Arthur C. Clarke was aware of that when he made the date 2010?

Jay: I do. I think Arthur C. Clarke is . . . You say Corey's the insider's insider, then Arthur C. Clarke's the insider's insider insider. He's hanging with everybody, right? Wernher Von Braun. And he's got young Stanley trailing behind him as he's meeting everybody in the space program – Hermann Oberth, everybody, right?

And I think Stanley learned an awful lot. I think if you look, and if you watch underneath the story of “2001”, there's a secret space program. He says, “We're not going to tell them. We're going to make up a story that there's a virus unleashed on the Moon, and we're not going to tell anybody what we found.”

And it's clearly there's a secret space program going. And even the mission to Jupiter, in the movie, the reason is secret – the whole reason for why they're going.

Cosmic Disclosure with Corey Goode and David Wilcock: The Dark Fleet

David: In your work, Corey, with the Secret Space Program, have you heard if there is a practical technology that allows alchemy to occur – the idea of transmuting some sort of base metal into gold? Is that something that's actually real?

Corey: Well, yes. When they were building the ARVs, what they were calling Alien Reproduction Vehicles, they had what were glass vortexes, or glass cylinders with creating vortexes of mercury. And they would put high currents of electricity into this spinning vortex of mercury, which would create a spinning electrical field.

And the problem they had was that the mercury kept turning into gold. And this has actually been reproduced in laboratories at universities.

Jay: Really?

Corey: Yeah.

Jay: That's really important, because that's the Bell technology.

Corey: Right.

Jay: That's very important. Interesting.

David: Well, Jay, do you think that it's possible that if this technology did exist in some sort of archaic sense, that it was also a metaphor for some sort of spiritual process?

Jay: I do. I think it's both physical and spiritual. I think that they put the turning lead into gold, or mercury into gold, actually, is a big part of alchemy. We talked about that a lot, turning mercury into gold.

I think that it's . . . You're not really supposed to transmute something into gold until you've transmuted your own soul into gold. So gold is God with the L taken out.

David: Mm.

Jay: Right? And the L is lead, right?

David: Mm.

Jay: And so when you take the L out of gold, you achieve godlike status. And I think that that's really the goal.

And turning lead into gold, or mercury into gold, is a sign that you've achieved this. You've achieved a high level of ascension, and that you now have the ability to transmute physical objects.

David: Do you think that some of these Cabal secret societies are alchemists?

Jay: No, what I think, I'm pretty sure . . . I once had access to a Freemasonic library, which I was allowed to read all the books. I couldn't take them out of the library, but I could read them. I couldn't take any notes, either.

David: Mm.

The Pitfalls of Partial Disclosure - Examining the Process of Disclosure and the Reasons why a String of Half-Truths Just Won't Cut It

Jay: But I read in there that there was a rift around the late 1700s, when Amschel Rothschild decided to get the elixir of life. And there was a rift inside the Freemasonic society at that point.

And the good guys, the white hats, they left, and they split. And they've never been seen since.

The black hats, they want to find the white hats, because they've [the white hats] got the secret of life, the secret elixir. And they don't want to give it to them [the black hats], because the last thing they want is for the black hats to live for a long time. They want them to die. Right?

And these guys, the black hats, are doing everything they can to find these guys; the CIA, or the OSS at the time, at the end of World War II, covered all over Europe looking for Fulcanelli, the great alchemist.

And they were going to torture him and find out everything he knew. I guarantee it.

Frequently, in Europe, an alchemist would invent the elixir of life, and he would tell a friend that he had it, and, of course, then the word would spread. And then the king would find out, then the king would arrest him and then try to get the secret out of him.

And he couldn't give the secret to a bad person, so he had to die. And this happened over and over. That's why alchemists keep very, very quiet.

David: Corey, are you familiar with any actual lineage of history here on Earth of people being able to find life extension technology, maybe through some of these occult practices or secret sciences?

Corey: There is life extension technology and age regression technology, and I don't know its source. I don't know if it's non-terrestrial, or if it comes from some of this alchemy lineage.

Jay: Well, we don't even know if alchemy is terrestrial. Not really.

Corey: I guess that's true. Yeah.

Jay: They claim that . . . In the origins of alchemy, they claim that etheric beings gave them the knowledge. Isis, the prophetess, a being came to . . . She wasn't the Isis of Egypt, but she was a practicing alchemist in Egypt, Isis, the prophetess.

And an “angel”, quote unquote, came to her one day and said, “I want to have sex with you”. And she said, “No way”.

And he said, “No, I really do”.

And she said, “Only if you give me your secrets”. And that's how the secrets of alchemy came to humans. The real secrets of alchemy.

David: That's pretty intense.

Jay: Yeah.

David: So, Jay, this alchemical tradition, would you say that it's connected to Mithraism?

Dr. Michael Salla - Partial Disclosure and Competing Secret Space Programs with Corey Goode

Jay: A part of it is. It's based . . . Alchemy can be found in ancient India, ancient China, ancient Egypt and ancient Europe. And it appears that it all comes from the same source.

And the reason that Taoist alchemy . . . Taoist alchemy used to have an elixir of life, but they realized it was so dangerous, because the Chinese emperors kept killing them for it.

So they said, “We're not going to . . . We're never going to release the secret any more, ever. It's buried forever because we can't have any more people dying.”

And so they resorted to practices that give you long life – Taoist practices.

And so alchemy seems to be the basic science of what I believe was a pre-existing civilization that was destroyed by something 13,000 years ago.

* * * * *


It is clear from this conversation that Jay Weidner is extremely knowledgeable on the history of spiritual practice. Admittedly, alchemy is not a familiar subject to me, though I do realize that this practice was well-known by master practitioners in ancient history, and that the practice was extremely coveted by powerful people.

Any ruler of a kingdom or province would do well to have their own personal magician or alchemist to ensure that the ruler maintained supernatural advantage and protection. Consequently, many alchemists and magicians might, in some way, compete with one another to ensure the success of their own respective rulers.

I find it very interesting to hear Jay describe how many alchemists got together at one point and agreed to refrain from sharing their secrets. According to Jay, they grew tired of being hunted down and tortured for their knowledge. It is even more interesting to hear how similar this progression of knowledge may have contributed to the creation of various martial arts.

These were the soft styles such as Chi Gung and Tai Chi of Chinese history and various ancient practices of the Buddhist disciplines. These practices may have filtered down through the martial arts and infused them with life-extending attributes.

* * * * *

David: Now, in the Methraic tradition, you have the Leontocephalus, the lion-headed god.

Jay: Yes.

David: And in those initiation rites, they blow fire out of the lion's mouth.

Jay: And they also chop the head off the bull.

David: Right, the Tauroctony.

Jay: The Tauroctony, yes.

David: So what do you think that blowing fire out of the lion's mouth represents?

Jay: That's alchemy. The lion is gold. He represents gold or god. And it's very representational of the alchemical experiment and how it works.

So every time you see a lion, you're talking about god or gold, the king, the royal, the top. Right?

David: Do you think that it could also be a solar flash, like some sort of solar event they're representing?

Jay: I do. Absolutely. One of the things I discovered when I was in this Freemasonic library was that the very, very basis of Freemasonry, when it started, whenever it started – and they're obtuse about when it started – but was for a father to son hand-me-down of knowledge about a great solar flare that actually ended the Younger Dryas in about 11,000 BC.

So there were two disasters. There was a disaster that happened 13,000 years ago that brought on the Super Ice Age. And then 2,000 years later, something happened that ended the ice age immediately and caused amazing amounts of flooding. All right?

And Robert Schoch, Boston University geologist, his last book that he put out, he says that it was a gigantic solar flash, that there's evidence all over the planet for this.

Dr. Michael Salla - Interview with Charles Hall - Motivations of Tall White ETs & Their Exopolitical Significance

David: Corey, does this solar flash appear to be a basic part of celestial mechanics, regardless of what solar system you're in?

Corey: Yes. And it has to do with not only where our star is traveling through the galaxy, but our star's connection through the cosmic web to other stars.

There could be feedback of energy through this cosmic web, through our star, which emanates.

David: So, Jay, what he was just saying about this interconnectedness between stars, does that mirror anything in your research?

Jay: Yeah. The Hendaye Cross has the angry Sun, which is symbolic of the flash, and then on the block, or the pedestal on the other side, is an eight-pointed star. And it's like the Central Sun of the universe that controls all the stars of everywhere.

And when it burps, everything else sneezes. And it's very clear. Fulcanelli, the alchemist, is very clear that that's what's going on here, that they're all connected.

But there's another thing I want to talk about, which is what this . . . what I think this flash is in a physical way. And that is that the equator of the Sun rotates every 26 days, while the north and south hemispheres rotate every 37 days.

Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock and Corey Goode: Arrival of the Spheres with William Tompkins 

And what happens is the bottom of the Sun goes this way (counterclockwise), and the top of the Sun goes this way (clockwise), and you create torsion shear, it's called. And after a while, this build up. It starts crossing each other and building up, and it takes about 25,000 or so years for this to just completely . . . and we're at that place right now.

The Sun used to be yellow. Okay? The Sun is no longer yellow. It's white now. And I'm old enough to tell you, it used to be yellow. And anybody my age will tell you that the Sun definitely was yellow.

If you look at little kids' drawings from 30 or 40 years ago, . . . Now they draw the Sun as white, but we used to draw the Sun as yellow.

And it's changed, and NASA knows this. And I think chemtrails are attempts by the elites to dampen this incredible light.

I know guys who do construction, and they tell me . . . they're in their 40s, and they tell me that, Jay, 75 degrees doesn't feel like 75 degrees anymore. It feels like 95 degrees.

He says, “It says 75 degrees, but I'm absolutely toasting on the roof of the house that I'm making.” And I said, that's because the solar, the UV, is through the roof. We've never seen UV like the ultraviolet like they see it right now.

And NASA doesn't know what to do. They're actually changing their whole idea about how to carbon date and everything, because the Sun is not a stable star. They now know it.

When I first came out with my work about 15 years ago, NASA called me an alarmist and said, “He's an alarmist”. They said, “He's an alarmist. Don't pay attention.”

Now NASA's really concerned about this and is advocating putting generators on nuclear power plants, because if you have one of these, an EMP will happen, and everything will be wiped out. And they're really, really worried about it.

And so in 15 years, they've changed their mind, and it's good.

David: Are you familiar, Corey, with any technological means they might be using in the Cabal to try to forestall this change or to try to throw off the change?

* * * * *


It may have been the Wisdom Teachings series which, in the past, has discussed the notion that our sun is not a stable star. David Wilcock has discussed the fact that radiocarbon dating can be inaccurate due to this variability in the sun's energetic output.

The whole concept of radiocarbon dating blindly assumes that the sun gives off a constant invariable outflow of energy. This energy affects the ways which carbon and other elements decay over the course of thousands of years. This method might be helpful if the assumption were true. However, the studies of more recent science are proving that the sun is anything but stable. Some might even say that our sun has moods which it experiences over the course of millennia.

* * * * *

Corey: Yes. I've been told that they've been developing technologies that will buffer these energies and prevent them from reaching the Earth's surface.

The Day of the Event - Countdown to Celebration - An Examination of our Active Role in Bringing the Moment of Breakthrough

Jay: And I've been told the same thing, that they're really working overtime to try to make it . . . And there's different kinds . . . I've noticed that there's different kinds of chemtrails now. There's new kinds.

They used to be just streaks in the sky that would blossom and connect to each other and create a silvery sheen blocking the Sun, but now they're little spots that grow into clouds, odd-looking shaped clouds. And our beautiful weather in Colorado has really been kind of destroyed by these things.

It was like almost every day, the silver sheen appears in the sky, destroying our bright blue sky, and it's getting kind of disconcerting.

David: Just last month, Los Angeles openly admitted that they seeded clouds. They have these guns that they shot from the ground.

Jay: Yeah.

David: “Oh, we haven't done this since 2003,” or something like that.

Jay: Yeah, they're doing it all the time.

David: They're just getting us ready for that.

Jay: They are, and you look at the drought-resistant seeds that Monsanto is developing, and it's like, well, why are you doing that? They're worried about something.

And this goes back into the Al Gore global warming. “It's all our fault.” Well, it's not our fault. It's the Sun that's causing all the heat to go up. It's not the humans.

Humans . . . I'm not saying I'm for pollution. I'm not, but I'm saying one volcano going off puts out more pollution than we do. It's not that. Although, I think we should cool it on the pollution.

But we've got to look at the Sun. That's where the real problem is. That's what generates weather, nothing else. And they're worried.

And so when Corey came on and talked about how the Blue Avians have shut down the solar system, and everybody wants to get out because they're worried about this solar flash, and these things are all connected, you know.

It really resonated with me because I knew that was right. I mean, even places like Denver Airport were really constructed, I believe, around this solar flash.

So it's in the center of the country, giving everybody equal access and time to get there. And then the trains go down and take them right into the mountains where they're safe from the solar flash.

Cosmic Disclosure - William Tompkins Bio - Show Transcript, Plus Extended Commentary from Dr. Michael Salla 

If you go to the Denver Airport, there's these four very disconcerting murals. And one of them has the whole world on fire, and all of these extinct animals, like the sea turtle that went extinct a few years ago, and three coffins in it – a black child, a white child and a Native American child, in a coffin. Dead.

What does that mean? You know, what does that mean?

And you really have to wonder, because the whole Denver Airport looks like a Freemasonic temple.

David: Sure.

Jay: There's a plague, and there's this . . . You're wondering, what is this really about? And I really think it is about that. I think it's about the Sun.

David: Are you aware of there being a base under the Denver Airport?

Corey: Yes. Yeah. There's a base and a tram system that connects to other bases.

Jay: Yeah.

David: And did that have something to do with this continuity of government plan?

Corey: There's a continuity of government, continuity of species.

Jay: Wow!

David: Okay.

Jay: And again, when I came out about the Denver Airport 15 years ago, I was on “Noory”, and I said that it was part of COG. And everybody was like, “What's COG?” You know, “What's C-O-G? What's he talking about?” Right?

And everybody said, “There is no such thing as 'continuity of government'. Weidner's crazy.”

And then after 9/11, Cheney came out and, “Why were you moving Bush all around the country?” He said, “It was all part of COG”. And he said the word “COG”. I was like, “There he is!” He admitted it. There is continuity of government, you know.

David: Well, I wanted to get into, in this episode, some slides that we have – some really amazing stuff that's going to frame this discussion.

Now Corey, just to set this up a little bit, it was in the 1950s that these beings you called the Blues appeared, right?

Corey: Right.

David: Can you review that for us? What exactly happened? What did they say?

Corey: They had appeared to our government and told us that we were headed in the wrong direction and in league with the wrong nonterrestrial groups, and that we needed to make changes. And that if we were to scrap those agendas and technologies that they would help us.

And we shooed them away.

The Day of the Event - A New Star is Born - An Exploration of Possibility for a Long-Awaited Moment

Jay: Interesting, because that's the same time that Fulcanelli's book with the Cross of Hendaye's coming out in the 1950s.

And there's one part about alchemy I want to get back to before we go here.

David: Sure, sure.

Jay: There's a text, a Sufi alchemical text, from a long, long time ago, and it's called “The Language of the Birds”. And it's about these bird beings that come to Earth, and they bring the alchemical knowledge to Earth.

David: Wow!

Jay: And it's quite an amazing book because the main bird is a blue bird.

Corey: What?

Jay: Yeah. And it's all about compassion and peace. And I just thought I'd bring that up, because it's very interesting that this book exists. And I've read it many times.

And the Blue Avians and the whole message is very similar.

David: Yeah, we also have the Bird Tribes of Native America.

Jay: That's right.

David: There's the Tengu Mountain Bird Men of Japan. I mean . . .

Jay: And then there's “The Aviary”, which is the group of secret people inside the aerospace industry. They call themselves “The Aviaries”. So, hmm.

Corey: Yeah.

David: So the reason why I wanted to bring up that contact with Eisenhower in the 1950s is that during that same time, as we've talked about in “Wisdom Teachings”, there were ET contacts happening to private individuals, and they were getting channeling, in some cases, coordinated with UFO landings.

They'd be brought on board a ship, they'd meet these benevolent beings, and then they'd start getting telepathic communication.


One of the most authenticated ones that ever happened is called “The Brown Notebook”, and it was just called that because it was stored in a brown notebook.

This was the direct precursor to The Law of One. This was the material that Carla Rueckert, who channeled The Law of One, read that tuned her up. Because when you read the right stuff, it seems to harmonize your frequency with extraterrestrial consciousness, and get you ready for contact.

So I want both you guys to see this, because some of this stuff is unbelievable. These are scans from the original thing.

So this is page one, the very first communication, September 19, 1958:

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock - Prepare for Ascension

And, of course, it's not gender neutral here, because this is the 1950s.
“Hear my words . . . “

David: I'm just going to make it gender neutral.
“Hear my words that all people are created equal. The time will come when all your planet will know this.”

So that right there suggests some kind of huge change in the planet, where everyone is aware that we are one consciousness.

Now, this is also funny. You see that it says “Odina”?

Jay: Yeah.

David: That's because the beings were saying “Adonai”, but they didn't know the words, so they didn't know how to spell it.

Jay: Oh, that's wild.

David: Isn't that crazy?

Corey: What is “Adonai”?

Jay: “Adonai” is God in Hebrew.

David: Yes! And it's also something that The Law of One always ends with.

Jay: Yeah.

David: The end of each session, they say, “Adonai, my friends”.

Corey: Oh, really?

David: Yeah. Okay. Now, the very second channeling comes in the next day. This is a guy that actually had a UFO contact, was brought on board. He was vetted out by W. B. Smith. He passed the 200 questions where he was able to answer all these things that other verified channelers had said.

So this guy was vetted out.

And it says:
“Light and Love are the basis of a true understanding of the Creator. This my brothers will only be found, by sincere effort. We of the confederation intend to help you. Seeking is a prime requisite for a beginning . . . “

David: Which means, you want to be seeking Truth.

Jay: Absolutely.

Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock and Corey Goode - Exploitation of E.T. Technology with Sergeant Clifford Stone

David: That's what we're all about here.

Jay: Yep.

David: And then:
“Love and Understanding will come later.”

So you might begin by having this quest for the mystery.

The very third message comes right away, October 1, Wednesday. And this message is obviously the longest one yet. And right away, they get right to the point. It's unbelievable.

“Your people love wealth and Power. How much better it would be to love one another. Wealth and Power keep [you] enslaved so [you] cannot realize [what you really are].

“The Creator is everloving, everguiding, ever protecting to those that accept [it]. It is all so very simple people of earth. The man you call Jesus said it very simply. Love one another. It is just that simple. Love your Creator. Love one another. Your masses should do this. It would change the very foundation of their existence. . . “

David: So they're talking about some kind of change in the physics that actually changes what we are.

But wait a minute now. Listen to this, because, Jay, all the stuff you've done with the Hendaye, alchemy.

Jay: Yeah.

David: Listen to this:
“If your peoples are to survive the coming cataclysm this must be done. The Creator is bringing [your] solar system back into balance. We must do our part.”

Jay: Wow!

* * * * *


The notion that we as humanity will be undergoing a sort of unmaking and reformation of our own essence is an exciting thing to consider. The words of this verified channeling definitely resonate with me on a personal level. This information is very similar to that which I have verified in the past and seems to fit well with the Law of One version of these events.

The solar flash represents the gateway of transcendence beyond many of the problems and struggles which we have faced in our lifetimes. As this event draws closer, I imagine that we will not experience time the same way. It is my feeling that as the final event draws closer, we will not experience linear time as we know it, but that time will seem to break apart and come to us in short segments. Time may speed up, slow down, or even do both of these at the same time, as strange as that may sound.

Sphere Being Alliance - Are We Navigating to Our Optimal Temporal Reality? - An Update from Corey Goode

We may experience multiple timelines in a matter of hours, or minutes, and may be confused as to which timeline we are on at any given moment. This may be what Corey Goode has discussed in the past regarding the disorientation we might experience during the solar event. If two people are attempting to have a conversion, and they are on two separate timelines that are slightly out of sync, that conversation may be experienced in different ways by both people. The idea may be mind-bending just to consider, but interesting nonetheless.

* * * * *

David: Isn't that something?

Jay: That is wild!

David: Because this is a verified channeling . . .

Jay: Absolutely.

David: . . . from the 1950s. A private individual who doesn't know anything about the ancient prophecies, doesn't know about alchemy, certainly doesn't know what the space program has got, and he's independently saying there's going to be a catastrophe that brings our solar system back into balance. So . . .

Jay: That's very interesting, because William Tompkins, he says that in the '50s, about 1,400 people – cab drivers, postal workers, just regular people – began receiving telepathic messages like this.

David: Really?

Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock and Corey Goode - Close Encounters with Clifford Stone - Recounting Unforgettable Experiences from the World of Black Ops

Jay: Yeah. A lot of it with technology that they didn't even understand to help build machines and devices to help advance us.

David: Wow!

Jay: Yeah.

* * * * *


According to the Law of One, whenever a 3rd-density being is contacted by a being of 4th density or higher, they are presented with equal opportunities between the positive and the negative paths. This way, the 3rd density being is able to have the full spectrum of options on the particular path they would later choose to pursue.

When considering past events, it seems apparent that American officials chose the negative path when given the choice between interactions with visiting ETs. Even if we had not received the intelligence from Corey Goode and the other whistleblowers, we might still be able to observe the negative consequences that followed the acceptance of help from negative ETs by the Earth-based Military Industrial Complex. As we observe the results up to present day, it becomes clear which choice was made.

The manipulative and exploitative ways by which the American empire has progressed reeks of self-service and negativity. The means by which the financial institutions of the world have grown far beyond their means and have reportedly been used to build up independent infrastructures in space, seems to indicate a negative trajectory. Even though many of the SSP groups who receive funding from Earth-based powers in order to fight the original Dark Fleet groups, it seems that all groups trend toward negativity at some level. It may be that anyone who lives by the sword will eventually trend toward darkness, and if they are not careful, it may consume them.

* * * * *

David: Hm. So Corey, how does this fit in with some of the things that you've heard?

Corey: I mean, this is exactly what I've been talking about, having no idea that there was other information out there. I mean . . .

David: Wow! Buckle your seat belt because we're not done here. Listen to this:

Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock and Corey Good - SSP Testimonials with William Tompkins

It says:
“A new dawn of understanding is coming to your planet. Man must be prepared for this new understanding, as it employs new concepts and ideas. The people of earth have lingered long under their false illusions. The time has come to step forth in new and greater glory . . . .”

David: Meaning the glory of the body – the ascended light body.
“. . . learn the wishes of your Creator. Live the way you were intended to live. Peace, Harmony, Perfection. When you do this the beauty of the whole creation will be revealed.”

David: So this was less than a week after the other one. It seems to be saying that when this solar system is brought back into balance, that there is some sort of unveiling.

Jay: Yeah.

David: So Jay, what do you think the alchemical tradition, this idea of turning into gold, how does that relate to what we're seeing here?

Jay: Well, I think that the human race . . . Again, go back to “2001: A Space Odyssey”. The human race has a point. There is a purpose to this whole thing.

And what that full purpose is, I'm not sure totally, but I think I have a fairly good grasp on it. And that is to turn us into ascended beings. We are essentially electrical beings.

And when we turn into gold metaphorically, that means that the electricity that's in our body is able to flow without any resistance. That IS ascension. That IS what happens. That is what Padmasambhava was doing in that cave.

And the cave has to be cold, too, by the way, because electricity works much better in a cold environment.

And so I think that's what this is all about and where we're headed.

David: Well, we're going to do another episode on this . . .

Jay: Okay.

David: . . . because we've got a lot more of this material to go through. And this, to me – I think Jay, you'll agree with me, and I think, Corey, you'll agree with me . . . What we're talking about right now, this great solar flash, this is really the core of everything.

If this event is really going to happen, what could possibly be more important for us to be talking about?

Jay: Absolutely. Yeah.

Corey: Or to prepare for.

Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock and Corey Goode - The Return of Gonzales - Meeting Old Friends and Forming New Alliances

Jay: Exactly. It's the most important thing there is, because it's going to alter all life on this planet.

But there's another point that has to be made. The pineal gland is activated by sunlight. Okay? The serotonin, the melatonin, are governed by darkness and light.

When the light changes that's coming through your eye, it changes your pineal gland. It changes the chemicals that are emitted by the pineal gland.

So this chem spraying that's stopping all of this? That's wrong. We need to go through this.

Corey: Absolutely.

Jay: We need . . . Our bodies have to go through this. It's vitally important for us to go through, even if it's painful, because it's going to change our consciousness. They know that.

They know that the changing Sun is the change in consciousness, and they're trying to mitigate it. We have to really lobby to get this stuff stopped.

David: Absolutely.

Jay: I mean, no more chem spraying.

David: All right. Well, this . . . I'm on the edge of my seat. I can't wait to get into the rest of this. We're coming back next time to finish out the discussion on the great solar flash, here on “Cosmic Disclosure”, with our special guest, Jay Weidner, and Corey Goode. We'll see you here next time. Thank you for watching.

* * * * *

The subject of the balancing of our solar system is another topic which gets me excited as well. There is absolutely no fear of this event particularly because of what it will likely bring. It seems that some of those on Earth at this time have been through these transformative events numerous times prior to this lifetime. It may be that some are so used to the experience that they have become quite good at helping these events reach completion.

According to various sources, some of those presently incarnated on the planet have the specific purpose of ensuring that the transition for all of those on the planet goes as smoothly as possible. Though many events are anticipated to be difficult, it may be that these particular individuals can stave off excessive difficulty and help the population maintain a generally peaceful state as we all weather the upcoming changes.

Some of us are here to ensure that balance is returned to this system and that the extreme vibratory dissonance is brought back to harmony in this system once again. As I understand it, this is the way the universe progresses. At the zero point, balance is an absolute. As the system evolves and becomes more diverse in consciousness and variety of life, the situation complexifies.
Greater and greater varieties of vibration are achieved by every being at every stage of consciousness, and over time, the diversity becomes so great that the original harmony is largely lost. The bipolar nature of 3rd density adds to the confusion even more, in that both poles fight for supremacy of either the self or the whole of the universal consciousness. (This is where we presently are.) Eventually, a conclusion is reached by the 3rd-density group consciousness.

As the 3rd density consciousness of a planet unifies to one polarity (positive or negative), that unification (or “social memory” in Law of One terms) is then ready to transition into the next level of development. At that moment the disharmonious state of that system is resolved, and balance is re-attained for the entire system.

I imagine that many of us will be shocked and amazed as to how remarkable it is to live in a state of balance, as most of us are used to dealing with the day-to-day struggle of disharmony. However, in my observation, this event of harmonization and balance is already upon us. This is a moment we can all appreciate, and work together to create.

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Cosmic Disclosure - The Great Solar Flash

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