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Proof of Progress - Clear Moves toward Real Investigations into Government Corruption; Soros-Funded Uprisings Used as Countermeasures

If you haven't yet noticed, nearly everyone who is intent upon investigating government pedophilia and/or corruption has become the target of extensive defamation efforts by globalist, George Soros, and the corporate media. On Saturday February 11, we saw yet another group of protesters who appeared to be angry with State Rep. Jason Chaffetz. However, per the norm of many recent protests, this particular uprising was not as it seemed.

This story was reported by CNN—a corporate news source suspected by many to be a long-time supporter of globalist agendas. The report seemed to praise the group of loud and rude individuals who refused to allow Jason ChaffetzChairman of the House Oversight Committee and Representative for the State of Utahto speak at the town hall meeting in a Utah suburb. Yet instead of being greeted by a unhappy group with constructive criticism to add to the meeting, we see a number of hallmarks of fabricated protests.

Instead of communicating a clear message, these protests seemed to be aimed more at disrupting constructive discussion than they were at productive resolution to any specific issue. When we consider how aimless, how excessively rude and disruptive these protesters were, combined with the professionally designed logos and commercials associated with the organization that sponsored the disruption, not to mention the preparatory work which proceeded these protests, the reality behind them begins to take shape.

We have seen these very same signs before. The use of disruptive outsiders sometimes bused into a city or an area to stage an astroturf event is the trademark signature of a specific personality we have become used to seeing in recent times (though no actual buses were reported in this case). As we observe, we may realize that these common signs reveal the work of George Soros. Combined with the eager coverage of CNN to report on behalf of the globalist status quo, we learn even more.

This report will likely add to the suspicious of CNN's dishonorable intent, as Rep. Chaffetz has been one of the main proponents of reopening and thoroughly investigate the allegations surrounding the Clinton Foundation and government corruption.

Mainstream Mudslinging

As we will remember, the presidential race in late 2016 was steeped in mudslinging—so much mudslinging that the average person was unable to tell the difference between the information that was true from that which was false. Many assumed that because the corporate media favored Clinton, that Clinton must have been the honest and ethical party. However, the situation turned out to be far more complex.

This is not to defend the poor choices which Trump has made in recent times. It is clear that further revelations and/or reform are in order on the part of both parties. However, at this point, we will cover the issues surrounding the Clinton investigations.

Amid numerous signs and countless suspicions that the FBI was deliberately botching their job of investigating the allegations against Clinton, the country eventually learned that a true investigation was still in order. However, the corporate media portrayed the entire investigation as a personal attack against Clinton while blindly assuming her complete innocence.

Many have suspected that the globalists who have been known to have funded a large portion of the Clinton campaign were furious that they did not get their victory in December of 2016. This defeat left these globalists vulnerable to exposure and prosecution for all of the crimes they have committed. Consequently, they have done everything in their power to stall the efforts of investigations which would inevitably expose them. This is the most likely reason as to why we see such unfocused and yet such frequent efforts to demonize and silence key figures in the prosecution.

Divisions, Diversions, and Ulterior Motives

The events in Utah have all of the hallmarks of a staged event, and when we look at the organization which backed the entire incident, we see a familiar norm. That norm is George Soros.

Soros is known for being the major financial clout behind the infamous Agenda 21 plan of the U.N. formulated several years back. This was a plan that imposed the rule of a one-world government in which virtually everything on the planet would belong to the central government and all of the people would basically be slaves to that government.

Video - Astroturf and Manipulation of Media Messages Sharyl Attkisson TEDx University of Nevada

Examples of Soros-Sponsored Movements

The Women's March on Washington may have appeared benevolent at face value. However, when we take a closer look at the overall theme of hate communicated alongside unsuspecting participants, the truth begins to shine through. Even though the word "love" was printed on the official logo (official logos being a clear sign of an astroturf movement), this was a Soros-sponsored event motivated by hate. It seems that many people have forgotten that hate is unethical, and that if we employ it, we may assist those who want to destroy us.
Where do you suppose the money came from to manufacture such a variety of uniformed pink vagina hats by the thousand?  From the look of things, at its core this march had nothing to do with women's rights.
The goal within each of these Soros-funded organizations is to select a divisive and emotionally charged issue, and then exploit it. Many of these issues represent actual, major needs in society. However, it is highly unlikely that George Soros cares anything about the true needs of the focus groups of these organizations. From Soros' actions and from his own testimony, it does not seem that women's rights or the rights of any minority matter to him at all.

One way to determine true grassroots movements from astroturf is to look at the setup of the movement. If a movement has official name brands, merchandise and expensive commercials before it even has membership, it is probably astroturf. The next time you are at a protest, you may want to make sure to observe this. Otherwise you could be working for George Soros.

Soros has been behind multiple staged protests designed to appear honest and authentic. Many of these events have attracted honest people. However, the true intent behind these protests may have been much more sinister than any of these people might have known.
The true reason behind these uprisings seems to be that the globalists are using what little money they have left to save themselves from their inevitable prosecution. They have done this by creating staged protests. These are false grassroots movement designed to look authentic and benevolent, but in actuality they are paid for by corporate funds for a hidden agenda. When these manufactured uprisings are sustained for long enough, they attract media attention and draw in crowds of unsuspecting people who believe they are acting honorably. This instance in Utah against Chairman Chaffetz and other supporters of government investigation shows numerous signs of being one of these astroturf protests.

The Intent to Investigate

Let's take a look at the Chaffetz initiative to re-investigate which may have played a role in provoking this Soros-funded attack. Here is an example of the official letter sent to FBI Director James Comey.

It becomes clear from this official letter to FBI Director James Comey that Congress does not trust the findings of the pseudo-investigation of the Clinton Foundation which took place in late 2016. This could be the reason as to why all materials are being requested after the initial investigation was supposedly completed. From this initiative it definitely appears that a true investigation is in the works.

To add, here is an extra example of the intent of Chairman Chaffetz to fully investigate the issue surrounding the Hillary Clinton's alleged violation of national security.

Jason Chaffetz SLAMS FBI Agents Right from the Start of Hearing on Hillary Clinton Investigation

The clear cover-up efforts employed during the 2016 presidential election were a sign that a thorough investigation into the Clinton Foundation was still in order, and there are plenty of officials not aligned with the globalist agenda who were willing to undertake such an investigation. However, as stated before these people have become the targets of Soros-funded defamation tactics.

The main goal among most of these protests seems to have been to get rid of President Donald Trump, but this is not for any of the reasons we the people may be thinking. Once again, this is not to defend the recent decisions of Trump. It is to say that along with the clear negatives of the Trump presidency, this overwhelming positive sits waiting to be revealed.

The Main Reason behind the Anti-Trump Movement

The globalists hate Trump because he represents a direct threat to their plan for a one-world government and their secrecy, and the central lynch pin which Trump plans to pull includes government pedophilia, global extortion, manipulation, and mass murder. These are issues of numerous past administrations and extend back for decades on end. They have been central to the attention of all of those awake and aware within the United States. However, this number of awakened people is rather low due to the high amounts of propaganda still being launched against the people.

The corporate media of America is steeped in anti-Trump rhetoric. Some of the points raised  on a number of Trump's policies deserve further attention, I believe. However, not many of these points are offered for honorable or productive reasons. The result of the anti-Trump rhetoric has ranged from blind hate, to self-ignorance and bullying among citizens. This overt hate for Trump has even escalated to Twitter posts suggesting the assassination of President Trump. I am unsure of the ethical standards of the average American, but when murder is so casually suggested as a solution to current issues, we have a big problem.

Upon close examination, the anti-Trump movement does not appear to have been designed to be positive or productive. I do not believe that the 12,000 thousand tweets that call for Trump's assassination (tweets that directly oppose Twitter's user policies) were posted by real people, but that these were posted by pro-globalist trolls (another sign of astroturf). One of these instances reveals the negative and murderous policies of globalists, while the other depicts a disgraceful and murderous ignorance among the population (or possibly some combination of the two). To be honest, with regard to the true origin of these tweets, I am unsure as to which origin would be worse.

Though many citizens have been successfully distracted by all of the smear campaigns against the team of pedophile prosecutors, this will not stop the inevitable. The days of rampant pedophilia in the United States government are numbered. The days of manipulative and crooked global agendas are number. These globalists criminals can kick and scream all they want to. It doesn't change anything. The days of the criminal Cabal are over, and I personally think it's about time they faced the fact.

The True Colors of Corporate Media

The calloused and soulless reaction of the corporate media to the issue of pedophilia was a clear sign that something was most definitely wrong within the U.S. establishment. From this reaction, many realized that instead of being the benevolent institution we expect to see in corporate media, we were shown a heartless, ignorant enabler of mass child abuse.

The Coming War on Pedophilia? - Revealing the Numerous Efforts to Restore Functionality in American Justice

The fact is that there doesn't even have to be a pedophilia epidemic occurring behind the scenes in order for this to be a severe problem. The mere stance of the media to suddenly begin ridiculing everyone who questions the integrity of the establishment, instead of doing their own job of questioning the establishment themselves, proves that the present corporate media is the perfect enabler of any crimes a corrupt establishment would like to commit.

It proves that unless the person committing the crimes is Donald Trump, the corporate media doesn't care. This established media seems to be intent upon defending and covering up the crimes of some (often times lying in the process) while allowing the international crimes against humanity of others to go completely unchecked and unreported. It is this double standard that has led the people of the United States to adopt the same double standard.

Reality Check with Ben Swann – 'Opportunistically Outraged' – Taking an Honest Look at the Double Standard within American Protests

One of the most heinous of these crimes is child trafficking. Yet instead of doing everything they can to investigate these crimes, the corporate media as well as members of the FBI have chosen to dismiss them without any thorough investigation. Fortunately, this is changing as well.

The situation seems to reveal that the corporate media is intent upon failing the public at reporting the truth. Yet despite this failure, the crimes of the corrupt establishment are being revealed.

From all of these events, we see clear signs of a silent cold war taking place behind the scenes in America, and this goes far beyond Conservatives vs. Liberals, or Democrats vs. Republicans. This cold war represents two completely different factions warring for influence, media presence, financial superiority, and public approval not only within the U.S., but throughout the world.

Professional Journalists

The propaganda and media have been extensive on both sides, and depending upon our level of consciousness to these occurrences, we will choose our beliefs thereabout. This means that our skill of independent and professional journalism is our greatest asset in these times of uncertainty.
It is important that we are more attentive to the reality going on around us than to simply jump at the latest uprising that appears to be an authentic protest. The fact is that we no longer have any reason to take life or anything in life for face value. There is always more to the story, but we must have the eyes and the initiative to see it.

Thanks for reading.

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