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Opinions on Dr. Steven Greer - 'Destroying The Illusion' with Jordan Sather - Videos, Links and Extended Commentary

Over the past few months many of us have been intrigued and yet perplexed at the diversity of perspectives on the subject of ET life. Of course most people have heard of the latest controversial presentation by Dr. Steven Greer and how this presentation included what appeared to be an attack against those who disagreed with him.

These issues have been difficult for some to weigh. However, once we get down to the fundamentals of reliable research, the pieces begin to come together quite well.

For a good while now, I have thought to write an article on Dr. Steven Greer and his opinions of extra-planetary life. To be honest, I have hesitated due to the fact that such an article would not allow me to speak in very positive terms. I have made many observations over the past few months, but I have avoided writing about them until this point. Yet despite my opposite opinions, I believe such an article would be quite beneficial to my readers and to anyone who holds questions on the matter. Along with my own choice to cover the topic further, I realized that other credible sources had the same idea.

Exopolitics versus Exospin - A Response to Dr Steven Greer - An Exploration the Multiple Perspectives on the Process of Disclosure

For those who have not yet heard of the YouTube channel, Destroying The Illusion with Jordan Sather, you may want to check it out. This is the perfect channel to either introduce newcomers to subject of higher consciousness or to give seasoned truth-seekers new avenues of research to pursue.

On his channel, Sather goes into a number of topics that are pertinent to our present juncture in human development. One of these subjects is our interactions with ETs over the course of history. In a recent video, Sather discusses his take on the work of Dr. Steven Greer and its impact on the truth movement as a whole.

Opinions on Dr. Steven Greer

I have both thought and studied quite a bit on the subjects that Dr. Greer has discussed in the past. Though I also appreciate the array of work Greer has done for the sake of disclosure, there are still a few issues that have concerned me for some time. Yet whether or not we completely agree with the opinions of Dr. Greer, there is still much we can learn from listening to him.
The issue that I have with Dr. Greer's material is that it is largely incomplete, and there is more to this issue than just unacknowledged testimony of Disclosure Project whistleblowers. As I have listened to Greer state his opinions and proposals over time, it became apparent that his overall message was based upon clear logical fallacies and inconsistencies which have no place in science, in truthful and honest research, or in any professional setting at all.

Logical Fallacies

This is not to disrespect Greer personally. In any similar situation, I would have to make the same statement about any position or proposal which contained such logical mistakes. I am simply making the point that Dr. Greer's opinions on ET life, at their core, are logically flawed and inconsistent. So far I have been able to define several mistakes within the supposition that "there are no negative ETs." The first is the logical fallacy known as arguing from ignorance.

Dr. Greer's stance declares that there are no negative ETs simply because he has not seen evidence of them. This is the very definition of arguing from ignorance. In accurate and responsible research, logic must be maintained. This logic tells us that absence of evidence never equates to evidence of absence.  Basic logic also tells us that universal nonexistence is impossible to prove, and that no amount of documentation or testimony is capable of doing so. This is common knowledge in any research-based profession, including that of medical doctors.

Know Your Propaganda – 'Arguing from Ignorance' – What is it and where have we seen it?

The next fallacy I noticed in Greer's stance was the propagandistic tactic of assertion. This tactic is defined as repeating a statement over and over in substitution for proof of that statement. Instead of proving a point, a propagandist will repeat their point using different verbiage each time. They do this in the hopes that the audience will eventually believe them due to the repetition. This can be seen in most of Greer's talks and radio interviews. We will listen to one in a moment, but let's define one more technique of propagandistic manipulation.

The third technique which we hear from numerous talks is that of false dilemma. This technique may be difficult to catch at first. However, once we see it, it becomes difficult to miss. We have heard Dr. Greer repeat the statement to the effect of, "There are no negative ETs and if there are, the fact will be used to launch some interplanetary war." This proposal is made repeatedly in multiple interviews and talks, and after hearing it so many times, I became curious. Why is it that no other possibilities are discussed besides this universal benevolence among all ETs and this interplanetary war?

Considering how many chances Greer has had to suggest alternative outcomes, combined with the fact that he has never mentioned any of these other outcomes, causes this use of false dilemma tactic to shine through. Simply put, a false dilemma exists when only two choices are presented by a speaker, yet more exist (or a spectrum of possible choices exists between two extremes). This is another textbook logical fallacy and is difficult to mistake for anyone with knowledge of propaganda.

US Government Just Legalized Operation Mockingbird - FBI Can Now Impersonate The Media

I do not enjoy making these observations about Dr. Greer's testimony, or anyone else for that matter. However, it would be irresponsible of me to observe them without acknowledging the fact. In observing these things, I leave it up to the reader to determine as to why an individual would choose to so casually employ such tactics of propaganda. I do not make these observations to accuse, but merely to give insight into a situation which has been somewhat murky for many people up until this point. It is up to you the reader to form your own conclusions on the matter.

The Factor of Hypnotic Suggestion

So we have acknowledged the fact of textbook logical fallacies commonly used within Dr. Greer's lectures up to this point. We may now be asking ourselves why so many people have not yet caught on to the use of these methods. The first answer that comes to mind is that very few of us have actually taken the time to learn the specific tactics used in propaganda and how we are affected by them.

These techniques actually represent one key to accurate discernment. Let me emphasize this point. If ever you want to learn the true difference between reliable and unreliable sources, learn the tactics of propaganda. Then observe the sources that use them on a regular basis. The major difference between trustworthy sources and untrustworthy and/or Cabal sources are that Cabal sources will typically use propagandistic methods instead of logic (primarily because they are used to dealing with their sleeping sheep). Instead of encouraging open and independent thought, Cabal sources will typically manipulate their audience into submission using a combination of fear and false security.

The second reason as to why we have not noticed the logical fallacies within Dr. Greer's position is more curious than the first. I considered this for a long while. Then after listening to a number of interviews of Dr. Greer, it came to me. In listening to these interviews, I consistently noticed myself dipping into a lower level of consciousness than I prefer to operate at.

Whenever listening to a speaker, I make every effort to practice critical thinking. This practice can be used in a number of ways, but in general it can help audience members to more accurately evaluate the information they receive. Ideally, I employ this technique with everyone I hear. However, while listening to Greer, I have found it extremely difficult to maintain this active state of mind. I've never had this problem with other speakers. In fact, I noticed that to a large degree, with Greer I was allowing myself to be lulled into a state of passive acceptance by what he was saying. 

After making these self-observations, I realize that Greer's speech pattern employed a few characteristics found within professional hypnotism. If this is true, it would explain why so many people have accepted the array of logical fallacies these presentations employ.

Again, it is not my intent to accuse Greer in any way. I invite everyone to make their own observations and to avoid taking my personal thoughts as gospel. To test this theory, let's take a look at the techniques of professional hypnotists. Here is Ashland Mind Matters with a few details on the reality of hypnosis.

Another key technique is the hypnotic patter or cadence that a hypnotist will use. This is essentially speaking in a very even and measured tone, using short rhythmic phrases and perhaps timing these phrases with the subject's breathing. An experienced hypnotist is able to 'read' the subject's inner experience by carefully observing their outer appearance, judging muscle tone, changes in breathing, facial expressions and other subtle cues. The hypnotist may then alter the words or pace to best assist the subject in letting go and entering a trance state. The steady, metronomic pulse of the hypnotist's words have a lulling, and yes 'hypnotic' effect, much more so than one might expect until they have experienced it.

This is not to declare that Greer is deliberately hypnotizing his audience members, but simply to make the statement that his speech pattern has similar characteristics to these hypnotic techniques. Again, judge for yourselves. Another point to note is that during hypnotic sessions, the technique of emotional manipulation is employed. This manipulation is central to controlling a person's thoughts. For details on this subject of emotional manipulation, here is the website with details of how to induce absorption (or acceptance) of hypnotic suggestion.

To facilitate absorption you must focus on something that the subject wants to interact with you about. Using high levels of sensory based language – Visuals, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Olfactory and gustatory will enhance the sensory experience of subject and amplify absorption.

But the real power happens when you engage the emotions. Anything that shifts emotional state tends to create absorption.

As engagement continues and absorption deepens, narrowing focus of attention is your next major step. When you do this the filters between conscious and unconscious mind begin to disappear to become flimsier and thinner and thinner until eventually there is no filter between.

The ability to amplify absorption and focus of attention in is largely dependent on your ability with language.

Before going further, it is important to understand that hypnosis does not consist of making a subject think, feel, or do anything they do not want to. Every suggestion presented within a hypnotic session includes every opportunity for resistance, so at no point does a subject act in any way that is contrary to their own desires (whether conscious or subconscious).

We as human beings naturally want to feel good. Consequently, we will not typically resist the opportunity for good feelings if these feelings are suggested hypnotically. The desire to feel pleasure is normal and healthy. However, these good feelings can be of significant detriment if offered in tandem with deception, lies, manipulation, or actual harm.
It is natural to want to feel good, and Dr. Greer's tone, cadence of speech, and the subjects he discusses give us that opportunity. However, just because a voice helps us relax, induces pleasurable emotions and talks about peace and happiness, does not automatically mean that what is being said is true. If it were completely true, then the conclusions proposed could be reached through logic alone. However, in order to follow Greer's perspective, we must abandon this logic. In my opinion, such perspectives must be resisted.

Maintaining Integrity

This resistance to irresponsible perspectives could be compared to an addict attempting to break their addiction. I cannot speak from personal experience, as I have never been eager to use any specific substance other than food. However, if I were (given what I have seen through the experiences of others), I imagine that it would be difficult to resist the inclination to use. If the world (particularly the media) only offers us negativity for our consumption, the opportunity to hear a positive message can be difficult to resist. However, in order for us to maintain health we must learn discipline and self control.

Let's listen to an interview of Dr. Greer, but as we do we must resist the urge to let what we hear solicit blind acceptance to what is being said. As we listen, I would like us to see if we are able to make out any logical fallacies used in this interview and whether or not we notice any assertions, false dilemmas, or arguments from ignorance. One suggestion: I would strongly recommend turning up the play speed by a notch or two. This will help us to maintain our critical observation of what is being said as opposed to becoming susceptible to any lulling effect. We may also look for the following pattern of assertion which Greer employs during the interview.

  1. "There are no negative ETs."
  2. "There are only positive ETs."
  3. "The idea of negative ETs comes only from disinformation/brainwashing."
  4. "I have proof."

To Adjust Playback Speed...
1. Go to the lower right portion of the video below.
2. Click the "Settings" icon.
3. Click "Speed"
4. Select your preferred speed from the list (1.25 or 1.5 recommended).

Dr. Steven Greer - "Other Beings and Why They Are Here"

From the perspective of emotion, Dr. Greer's stance sounds positive and again can make us feel good as we listen. However, as we have seen it abandons logic. The words peace, peaceful, fear, and document are repeated over and over again in a way which directs the audience into submission to the ideas being offered.
These words have a way of leading us in a preferred direction of thought, while avoiding thoughts which are contrary to what seems to be an intended outcome. Then afterward, we are made to feel secure due to the proposal of a series of documents. Greer claims that these documents prove that no negative ETs exist. However, in doing so Greer contradicts basic logic once again. The truth is that it is logically impossible to prove universal nonexistence, as discussed in previous articles.

We may further notice that during the interview the host is trying to disagree at different points, but is quickly cut off by Greer on a number of occasions. Also, Greer acknowledges the concept of "as above so below," but disregards the fact that negativity exists below. This strikes me as one of countless possibilities that remains unacknowledged by Dr. Greer. However, despite my own observations I invite everyone to draw their own conclusions.

Cabal Tactics of Manipulation

Whenever we see Cabal manipulation, we may notice that it typically comes with a certain pattern. This pattern consists of a constant influx of fear at almost every turn. The only time we see relief from this fear is when we are offered a path which the Cabal intends for us to take. This typically comes in the form of a War on Terror, a domestic spying operation, or media censorship to curb the problem of "fake news."

To add, virtually every Hollywood movie made in recent times which deals with the unknown is steeped in the emotions of fear and woe. This may seem like simple trends in entertainment. However, it has been much more consistent than mere trends could explain. These Hollywood portrayals of a fearful unknown seem to be designed to control human consciousness so that we avoid satisfying our curiosity of exploring the unknown. Perhaps it is known that there exist realms of reality which the Cabal cannot control, and if we leave our present one the Cabal loses control over us. Consequently, they scare us into submission so that we remain at one level of lower consciousness.

We are always being handed script of fear and woe by the Cabal-controlled media, and the only time we are given relief is when we are expected to give our power up in some way. I do not want to make any direct accusations against Dr. Greer or anyone else. However, I cannot ignore the strangeness of the proposal he has consistently made over the past decade. We are asked to ignore logic entirely and to blindly invite in strangers from outer space without ever checking their credentials. To add, if we question the sensibility of this blind, open invitation, we are called brainwashed, paranoid, and/or xenophobic.

It seems that by Dr. Greer's position, we are presented with the option of more blind acceptance to that which we do not understand. If we refuse or ask questions we face ridicule, judgment and condemnation--the same consequences we have become used to in modern society. This ridicule and judgment do not typically come from a place of love or acceptance. It comes from a place of manipulation and self-advantage. To restate, I cannot definitely say that this is Dr. Greer's intent, but I cannot ignore the strong possibility.

Closing Words

To sum things up, we may consider the concept of fear. Fear alone is not at all an absolute. It is merely a chosen reaction to a given situation (one of many choices), and in order to resolve and heal it, we must have self-discipline and patience with ourselves and the situations we face. However, these attributes run contrary to Dr. Greer's overall message.

Instead of teaching audiences to resolve their fear of a situation, Greer's message proposes that we deny the existence of the potentially fearful situation all together. In short, instead of encouraging a route of self-discipline, Greer seems to encourage a process of self-delusion. Everyone is free to make their own choices as to what they believe and what they do not. Personally, I intend to take the healthy course and to face whatever the truth of the situation is, without fear. I invite you to do the same.
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  1. Wow thanks for the well written and spot on evaluation of a Greer presentation! Having met Greer and experienced his hypnotic disdain and arrogant dismissal first hand I was very happy to find this offering and couldn't agree more with your well written post!

  2. Very good analysis. I was thinking the same things.

  3. There are very few absolutes within the multiverse. And belief that there are only positive ET's within our multiverse; isn't one of them. Steven Greer is a good person who may have slipped off his biscuit somewhat in that outdated claim there are no negative ET's.

    Aligning himself with John Podesta will only cause a further separation between Greer and the rest of the UFO and common community. John Podesta; aside from his pedo involvement has always been a fake and false UFO truther. He as well as the Clintons have in fact held back the UFO debate and disclosure despite their claims to the contrary. Unfortunate for Dr. Greer he will likely never admit this nor his assessments about ET's as incorrect.

    Many will be shocked out of their stupor and forced to deal with reality as never experienced before.

  4. Excellent analysis. I had noticed Dr. Greer's inconsistencies, but you have explained them most eloquently. Thank you for an article that is very valuable to the awakening community (which seems to be getting hit with a "divide and conquer" campaign, given the recent comments about David and Corey, who I think are both very truthful).