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Ex CIA Names D.C. Pedophiles; Discusses Soros/Obama Coup, and U.S. Destabilization - Video, Links, and Commentary

We live in some very interesting times. Everywhere we look, we find situations so complex that it is often impossible to form one simple opinion or viewpoint about the situation. Take that of President Donald Trump for instance.

Here is a person who has demonstrated narcissistic tendencies, materialistic standards, and the propensity to disregard the needs of many for the sake of corporate gain. These characteristics can be notably destructive. However, along with these, Trump seems to be one of the only people who is willing to stand up to the elitist power structure that has wreaked havoc on our planet for over a century.

We, as the manipulated public, have been conditioned to accept only a small portion of true information. We have been taught that we must choose a side in the game of American politics, and from that point forward, we must fight against everyone who chooses another side. But what if this duality was false? What if the entire two-party political system was nothing more than a con job to keep the people from uniting and overthrowing our oppressors as in centuries past?

It is my firm belief that this has very much taken place in the U.S., and has divided our society for far too long. We as citizens have been unable to see anything positive in the viewpoints of those we have been conditioned to hate and fight. With this in mind, I invite everyone—no matter how we might feel about the new president—to hear out the positive side of the situation. Though there are significant negatives, these negatives can be overcome with our united efforts. However, if we simply allow those attempting to overthrow Trump to succeed, there may not be another chance to free ourselves from the prison that has been slowly built around us by various financial manipulators.

Though I do not agree with absolutely every viewpoint which Info Wars normally communicates, I do find much of their material helpful in one's search for truth. Here is a video of former CIA officer, Robert David Steele.

Former CIA Officer: Flynn Fired over High-Level DC Pedophilia List

Despite the various negative results of the Trump Presidency, I am able to see a number of key positive outcomes. These particular positive results have not been seen for over half a century of time, and may not be seen again unless we allow certain events to transpire.  The specific result I am referring to is surrounding the issue of massive child trafficking and sex slavery for the sake of sick elitist recreation both within the United States and around the world.

Whistleblowers such as Brice Taylor—a former sex slave of public figures—is one of several former victims of the exact same crimes against humanity that are presently being addressed. Taylor was a young victim who grew into adulthood waiting to receive justice for the crimes committed against her and thousands of other people. Yet these victims have never seen anything close to justice.

Brice Taylor came forward to testify to the horrendous experience of being used as a sex slave by high-profile officials, forced to participate in child sacrifice rituals, and was made to endure unimaginable mental and physical torture. Despite such testimonies from Taylor and numerous former victims, the authorities have either turned a blind eye, or threatened victims for simply speaking out.

President Trump is not necessarily the solution to all of our problems in the U.S. or the world. However, since his election many of the former globalist schemes that have devastated much of the world for the last century have been largely undone. Though it does appear that we the people must do our part in preventing any further damage from occurring due to Trump's questionable tendencies, our present time does seem to represent significant opportunity. We must be sure to make the most of it, and not simply clam up and give into our conditioned fear of change.

Financial Corruption

Most presidents in recent history seem only to have worked to maintain the status quo set by the bankers and power brokers of our time. This can be explained by the famous quote by Napoleon Bonaparte.

“When a government is dependent upon bankers for money, they and not the leaders of the government control the situation, since the hand that gives is above the hand that takes. Money has no motherland; financiers are without patriotism and without decency; their sole object is gain.”

This is the typical norm among government figureheads. Yet, there seems to be an anomaly with regard to President Trump. The media seems to hate Trump without any attempt to hide the fact. Keep in mind that this is the corporate media who attains its funding from the big banks and large corporate lenders—hence the term "corporate media." So then why is it that the banking establishment is completely okay with their corporate media investment trashing their own puppet president. Simply put, he's not their puppet, unlike virtually every other recent president we have seen.

Out of all of the presidents that have come and gone since John F. Kennedy, no president has been so ruthlessly opposed by the establishment as Donald Trump. This is not to excuse the poor judgment he has shown, or the apparently irresponsible decisions he has made in recent times. It is to acknowledge the fact that he is not a slave to the status quo. This can be a very good thing if we the people act upon it and demand that he stand up for what is fair, just and true to human rights.

We may also note Steele's comments on the fact that prior to his election, Trump needed to make deals with certain interests for various reasons. As we consider why, we may think about past whistleblower testimonies regarding the notion that the globalists wanted to assassinate Trump so that he would never have a chance to expose the crimes of the globalists.

As we can see, President Trump and his family are still alive and safe, which may mean that he made deals with a few powerful people who did not mind seeing the globalists defeated. However, in the process of making such deals, Trump is likely to have compromised the interests of the American people to some degree. This may be one possibility as to why we see such double-sided discussions coming from President Trump.

The Hidden Issue with the Anti-Trump Movement

The problem with the anti-Trump movement is that it is not initiated by the people who most fervently participate in it. It was initiated by the bankers and corrupt officials who are intent upon overthrowing him before he ends their corrupt games of pedophilia and global extortion. However, this responsible and specific initiative has been a rarity among recent protests.

Those who have most actively participated in the recent marches and demonstrations may have believed themselves to be doing a good thing. However, if they simply followed the narrative of the globalist-own corporate media, they may be in for an unfortunate surprise. It seems that today's corporate media does not provide the necessary information for the average person to act responsibly. Consequently, many people have taken to the street without realizing that their cause may have only been a ruse to project more hate at the new president.

There is a responsible way to protests and to demand to be heard, but to be responsible, such efforts must be made independently from any corporate source which seeks to exploit protests for their own advantage. In order to have true change, we must demand the specific change we desire to see. However, if we simply take to the street on command, we can easily end up playing into the hands of elitist manipulators.

The Truth Behind Media

It appears that the opposition against Trump has been in place since long before his election was ever taken seriously. We have seen Trump portrayed in movies TV shows and multiple avenues of media as the worst thing that could ever happen to America. But why would the media actively attempt to convince the American people to hate one man? Did they see the 2016 election before it ever took place?

It appears that Hillary Clinton was the preferred candidate not only by the entirety of mainstream media, but by corporate interests that are heavily invested in news and entertainment. Whether this was the reason why we have seen Trump portrayed as the villain in so many movies is uncertain. What is certain is that the media and those behind it are intent upon demeaning Trump in any way they can.

We may remember the rumors of Obama's intent to stall the election in order to prevent Trump from entering office. If this was more than a rumor, it would have been a likely play by those who have turned the media into a weapon against the president. However, I do not see this as being effective.

The people are waking up to the fact that even though Trump is significantly flawed, many of his intentions are vital to the liberation of our planet. For this reason, I am willing to give his presidency a chance for a time. However, I do not intend to leave him to his own decisions, but I intend to play an active role in either supporting or opposing him depending upon the choices he makes.
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