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Dr. Michael Salla - Recent Twitter Posts Hint at Possible Beginnings of Antarctic Disclosures on CNN, CBS

During the week of February 9th, Dr. Michael Salla posted a number of interesting links on his Twitter page. These posts were on the subject of the planned partial disclosure by the Cabal which we have heard so much about. This partial disclosure would involve the tactic of using the Antarctic excavation and discoveries to dazzle the public in such a way that would allow the Cabal to escape justice. Their hope is that when their crimes of pedophilia, a century of global extortion, financial fraud, societal manipulation, and mass murder all come to the surface, we will all be too amazed to care.

Proof of Progress - Clear Moves toward Real Investigations into Government Corruption; Soros-Funded Uprisings Used as Countermeasures

The Twitter posts on Dr. Salla's page reference the fact that the corporate media is already on site in Antarctica claiming that they are reporting on climate change and the melting of the ice sheet. However, as we have heard, the situation may be much more interesting. Here are Dr. Salla's posts from February 9th through the 11th.

Michael Salla ‏@MichaelSalla Feb 9
CNN to report on Antarctica Discoveries Next Week?
Update on CNN and Antarctica special.

Michael Salla ‏@MichaelSalla Feb 11

These reveal quite an interesting story of the possible plans of the Cabal in their efforts to escape judgement. To add to these posts, here is CBS with their own explanation of their presence in the Antarctic.

As part of CBS News’ “Climate Diaries” series, correspondent Mark Phillips has traveled to Antarctica to report on climate change. We’ll be posting video of the segments here as they air on CBS This Morning and CBS Evening News throughout the week.

Phillips told TVNewser, “With any luck, the biggest take away from our reporting here will be to turn the climate change argument, which has gotten very political, back to science. The polar regions are where the evidence of climate change is greatest, and what happens here will eventually affect us all.”

For those who are familiar with the Gaia series Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock, there were a number of episodes which covered the last instance when the Cabal attempted a number of similar partial disclosures. This occurred during the year 2015 in tandem with NASA's Dawn mission to the planetoid Ceres. During this mission, the people of the world were exposed to multiple images of the luminous spots on Ceres' surface.

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock - NASA's Quiet Disclosure Part 1

The planetoid, Ceres
A close-up of the largest of the bright spots on Ceres' surface

These disclosures gradually showed us images of higher and higher resolution, and eventually showed a close-up image of what looked like artificially built, geometric structures. Whether these images were true to life or not, it was clear that the images were intended to send the message that the structures were built by intelligent hands. Below is a short excerpt from an article on the Ceres revelations from Wisdom Teachings (article from the Washington Post included).

It was only eight days after the destruction of the Mars facility (February, 26, 2015) when the cabal decided to disclose the luminescent spot on Ceres. According to Wilcock, they realized from the Mars Atrocity that they were vulnerable and that their days were numbered. So they went into overdrive on their half-truth disclosure campaign. (This cabal typically uses NASA as their sounding board to divvy out these half-truths so that the public has information to chew on, but not enough to give the public a complete picture of off-world activities.)

Here is an excerpt from the Washington Post on the Ceres spot and the Dawn Mission which recorded the data.
NASA has confirmed that its Dawn spacecraft entered the orbit of the dwarf planet Ceres on Friday morning, making history twice over. The spacecraft isn't just the first object to visit a dwarf planet (and one of the last truly unexplored bodies in the solar system). Dawn is also the first spacecraft to orbit two different alien bodies during its mission. Here's the official announcement:
"The spacecraft was approximately 38,000 miles (61,000) kilometers from Ceres when it was captured by the dwarf planet’s gravity at about 4:39 a.m. PST (7:39 a.m. EST) Friday.
Mission controllers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California received a signal from the spacecraft at 5:36 a.m. PST (8:36 a.m. EST) that Dawn was healthy and thrusting with its ion engine, the indicator Dawn had entered orbit as planned."
After spending 14 months on Vesta, the largest asteroid in the belt between Mars and Jupiter, Dawn is now settled in for a long-term stay with Ceres. By comparing the asteroid and the dwarf, NASA scientists hope they'll learn about the formation of all the objects in the asteroid belt, the evolution of the planet Ceres and the history of our entire solar system.

According to Wilcock, the cabal was gearing up to disclose a number of facts, but was playing the situation by ear. They were said to be ready to give a full-scale reveal of what the Ceres spot actually was, but decided to go with the story we now see in mainstream media. (I find the wording used very interesting, and possibly indicative of other, planned revelations in the near future. The words, "the history of our entire solar system," seem to telegraph this likely scenario.)

If we are familiar with past soft disclosure initiated by the Cabal, we may recognize the possible tactics they may attempt to apply during the Antarctic disclosure. Back in 2015 there were a number of soft disclosures promoted by NASA and the mainstream media on a variety of truths about space and life on other planets. Many of these disclosures seemed to parallel the material we have heard from the series, Cosmic Disclosure on, which made these revelations particularly interesting to see.

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock: Giant Steps toward Disclosure

The fact that these disclosures were coming through mainstream media in such a consistent and yet subtle way, was most curious aspect about them. The revelations also gave an extra amount of corroboration to the testimony of Corey Goode. As the story progressed, it became clear that certain interests behind the scenes were aware that time was short, and that if they wanted to achieve their partial disclosure, they had better act quickly. It also seemed that these Cabal interests were aware that Goode was spilling all of their secrets to thousands of people.

The succession of events was fairly amazing to look back upon, considering how far events have presently progressed. The interesting part about these soft disclosures was the fact of how they were organized. As things turned out, the entire setup for the whole partial disclosure narrative was in place and ready to go, just in case the Cabal needed to play their hand. As we have heard, the Cabal intends to use their partial disclosure to distract the public from realizing the truth of their own crimes against humanity. This was the case back in 2015 and it seems to be the case at present.

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock - NASA’s Flying Saucer - From Scientific Breakthroughs to Entertainment Media Stunts

Antarctica seems to be the centerpiece of this second attempt at partial disclosure. We can even see the unfoldment of these events taking place by the plans to report on site by CNN and CBS. Just as in 2015, the Cabal seems to be setting things up so that if they need to they can initiate their diversion. However, I do not see this being successful.

There are too many of us awake to fall for any partial disclosure. We are too vocal, too visible, and most of us are too stubborn to let the biggest criminals of the world get away with a century's worth of genocide. The truth is coming, and from what I have seen from my fellow truth-seekers, we don't intend to accept anything less than the entire truth.
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