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Cosmic Disclosure with Corey Goode and David Wilcock - Revealing Hidden Technology with Heather Sartain

The testimonies of Heather Sartain made the previous episode quite interesting to watch. Not only were Ms. Sartain's accounts congruent with those we have heard thus far, but they offer new and unheard-of information as well.

As we learned in the last episode, Sartain was fortunate enough to have a front row seat in the world of UFOs and ET interactions with Earth humanity. Since her father was a high-ranking contractor who worked for Lockheed Martin during her childhood, she was able to hear his firsthand accounts of what it was like to work alongside alien spacecraft as well as interactions with ETs.

During this episode, we hear further detail of the stories her father told her and the rest of the family regarding his experience working in classified military projects.

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Revealing Hidden Technology with Heather Sartain

David Wilcock: All right. Welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I'm your host, David Wilcock. We're here with Corey Goode and our special guest, Heather Sartain, whose father worked for Lockheed Martin, a well-known defense contractor, and who decided to tell her some things that he probably shouldn't have, but we're all very glad that he did.

Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock and Corey Goode - Lifting the Military Industrial Curtain with Heather Sartain

Now, he's talking with his buddies in your house, and you had mentioned in our previous episode that they discussed craft that had been reverse-engineered.

Now, that's a very common thing we hear about in UFOlogy, but I'm interested in starting today on what you heard specifically about this particular subject when you were hearing them talk.

Heather Sartain: The craft that had been recovered in Roswell, New Mexico – and that's not the only place there has been a crash.

That crash occurred in 1947. And there have been other places, especially out in the desert, where craft have been recovered.

The government, the military, has housed them underground at Ellington Air Force Base, as well as at Area 51.

And they have been able to turn on the mechanisms that control the craft, and, of course, there's a lot of very intelligent engineers available to reverse-engineer this technology.

And it's just like if you were to take a cell phone, and you're from another century, and you're a smart person, and you understand how electricity works, perhaps, you can reverse-engineer a cell phone.

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At this point, it is no surprise that further intelligence is coming forward to corroborate the information on subterranean civilizations. This is a topic that is written about in the ancient texts of numerous civilizations from around the world. The Hopi as well as the ancient manuscripts of India speak of the inner world where various types of people dwell.

Cosmic Disclosure with Corey Goode and David Wilcock - Founders of Solar Warden with William Tompkins

In more modern times, we hear accounts of encounters with subterranean civilizations. Some of these encounters have been friendly, though a few have been hazardous. The accounts of former operatives of the underground bases near Dulce, New Mexico are among the more detailed accounts which exist. These stories range from interactions with Greys to those of extended working relationships between the Tall Whites and the U.S. military.

These accounts have been greatly complimented by the amount of detail we receive from the Cosmic Disclosure series. To date, this series has connected numerous dots within the field of UFOlogy and have helped clear up many issues for audience members.

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David: Did he ever talk to you about some of the hurdles that they had to go through in order to be able to run the craft? Was there anything unusual about the technology?

Heather: The unusual things I heard him tell me about the technology, it's very quiet, it's very powerful. It works off electromagnetic energy.

There's a reason why most of these craft are metallic. That metal is not commonly found here. It's actually a manufactured material, and it's not manufactured here.

So this is manufactured in another planet or solar system by other groups of aliens.

David: Were there unusual alloys in the metal?

Heather: It was a mixture of metals, from what I understand, and they have a high density. Some have lower density. So there's been a number of different craft that have been recovered over the years.

David: Did you ever hear about scandium aluminum or bismuth or any of those elements?

Heather: Oh, it's funny you mention that, because a student of mine just found some bismuth . . .

David: Oh, really?

Heather: . . . and they thought it was a meteor, and they brought some to class.

David: Oh! How about that!

Heather: Yeah, it's very unusual. In fact, I took it to one of the planetary scientists at NASA for analysis, and it's all bismuth. They don't know where this came from. It's a very strange conglomerate of material.

Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock and Corey Goode - Exploitation of E.T. Technology with Sergeant Clifford Stone

David: So, Corey, when she mentions high-density alloys, high-density materials and being built outside our solar system, or at least off-planet, does that conform with some of the things you've heard about the composition of these craft?

Corey: I know that they were exotic alloys, but I don't recall that much of what I was reading about the metallurgy.

Heather: I understand part of it, from what he told me, is for protection when they enter our atmosphere. And they have the ability to enter the atmosphere very quick, so high velocity, and the metal can withstand the frictional forces.

David: And you mentioned in the previous episode that the Greys are programmable robot types, but that sometimes they miscalculate their entry.

Heather: Yeah, their minds are programmed. Their minds are similar to ours, but they're more computer-like. There's more electronic materials that are going on inside their bodies, although some are very biologically built.

So if you think about DNA being the unit of how everything's built and as being a communication to RNA on how to make a cell, their bodies are capable of regenerating a lot of parts on their own, sort of like how ours are, except they are programmed by higher alien races, and they are able to control the craft as if they're they CPU on the craft controlling the movements of it.

* * * * *


Hearing about the common use of artificial Greys as servants by higher ET races, brings into question how many different types of these Greys there might be. We have heard that the Grey type of ET isn't simply one race, but that there are many different types of ETs that we would place into the Grey category.

Of course with this in mind, we begin to wonder how many actual organic Grey species might exist. How could we differentiate these from the artificial Greys? It is most likely that most of those within the upper ranks of the Secret Space Program have answered these questions, but to us researchers from the general population, the concept is still perplexing.

Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock and Corey Goode - Validating the 20 & Back Program with William Tompkins

If these beings were manufactured somewhere and had A.I. operating them, this would mean that for a time, there would be constant attempts to improve upon the technology. It may even be that every few years, the ET groups producing these produce a new model similar to the way that Earth car companies revamp their old designs and sell them as new. ETs might go to their local Grey dealership to see what new models would serve the needs of their missions. This may sound far-fetched, but we still have little idea of what life and commerce is like off planet.

* * * * *

David: So, Corey, have you heard anything about there being Greys or any other operator where their brain becomes part of the CPU of the craft and how it functions, like she said?

Corey: Well, yes, our craft operate that way now.

David: Really?

Corey: It's bio-neuro interface. Yeah, their hands – now it's a type of glove that has little pieces in the glove that are metal that interface with our neurology. And then it wirelessly goes to the craft.

David: Hm. So what would make them crash when they come in? Why would they not have the ability to fly the craft correctly?

Heather: It's a bit similar to us moving a space shuttle through the atmosphere. There is particular areas where you want to come into the atmosphere, not only for landing purposes, but for frictional heat purposes.

And this material that they use is more resistant to frictional heat than, say, the space shuttle. And there is things like lightning in our atmosphere, and there's actually been crashes as a result of lightning interference.

Artist's depiction of space shuttle reentry

David: Hm.

Heather: So a strong bolt of electricity can just temporarily mess up their trajectory, their readings.

Corey: Guidance, yeah.

Heather: Yeah.

David: You also mentioned the Roswell crash, 1947, that a being was telepathically communicating with someone.

Heather: Yes.

David: Can you just share that story with us really briefly?

Heather: Yes. There was a nurse with the military at that time, and she was actually brought in because some of the bodies were not functional anymore. But there was a particular being that was still functioning and still . . . I guess “alive” would be an appropriate term for this.

And she was the only person in the military at Roswell that the being would communicate with. And she interpreted that as telepathic communication.

She realized that she was having thoughts that were not of her own. She was having thoughts about things that she doesn't have knowledge of, and that's how she realized the being was communicating with her.

David: Wow!

Heather: There's actually a book available on this. It's called “Alien Interview”.

David: And your father told you that this book was actually authentic?

Heather: Yes. Yes. We used to have Monday night meetings at a friend's house, and we would talk about things like this book. And he said that, “Yeah, I can attest that a lot of that information in there is very true.”

David: Hm. Okay, so this gets into a big, big subject. If they have gotten these disks, and you're saying now that they were able to successfully reproduce them to some degree?

Heather: Yes.

Dr. Bob Wood and William Tompkins - An Interview to Remember - Corroborating the Accounts of Two Seasoned Veterans - Video, Links, and Commentary

David: Okay. Then these are interplanetary craft, correct?

Heather: Mm-hm.

David: So you must have asked him at some point if they had gone out into our solar system, if they had built anything, if they had done anything, if they had found anything. So let's open that up now.

Heather: The UFO disks are more like just for transport purposes, where they come here to get data or perform abductions. They actually go to another place, maybe a larger craft or space station where they dock.

David: The UFOs do?

Heather: Yes.

David: Okay.

Heather: Yeah. The craft I'm referring to are too small to really have any other functionality except transport.

* * * * *


It is good to hear the principle of saucer craft design discussed. According to what I have seen, this has been somewhat of an unaddressed issue in UFOlogy communities and Heather seems to give a sensible answer. If we think about the way a saucer craft is said to function, the reasoning behind the design begins to come to light.

To my knowledge, the shape of these craft is directly related to their propulsion systems and function. They are designed to produce and sustain an electromagnetic, counter-gravitic field around themselves. This field is in the form of a spherical torus that envelopes the entire craft. As the dynamic of the toroid changes, the craft is able to maneuver in any way the pilot wants.

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock- Pyramids and Photon Vortexes - Delving Even Deeper into the Science of Pyramid Technology

According to Sartain, these craft create a similar gravitic field to that of the Sun and that of the Earth. They are a smaller version of the same toroidal generator as these larger astral objects. This is likely the reason as to why these craft can travel and maneuver at such extreme velocities. It is because within their own independent graviy/spacetime field, the Earth's gravity and inertia have no effect.

* * * * *

David: Okay. But as far as folks from Lockheed and other defense contractors, once they gain the ability to leave the Earth, what are they doing out there? Did they find anything?

Heather: They have seen things that look like large pieces of equipment in our solar system, but they don't know what the functionality of that equipment is, other than that we did not put it there.

David: Now, you also had mentioned to me before that he discussed something having to do with Saturn.

Heather: Yes.

David: And could you get into the subject of Saturn for a moment with us now?

Heather: Sure. There are . . .

David: And how did this come up? When did you first hear about this?

Heather: I probably heard him make these statements when we were having conversations, probably when I was in my 30s.

David: Okay.

Heather: So this is more recent information. And he described to me there being over 60 moons around the Saturn system.

If you go beyond the moons that we typically hear about, the larger moons, the ones that have atmospheres or a lot of geology, you find some misshapen moons out there that kind of resemble asteroids.

There's one in particular. The name of the moon is Hyperion.

It has deep cavities in the moon. It almost looks sponge-like.

David: Is that what it's called to everyone out in the known world, or is that what the secret program calls it?

Heather: That's what you're going to find in science books as far as a name is concerned, but NASA refers to that moon as Saturn 7 moon.

David: NASA calls it Saturn 7?

Heather: Yes.

David: Because it's the seventh one out from Saturn?

Heather: It's the seventh one in that profile of moons, yeah.

* * * * *


It is interesting to hear this new piece of data. The notion that there is a cash of information stored on Saturn 7 is something that we have not yet heard discussed on the show, but as David Wilcock explains, this is a concept that he has heard of before. This sounds to be one of the specific data points that Wilcock withheld to use as a point of verification with new whistleblowers.

If new whistleblowers came forward and divulged this information without David telling them anything about it, it is more likely that this person is an authentic whistleblower and not simply a con artist parroting previously disclosed information.

* * * * *

David: Oh, okay.

Heather: And there is a vault that our government is storing inside one of the cavities of the moon that contains very important information and materials.

David: Hm.

Heather: And the reason it's out there is because we cannot house this stuff on Earth. The contents of this vault, I have no knowledge of, but it's very important information, if not technology or something we may need in the future.

David: Okay, Corey, does any of that sound familiar to you?

Corey: Absolutely. Yes, I had heard tale that there was a vault, and that it was for continuity of species if something were to happen on Earth. It has seed banks, genetic banks to reproduce every living organism from microbe up on this planet, and also it's a data repository.

David: Hm. We've talked on the show a lot about ruins in the solar system and stuff that might be pretty old, and I'm wondering if you've ever heard anything about that?

Dr. Michael Salla - Partial Disclosure and Competing Secret Space Programs with Corey Goode

Heather: Yes, we've had conversations, my father and I, about the pyramids on Mars and Earth. These are, from what I understand from him, location areas for pinpointing a particular area of the planet for manipulation purposes.

And one of those manipulation purposes is controlling the Earth's inner core, which then, in turn, affects the Earth's magnetic field tremendously.

David: Well, we do know that the largest amount of land, in terms of longitude and latitude . . . If you actually draw lines around the Earth, the greatest amount of land coverage is . . . it crosses where the Great Pyramid is.

So the Great Pyramid is like at the balance point of the Earth's actual continental mass. And that sounds similar to what you're describing.

Heather: Yes, it does.

David: So he said that Mars has pyramids that serve the same function?

Heather: Yeah, but more in ancient times. From what I understand, there was a lot more activity on Mars in ancient history than there is today.

David: Sure. What about the Great Pyramid here? Did he tell you anything else about it that was unusual that we don't really know about mostly?

Heather: There's a whole lot of technology under there . . .

David: Under the pyramid?

Heather: . . . that's been there for a long time and is utilized, I would say, regularly, from the way he explained it. It's still operational today.

David: In what, like a chamber? Is there a chamber under the pyramid or something?

Heather: I know it's centered and that there is a connecting-type technology in the capstone of the pyramid. So it's deep underground, but it creates a connection. And exactly what that is, I'm not sure.

David: Well, you'd mentioned something about the Earth's core. What's the relationship between the pyramid and the Earth's core?

Heather: Control. So the pyramids have a special technology that's designed to manipulate the Earth's inner liquid core.

David: Mm.

Heather: And that inner liquid core is what transmits our magnetic field. So it can be controlled on making it weak or strong.

David: And is this something that either the good guys or the bad guys in that ET sense can manipulate?

Heather: Oh, yeah, especially the Reptilians.

David: Mm. Okay, so, Corey, I let a lot of this fly out before I wanted to tie this back to you. Now, are you aware of there being unusual technology in or under the Great Pyramid?

Corey: I've never heard anything specific, but I've heard in the program all kinds of things, including that the capstone of the pyramids was put underneath the pyramids.

I've heard several different things about some chambers that they can't get to because there are fields protecting them.

Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock and Corey Goode - Validating the History of the Secret Space Programs - With Dr. Bob Wood

David: Mm.

Corey: But I've never heard very detailed information that is concrete.

David: We have this really interesting clip that we're going to see now from C-SPAN, where Buzz Aldrin, the astronaut, goes on television and talks about this monolith on Phobos. Let's check out the clip right now.

C-SPAN: Buzz Aldrin Reveals Existence of Monolith on Mars Moon

David: What do you think Buzz Aldrin was doing when he mentioned this? Why would he say something like that?

Heather: Well, I think it's important to create awareness. There's very few that will come forward from the government, military, NASA included, because they are working under top-secret projects. They are sworn to secrecy.

The reason somebody would come forward like my dad has in his own not-so-directly way, but like telling me and telling like my mother, is the information is something you feel should be shared.

It's like, why shouldn't this awareness be made to everyone? Because if you don't, you're just helping the Reptilians.

David: Sure.

Heather: And we don't want that to happen. But there's a lot of exchanges and perks that take place with our government, including technological advances, in order to suppress that awareness.

So in exchange for . . . I'm just going to use gold as an example. In exchange for gold, you don't want to create that awareness because you're allowing the Reptilians to have power.

David: Now, as far as the actual monolith on Phobos, did you hear from him about any other ruins besides the pyramids on Mars?

Heather: Yeah, definitely.

David: Could you give us some examples?

Heather: There's technology that's been found on the Moon.

David: Okay.

Heather: Astronauts have actually been on the Moon. The walks on the Moon, the investigations of the Moon are not a hoax. The Saturn 5 rocket did launch. We did make trips to the Moon.

A lot of the things the astronauts have recovered on the Moon are not going to be shown to the public.

David: Really?

Heather: Yes. The lunar rocks, to be honest with you, they resemble actual rocks. This satellite, even if it's purposely made, it's made just like a lot of other moons.

The deception lies within the fact that there are things on one side of the Moon we never see. So the synchronization process of a 28-day cycle, or approximately 28-day cycle around the planet . . . and it's like being in your car. So you're driving around a roundabout, and a person is facing your car, and you face each other the whole way around. You're never going to see the other side of the car or the person.

David: Right.

Heather: So we call it a synchronization orbit, and it's done purposely. This is not by chance or coincidence or by nature.

Cosmic Disclosure - Empaths and Extraterrestrials with Clifford Stone - A View into the World of Special Access and Crash Retrieval Operations

David: So what did you hear is on the dark side of the Moon?

Heather: A few things, that's all I've been made aware of . . . some craft, including crashes, launch pads, stuff that's been abandoned, including old electronics that were not reverse-engineered. They're actually left there.

David: Old electronics from who?

Heather: Other civilizations that have utilized the Moon.

David: Okay.

Heather: It is my understanding some artifacts have been brought back, but they are kept underground. We don't have public information for them.

David: You have also mentioned that your father had a friend who was deeply involved in black ops, and he's still around.

Heather: Uh-huh.

David. What was his role? What do we know about this guy that you can tell us?

Heather: I can tell you that preparations for some things that were considered conspiracy theory or hoax, such as Y2K, him and my father and a few others had prepared. This was a real and true event.

David: Yeah.

Heather: Also, December of 2012 being the end of the Mayan calendar or something else, there was something that was going to occur, and I know from the two of them talking, as well as my father talking to me, there were intentions for these events to take place, but they were stopped.

David: What events are you referring to?

Heather: Y2K, for instance, that was a planned event.

David: Oh.

* * * * *


It makes perfect sense to me to hear of the possibility that the various MSM fear mongering of past years actually had a negative purpose to them. According to Heather, these scare tactics were an attempt to authorize actual planned destructive events.

The notion that Y2K was even possible was doubtful even at the time. Though I was younger then, the concept just didn't make sense. Then when absolutely nothing happened, I was left curious as to how the news could report a story so obsessively only to be completely wrong about the situation.

The Cabal has attempted to create pandemics, mass animal attacks and massive technical failures. They are still attempting to spread the fear of a random asteroid strike (and some social media users choose to help them do it), but the Cabal continues to fail. It is good to see that humanity has enough positive intent to deflect these attempts at mass devastation. However, defense against disaster is not what will free us. The direct intent to heal and resolve the darkness within ourselves is the only thing that will defeat the Cabal once and for all.

* * * * *

Heather: December 21, 2012 being the end of the world, they already knew it wasn't. This was not an apocalyptic event of any sort. This was a preplanned event that had to do with other alien groups with bad intentions, probably the Reptilians.

David: Like a cosmic false-flag attack on Earth for that date you mean?

Heather: Yes.

David: Really?

Heather: Also a distraction . . . I've heard them talk about that this is a possible distraction. That's why it stopped. Or it was stopped by other ancient civilizations that have better technology and wisdom.

David: What was the truth behind the Mayan calendar? Did you ever hear about why the Mayan calendar was so interesting?

Heather: From what I understand in our conversations, the Mayan calendar is a piece of event record-keeping and cycles. The end of that cycle has a lot to do with moving through the zodiac and the constellations.

David: Right.

Heather: That goes back to the parallax of our planet as well. And there is no specific end to the Mayan calendar. Although it ends at that time, it is moving into another part of the zodiac.

And coming from a NASA engineer, astrology is never really talked about, but I would say that there are very specific aspects that relate to astrology that are real and true.

David: Sure. We have so many quotes from ancient civilizations talking about an expectation of some kind of solar event. Corey has also talked about the idea that the Sun might give off some kind of flash of energy.

I'm wondering if you ever personally encountered that from your father or other insiders, and if so, what did you hear?

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock - Prepare for Ascension

Heather: Well, there is a very good reason why NASA has probes and craft that orbit our Sun. We are keeping track of these upcoming events based on changes of the Sun's magnetic field.

The Sun is like a giant magnet. It really is. It interacts with the Earth's magnetic field all the time. And the way the Sun is composed of its energy, there are going to be times when there are CMEs, and there are going to be times where there is a release of plasma.

And that affects our planet's inner core, which in turn affects earthquake activity and volcanism.

* * * * *


The principle that the sun effects weather and geotectonics is a profound notion that has actually been discussed by alternative sources for quite some time. For years, the YouTube'rs Dutchsince and Suspicious Observer have been reporting that solar activity such as flares and CMEs can actually affect geological events on Earth. These two personalities have been attacked and ridiculed simply for developing their own theories, yet they continue to report despite the opposition which typically comes from the establishment after new scientific discoveries.

To briefly comment on one topic, there has been in the past somewhat of a disagreement of which of these personalities (Dutchsinse or Suspicious Observer) first developed the theory of helio-catalytic geotectonics. In actuality, it is likely that these two men both came up with their theory at the same time.

As we have learned, human consciousness is not a local phenomenon, meaning that it does not only exist within a series of independent minds. Consciousness actually expands to encompass an entire community or planet of beings. So when new developments take place, they typically occur in the minds of multiple individuals, and not just one. This is actually a scientific principle which supports this phenomenon known as the Theory of Multiple Intelligence.

With regard to theories that link solar dynamics to geological phenomena, the scientific establishment has been largely opposed to this or any similar notion. In observing such intellectual obstinance, we may wonder why there is such a strong resistance to simple change within modern science and media. It seems to be that the Cabal has such a strong hold on the established media that they would rather promote open ridicule against new ideas than they would report them honestly.

As Heather Sartain explains how the sun has been controlled by different groups, I began to wonder just how much control was possible. Whether these groups were positive or negative, it would stand to reason that if the Law of Free Will applies, these groups could have no more control than our collective free will allowed. Among the many solar event that have taken place over past centuries, the one I and many other are interested in is the main solar flash thought to be imminent by the White House and many SSP groups. It stands to reason that if enough people desire and prepare for this event to happen right now, no amount of artificial control would even come close to stopping it.

* * * * *

David: But you also mentioned something about the Sun releasing plasma. Is this more along the lines of what I'm talking about, like a giant flash?

Heather: Yes. This is inside the Sun's corona. So there's an outer portion of the Sun that has a strong magnetic field that extends far into our solar system that actually causes weather, not just on Earth but on other planets.

And that's actually controlled, and our government knows how to control this.

David: Really?

Heather: Some of this comes from technology of other alien groups, not just by direct communication, but from some reverse-engineering. It's a matter of fact that the reverse-engineering of these small disks that are used for transportation for the Greys works on electromagnetic field propulsions, and that has actually helped us better understand using magnetic fields of other planets.

And the Sun's magnetic field isn't all that much different, other than it's very strong.

* * * * *


There is little need at this point, to emphasize the significance of the principle that interests connected to the U.S. military were reverse engineering alien space craft. This appears to be independent testimony on a principle which has been repeatedly verified by past whistleblowers such as William Tompkins, Pete Peterson, and Clifford Stone.

How A UFO Works - Dissecting The ARV (Alien Reproduction Vehicle) (Video)

In each of these independent testimonies, we are made aware of a concerted effort (which was ongoing at the times these individuals were serving) to reverse engineer and re-engineer foreign space craft to suit the needs of American pilots and military operations.

Heather Sartain adds the testimony of her father to the equation in a way that surprised me, and I am sure that I am not alone. Upon hearing these new details about numerous programs with the same focus as those of Tompkins, Stone, and Peterson, one can easily wonder just how many more former operatives and whistleblowers are waiting to come forward.

* * * * *

David: Mm. So just to divert to that for a second, do we need fuel for these craft to travel, or is there something that allows them to go for a long way without requiring refueling?

Heather: No, it's free.

David: Okay.

Cosmic Disclosure with Corey Goode and David Wilcock - The Law of One and the Secret Space Program - Exploring the Striking Correlations between the Law of One and Past Testimonies of the SSP

Heather: There's electromagnetism everywhere.

David: When you say that our government has the ability to manipulate the Sun's energy, did you get any specifics on how that's being done?

Heather: Well, we've actually protected our planet several times from these CMEs and flashes.

David: Really?

Heather: Mm-hm.

David: Interesting.

Heather: But that's not to say that other groups, such as the Reptilians, can't also do the same. They've had a handle on that technology longer than we have.

David: Mm. So we know back in 1849 there was something called the Carrington Event, where the Sun gave off one of these flashes.

Heather: Oh, yes.

David: And the whole Northern Hemisphere, all the telegraph wires melted in America and everything. So what would be the effect if the CME were to hit us now? Would it be that bad if it was a direct hit?

Heather: A direct hit will definitely wipe out electro-communications, from satellites to your cell phone. It would make changes in your DNA.

This is actually one way upgrades are made. Not all upgrades are equal.

Dr. Michael Salla - Interview with Charles Hall - Motivations of Tall White ETs & Their Exopolitical Significance

David: Mm.

Heather: These interferences or these changes that reach our planet don't necessarily kill people, but they will damage primitive technology. And I mean the technology that we're used to today, such as cell phone technology and the electricity that we use is very primitive.

David: Sure. Now, Corey, you'd sent me a document recently that was an Executive Order that Obama signed regarding solar events.

Corey: Yeah.

David: And could you tell us that story? Because I think right now is a really relevant time for that.

Corey: It popped up out of the blue right during the time we were talking about how a lot of the elite are expecting this large solar sneeze.

The timing of this Executive Order is more than just a little suspect, knowing what we know about what is occurring with the Sun and what all these elites are expecting.

David: Obama is basically organizing a very comprehensive directive for how we would prepare for and endure a major catastrophic solar event. That's what the document is basically saying.

Corey: Right.

David: And they come out in the open with this.

Corey: Right.

David: So why do you think they're doing that now?

Corey: These groups have different ideas about what will occur when there is a solar flash, but they all understand the fact that it's going to be big, from taking out electronics to mutating our genetics.

Cosmic Disclosure with Corey Goode and David Wilcock - Law of One and the Secret Space Program - Technological Salvation

David: Just like she was saying.

Corey: Just like she was saying.

David: So, Heather, based on the fact that we have so much insider testimony saying the Sun is going to give off a massive energy release, from people that Corey has been talking to, I've spoken to many of the other insiders, and there's so much ancient wisdom about it and also scientifically provable data, could you get a little more specific about who have you spoken to who, if they did, said anything about the Sun giving off a huge flash?

Like what did you hear about it? Who told you? Could we get into that a little bit?

Heather: The only specific details I have on a CME or a blast from the Sun's corona is from science and technology, my own education, talking to planetary scientists that I know.

David: Okay.

Heather: And it is a fact that the Earth's magnetic shield is very weak right now. When it's stronger, we have a lot more protection from that much energy being directed at this Earth, because that electromagnetic shield repels it.

David: Right.

Heather: And so it's a matter of, will we have a stronger magnetic field when this happens? And since that can be manipulated, the question is, who will manipulate it, and when will this be done in a timely manner?

David: What is it like for you being a college professor and having knowledge of things like this? Have you had times where you want to tell your students about some of this stuff? And what would happen if you did?

Heather: There's been times that I might shed an opinion or something that they may have seen on television, such as different alien groups. There are chapters in our textbook where we talk about life in the universe and the possibilities of that.

And we can actually attribute all of that to the Kepler Space Telescope, as well as the Spitzer Space Telescope, as well as the Hubble Space Telescope.

We've discovered so many planets that have some of the same constituents of our planet that you almost can't put that in a textbook that life isn't possible elsewhere.

Artists' renditions of Kepler-69c (left and middle) and Kepler-62f (right)

David: Sure.

Heather: We can also thank the Drake equation from 1969.

David: Yeah, which has now been completely disproven because there's 40 billion watery Earth-like planets just in the Milky Way galaxy, and that's now NASA data. Without saying that.

Heather: Exactly.

David: So you told us off camera that you also have had interaction with NASA astronauts who told you some things that they're definitely not going to say publicly. So could you describe a little of that for us now?

Heather: Yeah, just a little information. I won't disclose who I've spoken to, but astronauts have seen a number of UFOs while they are in low Earth orbit in the space shuttle.

Some have knowledge from collaborations with others in the military. Some have backgrounds in the military that date back before their time with NASA, where they have actually had encounters with aliens and also spacecraft.

All of that has been kept closed and top secret, but they will either disclose it to friends . . . Some have come forward on television. There's no doubt about that. You've mentioned one of them.

David: Buzz Aldrin, Gordon Cooper. Um-hm.

Heather: Yes. And they do have interactions with craft, with aliens. They have knowledge of it.

David: Some of our astronauts have had direct interaction with extraterrestrials?

Sphere Being Alliance - Are We Navigating to Our Optimal Temporal Reality? - An Update from Corey Goode

Heather: Yeah, in their military careers, . . .

David: Ah.

Heather: More so in the military, not so much with NASA.

David: We're out of time for this episode. I was curious, Heather, if you have any final thoughts, anything you'd like to share with the audience based on all that we've been discussing here?

Heather: Yeah, I think that the more we make awareness happen, the more people that disclose and our role in this collaborative effort, the better things are going to evolve and advance.

David: Well, Heather, this has been awesome. I really want to thank you for being here.

Heather: I appreciate being here.

David: You've had a lot to say, and it's been really amazing. And, Corey, again, thanks for being here.

Corey: Thank you.

David: And thank you for watching. This is “Cosmic Disclosure”. I'm your host, David Wilcock, here with Corey Goode and our special guest, Heather Sartain. Thanks for watching.

* * * * *

It was good to hear the continuation of Heather Startain's talk from the previous episode. I was again surprised as to how much new information continues to come forward. This reminds us that even when past operatives from within black ops programs depart from this world, many of their children are able to pass on much of the knowledge.

One point I try to keep in mind is that when the descendants of former military operatives come forward, they have a combination of components to their testimony. What I mean is that various people will give accurate testimony, but may include personal belief as well. This is completely fine as long as we are able to distinguish these two different components. This task was easy with Heather's testimony, as she did well to distinguish between her father's testimony and her own thoughts.

Some whistleblowers—though they may be accurate and reliable in some cases—have a tendency to overuse the microphone, so to speak. What I mean is that in my past research experiences, I have heard some whistleblowers become overexcited when given the opportunity to speak, and wind up speaking irresponsibly. (In my observation, this has never happened on the Cosmic Disclosure series, but I feel it is important to make note or it for our future efforts in research.)

It is understandable that when people have strange experiences, we become excited when others want to hear about them. However, when speaking it is important to remember our responsibility to truth and accuracy, and to avoid egoistic focus.

Tips on Discernment – Discerning the Self – Discussing the Vital Lesson of Self-Evaluation

This is one reason as to why I have enjoyed the Cosmic Disclosure series. Gaia continues to ensure that the focus, the discussion and each witness that comes forward has an open floor to speak, but that whenever they do, they stick to what can be verified from multiple angles. If there is belief communicated, it is communicated as belief so there is as little confusion as possible.

Research can be a complex task to undergo. Whatever our chosen source, it is important that in giving audience to that source, we remain objective and observant to what any speaker is saying and how responsible they are in their presentation. Above anything, it is important that we remember to maintain our responsibility of self-examination. This is a key to ensuring our accuracy of research.

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