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CONFIRMATION - Visible Progress toward Massive Pedophilia Ring Take-downs - Videos, Links, and Commentary

For a good while now, we have been receiving word on concerted efforts by law enforcement to crack down on the festering disease of high-profile pedophilia in the United States. Many of us know that this issue represents a massive problem not only in the U.S., but in multiple countries around the world.

Proof of Progress - Clear Moves toward Real Investigations into Government Corruption; Soros-Funded Uprisings Used as Countermeasures

Some may still believe that all of the allegations left in the wake of the outgoing administration were nothing more than a false smear campaign designed to keep Hillary Clinton out of the White House. Unfortunately, the story does not appear to be that simple.

The evidence of the situation continues to suggest a combined effort between certain elitist powers to conceal crimes against humanity instead of revealing them and properly investigating them. While this apparent cover-up is taking place in certain offices of government, the corporate media has been playing their role in keeping the people distracted and confused.

Instead of investigating real crimes against humanity, the corporate media has continually chosen to focus on the drama surrounding questionable policies of the Trump administration. Though there are serious concerns with some of the recent executive orders that Trump has signed, the media does not seem to be concerned with the true nature of these issues. Instead, these corporate media sources seem interested in stirring up controversy, and bending the truth as much as possible in order to divide the people.

Divided We Fall

As we the American people fight one another, the real criminal globalists pull our strings and distract us while they attempt to salvage their plan of global economic conquest. These globalists manipulate us as they please while they live their detestable lives of crime, exploitation, extortion, and murder. A large part of this global manipulation is the trafficking of human beings—namely children.
To put it simply, elitism comes at a price which those of us in the general population always end up paying. We wind up being unwilling subjects in the countless manipulative games of the elite. These people are the top investors in the industries of food, medicine and pharmaceutics, energy, news and entertainment, and the list goes on. These elitists have been so manipulative and so resourceful that they have been able to gain and maintain control of our law enforcement (as has been fairly common throughout history).

These elitist criminals work behind the scenes and consider themselves to be above the law. This is a big reason as to why we find so many law enforcement and official personalities wrapped up in pedophilia rings. Per the common rule within elitist circles, the more compromised your opposition is, the less likely they are to successfully oppose you.

This is how the global elite—commonly known as the Cabal—gradually came to power and remained there for so long. However, this is changing quite rapidly.

Progress toward Justice

For those who are familiar with the reports on progress toward the roundup of high-rolling pedophiles, this should come as very good news. We may have heard of the recent sting operation on a massive pedophile ring in Hollywood and that pedophiles were being rounded up all over the West Coast. It appears that now we have an open confirmation of these positive developments.

This comes in the form of an extreme change of policies among law enforcement, and the formation of several commissions focused on reevaluating the issues of pedophilia and under-aged prostitution as a whole.

This initiative may appear to be somewhat of a side issue as compared to the massive problem of government pedophilia rings. However, I want us to consider what type of enormous change must have taken place behind the scenes in order for law enforcement to initiate such a visible change.

These law enforcement agencies have begun viewing underage prostitutes as human beings—a stark change as compared to past perspectives of law enforcement. In past years, these young women were simply viewed as criminals and were barely respected as human beings at all. These recent efforts seem to represent a significant and much-needed change in the attitude of law enforcement toward the epidemic of human/sex trafficking in the U.S.

Here is Captain Chris Marks with the Human Trafficking Bureau and the L.A. Regional Human Trafficking Task Force.

#PizzaGate Hollywood Pedo-Ring Busted - Hundreds Arrested - Feb 2017

It appears that California law enforcement has adopted a new view of the issue of human exploitation (to restate). With this in mind, we may find it interesting that only a few weeks earlier, YouTube personality, Kent Dunn, reported on a joint operation by multiple law enforcement agencies along with task forces from multiple countries to hunt down and arrest the high profile pedophiles in Hollywood and California in general.

Now we see that a very similar operation has gone public. In a moment we will hear from a man who claims to be an insider of the FBI who knows about further operations to not only pursue the numerous elitist pedophiles that remain in California, but in Washington D.C. and around the East Coast as well.

Signs of Astroturf - ‘Indivisible,’ With Ties to George Soros, Sows Division Against Trump, GOP Lawmakers - Links and Video Included

One detail we may note is that many of the agencies mentioned have been suspected of being corrupt and even complicit in these crimes against humanity. Though these concerns may be addressed at some point, forward progress must be made. The greatest weapon we have in this case is transparency.

Here is a video from the YouTube channel, Victurus Libertas with a revealing presentation on possible developments toward open FBI investigations of pedophilia.

FBI Insider Exclusive! CA Pizzagate Pedo-Rings under Investigation; Hollywood Napa Valley and More

So Our FBI anon friend who predicted PizzaGate has allowed me to interview him with ten short questions. This is BIG. It looks like the #PizzaGate scandal is going to bring down some sick Senators, Congressmen, Wall Street bankers, Journalists and other assorted demonic creatures.
I asked him some questions and I did not expect the answers I got ! Fully one third of our Government is a Pedoring!

Child Sex Trafficking through Child “Protection” Services Exposed – Kidnapping Children for Sex

Q: Back in July, you astounded the world by predicting #PizzaGate when you posted on 4chan. How did you know?

A: We did not predict PizzaGate. What we did do is point out that the Clinton Foundation had and has deep ties to a network of pedophiliacs.Its now slowly coming to light with the new revelations regarding Epstein and Weiner. There is lots more to come. We also got some things wrong. The VP pick, and honestly, we did not expect WJC to survive into 2017.

Q: You were laughed at when you first posted, but 95% of what you stated ended up being true. How does it feel to be vindicated?

A: We expect that. 4chan was the right environment to engage those on the “edge world” as we call it. Some considered our message to be a LARP. Thats fine. We threw in some false paths to ensure plausible deniability. However, when internet sleuths and citizen journalists began hunting for confirmation of our claims, we achieved the spiral effect we were seeking.

Largest Pedophile Ring in History, 70,000 Members, Heads of State, the Rats Scramble - VT and Keshe Take the Lead in Breaking the Most Insidious Human Trafficking Gang on the Planet

Q: Can you tell us what to expect in the near future?

A: We expect some movement next week. High level arrests of close to 3 dozen pedophile politicians, some who are quite well known. Another 42 people also expected to be arrested in the drag net. 72 in all.

Q: But why pre-announce on 4chan? Doesn’t that compromise the sting?

A: There is furious push back to not make arrests. There are internal and nefarious forces attempting to thwart the operation. The cesspool called DC is one big extortion arena. Our politicians are either being extorted for being pedophiles, or they are in the pocket of Bankers, Big Oil, Israel or Saudi Arabia. If Israel and the Saudis can no longer extort politicians for their sexual deviance, where do they make their money and wield their influence? If bankers cannot stop the destruction of their puppet politicians, how do they keep the “fix” in place? Our alphabet agencies are compromised. Our homeland security and defense apparatus has become politically corrupted.How can we stand by while our powerful leaders impose law on one hand, and sexually abuse our children with another?

REVEALED - How Thatcher’s Government Covered Up a VIP Pedophile Ring - Links, Video, and Commentary

Q: Good points. So, is PizzaGate connected to the West Coast.

A: There is serious connection. Not necessarily connecting to the arrests we hope to see next week, but you may want to look into CES, and also NP and see if that politician has any Pizzadust on their shoes.

Q: Nancy Pelosi?

A: No comment

Q: Can you provide some more initials of politicians being investigated?

A Sure BF, MB, TK, DF, JM, LG There are also journalists, pundits, money men, lobbyists.Many are being tracked down and are about to be exposed, arrested, drained. Some may off themselves when they realize they risk prison, ruination, loss of power, etc.

Q: Can you tell us where active Political pedorings in America exist now?

A: In every state. The main concentration is in the East and in the West. In the East, NYC, the resort towns, and of course DC. Out west, Hollywood, Beverly Hills,Napa Valley, Marin County.

Reports: Democratic Representative Anthony Weiner Facing Child-Porn Charges

Q: Ok, so wealthy areas. But why is nothing done about it?

A: It’s covered up. Law Enforcement takes their orders from the DC power brokers. AG’s, police chiefs, etc are ordered to cover up the Pedophile rings and their players.Law Makers are allowed to be Law Breakers, because they create the law and rule over those that enforce the law. We believe that the NOBODY is above the law.

Read more at:

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Time will tell as to the legitimacy of these reports from Victurus Libertas. Yet no matter what these particular reports tell us, it is clear that an open investigation is in the works. This cannot only be seen in the latest reports from reliable sources, but in the way which the Cabal seems to be responding to these efforts of investigation.

We may be familiar with the new Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and that preceding Sessions' appointment, he was viciously attacked with accusations of racism. Though these allegations were unsubstantiated, multiple corporate news sources placed this story at the top of their news boards. This seems to be the typical reaction of the corporate media as many of these companies seem to defend the interests of globalism. When those globalist interests are threatened, the media springs into action launching counterattacks in the hope of derailing further threats of revelation.

To add to these efforts of defamation, we have the Soros-funded uprising against House Chairman Jason Chaffetz and other officials in Utah. This uprising showed clear signs of being a staged event initiated by the Soros group "Indivisible." The crowd did not have much to say except rude nonspecific insults. These chants and comments seemed to be designed not to send a specific message, but to prevent Chaffetz from speaking. Plus the rowdy mob put on a good show for CNN cameras.

Combined with the distorted efforts of the silent couple against a questionable and yet anti-globalist cabinet, these efforts at sabotaging pedophilia investigations have been ongoing. Yet even though these efforts at defamation have been large and expensive, they do nothing to stop the inevitable revelation and prosecution of criminal globalists.
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Proof of Progress - Clear Moves toward Real Investigations into Government Corruption; Soros-Funded Uprisings Used as Countermeasures

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