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Sphere Being Alliance - Corey Goode's Visit to the ER - A Lesson on the Power of Intention

On the weekend of Saturday, January 28th, a series of posts turned up on the Facebook pages of David Wilcock and Corey Goode which at the time, raised quite few concerns. As it turned out, Corey Goode was rushed to the emergency room with issues of severe chest pains among other symptoms.

The situation is resolved now and Corey is doing fine. The issue was found to be reverse altitude sickness. However, the timing of this whole ordeal seemed to be surrounded by a number of strangely synchronistic events. David Wilcock goes into a few details of these occurrences on his Facebook page, as does Corey.

During experiences such as these we are reminded just how unpredictable life can be. We may also considering the fact that collective positive focus can have a profound effect on our physical health and wellness (as can a negative focus). Just as Goode was able to bounce back from this episode, any situation can be turned around for the benefit of everyone.

Here are the posts from the weekend of January 28th.


Please send your prayers and good thoughts to Corey Goode. At 7:14 PM, seven minutes ago, he sent me a short video of himself on a hospital bed in the emergency room, surrounded by machines and family. He is experiencing severe chest pains. The raw footage 3GP file is included here, very short, and I hope it works.

This is just one day after we finished taping Cosmic Disclosure, right in the midst of while all sorts of massive breakthroughs are going on, some of which cannot be discussed. Corey's ER visit also occurred immediately after I just attended a funeral where everyone was crying over a tragic death. Coincidence?

Last night on stage for the Gaia event in Boulder, with 250 people, I mentioned serious breakthroughs I could not talk about and that I was going to a funeral. Then this on the same day?

While writing this he texted again and the doctors have told him it may be "severe reverse altitude sickness." He was fine while we were taping, although he was exhausted as usual from a whole week, which led to 11 new episodes.

In the talk I was describing the power we all have of healing. Please take a moment to send your love and support to Corey right now. We cannot afford to lose him at this point, particularly in light of how much things are about to shift in our favor.

We also had a dream yesterday morning indicating he was in severe danger. This included an eight-foot-tall human in a creepy "agent" costume who bumped into the dreamer and then left the area in strange gymnastic movements. The "bump" appeared to be a heart attack weapon and the dream indicated severe danger. Now this.

Please pray for Corey now. Thank you so much.

David Wilcock - ENDGAME: Disclosure and the Final Defeat of the Cabal

You can follow the above link to view Corey's self recording in the ER. Below is the next post after the ER visit took place.

I'm doing much, much better! Thank all of you for the prayers and healing energy. I felt it! CG


Thanks to your immediate support, his condition is stabilizing. Corey just told me the following via text:

"I started doing much better very soon after you posted the request for prayers. Ka' Aree told me (telepathy) to be calm, She was observing the situation and I would be okay."

That being said, this does NOT appear to be a 'normal' event. We had a major aerospace conference that "just so happened" to be at our hotel at the same time that we were taping.

Check out the video Corey shot of what he could see while walking around the common lobby area of the hotel. It was an SAS Aerospace Conference. Some "very big names" were there.

We also have a photo of the two of us in front of the sign at the entrance, which I added here as a "custom thumbnail".

Then add to this that my close friend had a dream where Corey was being attacked by an 8-foot-tall agent-type being -- with a heart attack weapon.

He was warned in the strongest terms to stay away from what in the dream was a very dark and foreboding area that Corey had willingly walked into, oblivious to the danger.

Corey heard this dream, which occurred the day before his ER visit, but did not know what to make of it at the time.

Then add to it that I had announced major breakthroughs in our work, and that I was going to a funeral, the day before this happened. The episode occurred just two hours after the funeral.

We appear to have avoided disaster this time, but your prayers and loving thoughts are still urgently needed. Thank you."

Click the above link to see Corey Goode at a recent conference which took place at the same hotel where his family happened to be staying at the time.

I woke up a few minutes ago. I am feeling super weak and exhausted and have a massive headache. I am doing much better. Thank you all for the prayers and healing energy. I ended up leaving the Emergency Room against medical advice (AMA) because of the super long wait. After the EKG was done and it was obvious I wasn't going to "keel over" the Dr. had me go to the waiting room. After a long wait and a man and woman came into the lobby and projectile vomited we decided it was time to leave. I will be going to my family Doctor on Monday to get fully checked out. Again, thank you all. No need to worry... :) Corey Goode

Let's keep in mind the fact that our words are not merely words, and that our emotions are not simply feelings. These are powerful tools of creation with the potential to effect the world around us. When combined, these tools can literally change the nature of reality itself. As we intend to create a positive present and future experience, let's remember that our experience can only be as positive as we ourselves are mindful to be.
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