Thursday, January 19, 2017

Pizzagate Goes Mainstream - Ben Swann on 'Reality Check' - Video, Links and Commentary

After months of censorship and media blackouts of the story known as Pizzagate or Pedogate, one source from the mainstream has broken the silence surrounding these issues. In January of 2017 on his CBS segment, Reality Check, Ben Swann opens the mainstream dialog on systemic pedophilia in a major way.

During this show, Swann delves into issues which all other corporate sources seem to have avoided like the plague thus far. The festering problem of pedophilia at the highest echelons of government and the corporate world have been ongoing for the better part of the last century (and possibly longer). Yet each time these issues are brought to light, they are squashed, their major spokespeople are demonized (and sometimes threatened), and the issue is forgotten soon after. However, it seems that at this moment, the long-running secrecy is about to break wide open.

Local CBS Reporter Ben Swann Blows "The Red Sauce And Cheese" Story Wide Open

We have seen cases such as the Boys Town cover-up (also called the Franklin cover-up) come forward in the late 1980s and the British pedophilia scandal surrounding the BBC and the infamous pedophile news anchor, Jimmy Savile in earlier years. In modern days we have heard of the notorious Pedophile Island and the normalized use of pedophilic terminology in private email servers of numerous high-ranking politicians. All of these have pointed to a dire need for extensive investigation. However, until this point, we have only seen the authorities and the media turn a blind eye to the suffering and death of children on an international scale.

The Coming War on Pedophilia? - Revealing the Numerous Efforts to Restore Functionality in American Justice

Hopefully, this first mainstream revelation by the Ben Swann and Reality Check will spawn a new trend in corporate media. This would be the trend of telling the truth and reporting the stories that hold the most meaning for humanity and not those that simply sell airtime and sustain secrecy.
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