Sunday, January 15, 2017

Feds Confirm the Chicago Police Department is as Corrupt as We Thought

Source: The Root

Published: January 13, 2017

By: Stephen A. Crockett Jr.

The Chicago Police Department has always had a violent history plagued by corruption. On Friday a yearlong investigation by the U.S. Justice Department confirms that the CPD has continued to build on its bankrupt legacy.

According to DOJ findings, the Chicago police “have violated the constitutional rights of residents for years, permitting racial bias against blacks, using excessive force and shooting people who did not pose immediate threats,” the New York Times reports.

The report concluded that police tactics have endangered civilians and officers, caused avoidable injuries and deaths, and helped complicate an already contentious relationship between officers and the community.

The findings also noted that the pattern was attributable to “systemic deficiencies,” including insufficient training and bad officers remaining unaccountable for their actions.

Many are concerned that the findings come too little, too late, since the current administration has just days in office before President-elect Donald Trump’s regime takes over. Trump’s position on corruption within the police force and senseless killings of unarmed African Americans remains to be seen.

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The DOJ investigation began after the release of dashcam footage that captured the shooting of black teen Laquan McDonald by Chicago officers. The video showed the 17-year-old walking down the street holding a small pocketknife before he was shot some 16 times. Although the shooting happened in 2014, the footage was not released until December 2015, after the McDonald family demanded that the video be made public.

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