Friday, January 13, 2017

C-SPAN - Senator Thom Tillis: 81 US Interventions in Elections - Video, Commentary and Links

After experiencing in November of 2016, what could be considered the lowest point in election history, many Americans were left in a state of confusion. Some were disheartened while others were relieved. At the election of Donald Trump, many U.S. citizens did not know what to think.

Unmasking Fascism - The United Nations Makes a Shocking Admission about Syria and Western Corruption - Commentary and Links Included

Despite the confusion, one positive result of the end of the 2016 election was the clarification of many of the rumors which this most dirty of election campaigns started.  The religiously promoted assertion that Russia represented the sole center of all problems in the world has been propagated by corporate media in major ways.

For years now, American corruption and internationally destructive foreign policy have been all but completely ignored. Meanwhile, Russia has been demonized at every turn by a corporate media that serves not the people, but the monetary establishment which is likely behind the destruction of multiple foreign lands.

From Ukraine to Afghanistan and Syria, the United States has a long-standing policy of causing every problem imaginable including mass murder and then blaming the entirety of the atrocities on their next target. With a foreign policy like this, it is no wonder why the supposed War on Terror has created far more terrorism than it has eliminated. As things appear, this War on Terror was specifically designed to do just that. However, this is a different subject.

At present, the issue of the U.S. interfering in the election process of multiple foreign nations is the subject of interest. Considering how many hollow attempts we have witnessed from the corporate media at blaming Russia for influencing the American election, it is very telling to find out the truth. This trademark blame-shifting and scapegoating of foreign nations by a corrupt American establishment has now reached the public view, and it is Senator Tom Tillis who gives us the first open and honest view into yet another damning revelation of the dark underbelly of American government.

Senator Thom Tillis: 81 US Interventions in Elections Senator Thom Tillis

As unsettling as this information may be for some to hear, many of us are not at all surprised by it. For many, this fascist foreign policy has been a clear and overt plague in a world controlled by corporate greed. This greed is cleverly hidden under the guise of freedom and Democracy. Yet under this rhetorical camouflage lies foreign policies which rivals that of Nazi Germany.

The Pitfalls of Partial Disclosure - Examining the Process of Disclosure and the Reasons why a String of Half-Truths Just Won't Cut It

Revelations such as this may be difficult to accept. However, we may take heart in the fact that before any massive healing and rejuvenation takes place, we must first do the difficult task of uncovering and mending the societal, economic and global wound we have carried for decades. Only in admitting the wrongs that have been committed will we heal and move forward with the resolve to make the world a better place.
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