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The Succession of the Templars – Ancient Wisdom, Myth, and Distortion – Navigating the Journey from History to Modern Times

If we have familiarized ourselves with the history of the Knights Templar, chances are we will understand the significance and impact of this group over the centuries. We may have even noticed just how influential the Templars have been in modern times.

The Freemasons, Templars, and the Catholic order are all said to come from the same bloodline of the descendants of ancient gods. These gods came to Earth wearing the symbol of the Maltese cross on their attire. The meaning behind this symbol has largely been forgotten over the centuries, and contorted not only by these societies, but by traditions and world religions up to present day. However, we are here to regain that understanding.

Within this article, I intend to examine the impact of the Maltese cross on the Freemasons in order to reveal their true origin and to make the clear distinction between the true significance of this symbolism and the distorted ideology of the Illuminati and other secret societies.

Universal Distortions and the Law of One

The subject of distortions was briefly covered in the Wisdom Teachings series some time ago. This is not distortion as we may think of it. This is distortion according to the Law of One which uses the word to describe the organizational structure of universal consciousness. As we may remember, the distortions started with the One Infinite Consciousness dividing itself into multiple sub-expressions of itself (the Logos and sub-Logoi). These separate aspects were intended to have individual experiences while having the illusion of individuality. Thus the first law of Free Will was created.

Here is one of the many Law of One passages which explains the concept.

15.21 Questioner: Well, in yesterday’s material you stated “we offer the Law of One, the solving of paradoxes.” You also mentioned earlier that the first paradox, or the first distortion I meant, was the distortion of free will. Could you tell me if there’s a sequence? Is there a first, second, third, fourth distortion of the Law of One?

Ra: I am Ra. Only up to a very short point. After this point, the many-ness of distortions are equal one to another. The first distortion, free will, finds focus. This is the second distortion known to you as Logos, the Creative Principle or Love. This intelligent energy thus creates a distortion known as Light. From these three distortions come many, many hierarchies of distortions, each having its own paradoxes to be synthesized, no one being more important than another.

The text refers to intelligent infinity which, through a number of other distortions/organizations, created intelligent energy. This then created the distortion of separation between light and darkness. These two forces complement one another and when re-combined, they form the intelligent infinity once again.

These distortions represent our chosen experience according to the text. This means that a soul must choose either the path of service to others or of service to self for the sake of their learning and gradual integration back into the oneness of intelligent infinity.

Once again, this is an image of the amplituhedron.  This form was found to be the central building block of the quantum universe, and from this form, every quantum reaction can be resolved.  This is scientific proof that the universe is composed of a merkaba (or the amplituhedron multiplied by 4) which fractalizes out into infinity,
This is the actual shape of the photon produced by quantum holography which was discussed in previous articles.
The mark of the Templars

It seems the Ra group who are said to be the origin of the Law of One had extensive knowledge of these universal concepts.  However, it seems that the knowledge of the central origin of the universe—the photon—was not limited to the Ra group. 

The Unity of Darkness and Light

This symbol of the original, universal photon seems to have been known by ancient visitors to Earth who arrived thousands of years ago. We know that the Ra group had some level of influence according to the Law of One and ancient texts, but as previously stated, this group was not the only ET group who posessed this knowledge.

Ancient Sumerian relief art depicts examples of numerous beings that had advanced technology as well as a significant level of understanding of the photon. These sky gods seemed to have held this image in such high regard that they incorporated it into multiple aspects of their clothing and attire.

Sumerian relief art of the "Annunaki" - These are said to be the sky gods who brought the Sumerians their culture and various elements of their advanced society. The description of these beings have much in common with those of the Draco we read about in present day.
Sumerian goddess, Lama - Notice the reptilian-like feet. The wings typically indicate the ability of flight and the celestial origins of these sky gods.

Through a long succession of these secret societal orders, this symbol found its way to the Knights Templar, who used the image of the photon as their insignia. The symbol took many different forms, but still maintained its original significance and reference to ancient gods.

Within several works of ancient sculpture, we can see that these ancient visitors were likely the Draco that are believed to have visited the Sumerians as well as many other cultures around the world. These are the beings that leaned toward the negative polarity and held the creed of conquest and advancement of their territory. If this was the case, this would mean that the elite among the ancient Sumerians deliberately called these beings, as these beings do not show up uninvited, according to the Law of One.

If these ancient sky gods were actually the Draco, this would mean that the elitists of the Sumerian civilization leaned toward the negative polarity as well. It would further mean that their gods were what many of us would consider to be extremely negative and manipulative. Consequently, the symbol they wore would represent evil and negativity to all of those who shared the ideology.

IN HOC SIGNO VINCES - Latin for "In his sign (or signal) we have victory." The sign is the cross. SPEC MEA IN DEO EST - Latin for "In God, my trust is," or "In God, we trust." But who is the god they trusted in?
This broach pin combines these two Latin statements as well as the Templar cross and the double-heeded phoenix holding a sword. The phoenix represents the two poles of light and darkness which the Freemasons practiced. There is also the Masonic reference to the 32nd degree of development.

A Templar cross which depicts the photonic nature of the symbol with four tetrahedrons
Various versions of the Maltese cross - Take note of the Jerusalem cross, and its demonstration of the fractal photon. This will stand out in a moment.

A pen which demonstrates the fractal nature of the photon in the Jerusalem cross
Though many Western Masons may not realize it, their order originated from Scottish Right Freemasonry.  These are said to be the descendants of the Templars who fled the inquisition and execution of the remaining Templar order.
This is the ceiling of the Church of Saint Mary's Cathedral in Ethiopia. It depicts clear indication that the Maltese cross and the merkaba are references to the same concept of light. Also notice the swastika-like forms surrounding the merkaba. We may note that the swastika was originally a positive symbol, but was perverted by the Nazis.

This is authentic Templar art and depicts an actual ceremony which the Templars traditionally performed. This "god," Baphomet, is the god they trust in, and the sign he is wearingthe Rosicrucian crossis where they believe their victory lies. The statue they are carrying would represents one of the original Annunaki beings, which were taller than normal humans. The Annunaki genetic line looked human, but they had elongated skulls and wore animal masks and head coverings to hide their appearance.
Queen Elizabeth I of England was said to be very successful in war. She was one of the daughters of the infamous Henry VIII, who beheaded his wives when he did not get along with them. King Henry was an extremely negative ruler and his daughter was said to be as well. 
The mystery of the coiled snake has puzzled many art historians for years. This snake may have represented her connection to the Draco in some way.
The astrologer, John Dee , was the court astrologer of Queen Elizabeth and as we may know, he was the original 007. Dee was the man who was successful in sorcery and was able to contact the Draco. It was these Draco beings that are said to be the source of Queen Elizabeth's success. 
According to Wilcock, Dee learned to harvest loosh (fear energy) from the people, as the Draco use loosh as their food supply. In return for this service, the Draco helped the Elizabethan monarchy succeed.

It should be known that even with all of the different iterations of the Maltese cross, many Freemasons still do not fully understand its true significance. It seems that only the upper ranks of the Masons come close to this knowledge along with the origin of their belief systems. One of the concepts that seems to be extremely contorted within  Masonic tradition is the true significance of light and darkness, and how these forces are intended to interact. This brings us to our next subject of interest.

Twisted Darkness – The Distortion of the Illuminati Belief System

Consider, for a moment, the subject of the well-known double-headed eagle (or phoenix) in Freemasonic imagery.  According to David Wilcock, this Masonic symbols denotes the belief that a practitioner must exercise both the light and the darkness in order to achieve enlightenment (though he adds that this was not at all the true meaning). This means that the practitioner has to be both excessively philanthropic and excessively cruel and murderous at the same time.

Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: Moloch, Owls and the Horns of Satan: Part 1

This self-contradictory view which the Masons hold is severely distorted from the original intent of the two paths. According to the Law of One, an individual must choose between the paths of service to others and service to self in order to progress, and by remaining diligent on their chosen path, the practitioner will progress and eventually reach the original state of oneness.

The darkness is meant to act as a catalyst to awaken those on the path of light to begin their quest of ascension. The darkness itself includes a path of self-love and self-absorption. Without darkness, the quest of light would have no incentive. To restates, only by choosing between light and darkness can an individual advance on the path of evolution, either from serving other or from self-service. However, the upper echelons of the Masons distort this concept.

These elitists do not choose a path of either light or darkness. They believe themselves to be the only ones who are worthy to excel on the path of enlightenment. Their belief system places them at the pinnacle of existence, while the rest of us are seen as little more than cattle to be controlled (and sometime slaughtered). To add, they believe that Lucifer is good and was only a misunderstood deity who was deposed by an evil god.

In their excessive arrogance, the Illuminati/Cabal misses the point of enlightenment entirely. Instead of choosing between the two polarities, they have stagnated the entire process of evolution. Not only this, but by hording all of the knowledge and resources of the planet for themselves, they prevent the entire planet from evolving. This has been a major problem for the last 26,000 years, according to the Law of One.

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock: Giant Steps toward Disclosure

Today, it is the Cabal/Illuminati cult that acts as the stumbling block for the entire planet, and because of their refusal to share their knowledge or to allow anyone else to set them straight, they have become an ever-present nuisance to humanity. This is where we find ourselves today. The Cabal destroys everything they touch because they are convinced it is their appointed task. They rape, torture and kill because they feel it is their duty to cause trouble. Yet in all of this, they have completely failed to recognize the entire goal of the two evolutionary paths.

The few Cabal members that make it onto the path of darkness are barely able to achieve ascension afterward. So as a consequence of this group's hubris and lack of insight, they have caused the Earth, as well as the entire galaxy what could be considered the greatest difficulty the galaxy has seen yet. This is the result of the twisted Luciferianism the world is currently trying to expel.

The Masons and the Mithraists

In the Wisdom Teachings episode titled, Illuminating the Templars and the Maltese Cross Part 2, David Wilcock, mentioned the striking similarities between the design of the Mithraic temples (or caves called mithreums) and the typical design of Masonic lodge. As it turns out, the proportions of the Masonic lodge and the mithreum appear to be one and the same. It would seem that these two religions/ideologies had enough similarities to prove that Fremasonry was a direct product of Mithra worship.

According to the writings of Harry LeRoy Haywood—author of the book, Chapters of Masonic History—the Mithraists were responsible for seeding numerous religions within the ancient word. Here is a short excerpt from Haywood's book on the influences of Mithraism.

Masonic writers have often professed to see many points of resemblance between Mithraism and Freemasonry.  Albert Pike once declared that Freemasonry is the modern heir of the Ancient Mysteries.   It is a dictum with which I have never been able to agree.  There are similarities between our Fraternity and the old Mystery Cults, but most of them are of a superficial character, and have to do with externals of rite or, organization, and not with inward content.  When Sir Samuel Dill described Mithraism as "a sacred Freemasonry" he used that name in a very loose sense. Nevertheless, the resemblances are often startling.

Men only were admitted to membership in the cult.  "Among the hundreds of inscriptions that have come down to us, not one mentions either a priestess, a woman initiate, or even a donatress." In this the mithrea differed from the collegia, which latter, though they almost never admitted women as members, never hesitated to accept help or money from them.  Membership in Mithraism was as democratic as it is with us, perhaps more so; slaves were freely admitted and often held positions of trust, as also did the freedmen of whom there were such multitudes in the latter centuries of the empire.

Membership was usually divided into seven grades, each of which had its own appropriate symbolical ceremonies.  Initiation was the crowning experience of every worshipper.  He was attired symbolically, took vows, passed through many baptisms, and in the higher grades ate sacred meals with his fellows.  The great event of the initiate's experiences was the taurobolium, already described.  It was deemed very efficacious, and was supposed to unite the worshipper with Mithra himself.  A dramatic representation of a dying and a rising again was at the head of all these ceremonies.  A tablet showing in bas relief Mithra's killing of the bull stood at the end of every mithreum.

This, mithreum, as the meeting place, or lodge, was called, was usually cavern shaped, to represent the cave in which the god had his struggle.   There were benches or shelves along the side, and on these side lines the members sat.  Each mithreum had its own officers, its president, trustees, standing committees, treasurer, and so forth, and there were higher degrees granting special privileges to the few.   Charity and Relief were universally practised and one Mithraist hailed another as "brother." The Mithraic "lodge" was kept small, and new lodges were developed as a result of "swarming off" when membership grew too large. 

The practice of Mithraism has been commonplace and extremely impactful throughout the millennia. It could be said that Mithraism was one of the most influential religions of ancient times. Even today, we still have signs of the cult of Mithra in numerous places. In fact we would be surprised to learn that Christianity may be a form of Mithraism re-branded to fit a new center of focus (Yeshua) after the first century A.D.

These are ancient mithreums that were excavated by archaeologists.  The design is clearly Mithraic in nature down to the alter and relief art of Mithra killing the bull.
Another image of the ancient mithreum 
The modern Masonic lodge
The checkered floor in Masonic symbolism is said to represent the belief that a practitioner needs to practice both good and evil in order to reach enlightenment.

The History of the Knights Templars - By Charles Greenstreet Addison, David Hatcher Childress

The actual Yeshua/Jesus was likely much different than written about the New Testament of the Bible. He was most likely extremely positive, and chose to incarnate on the Earth to help usher in the new energy at the end of the previous cycle (circa Year Zero A.D.). However, the elitists of the dayinstead of allowing this new positive figure to ruin their nefarious plansdid everything they could to twist and contort Yeshua's teachings into an oppressive, sensational, and divertive religion that lead people away from their natural process of awakening.

We may note that new religions typically manifest right at the beginning of a new age. This is typically when mass awakenings of consciousness take place among large populations (much like present day). The elitists are typically aware of this mass awakening which takes place during end times throughout history.  Consequently, these elitists have devised numerous methods of distraction and diversion from authentic awakening experiences.

To do this, the elitists would employ belief systems that held many elements of truth within them. These manipulators would make these systems as appealing and attractive as possible to naive and newly awakened audiences, and because these newly awakened people were still programmed to follow a leader without considering where they were being lead, the people would easily be ensnared. This combination of new energy and old programming made the perfect religion in the various sects of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and many other world religions (though this is not to say that these faiths are completely useless.  I believe there are still valuable points hidden within them).

Within our present times of transition, we can also see this conflation of new energy and old programming within a number of limiting belief systems. These belief systems have numerous elements of truth within them and appear very attractive to a large number of people. However, they only serve to distract, detract and divide otherwise cohesive groups who are trying to remain focused and unified on their path of evolution. This is how the elite have always managed to maintain some amount of control over the planet.

Playing Both Sides – WWII and the Hegelian Dialect

The notion that both sides of World War II were controlled by the same Masonic influences has been mentioned in the past. However, it has not been clearly defined by evidence—until now.

As we may know, the Cabal typically uses the Hegelian dialect to conquer and control large populations. In this method they target two different subcultures or groups, manipulate both groups into accepting opposing beliefs and ideologies, and then instigate conflict (which typically escalates into violence) between the groups. After battles escalate into all out war, the two sides of the conflict are continually fed the supplies they need to continue the fight. Hegelian manipulators typically use this method so that lasting control can be maintained over populations and resources.
Beyond the armies of opposing countries of WWII, there was one group controlling the entire process of the war for their own personal benefit.

In order to realize the central power between the two side of WWII, all we need to consider is the Freemasonic symbolism of the Maltese cross included on the common attire of Queen Elizabeth and the Nazis. The Maltese cross is the symbol of the Freemasons and there is no war between fellow Masons.  These people take a blood oath and that oath last the entire lifetime of the individual.
We have seen the British flag (the Union Jack) so many times as a cultural icon for the British Isle. However, most of us probably have not considered the significance of its use as the national symbol for Britain. This too is the symbol of Maltese cross and underneath all of the patriotic distraction, it seems to represent the same Luciferian beliefs and agenda as the others.
We may remember that the Nazi flag included the Maltese cross along with the swastika. Just like the Church of Saint Mary's Cathedral, this flag demonstrated the demonic meaning behind the Masonic symbol (thought it actually was not demonic, but was contorted to have such meaning).
Aleister Crowley - A man considered to be an icon within modern Freemasonry.  Crowley was said to have achieved the 33rd degree of which, as we know, is the highest rank of Freemasonry.  This is a photo of Crowley with his own inscription to the left. Notice the Jerusalem cross to the left and the Maltese cross pinned to his uniform. There is also the word Baphomet signed by Crowley. 
As we may know, Crowley had significant influences on NASA, the music industry, and many other aspects of modern Luciferianism.

This method of instigation of war is also said to be a means by which elitists harvest what they refer to as loosh from large populations. This loosh is actually the energy of fear and suffering, and serves as the main source of sustenance for the group we know as the Draco, according to multiple sources including the Law of One.

The methods of the Cabal have multiple effects which benefit all of the elites within their circle. They reduce population. They also manipulate and control large populations in whatever way the Cabal chooses, and they create loosh for their Draco overlords. It is even stated in the Law of One that the Draco systematically conquer different planets and territories in order to manipulate populations into the feeding and serving them.

As the Knights Templar and other secret societies learned, to produce loosh for the Draco was typically rewarded by these beings in various ways. For example, the Draco would assist these elitists in defeating their enemies and expanding their own territory. The Draco would also assist the elite with knowledge and technology so that the elite could remain ahead of the rest of the population.

At this point, we have covered a number of topics. However, the concept behind the Catholic Church still needs to be addressed. Many of us believe that the Catholic Church is the representation of God on Earth. However, the upper echelons of this group have proven otherwise.

The Secrets of the Catholic Church

Just as the Templars, the Freemasons, and Mithraists did, the upper echelons of the Catholic Church worship Lucifer as well. All we need is to look at the track record of the Catholic church to see this as the case. We may have wondered just why so many priests have been able to get away with so many crimes including child rape and molestation without any punishment or response by law enforcement. This is because these acts are only considered sinful for those who are outside of the elitists order. Just as in modern times, pedophilia has been an historical constant within numerous elitist circles.

As we have seen throughout history and in present day America, pedophilia is only considered a crime if the perpetrator is poor.  If you are a teacher or a celebrity who is not a Cabal puppet, pedophilia is a serious offense. However, if a person on the elitist in-crowd ever commits this crime, they get a free pass on as much child rape as they want. This is the sick reality that has been plaguing elitist-run societies for ages, and it shows the true nature of organizations such as government and the Catholic Church.

According to David Wilcock, the confessionals were also a part of the Templar military industrial complex during the ______ . As he states, the priests who ran the confessionals collected the information disclosed within them and turn it over to the Templars. The Templars would then use the confessions as a means to blackmail all of those who they intended to manipulate. In this way, the Catholic Church was NSA of its day.
Pope John Paul II - with more Maltese crosses displayed on his lapel and miter hat

Child Sex Trafficking through Child “Protection” Services Exposed – Kidnapping Children for Sex

Pope Benedict - wearing the Maltese cross; the symbol of the original photon worshiped as the sign of Lucifer in the upper echelons of the Catholic Church
Here is another correlation between the Star of David/merkaba and the Maltese cross. The miter hats that the priests wear are designed to hide their elongated skulls. According to Wilcock, the trait of the elongated skulls is still visible within the Vatican priesthood.
Pope Francis with the cross

The Vatican has Paid Close to $4 Billion to Settle Child Molestation Lawsuits - Links and Commentary

A Russian Bishop with multiple signs of the cross along with the crown
This is a bishop who does not seem to be interested in hiding the fact that Catholicism and Freemasonry have the same ideology in the upper echelons. Note the strange candles and symbols in the background.

These elitists do not “trust in God” as is written on the dollar bill—at least not the god we may think of. It is commonly assumed that the American founding fathers were pious men of God, but according to Masonic history, this is not the case. Their god—the one who is actually represented by the cross—is Lucifer. Before this cross symbolized Jesus, it was Mithras's/Lucifer's symbol, and represented the negative ET beings that originally visited the Sumerians.

The Maltese cross—the symbol of the original photon—was contorted into a Luciferian symbol and can still be seen in countless settings in modern times. We have seen these symbols in multiple locations and in many different contexts. However, it was not until I saw the correlations which David Wilcock mentioned that I began to see that the Cabal deliberately used this symbol within these contexts.

Signs of the Templars in Entertainment

The subject of the Maltese cross brings to mind the Indiana Jones films, The Last Crusade. This was a movie I watched numerous times growing up, but back then I had no idea what I was actually watching. At this point, it seems clear that each of the Indiana Jones movies was an allegory for the quest for enlightenment.

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock - NASA’s Flying Saucer - From Scientific Breakthroughs to Entertainment Media Stunts

The story of an archaeologist going on adventures around the world to find ancient artifacts alongside the Nazis seems to reveal quite a bit about the true meaning of these films. The Last Crusade was a movie about the quest to find the Holy Grail, and involved Jones (Harrison Ford) travelling to multiple countries and cities in order to track it down. As he searched, he was tailed by a group of grail protectors who attempted to kill him and his female (Nazi) traveling companion, Elsa (Alison Doody). The interesting part was that these grail protectors all had tattoos of the Maltese cross on their chests, and each time they showed up, it was made sure that the cross was clearly visible.

Grail protector and Jones

The cross is visible in numerous scenes including the catacombs of Venice, Italy, on the chest tattoos of these guards, on coats of arms of knights, and on seals on ancient stone floors. These symbols could have been excused away as contextually appropriate, but the entire story seemed to be more than an entertaining adventure.

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock - NASA’s Flying Saucer - From Scientific Breakthroughs to Entertainment Media Stunts

It seems that The Last Crusade was actually communicated as an allegory for American imperialism, and the divine right of the American interests to pillage the world ahead of the Nazis. The way that I see it, this was the underlying theme of each Indiana Jones movie. American elitist/imperialists have the same motives as the Nazis did, but have a slightly different outlook. So at different times the Nazis assisted America, and at other times the American interests would use and steal from the Nazis. (Ultimately, it would be the Nazis that took over America, but that is another discussion.)

This theme of following in the footsteps of the Templars could also be seen in the plot of the movie, The Goonies. In this film we have American children going on a quest for treasure—a quest which others had failed or died trying to complete. This quest was a challenging and dangerous journey for these kids and included numerous obstacles, intricate booby traps, and dangerous opposition.

One of these kids, Mikey (Sean Astin), was the leader and motivator of the group on the adventure. Together, these kids used their wits to defeat all of the traps and obstacles to attain the treasure, and save their entire neighborhood from demolition. I don't think it was a coincidence that the pirate who was the captain of the hidden ship and the owner of the treasure was named One-Eyed Willy. This name and character was most likely a symbol of the third eye and the enlightenment of the Templars.

(To add, the Chinese friend in the group whom the kids called Data asked his friends to call him 007.  As we may know, this pseudonym is in reference to the original Merlin or John Dee—Elizabeth I's court astrologer, and the man responsible for contacting the Draco.)

We may not have noticed all of the places in which the Masons are placing "his symbol," but these are a few.  This is Oreo Cookies, Nabisco Foods, the Hallmark sign with the crown included, Exon Mobile, and American Lung Association. These are all Masonic establishments and all have the same goal in mind, which is to dominate, conquer and control humanity at every level. This includes population control in the form of unhealthy products disguised as food, drugs, health organizations, cosmetics, etc.

Here we have the emblem for the Alfa Romeo car company. Alfa Romeo may refer to Rome as the alfa male. The image may be a bit disturbing if we think about it. There is the typical cross on the left, but on the right, there is what looks to be a Draco that is either breathing fire or eating a human being.  However, it appears to be more symmetrical than fire would be. There is also the trademark crown of the Templars in the upper right.

David Wilcock also gave the example of the Game of Thrones series as demonstrative of Templar history in entertainment. Though I have never watched an episode of this series, I have heard it to be enjoyable for some. As Wilcock shared, the land which is depicted during the opening credits of the show is an adaptation of the British Island. The only difference is that one side of the island is flipped upside down so as not to make it too obvious. The show is actually the true history of Britain, complete with the Draco, which are represented as dragons.

Artists and Actors for the Cabal

We may also be familiar with the excessive over-saturation of Luciferian iconography in American music and entertainment.  Everywhere we look, we see cultural icons and artists flashing the typical Illuminati gang signs.

These insignia appear almost every time there is a large gathering of people such as Superbowl halftime shows, music awards ceremonies, and Olympic games. We have seen the signs and insignia countless times, though we may not have always realized what we were looking at.

Justin Bieber
J.Z. and Kanye West

Lady Gaga
Eddie Murphy - A comedian who made his carrier out of jokes about human waste. This is gross, but... As we may know, the Illuminati use the consumption of human waste (feces) as a form of torture.
Madonna at Superbowl (2013) halftime show dressed and posed as Baphomet

Madonna - 2015 Grammy performance blatantly depicting occult ceremony
Olympic Stadium in London (2012 Olympics) - Notice all of the lighting that is in the form of the Masonic Eye of the Pyramid, which symbolizes the 3rd eye.

During the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics, there was a strange display of sick children who rolled around in hospital beds. This was followed by the display of a massive demonic figure wielding a long knife. The situation seemed to blatantly promote satanic child sacrifice just as we know from typical Luciferian tradition.
2012 Olympics - Children in hospital beds and a huge baby figure to depict the sacrifice for the demon

We are all at least somewhat familiar with the story of Michael Jackson.  However, there is one aspect of this story we have not read. From what we can see, it is extremely likely that as a child, Michael was a constant victim to child predators and pedophiles.

The NDAA Legalizes the Use of Propaganda on United States Citizens - Commentary and Links, Plus an Interview with Dr. Udo Ulfkotte

We have learned in recent times, that Hollywood and the music industry are infested with pedophilia and that any child actor or musician, if left unprotected, will become a victim. Considering how abusive Michael's childhood was, it is very likely that he was a regular victim of these child predators.

The true reason, I believe, that Michael Jackson was put on trial so many times for the crimes that were likely committed against him was not because he actually committed them, but because he broke the cardinal rule of the music industry.  That is, "Never betray your 'masters.'" I say "masters" because the Cabal actually believes that these artists belong to them.

Young Michael Jackson - MKULRA manipulators will typically prey on young artists and actors for their programs. These predators look specifically for children who come from severely abusive homes. This makes it much easier for programming to take root in their psyche. Split personalities and alternate personalities are typical results of this trauma-based programming.
After the video Thriller was released, Michael Jackson seemed to take on the role of a hyper-sexual hermaphrodite who seemed to gain these feminine qualities over night. This is thought to be the result of MKULTRA programming as well as a common tactic in propaganda. 
We may recall that Jackson's trademark dance moves included repeated crotch grabbing followed by Illuminati hand gestures. This may indicate the specific type of abuse and programming he endured.
We know that the Cabal is both sexist and racist. These people see women as inferior, and see people of color as worthless. Consequently, cabalists commonly superimpose a feminine (and sometimes, child-like) persona on the image of people of color who are in the public eye. This form of propaganda is designed to subconsciously suggest the inferiority of minorities to the general audience.

UPDATE - Mass Arrests Continue - Alliance Forces Targeting Pedophilia Rings, According to Reports - Video, Commentary and Links

We will remember that during Jackson's trials, there were no cameras or recording devices of any kind allowed in the courtroom. There may have been a very specific reason for this. We know that the Cabal commonly commits untold atrocity in excess, and when it serves them, they will project their own guilt onto their enemies, demonize them, attack, and even kill them.

We know from the massive effort to dismiss and deny the legitimacy of rampant elitist pedophilia in American government, that the Cabal are serial child rapists among other things. I find it very likely that when Michael Jackson betrayed them and opposed Sony Musicone of their central hubs of propagandathey began attacking him. They did this by projecting their own sickness and depravity onto one of their former victims. There were no cameras in the courtroom because the Cabal media covers for elitist pedophiles, just as we see happening today with the civilian-led Pizzagate investigations.

#PizzaGate - What We Know So Far - Video, Links, and Commentary

When a musician signs a contract with the Sony company, for example, that contract represents the bondage of the artist. It also represents their long-term success, but in exchange they are expected to sell their soul to the devil. (This is actually what the act is referred to in the industry.) Afterward, they are allowed to be successful and gain fame, but at any point, they may be used, humiliated, ruined, and even sacrificed if the Cabal sees it fit.

The entertainment industry is as specially difficult for people of color, as these people are seen as dually inferior by the Cabal. Consequently, any artists of African descent is signed on with a gag order that if they ever say or do anything that opposes the Cabal's standards of racism and ethnic cleansing, that artist will be humiliated and/or eliminated.

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock - “The Cabal’s Downward Spiral” - Assessing the Final Days of a Crumbling Cabal, and a Prelude to Breakthrough

Those who still subscribe to corporate news and entertainment are subjected to this subconscious, Luciferian propaganda on a regular basis. Every time we turn on a television or a radio, and every time we watch a movie trailer or a commercial ad, we are subjected to this Luciferian iconography. In this way were are attemptedly coerced into accepting the ideologies behind such Masonic distortion.

The mark of the Templars and the Freemasons have become normal imagery in modern American society. However, there is a positive side to the exposure of this propaganda. In modern times, the overt reality of this Luciferian cult has become obvious and impossible to ignore. Instead of being a mystery to the common people as in past centuries, the true meaning of this secret code of evil has been outed and exposed as the perversion it truly is.

Closing Statements

It seems that everywhere we look we can see the image of the succession of the Templars.  Even in modern times when some would think that such a group would have been forgotten, the symbol of the Maltese cross is clearly displayed as the mark of secret elitist societies. Though the symbol may be a bit disturbing for some, its presence is not at all an indication of certain defeat.

The reason these elitist manipulators have not succeeded in taking over the world is because their chosen path of destruction is designed to self-destruct. As it turns out, these people embody enough darkness that they actually self-implode after too long. According to multiple sources, the recent outing and continual failure of the Cabal is not a result of random happenstance. This failure of the Cabal represents a natural occurrence which is designed to give those on the path of service to others a push in a positive direction.

This downfall of the Cabal gives us an opportunity to set right all that has been damaged over the past 26,000 year cycle. If I have interpreted the Law of One correctly, this is why we see these criminals being outed and attacked from every side. It is why we see their pedophilia rings broken up and arrests made. It is also the reason why we hear of their bases being destroyed and why we are witnessing their financial demise, and though they seem to be resisting and attempting to cause as much damage as possible on their way out, their time on this planet is up.

In all of this, we have the task of ensuring that no remnant of their insidious ways remains. Their money, their media, their systems of control at multiple levels—all of these must go in order for us to be free. These people have taking steps to ensure some form of control even after they are gone, and it is our task to make sure that our freedom is complete and permanent.

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Illuminating the Templars and the Maltese Cross – Surprising Correlations between the Photon and Numerous Historical Symbols

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