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FAA Says North Dakota Cops Committed Felony by Shooting Down DAPL Protester Drones - Video, Commentary and Links

At this point, we are all at least somewhat familiar with the ordeal of the Dakota Access Pipeline. At the height of this conflict between the Water Protectors of Standing Rock and Big Oil, there were reported to to be numerous instances of reckless abandonment of the American Constitution by police and security personnel. On multiple occasions, these security personnel ignored U.S. law, and instead chose to brutalized unarmed Natives in the name of corporate interests.

The crimes of this security squad ranged from assault on minors to the use of excessive force, and reckless endangerment of civilians. Though the excuses of these security forces are numerous, and their attempts at saving face plentiful, the misdeeds of these hired hands are clear. The positive side to this ordeal (among others) is that many of these crimes were recorded on video. Were it not for the brave drone pilots who documented multiple violations of DAPL security, the excuses and lies of the perpetrators of these crimes may have passed for truth.

Cops Are FINALLY Being Sued For ILLEGALLY Spraying Standing Rock Protesters With Water In Freezing Temperatures

The importance of independent surveillance during the ordeal in North Dakota has been foundational in keeping the Native Water Protectors safe from even more brutality than they have suffered.  The lies that the security forces have fed to corporate media about their own actions have been disproved repeatedly by the diligent efforts of alternative media and a number of self-made documentarians.

Though the efforts of the North Dakota Water Protectors have been underappreciated by some, their labor and endurance has saved the majority of the American fresh water supply from certain contamination.  To add, the video evidence collected from this ordeal by the Natives is proving to be vital in pursuit of justice for the crimes committed against all of those fighting for freedom at Standing Rock,

Dakota Excess Pipeline? Standing Rock Protectors Strip-Searched, Jailed for Days on Minor Charges - Video, Links, and Commentary

Here is a short interview with The Young Turks which illustrates the importance of independent surveillance in documenting the the violations of the corporate security guards.

Dakota Access Goons Shoot Down Water Protector Drone

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Source: Counter Current News

Published: October 28, 2016

By: Jeremiah Jones

It is a federal crime to shoot down aircraft, and this week, the FAA confirmed that that includes drones. This is great news for anyone who has a drone, and for anyone who doesn’t want errant bullets falling from the sky, and it’s bad news for anyone eager to pump a quadcopter full of lead. Of course, now the question is “Does this apply to police officers shooting down media drones?”

Dakota Access Pipeline - The Standoff between Corporate Kleptocracy and the Enduring Spirit of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe 

Kelsey Atherton of Popular Science reports that the FAA told Forbes in April:

According to the FAA “regardless of the situation, shooting at any aircraft — including unmanned aircraft — poses a significant safety hazard. An unmanned aircraft hit by gunfire could crash, causing damage to persons or property on the ground, or it could collide with other objects in the air. ”

“To reach this justification, the FAA turned to 18 U.S.C. 32, a law that in part expands “United States jurisdiction over aircraft sabotage to include destruction of any aircraft in the special aircraft jurisdiction of the United States.” The FAA, as the part of government that oversees that sky, could have made an exception when applying this law to small, uncrewed aircraft. That it didn’t fits into a larger pattern: whenever the FAA is given the opportunity to treat drones as regular aircraft, it chooses to do so. That means pilot’s licenses for drone business operators, and it means that when the FAA bans aircraft for miles around the Super Bowl, that ban applies to drones too,” says Atherton

Unmasking Fascism - The United Nations Makes a Shocking Admission about Syria and Western Corruption - Commentary and Links Included

There is another twist when it comes to local and state laws, like Utah’s proposed HB 420, which would let police shoot down drones in “emergency situations.” While the FAA decided that drone shootdowns are already illegal under existing law, we’ll have to see how drone shootdown cases proceed in the courts to know if that assertion will hold.

Video footage shows this was not an emergency situation and it was more of a harassment situation. Regardless, North Dakota has no existing drone shooting law with exceptions for police, so the officer shooting down the media drone at the DAPL protests did break a federal law and the FAA says they are investigating the situation, but it is unknown at this time if the officer will be considered above the law. The FAA has also put temporary flight restrictions in the area until Nov 4 at the request of local law enforcement for “law enforcement activities.”

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Drone Pilots EXPOSING Oil Police Violence

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