Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A Closer Look - Reevaluating the Twitter Post from Mayor Rudy Giuliani - Examination and Commentary

Upon close observation of the Rudy Giuliani letter, there were a number of key observations noticed by both myself and others which revealed this letter to be questionable. I originally posted on this subject with the impression that the situation held a certain amount of simplicity to it.  However, further examination has revealed a number of unforeseen possibilities.

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This article is not meant to declare the letter to be definitively false, but to help define the complexity of the situation and to offer further insights into this letter than the original article proposed. It is my overall goal to provide a reliable resource for my readers. In this pursuit, my aim is to only publish information that helps my readers see a situation from multiple angles as opposed to just one. This process sometimes includes questioning seemingly reliable information as well as giving thought to seemingly false information.

Though I do not expect to be perfect in my own process of discernment, I do want to be thorough in my efforts to provide a reliable resource. This article is written with these goals in mind.

Trolls and Spoofs

The presence of trolls on Twitter seems to have a unique dynamic among other social media outlets. Unlike some platforms, Twitter does not require authentic identity in order to own and operate a page. Consequently the methods used by trolls on Twitter will differ from those we may find on platforms such as Facebook.

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The specific method of trolling on Twitter is different than that of Facebook in that the name and page of any individual can be duplicated multiple times. In fact, there may be so many duplicates of page names that it can be difficult to fully know which accounts are actually authentic. (We will get to the Twitter verification option in a moment.) When I discovered just how many Rudy Giuliani accounts were present on Twitter, it became apparent that there was much more to this letter than I had originally observed.

The Possibilities

There are multiple possibilities that could have lead to the publication of this letter. Consider the fact that only one (if any) of these Twitter accounts could belong to the authentic Rudy Giuliani. I have counted several of these accounts (some of them even admitting to being fake), yet none of them have the official Verified check on them. (Then again, neither does the DTM account as of yet.)

There seem to be many fake accounts labeled as the account of Rudy Giuliani, and it is difficult to know whether or not any of them actually belong to him. It could be that he simply has not bothered to verify, but this is one of many possibilities. It seems to have been one of these accounts that posted the image file of the letter. Upon initial observation, I did not see the typical signs of trolling which usually accompany such forgeries. However, there was one step taken in the creation of the Giuliani letter that I did not thoroughly consider.

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It is honestly not a typical tactic of trolls to post onto the website Archive.org. Yet the Giuliani letter was the preserved on this website. By appearances, someone with the Twitter account labelled "Rudy Giuliani" posted an image file of the letter—revealing that they had the forethought to preserve the post. This gave the viewer the impression that the contents were of significant importance. Though this may have been effective at initially convincing viewers, this letter seemed a bit suspicious upon closer investigation. (One point to note: authentic official statements typically have official letterheads. Also, they do not typically include confessions of any kind or elements of  personal correspondence, such as signatures of first names.)

It is a rule of mine that I do not immediately subscribe to detached images of any kind unless exceptional references to proven material exists within them. This means that loose image files must be scrutinized significantly in order to be proven valid. Initially, I thought that Twitter kept up with the accounts of prominent public figures, and that there would be some sort of watchdog mechanism to ensure that these public figures did not have to deal with such spoofing (much like Facebook did initially), but I was mistaken.

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The moment I realized there was this new factor of spoofing to consider, the need to reevaluate the situation became apparent. There was a lot more to this subject to digest, and I did not want to release this article without giving the reader the details. Though the first release was not what I consider preferable, I do think it is a good exercise in discernment.

It seems that this Giuliani post was created to in order to confuse those of us in alternative media, and possibly to discredit the very real issues of Pizzagate and 9/11 truth. It has been an old tactic of trolls (as well as the Cabal in general) to conflate truth with lies in ways that appears authentic. It is the hope of these trolls that when people realize they have been scammed, they will disregard the entirety of the message.

Possible Motives

It seems to be the hope of the powers that be to discredit anyone who speaks on the subject of Pizzagate so that those implicated within this massive scandal can escape any real investigation. However, I do not believe this plan will be successful. The people are waking up to the lies they have been fed for decades. We have grown tired of being fed falsehoods while wealthy elitists benefit from our ignorance. The game of societal manipulation can only last so long before the people rise up and cast off their oppressors, and considering the dynamic of present world events, I would say that time has come.

Lessons Learned

This experience has taught me a new lesson about various social media platforms, in that each one of these platforms has its own dynamic and quality of service to consider. In order for an individual to remain accurate in their evaluation of any post it is necessary to know the types of people who post to these sites. The bottom line is that no matter what tricks are attempted on social media or elsewhere, or how many spoofs a user creates, there is always a way to discern authenticity. There is sufficient evidence to reveal that both the truth of 9/11 and Pizzagate are very important topics for the discerning among us to consider.

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Whatever, the truth of this letter from the Twitter account may be, it has proven to be an excellent teaching mechanism for myself, and I am sure that many others can say the same.

* * * * *

Original Article (Edited)

On today, December 20th, the Twitter account of Rudy Giuliani—former mayor of New York, NY—posted an open letter which reveals a great deal. This letter—originally published on Twitter—appears to be a confession of knowledge which until now, Giuliani has withheld.

This letter contains significant implications. If authentic, it may represent a new level of honesty among former American officials and the revelation of the truths which, up until this point, have been hidden from the common people.

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Though I am not sure who exactly had in mind to load this file onto the Archive.org website, it does seem that they intended to ensure that the contents were preserved in case of any attempts at a cover-up were made.  As of this moment, all of Rudy Giuliani's tweets from December 1st on are completely deleted. (This was prior to the moment I realized how many spoofs of Giuliani's Twitter account there were.)

In many ways, this letter appears to be authentic as though it was actually typed by Giuliani himself. We can see that the image file was uploaded to Archive.org from Giuliani's Twitter page on the same day it was written. Also, the text seems very candid, genuine, and toned to the authentic sentiment of someone openly confessing to their knowledge of dark government secrets.

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We may have observed by this point, how many people have died as a result of speaking out against systemic problems such as financial corruption, pedophilia rings, and the goals of global domination and population reduction aspired by criminal elitists. When we factor in the fact that Giuliani was once part of this corrupt system, we will realize how dangerous it would be for him to speak out in this way. As history has shown, to betray the Cabal can have deadly consequences for the unprotected.

It may be that Rudy Giuliani has grown tired of maintaining the criminal secrecy that has allowed the Cabal to continue its corrupt games up to this point. He may not care about his own life as much as he does clearing his conscience and disclosing the truth so that these issues can be confronted and solved once and for all. Only time will tell as to what the results of this letter will be.

A few things to watch for would be if Giuliani suddenly recants these words, or if we hear of his untimely death by "heart attack." Whether or not this letter is authentic, it seems to speak a good deal of truth with regard to a need for transparency and honesty. Despite the questionability of this particular note, I believe there will come time when numerous whistleblowers will bravely come forward to make similar confessions. Although at that point, the truth may be much more evident.

Thanks for reading.



  1. This letter and his posted comments are going viral so how can someone verify the truth or proof of truth with this coming from him today ? Can we get a copy because people are all waiting for an answer as this is critical news

  2. I dont know if you know of Simon Parks?
    He has a news update section where he has posted this:

    Saturday 24th December 2016
    Much speculation regarding Rudolph Giuliani’s twitter account,
    all that I have seen has been accurate - is it his account?
    Absolutely not, is it being done with his blessing? Absolutely it is!.
    Link to the page on his site......

    I have a copy of the twitter account in a zipped file in my box account & maybe a good way to examine content??
    Here is the link to view and dowload:

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