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Tips on Discernment – Discerning the Self – Discussing the Vital Lesson of Self-Evaluation

How awake are you? No, really ... How awake are you? When we hear this question, the temptation might be to think of ourselves as completely adequate and thoroughly able to evaluate any and every situation with impeccable accuracy. Of course, with such overconfidence we may be asking for trouble.

On the other hand, to believe ourselves inadequate may not be accurate either. This is not because we are adequate, but because we have no base of reference from which to answer this question. Herein lies the concept and the vital practice of accurate self-evaluation.

This article is a bit of a divergence from my usual writing. It has come to my attention that there is a very significant need for accurate discernment in today's society. So I wanted to do what I could to improve the situation. Make no mistake, this discussion is thick and may be quite a bit to chew on for many of us (including myself). However, for everyone who is up to the challenge of introspection and self-exploration, this will be a beneficial endeavor.

The Exercise

In any search for truth, there are few things more important than one's ability to accurately evaluate themselves. This skill is vital for our self-knowledge so that in any situation—whether stressful or average—we will know our typical reaction/response to that situation. Why is our response important? We will get to that in a minute. First, we are going to do a short exercise.

I invite everyone to participate in a simple mental challenge. It's easy and you will learn a lot about yourself in a short time. Here we go.

I want you to take a moment (close your eyes if you like) and think of the last situation you found yourself in that caused you to feel stressed, angry, scared, and/or disappointed. Now, put yourself in that moment. Remember what was going on around you, and how it made you feel. Did you picture it? Good.

Now—and this is the key step—I want you to isolate in your mind, the physical objects and happenings that were around you in that moment. Look at the people, the furniture, the room or area that you were in. Picture yourself in these physical surroundings in your mind.

In thinking about that physical situation, consider this. That which you see, hear, and possibly smell is only representative of a physical situation. In essence, it's actually an illusion, but from a strictly 3rd-density perspective, it is a physical situation. However, we as human beings tend to add more to these situations.

Our stressful situations are only benign, mechanical experiences until we attach our own emotions to them. When we recall these memories, we can resurrect those same emotions each time we remember any aspect of the difficult experience. The truth is that the situation and our emotions are completely separate entities. One is not the other, and yet we rarely manage to acknowledge the two as separate. (This is with the understanding that all things are one. It is also understood that empathic abilities can actually attach emotions to certain physical objects and areas. However, these are subjects for another conversation.)

It is important for all of us to remember that no matter what happens in our lives—no matter how difficult circumstances might seem—we are in complete control of our own reaction to those circumstances. Before we form our emotional association, there are no emotions involved. We decide how we respond, and we choose how to interact with the perceived reality of a situation. In fact, it is precisely our reaction to the situation that determines how quickly that situation is resolved. That's right. Our reaction to the situation actually commands the universe around us to progress in the way in which our emotions guide it.

If we feel increasingly stressed and desperate, the situation will continually give us more stressors, and more opportunities to feel the emotion we have chosen to experience. If we have ever wondered why our difficult, stressful, and/or infuriating situation seems to only worsen as we attempt to deal with it, this is precisely why. The situation digresses because our emotions guide it to do so.
Those who have understood and taken control of their emotions, have stepped onto a path of self-mastery and limitless creativity. These people have discovered their hidden power of manifestation not through luck, not through hard labor and toil, but from good old-fashioned emotional and mental self-discipline.

This is all very interesting, but we have one important question to answer. That is, “Why is our response to the situation important?”

We have just answered a portion of this question, in that when we accurately observe and distinguish the experience from our response to it, we can learn to control our emotions and thoughts so as to resolve difficult situation most efficiently. This is very important. However, there is yet another reason why this distinction is key.

The Benefit of “Catalyst”

When we subtract our chosen emotional, mental and energetic states from the situation, what is left? What is left is the truth of the situation. What remains is the undistorted experience. If we accurately learn how to distinguish our emotional/mental/energetic state, we can then see more clearly than ever before. Within this principle, you have just learned one of the most significant aspects of accurate discernment. This is the distinction between Self and situation.

Again, this is in terms of appearance. It is a given that we live within an illusion that we ourselves create. So when we discern, we acknowledge that we are discerning the illusion. However, in order to master both perceived Self, and perceived situation, we must know the distinction between both. We—as masters in training—act and the situation reacts to our direction and intent. It is important that we direct the perceived situation voluntarily and deliberately, and not in the haphazard, unconscious way in which we directed it when we were asleep.

There is one more component to all of this (and this is my favorite). This concept gets into the why all of these difficult experience in life take place. We have heard that difficulties make us stronger, and that if we endure them with others, these difficulties tend to cement long-lasting friendships. This is true, but there are other aspects of perceivably negative experiences which catalyze one crucial action in life. Do you know what it is?

Think about the exercise we just completed. Think of how this practice helps us to see ourselves, to take control of our situation, and to create productive and constructive changes in our lives. Consider also how we have learned the vital component of the skill of discernment and the ability to separate perceived Self from the perceived situation. Now, consider the catalyst for this learning. Do you see it now? These perceived stresses, difficulties, and pain are the catalyst which begins the entire process. To illustrate, here are two passages from the Law of One on the concept of catalyst.

93.11 Questioner: I would like, if possible, an example of the activity we call Catalyst of the Mind in a particular individual undergoing this process. Could Ra give an example of that?

Ra: I am Ra. All that assaults your senses is catalyst. We, in speaking to this support group through this instrument, offer catalyst. The configurations of each in the group of body offer catalyst through comfort/discomfort. In fact all that is unprocessed that has come before the notice of a mind/body/spirit complex is catalyst.

93.12 Questioner: Then presently we receive catalyst of the mind as we are aware of Ra’s communication and we receive catalyst of the body as our body senses all of the inputs to the body, as I understand it. But could Ra then describe catalyst of the spirit, and are we at this time receiving that catalyst also? And if not, could Ra give an example of that?

Ra: I am Ra. Catalyst being processed by the body is catalyst for the body. Catalyst being processed by the mind is catalyst for the mind. Catalyst being processed by the spirit is catalyst for the spirit. An individual mind/body/spirit complex may use any catalyst which comes before its notice, be it through the body and its senses or through mentation or through any other more highly developed source, and use this catalyst in its unique way to form an experience unique to it, with its biases.

46.16 Questioner: What is the plan for use of the catalyst of cancer?

Ra: I am Ra. The catalyst, and all catalyst, is designed to offer experience. This experience in your density may be loved and accepted or it may be controlled. These are the two paths. When neither path is chosen the catalyst fails in its design and the entity proceeds until catalyst strikes it which causes it to form a bias towards acceptance and love or separation and control. There is no lack of space/time in which this catalyst may work.

As we read, this concept of catalyst represents a multidimensional mechanism which encourages growth. This catalyst may either be subtle or extreme, and can either be pleasant or painful, depending upon our reaction to it. In modern times, catalyst is normally painful in our sleeping state. This is because we do not notice any of the subtle presentations of opportunity for growth, causing the subtle and more pleasant forms of catalyst to be largely unproductive. (This is a result of mass manipulation. However, we will discuss this in a moment.)

We experience these situations and difficulties throughout our lives. Most of them happen to us before we are even aware of their true potential, and constantly attempt to get our attention even while we are still asleep and dreaming. As we experience difficulty, we typically consider ourselves victims of circumstance. They pile on top of us and we wonder why we are so unlucky in life. We continually discount these troubles as worthless. However, in so doing we have missed the value of their existence.

These difficulties exist for a specific purpose. This purpose is to teach us the very lesson we just touched upon. Without difficulty, we have nothing by which to measure our growth and progress as souls. Without this difficulty, we have no ability to test ourselves. This means no ability to make the distinctions we discussed in the above exercise, no ability to awaken to the unpleasant nature of a situation so as to change it, and no ability to discern fact from fiction. In this way, these difficulties are specifically designed for the very purpose of solving themselves. I will rephrase this for clarity.

We start with the situation, but this situation is not as we initially see it. We perceive this situation with emotional distortion. The act of separating the emotion from the truth of the situation gives us a clear view of ourselves through the emotions that arise. It also gives us the truth of the situation as we distinguish the emotion from the situation.

To learn the discipline of this distinction is to learn discernment. Also, as we master the emotions which arose from the difficulty, and as we learn the truth of the situation we endured, we heal in untold ways. In this act, we fulfill the very reason why the difficulty occurred in the first place. The truth is that difficulty is only difficult when we resist it. To learn and to use discernment in revealing the truth of our past difficulties is to become a conductor to catalyst, and in responding to catalyst, our souls progress with greatest efficiency.

Solving the Puzzle

As it turns out, our skill of discernment is but a small piece of a larger puzzle. Discernment is the medium by which problem becomes solution. This ability of distinction comes when we change our perception of the problem which catalyzed it. Working alongside the perceived problem, discernment acts as a gradual, progressive mechanism by which the true intent of the perceived problem is realized. Within that problem, we discover the true value and identity of self, as well as the undistorted aspect of the situations we face.

Those who have not truly learned discernment have confused one distortion with another. (In other words they have confused themselves and their emotions with the truth of the situation.) As we have learned from the Law of One, our goal in the ascension process is to eliminate such distortions. This is a complex matter, but let me give a more simple example.

The transition between 2nd and 3rd density requires a soul to learn the separation between Self and Other. The other is not the Self and the Self is not the other—keeping in mind these are aspects of the distortion. Each distortion serves within its own density. 2nd density distortions are appropriate for 2nd density, and 3rd density distortions are appropriate for 3rd density. The fact of distortions are not necessarily negative. They exist to serve a purpose. Here is a passage from the Law of One which details this point.

13.21 Questioner: Then how does the second density progress to the third?

Ra: I am Ra. The second density strives towards the third density which is the density of self-consciousness or self-awareness. The striving takes place through the higher second-density forms who are invested by third-density beings with an identity to the extent that they become self-aware mind/body complexes, thus becoming mind/body/spirit complexes and entering third density, the first density of consciousness of spirit.

This passage refers to the progress from 2nd to 3rd density. As it states, and the progress to 3rd density often beings with assistance of a 3rd -density being offered to a 2nd -density beings. According to other passages, when humans keep pets, the pets actually progress faster on their path of evolution.

The 2nd density exists in a state at which all beings identify themselves as one with other beings. In this sense, there is no separation between Self and Other. The purpose of this union of consciousness is to learn the functionality of the whole as one. As the densities increase, the individual becomes as wholly independent as possible, and then at higher densities, the Self gradually reintegrates into the One. 2nd-density exists so that the space between 1st and 3rd density have a stepping stone. There is more to be said about 2nd density, but at this point, the goal is to acknowledge the specific purpose of discernment.

The act of discernment is a 3rd density skill. The purpose of this skill has been discussed, but to add, this skill exists so that 3rd density beings have the ability to distinguish Self from Others. This is similar to the act of distinguishing the perceived Self from perceived situation. When an individual lacks the ability to discern, it is because they still exist within the confines of 2nd density perception, in that they see no distinction between themselves and the collective whole.

This confusion of self represents an imbalanced distortion, and does not hold the same value as the typical 3rd-density distortions which exist to assist us. It is a conflation between two aspects of the whole that were intended to be separate at 3rd density. This is why discernment is so vital. Without it, there can be no resolution of situational difficulty, no progress through the difficult situation and no increasing in conscious awareness.

The goal of 3rd density and each density, is to resolve the illusion and not to complicate it. Though there may be a choice to stagnate for a time, the overall goal of the experience is progress and resolution. As a soul progresses, it achieve greater and greater levels of conscious awareness, and as stated, in 3rd density, discernment is one of the key steps in solving the riddle. To these concepts, we add one more.

Our Intended Course

Consider for a moment the world situation we have today. We have a world that has been dominated by a dark and self-serving group of elitists. This cabal of criminals descend from a long lineage of characters similar to themselves, and their predecessors held just as much contempt for human life and health as they do.

This historical cult of elitists has manipulated Earth humanity for centuries on end, and each time this group has been opposed and defeated, they have managed to remake themselves. Consequently, completely defeating such a group has been an historical challenge. However, this challenge has also been beneficial to humanity as well. Below is a passage from the Law of One text which describes the process of growth and evolutionary progress.

13.18 Questioner: Could you define what you mean by growth?

Ra: I am Ra. Picture, if you will, the difference between first-vibrational mineral or water life and the lower second-density beings which begin to move about within and upon its being. This movement is the characteristic of second density, the striving towards light and growth.

13.19 Questioner: By striving toward light, what do you mean?

Ra: I am Ra. A very simplistic example of second-density growth striving towards light is that of the leaf striving towards the source of light.

13.20 Questioner: Is there any physical difference between first and second density? For instance, if I could see a second-density planet and a first-density planet side by side, in my present condition, could I see both of them? Would they be both visible?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. All of the octave of your densities would be clearly visible were not the fourth through the seventh freely choosing not to be visible.

If we want to understand the nature of the control which the Cabal has imposed upon humanity over the centuries, there is a simple way to understand it. Consider for a moment the way in which a soul is said to strive for light similar to the way a plant makes every effort to reach the light of the sun. At our core, each of us desires light, and whether a soul chooses the path or light of darkness, this light is their goal on each of these paths.

Now, to understand the nature of Cabal control over humanity, we must understand 2nd density. This is a density of simple group consciousness. Within this 2nd density there is little acknowledgment of the Self and little awareness of the individual as an individual. At 2nd density, there is only the will of the group in play.
When this group makes any choice, there is little or no objection from any individual. Each member is agreeable as though the group is a single body acting in unison. Together, the group consciousness makes the choices and decides what is best for the group at any given moment. This benevolent mechanism works well as long as it is allowed to remain independent of any negative, external interference. As it turns out, this interference is exactly what has taken control over humanity.

The 3rd density was designed to be a discovery of independence and of our ability to make the choices of an individual as opposed to those of a group. This density is designed to offer an opportunity to expand not only as part of a body, but as the body itself. However, we each have been prevented from achieving the self-realization necessary for graduating 3rd density.
Instead of experiencing our individualization, we have been kept by this Cabal of manipulators in a state of group-mindedness. We have been confined to 2nd density standards of thought, action, and energy, and it is because of this confinement that we find ourselves in our present state. This multifaceted control structure has been meticulously maintained over centuries of time in order to keep the proverbial cage locked tight. Our natural evolutionary process has been stifled, and instead of being allowed to become the body, we have been forced to remain as part of the body.

In this confinement, we have remained as animals in our hive-mind state—failing to realize ourselves as individuals. Along with this manipulation and confinement, the Cabal has assumed the role of the mind. Consequently, the natural and benevolent choice of the hive mind has been drowned out and replaced with Cabal manipulation, and because so many people simply behave as one of the group, hardly anyone noticed the problem. However, this is changing at an ever-increasing pace, and there is one key reason as to why.

Blessings in Disguise

We have already discussed one aspect of the universe which seems to be self-resolving. These are the difficulties and experiences in our lives which arise to help encourage us to move forward. As we discussed, as long as we remain conducive to these mechanisms, we can use them to find our way to higher consciousness, and resolve the original need for the conflict. This is a self-resolving process as long as we are willing to cooperate with it, and not resist it. Here is yet another self resolving issue.

It may not seem that our current situation with cabal control can be self-resolving. However, this seems to be the case, and as usual, this resolution requires our participation and willingness to see the resolution manifest.

Below is the passage from the Law of One which details the historical instant when the elitists of the past began to manipulate humanity. This may be the moment at which this cabal assumed control over humanity both physically and consciously.

14.3 Questioner: Then what was the second-density form— what did it look like— that became Earth-man in the third density? What did he look like in the second density?

Ra: I am Ra. The difference between second- and third-density bodily forms would in many cases have been more like one to the other. In the case of your planetary sphere the process was interrupted by those who incarnated here from the planetary sphere you call Mars. They were adjusted by genetic changing and, therefore, there was some difference which was of a very noticeable variety rather than the gradual raising of the bipedal forms upon your second-density level to third-density level. This has nothing to do with the so-called placement of the soul. This has only to do with the circumstances of the influx of those from that culture.

It reading this passage, it may be difficult to see any positive side to such stringent control over humanity by such a cold and careless group. However, as stated before, these apparent problems can be self-resolving granted we participate in the proper way. This is not to say that we should cooperate in our own enslavement. It is to say that we must find the proper course to resolution.

Consider how we have been treated as animals for centuries. We have been kept in our state of animalic hive-mind so that none of us have been able to break free from group-mindedness. Think of the principle which states that 2nd density beings progress faster when they play the role of pets to those of higher consciousness. Here is the Law of One.

20.2 Questioner: Then the second-density entities that did not get harvested at the beginning of this 75,000-year period, some are still in second density on this planet. Were any of these who remained in second density harvested into third density in the past 75,000 years?

Ra: I am Ra. This has been increasingly true.

20.3 Questioner: So more and more second-density entities are making it into third density. Can you give me an example of a second-density entity coming into third density, say, in the recent past?

Ra: I am Ra. Perhaps the most common occurrence of second-density graduation during third-density cycle is the so-called pet.

The animal which is exposed to the individualizing influences of the bond between animal and third-density entity, this individuation causes a sharp rise in the potential of the second-density entity so that upon the cessation of physical complex the mind/body complex does not return unto the undifferentiated consciousness of that species, if you will.

20.4 Questioner: Then can you give me an example of an entity in third density that was just previously a second-density entity? What type of entity do they become here?

Ra: I am Ra. As a second-density entity returns as third-density for the beginning of this process of learning, the entity is equipped with the lowest, if you will so call these vibrational distortions, forms of third-density consciousness; that is, equipped with self-consciousness.

20.5 Questioner: This would be a human in our form then who would be beginning the understandings of third density. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

The act of the treating humanity as a collective pet may be seen as demeaning and degrading, and in a way it has been. Nothing could be more violating than to interfere with a soul's right to evolve, let alone interfering with the rights of 7 billion. Yet this is what the Cabal and their predecessors have done over the millennia. We have been domesticated in every sense of the word.

We have been conditioned to behave in a controllable way which does not interfere with the lives of the over-privileged. We have been restricted to certain resources and information while the elitists enjoy much, much more, and we have been prevented from escaping our confinement. Our lives have been carefully designed to be advantageous to elitists, and if we become disadvantageous to them, we are punished or eliminated. (As we have seen, true justice has little to do with the institution of crime and punishment.)

This Cabal considers the common humanity to be subhuman. They do this so that they can treat us as animals without feeling remorse for doing so. It is true that this is based upon a religious belief of theirs. However, this belief serves as emotional protection from the truth of the gross violation of universal law which the Cabal has chosen to live by. Yet even in their cold, careless depravity, this cabal of criminals assists humanity in evolution.

Even as these criminals attempt to keep us as their collective pet, they contribute to our growth. As we discussed, every experience can be a catalyst for growth and expansion, and as we endure such experiences, we grow to a point at which we can no longer be confined. We grow to a level of consciousness beyond manipulability. We learn the ways in which our rights have been violated. We learn the secrets behind Cabal success, and how they have twisted the truth in to make our task of learning difficult. Yet in this difficulty of learning—granted we have the courage to endure and self-evaluate—we can learn discernment.

With this discernment, we can learn what has been twisted among the Cabal's beliefs. We can decipher their teachings into that which serves all—not simply the advantage of a few—and with this knowledge, we can depose them and their twisted rule over us. This is the catalyst that they did not intend to contribute to our growth. This shows us the importance of discernment, and it reveals the next step in our evolution, granted we have the courage to take it.

Know Thyself

This conversation has been thick. To be honest, I had no clue what I was going to write, but as I read this back to myself, it seems to make sense in a multidimensional way that I did not know until after it was complete. Consequently, I cannot take full credit.

My goal with this website was to help each of us to reach states of greater awareness of self and of the world around us. However, as I write, it seems that I am benefiting just as much as anyone else might.

So, have you learned the distinction between Self and Situation? Have you been able to put this distinction into practice? If so, congratulations, and if not, you have quite a bit to look forward to. This study has taught us quite a bit in a very short time. We learned a key component of manifestation, of situational mastery, and we have learned one of the main reasons why our negative experiences have taken place.

Yet still, we have not answered our key question. How do we determine how awake we are? What is the method for accurate self-evaluation? The good news is that you just learned it, or rather you have learned one of the most difficult aspects of it. However, this difficulty is only perception as well.

Thinking back to our stressful situation, there is an aspect of ourselves which acts and reacts within the situation. You could call this the “Ego” if you like. Along with these is the aspect of the Self which observes the situation from a third-person perspective. We may call this the “Higher Self.” This observational self is an aspect which we become aware of as we gradually awaken to higher states of consciousness.

As we will learn, self-evaluation is one of the key components in a life of waking consciousness. If we can accurately learn to evaluate Self, we have achieved a good portion of the goal of increasing our conscious state.

Here is the bottom line. Among all of this—in learning the intricacies of the situation and the Self—there is one thing we must remember. That is that the situation is the Self—in a higher sense. More specificity, the situation is our own reflection. It is an elaboration upon that which we choose by our emotions and by our energy, thoughts, and actions. The situation is an opportunity to know ourselves better than we would without them.

These experiences represent an opportunity for accelerated growth and advancement on our continued journey of ascension. Yet even in the acknowledgment that the situation and the Self and reflections of of the higher self, it is important that we remember the difference between the Self and the mirror. To become frustrated at one's own reflection would be ridiculous to any of us.

We may find it humorous to see animals discover themselves in the mirror. The site confuses them, scares them, and bewilders them to no end. They believe they are looking at another animal—a completely independent entity with its own mind. It doesn't behave the way they would expect another animal to. The site is completely alien to them. This is an exact representation of ourselves when observing our life's situation.

We are confused, perplexed, angry, frustrated, and disheartened because nothing seems to be going in the way we want it to. Yet in our dismay, we are missing the center of the issue. As always, the solution lies within.

Instead of becoming anxious, agitated, and angry waiting for our own reflection to improve, our goal must be self-improvement. The discomfort we feel is simply the way the universe encourages growth and progress. This is how we change our life situation, and as each one of our lives improve, our world follows suite.

If we want to know why the world has been in the state in which we find it, we need not look far. The reason is that the world is a reflection of our collective consciousness. This state is the energetic state of humanity. The positive side is that the whole is made of individuals, and each individual has the power to remake and reshape our lives into anything we wish to see. So what's your wish?
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