Friday, November 18, 2016

Sphere-Being Alliance - MSNBC and RT Discuss the Implication of the Pedophilia Scandal - Video, Commentary and Links Included

On November 15th, the Secret Space Program whistleblower, Corey Goode, posted on the Sphere-Being Alliance (Facebook) page a short, but revealing video on the pedophilia scandal overshadowing the Clinton Foundation.  The subjects discussed in this video and any coming disclosures may be shocking to hear.  However, these revelations may represent the onset of a larger disclosure.  According to Goode, this may be a key opportunity for the people to rise up and demand to know the entirety of the truth that has been kept from us for so long.

Sphere Being Alliance - Are We Navigating to Our Optimal Temporal Reality? - An Update from Corey Goode

Source: Sphere-Being Alliance

Published: November 15, 2016

By: Corey Goode via Facebook

(Warning: Very upsetting information!) - The general population is being prepared for some very sickening information about all levels of influence in the EU and US Governments to be revealed. We are going to find out how many influential people (From BOTH political parties) in the US and the EU have been a part of this massive pedophile ring. This sex slave ring has also been used as a device to blackmail powerful people into paying large sums of money as well as by the way they make policy decisions. Once these uncomfortable truths are disclosed, society will not only be ready for more of the truth they will take to the streets to demand it. Once society sees how much is below the surface and that this is just "the tip of the ice-burg" it will no longer be so easy to control. IMHO CG

MSNBC & RT : Hillary and Bill Clinton involved in pedophilia scandal

Sphere-Being Alliance - An Important Message from Corey Goode - Update September 14 - Commentary and Links Included

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