Thursday, November 10, 2016

Michael Tellinger Hacked - Posts and Website Links

This article serves as a record for the various posts on Michael Tellinger's Facebook page found to have numerous inconsistent, and which seem completely out of character for this well-established public figure.  These unusual posts were made during the week of November 6th and show numerous signs of gross inauthenticity compared to Tellinger's authentic, highly professional standard. This article may serve as evidence for anyone seeking to gain more information on this divergence from creative professionalism.

Facebook Post 2 - "Are you happy with the way the world is goin?" 

(Notice the copied and pasted verbiage between Posts 1 and 2.  Yet We are supposed to believe these come from the the real Tellinger—a successful author and musician.)

A Planet Truth - "Welcome to FE Nation;Michael Tellinger"

You will notice several of the exact same Facebook posts repeated over and over again on the same day. Many of them are the exact same verbiage copied and pasted to different articles and posts. One would think that an accomplished writer would have more creativity than to simply copy and paste for hours on end on Facebook. It is almost as though whoever made these posts did so for a living and did not have much else to do. This is the common job description of a paid troll.
These people sit at workstations with multiple monitors in front of them pretending to be several individuals, but in reality they are just one person with multiple fake accounts on social media. If an individual—say someone who worked for the CIA—wanted to hack an account such as this it would not be difficult. As I understand it, Facebook gave them (and I believe the NSA) the green light to do so at any time. This may seem unfortunate, but there is an upside.
When CIA-types attempt to imitate the words of trained and well-studied scholars, it shows in obvious ways.  However, we cannot see this until we choose to open our eyes to it.  The fact is that we are only as awake as we choose to be.
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