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Exopolitics versus Exospin - A Response to Dr Steven Greer - An Exploration the Multiple Perspectives on the Process of Disclosure

By now, many have come to realize that the process of Full Disclosure is both complex and multifaceted. Additionally, there are numerous people who have different perspectives on this process as to how it ought to progress, and what the end result should look like.

Complete paradigm shifts are nothing simple. So it is understandable that there would be a difference of opinion as to how such a shift should take place. We may have noticed that there are a number of well-known figures involved in the disclosure process and that not all hold the exact same views. This difference of opinion is fine as long as we can all work together toward learning the entirety of the truth for the good of our planet.

This article is an examination on two particular opinions we may find on the subject of disclosure. These are the viewpoints of Dr. Steven Greer and Dr. Michael Salla. Both of these individuals are highly respected and well-versed in their areas of study. They also have the same goal of learning the entirety of the truth.

The key in this discussion, I believe, is not necessarily to take sides, seeing that we as truth-seeking individuals are all on the same side. Our goal must be to determine the entirety of possibility about the information we might find as we search for truth. In this search we must also remain objective and free of fear so that we can better see the truth the moment it is revealed.

Two Points of View

As we may know, Dr. Michael Salla is well-versed in the detailed study of ETs and UFO encounters. He first dedicated himself to the study in the early 2000s and has continually advocated for Full Disclosure. Salla is the founder of a specific field of research which he terms Exopolitics. This is the study on the possibilities of developing peaceful relationships between Earth humans and ETs. Dr. Salla continued his work into the present and now devotes his time to the promotion of open disclosure of all credible information on the subject of off-world life.

Exopolitics with Dr. Michael Salla - Global Elite Prepare for Massive Solar Eruptions claims Secret Space Program Whistleblower

We may know Dr. Salla's work from his website, This is the site where Salla has collected his analyzes on the various whistleblowers he has interviewed. It stands to reason that in the development of peaceful relationships with ETs, the compilation of data is the first task to complete. This way, the progress of positive relationships can take place from a state of knowledge as opposed to one of ignorance.

Dr. Steven Greer is a well-known figure in the area of ET disclosure as well. His work ranges from the area of medicine to research on UFO encounters, and the development of a specific contact method which he has termed the CE-5 Contact Protocols. Dr. Greer has held many conferences and has briefed many individuals on the subject of ET life. He has worked hard in the past to compile the data gathered on different encounters from a variety of people. Though I personally do not subscribe to the specific belief systems which Dr. Greer maintains as true, I consider his research to be a valuable contribution to the goal of Full Disclosure.

Extraterrestrial Contact: The Evidence and Implications‏ - Behind the Scenes with Dr. Greer - Plus Radio Interview and Commentary

Both Dr. Greer and Dr. Salla have somewhat opposing viewpoints on the possibilities of what we might find in space. Dr. Salla seems to be open to any possibility, while Dr. Greer believes that there are only positive ETs and that negativity is an entirely human condition. The following is an excerpt from the conversation of interest. It is an informative debate which details each point of view and reveals the reasoning behind why these men hold their own opinions on the matter of ET life.

In January 1994, I remember visiting the Jakarta office of Mr Irawan Abidin, the former Director of Foreign Information in the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I had just arrived from a two week field trip to the former Indonesian territory of East Timor researching alleged human rights abuses. I had found ample evidence of abuses through the traumatized testimonies of many East Timorese I had spoken with. Mr Abidin assured me that systematic human rights abuses were not occurring in East Timor and that such claims were spurious accusations orchestrated by discontented Timorese expatriates who were the former ruling elite. I politely explained to him what I had been told in my fieldwork involving interviews with dozens of private citizens, but he insisted that such claims were gross exaggerations and people were basically content in East Timor.

He handed me a Ministry publication to support his position and exhorted me to tell the world how content people were with Indonesian rule in East Timor. In reading Steven Greer's recent public statement, "Exopolitics or Xenopolitics" where he openly criticizes me as someone supporting xenophobic approaches to Exopolitics, I had a feeling of déjà vu with my earlier meeting with Mr Abidin concerning my research into alleged human rights abuses.

In his May 2 statement, Greer claims: "While there are certainly diverse opinions regarding why any given extraterrestrial civilization may wish to visit Earth at this time in our history, recent public comments by Michael Salla have added a virulent strain of fear-based xenophobia, based on the flimsiest of documentation." Dr Greer further states: "He has maintained that a nefarious and injurious group of ETs have made a secret pact with covert humans - and have a harmful agenda towards the human race." This, and more. The Disclosure Project has over 450 military, government and corporate insiders who have first-hand knowledge of actual UFO/ET events and projects. We find it odd that not a single one of these insiders can confirm the xenophobic rumors proffered by Salla."

It seems obvious that Dr. Greer is extremely opposed to the idea of any ETs being negative in nature, and that is fine. Everyone is welcome to their own opinion. We as human beings typically form our opinions based upon our experiences. However, many times there is an emotional component to the formation of these opinions.

To be honest, I had no idea that Dr. Greer was so strongly opposed to the idea of any potentially negative ETs anywhere. It was strange to see that there were trusted individuals on the Disclosure Project team―Lt. Col Philip Corso, Dr. Robert Wood, Dr. David Jacobs, Budd Hopkins, Dr. Karla Turner, and more―that had more to say than was allowed to be said during these hearings. It seems that any suggestion toward anything but benevolent ET contact has been met with ridicule and dismissal.

Extraterrestrial Contact: The Evidence and Implications‏ - Behind the Scenes with Dr. Greer - Plus Radio Interview and Commentary

The component of emotion is an absolute in our lives as human beings. These emotions can either get in the way of our search for truth, or they can assist us in that search in motivating us to do the best, most thorough job in pursuing the answers we seek. We cannot say with certainty that anyone holds their opinion because of any emotional distortion. However, this distortion is important to consider when examining any difference of opinion. Now, back to the conversation.

I accept Dr Greer's implicit invitation to engage in a public debate with him concerning the evidence supporting the diverse motivations and activities performed by extraterrestrial visitors. I think such a debate is healthy and can lead to greater cooperation between exopolitical researchers and activists who have long been polarized into mutually antagonist camps of those exclusively viewing extraterrestrials as benign visitors helping humanity evolve, and those generally viewing extraterrestrials as committing systematic human rights abuses. I will avoid personalizing such a debate which can only be a distraction and focus only on the arguments offered by Dr Greer and myself in discussing the substantive issues raised in his public statement and my own public research.

To begin, in his statement Greer explicitly refers to his database of 450 whistleblower cases as the source for his exopolitical view that extraterrestrials visiting Earth are exclusively benign advanced civilizations sincerely desiring humanity to evolve into a mature, sovereign and independent galactic species. It's worth pointing out that Dr Greer has only released the identities and testimonies of a comparatively small sample of that database in his Disclosure Book (which has almost 70 testimonies, less than 20% of his alleged database). I have privately corresponded with Dr Greer on a number of occasions where he has repeatedly dismissed the data I have forwarded to him that some extraterrestrials are violating the rights of individuals, and that agreements with covert agencies have indeed been reached where these agencies have become complicit in such violations.

Dr Greer claims that his database of 450 military, government, and corporate whistleblower cases do not support the idea that extraterrestrials are engaging in such human rights violations, nor that some extraterrestrials have reached agreements with covert government agencies. He boldly claims that "not a single one of these insiders can confirm the xenophobic rumors proffered by Salla." This is a gross misrepresentation of the data possessed by Dr Greer. This can be easily demonstrated by the case of Lt Col Philip Corso who is prominently featured as a Disclosure Project Witness, and is arguably the most widely known and significant whistleblower to ever emerge in UFO research.

It is understandable that some people are devoted to their own beliefs, and again everyone has the right to believe what they want. However, I do not see any reason to discount the possibility of the existence of negative ET intelligence in our galaxy. With a frontier as vast as the infinity of space, it may be a wise course to consider all possibilities instead of limiting ourselves to those which we enjoy thinking about.

Again this is not to accuse Dr. Greer. It is simply to make the point that we cannot conclude based upon what we do not know or upon that which we have never personally experienced. It also seems unwise to ridicule others based upon our lack of knowledge in any particular area. The possibilities are endless when it comes to outer space. However, I do think it is important to state that just because there may be negative ETs does not mean that we have anything to fear.

I have privately corresponded with Greer on Corso's testimony but he has repeatedly dismissed this information and now boldly states that not a single one of these insiders can confirm such allegations. As the above quote and other selections from Corso's testimony demonstrate, Greer is incorrect. The case of Corso is not isolated. For example, with regard to allegations of human rights abuses and of a shooting war involving extraterrestrials at an underground facility in New Mexico, Dulce, made by whistleblowers such as Phil Schneider, Greer includes these among the list of xenophobic rumors.

Unfortunately, another prominent Disclosure Project whistleblower, Dan Morris, not only confirms the existence of the Dulce facility, but also that Schneider did indeed work there and was eliminated for disclosing classified information about such bases and what had occurred there with resident extraterrestrials. In Greer's' Disclosure book, Morris says: "There are other people who have been eliminated for what they know. One was a friend of mine. Phil Snyder (sic) who worked out here in New Mexico building the tunnels - the biggest one that he was involved with was the Dulce underground facility" (Disclosure, p. 359).

Another area where I have privately corresponded with Greer concerns alleged covert agreements between some extraterrestrial groups and covert government agencies. According to Greer's statement, this is part of the xenophobic rumor mill I am spreading on the flimsiest of documentation. We do not have to look too far to find evidence of such covert agreements among Greer's list of Disclosure Project witness. In addition to Corso who claims that the government had been forced into a "negotiated surrender" with extraterrestrials, and of Morris's claims of extraterrestrials residing at the underground Dulce facility, we find the example of Capt Bill Uhouse, another Disclosure Project witness, who describes how extraterrestrials would come into classified meetings to give hints to scientists and engineers concerning the reverse engineering of extraterrestrial technology.

Similarly, Sgt Clifford Stone has testified how upon his induction into covert projects concerning extraterrestrials, he was taken into a secure facility under the Pentagon where he was taken to have a telepathic communication with a gray extraterrestrial where he blanked out and was then threatened with death if he disclosed what had happened.

Again, I believe it is important to consider all information before jumping to any conclusion, especially on matters of the unknown. This is an extremely interesting conversation and gives us many clues into the possibilities within the experiences we may have in space.

The work of Dr. Greer has been admirable through the years. He has worked hard to open the minds of thousands to all that we have yet to learn about on ET life. However, it seems that in this case, he is on the receiving end of a message which challenges beliefs. That message is that just because our experiences have only gone so far does not mean that we have seen all there is to see.

The Disclosure Project - Dr. Steven Greer Interviews UFO Specialist, Retired Colonel Charlie Brown

Dr. Greer has spoken on many scientific breakthroughs only to be shot down by the mainstream. It seemed that those who refused to listen to him did not want to accept any information contrary to that which they chose to trust. Even though the information that Dr. Greer attempted to share was provably valid, these people tossed it aside as though it was worthless. This made his task of disclosure extremely difficult and quite discouraging at times. At present, it seems that Dr. Greer is now on the other end of this equation. He is being given information that is difficult for him to accept based upon his own experiences, and it seems that he has had the same reactions as the numerous skeptics had when he was trying to open their minds to new possibilities.

In my own observation, closed-minded scientists frequently hold a similar stance. For example, they may look at a city that is submerged beneath the ocean's surface complete with roads, buildings, and archways. However, because the existence of the city does not apply to their current paradigm, they say that it is natural rock formations while ignoring what they see, and claim that there is no evidence of a city to examine.

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock - Sunken City of Cuba

This stance applies to free energy as well. Scientists will look at a device, claim that it is invalid without examining it thoroughly, and then claim that there is no evidence to prove that free energy exists. These scientists and pseudo-skeptics will claim that they are being logical and impartial, but in reality they are allowing their emotions to make their decisions for them―sometime even betraying their scientific trade for the sake of an unfounded belief based upon an incomplete data set.

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock - Free Energy Should be Free - Breaking Though a Century of Cabal Deception

It is not my intent to disrespect Dr. Greer in any way. I am willing to bet that we have all taken this same stance before while attempting to maintain beliefs that did not suite the truth of a situation. I believe that Dr. Greer is speaking from a place of intelligence, but somehow his thought process may be limited by a misconception or two.

It can be difficult to see any benefit from negativity in any context. This is only my observation, but it may be that Dr. Greer has had difficulty seeing any good in potentially negative situations. It can be a challenge to see the positive benefit of negative experiences, but as it turns out, there can be extreme benefits from the difficult life ordeals we face.

“But I think that no matter how smart, people usually see what they're already looking for, that's all.”

- Veronica Roth, Allegiant

The Value of Positive and Negative Polarity

The Law of One has served as an important guide for many in understanding a number of scientific and esoteric concepts. This text seems to be much different than any other channeled information, as it has verifiable, scientific data included within it—data which was not known by the scientific world until years after the text came forward. For this and many reasons, it seems that this text can be a reliable source for one's research.

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock - Prepare for Ascension

The Law of One includes multiple details on an assortment of off-world life. According to the text, this life is human/humanoid, and these beings vary quite a bit with regard to personality. Here is one passage on the various orientations of life we find in our universe. It is on the topic of what the text refers to as graduation.

11.6 Questioner: As our cycle ends and graduation occurs, is it possible for anyone to go from this third density to a fourth-density planet that is a self-service type or negative type?

Ra: I am Ra. We grasp now the specificity of your query. In this harvest the probability/possibility vortex indicates an harvest, though small, of this type. That is correct.

We can see from this short passage that a soul can reach higher dimensions and states of consciousness on the negative path, or what the Law of One calls service-to-self orientation. As it turns out, this negative path lasts for quite a while on the path of graduation/ascension. (It should be noted that any soul has the ability to switch from one path to another on their course of evolution.) Below is a more descriptive passage on this subject.

47.5 Questioner: Then at fourth-density graduation into fifth is there anything like the percentages you gave for third-density graduation into fourth for polarization?

Ra: I am Ra. There are, in your modes of thinking, responses we can make, which we shall make. However, the important point is that the graduations from density to density do occur. The positive/negative polarity is a thing which will, at the sixth level, simply become history. Therefore, we speak in an illusory time continuum when we discuss statistics of positive versus negative harvest into fifth. A large percentage of fourth-density negative entities continue the negative path from fourth- to fifth-density experience, for without wisdom the compassion and desire to aid other-self is not extremely well-informed. Thus though one loses approximately two percent moving from negative to positive during the fourth-density experience we find approximately eight percent of graduations into fifth density those of the negative.

As this passage states, growth through each density is considered a valuable learning experiences, and each density/dimension holds its own lessons for learning. The positive path is considered by the Law of One to be just as valuable as the negative. One of these teaches the value and connection to others while the other teaches value and connection to self.

These may appear to be extremely opposite in our present perspective. One is typically considered to be fearful and counterproductive, while the other is considered to be more valuable and relevant than the other. However, as we may have experienced in life, negativity has a way of teachings us about ourselves. This negativity shows us the result of extreme carelessness toward life, and can help motivate us to be our best on the positive path. In this way, those who are negative have a tendency to polarize others around them either to embody the opposite or, on rare occasions, to embody a similarly negative polarity.

"If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment."

- Marcus Aurelius

The Freedom to Choose

The Law of One refers to one particular law that applies to a large portion of the galaxy. This is the Law of Free Will—often referred to as the Law of Confusion. This is basically a law which dictates that every soul at 3rd density has the right to have any experience they choose to have. In actuality, these experiences are interconnected, but because of free will we perceive them as independent and disconnected events. This Law of Free Will exists so that we as 3rd-density beings are freely able to experience life as we choose.

The Law of One – The Law of Karma

Along with the Law of Free Will is the Law of Karma, and this law gives us the opportunity to receive everything we give in our 3rd-density experience. If we are kind and generous, we will receive just as much kindness and generosity as we ourselves have shown to others. If we are cold and heartless, we have the opportunity to experience this treatment as well. Whatever experience we have as soul, it is important that we acknowledge the true value of all experience, no matter what they might be.

As it turns out, the Law of One holds the positive and the negative polarity as equally valuable. These polarities are commonly termed "service to others" and "service-to-self" polarity. The following passage gives one of the numerous examples of the equal value of both polarities that the Law of One discusses.

20.36 Questioner: You use the same nomenclature for fourth-density negative as for fourth-density positive. Both are called the dimension of love or understanding. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. Love and understanding, whether it be of self or of self towards other-self, is one.

We may note that within this text, the concept of graduation is commonly referenced. This is the process of evolution of a soul through increasing levels of consciousness. As the soul progresses, it gains in knowledge, wisdom and capacity to embody the entirety of the divine infinity which connects all things. Presently, the Earth shift we are experiencing is a transition from 3rd density into 4th density (or higher for some souls), and this graduation holds many opportunities within the process.

Most of us Earth humans want comfortable life experiences and this is understandable. We want peace, happiness, equality and pleasure in constructive ways. However, it is important to understand that not everyone considers peace and equal prosperity to be pleasurable.

“The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.”

- Robertson Davies, Tempest-Tost

The Uphill Battle

As divine souls we have the right to experience anything and everything we choose. This includes both harmonious and the disharmonious experiences. It is more common that souls choose the positive 4th-density path than they do the negative path. In fact, the negative path is so harsh and difficult to maintain that very few ever achieve the negative, 4th-density graduation. Even if they do achieve it, they may end up working tirelessly without making much evolutionary progress. For an example, here is a passage which details the requirements for the 3rd to 4th-density graduation.

17.31 Questioner: Thank you very much. I don’t wish to take up extra time by asking questions over again. Some are so important I try to ask some similar questions in different ways to expand on the answer. Seems to be [inaudible] what we’re getting at, maybe not.

In the book Oahspe it states that if an individual is more than fifty percent for others— that is, goes over the 50% service to others, and is less than fifty percent for service to self, then he is harvestable. Is this a correct statement?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct if the harvesting is to be for the positive fourth dimensional level.

17.32 Questioner: What must be the entity’s percentage, shall we say, if he is to be harvested for the negative?

Ra: I am Ra. The entity who wishes to pursue the path of service to self must attain a grade of five, that is five percent service to others, ninety-five percent service to self. It must approach totality. The negative path is quite difficult to attain harvestability upon and requires great dedication.

As we see, the requirement for the negative, 3rd-to-4th-density graduation is that a soul be 95% negative, according to the text. This means that a soul must work tirelessly to become close to 100 percent cold, heartless, and careless about any life but their own. This is the only way they can progress into 4th density, and from 4th density on, the requirement becomes even more stringent.

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock - Prepare for Ascension

According to the Law of One, due to the difficulty of the negative path, most souls do not achieve it. We on Earth have seen evidence of this principle as there are so few member of the actual Cabal group. These few members are those who have attempted to gain the negative, service-to-self ascension by dominating, manipulating and victimizing the rest of the world's population. Yet even with all of their hard labor, the payoff seems to have been sparse due to the overwhelming positivity of the rest of the planet.

Another downside to the path of service to self is that souls are subjected to a never-ending pecking order. Unless they are at the very top of this order, they have to submit to someone else's authority. Here is one passage which details the experience of some of these negative beings.

62.18 Questioner: Then what do the ones at the top of the pecking order of the Orion group— well, let me first ask this: Are we talking about the fourth-density group now?

Ra: I am Ra. There are fourth and a few fifth-density members of the Orion group.

62.19 Questioner: Then is the top of the pecking order fifth-density?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

62.20 Questioner: What is the objective; what does the, shall we say, the leader, the one at the very top of the pecking order in fifth-density Orion, have as an objective? I would like to understand his philosophy with respect to his objectives and plans for what we might call the future or his future?

Ra: I am Ra. This thinking will not be so strange to you. Therefore, we may speak through the densities as your planet has some negatively oriented action in sway at this space/time nexus.

The early fifth-density negative entity, if oriented towards maintaining cohesion as a social memory complex, may in its free will determine that the path to wisdom lies in the manipulation in exquisite propriety of all other-selves. It then, by virtue of its abilities in wisdom, is able to be the leader of fourth-density beings which are upon the road to wisdom by exploring the dimensions of love of self and understanding of self. These fifth-density entities see the creation as that which shall be put in order.

Dealing with a plane such as this third density at this harvesting, it will see the mechanism of the call more clearly and have much less distortion towards plunder or manipulation by thoughts which are given to negatively oriented entities although in allowing this to occur and sending less wise entities to do this work, any successes redound to the leaders.

The fifth density sees the difficulties posed by the light and in this way directs entities of this vibration to the seeking of targets of opportunity such as this one. If fourth-density temptations, shall we say, towards distortion of ego, etc., are not successful the fifth-density entity then thinks in terms of the removal of light.

The path of self-service is a difficult path and causes so much suffering, but the truth is that many souls have chosen to create this suffering and others have chosen to experience it. With this in mind, it is important for us to remember that like every experience, even suffering is valuable, and it is the free-will choice of each soul as to if and when they endure it.

It is our freedom to have any and every opportunity that we choose. It should be known that it is unlikely that this freedom of experience only exists on one planet in the entire galaxy (or the universe). According to the Law of One, there are many worlds and many systems that also share this freedom. It may be that the negative path is the stark minority in other systems as well, but it is likely that negativity still exists elsewhere. So why might a soul choose to experience suffering?

"You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do."

- Eleanor Roosevelt

The Value of Experience

There are many reasons a soul might choose suffering instead of comfort. As I understand the situation, there are countless experiences a soul may have in any given lifetime, and that soul may plan to have any number of experiences prior to incarnation. Within this choice lies the choice to suffer, and many souls choose this experience.

Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock and Corey Goode - Validating the History of the Secret Space Programs - With Dr. Bob Wood

Some souls choose to experience this suffering during their lifetime, and in order to assist them to this end, other souls work together in creating their unpleasant experiences. This often takes place when a soul needs to resolve their karma before moving on to higher states of consciousness. As the principle stands, a soul cannot graduate from 3rd to 4th density with an excess of karma. So to alleviate this karma, a soul may choose suffering through soul-level partnerships. These partnerships can either occur between Earth humans, between ETs, or between humans and ET beings. As souls, there is little or no differentiation.

When we see suffering imposed by an outside party, this is not necessarily a case of victimization (at least not at the soul level). There is a strong chance that we are seeing a partnership between souls. This does not mean that we should not attempt to render aid and stop aggressors from harming others. We most definitely should, in my opinion. However, it may be that the apparent victim and the aggressor have an agreement which appearances do not reveal.

Law of One – Karma and Karmic Balancing

In all of this, we still have not answered our question. What value does negative polarity have in our universe? Do destruction, violence, and pain have value at all? There are many passages within the Law of One as well as many reliable sources which can help us answer this question. The overall answer seems to be “yes,” but let's read before going any further.

70.6 Questioner: In the last session Ra stated that “the path back from sixth-density negative time/space revolves, firstly, about the higher self’s reluctance to enter negative time/space.” Could you explain the higher self’s position with respect to positive and negative time/space and why it is so reluctant to enter negative time/space that it is necessary for the mind/body/spirit complex to incarnate in negative space/time to find its path back?

Ra: I am Ra. In brief, you have answered your own query. Please question further for more precise information.

We can see here that there is significant benefit to the existence of negative polarity both here and everywhere the Law of Free Will applies. The questioner seems to have asked his question and then answered it immediately afterward. He is referring to a higher density (6th density) and is curious as to why a soul is allowed to stray so far from positivity and universal connection to Divine Consciousness. The answers is that no matter how far we may stray, there is always a way back. The reason negativity is allowed to exist at such a high dimension/density is that collectively, we must learn to find our way back to oneness.

Alien and Military Abduction: More than a Journal Entry - An Exploration of the Phenomenon of Abduction and Human Experimentation

This is a major reason why negativity is important, and not just for our own planet. This knowledge is universally important. To add, this negativity exists at advanced evolutionary levels. Beings that are 6th density can still choose the negative path according to the text. However, as 6th density progresses, these negative beings eventually choose to return back to the Oneness of the universe. At that point, they mature and realize that the Self and the One are the same being and that there is no separation between the two. After this point, negativity has served its purpose and the polarities dissolve back into one.

It seems that Dr. Greer had the right idea that there is a certain level at which negativity ceases to exist. However, from the testimony of numerous whistleblowers, and by the numerous respected principles within the Law of One, this point of unity is higher than Greer may have thought. This level of unification is 6th density and not 4th. Those in the Orion group—more commonly known as the Draco—are only 4th density, and because of their free-will choice, they are allowed to experience as they choose, according to the text.

Law of One – The Balance of Positive and Negative ET Contact – Session 21:18-21

This is why we hear stories of negatively oriented Reptilians. It is not very likely that all of the congruent testimonies of these beings can be written off as figments of imagination, stories of conspirators, or the results of mental imbalance. These beings seem to be one type which exist in space. However, again there is no real reason to fear them or anyone else.

"Who sees all beings in his own self, and his own self in all beings, loses all fear."

- Isa Upanishad, Hindu Scripture

Masters of Our Own Experience

The universe seems to be a largely friendly place. Just as in any case, we as free beings choose what it is we want to experience. If we authorize only positivity by our thoughts and actions, we will only experience positive events. If we authorize negative experiences, we can have those as well. The key is to be aware of what we are authorizing—what we are responding to, how we are responding, and what we are focusing on. It is also important to know what types of agreements we have made at the soul level and with whom. In this way, we can avoid experiences we do not wish to have.

Cosmic Disclosure - William Tompkins Bio - Show Transcript, Plus Extended Commentary from Dr. Michael Salla

It stands to reason that we all have our own preferences. The desires of one person may not suite those of others, and this is fine. We are all different. However, there are some who might be considered exceptionally different with regard to their preferences. Most of us have at least heard of the concept of extreme sexual fetishes. More specifically, I am referring to one termed bondage and submission. As it turns out, many of those who enjoy this type of treatment enjoy being beaten and brutalized because it actually gives them pleasure (not that I can relate in any way).

Some enjoy the feeling of being drowned or shocked. To add, there are some psychological conditions in which a person will actually feel pleasure from the process of being eaten. Though many of us would stay miles away from this type of treatment, there are those who consider it preferable. This is not to judge anyone. Nor is it say that ETs have the exact same preferences as some humans do here on Earth. It is simply to make the point that not all souls share the same idea of what they consider pleasurable.

Vorarephilia and Being Eaten for Sexual Pleasure

No two individuals have the exact same preferences in life. This is why the Law of Free Will exists. It is to create our own experience according to our changing desires. Also, any soul contracts we may have are commonly fulfilled in our experiences as well. This may mean that we could endure great difficulty, or even deadly circumstances. Quite often we are unaware of our pre-lifetime agreements and consider any imposed suffering to be a violation. However, this judgment is often a result of our amnesia.

It may be easy to consider suffering to be completely worthless and a completely destructive experience for all who endure it. However, as we have seen, difficulty can be an extremely valuable tool in helping us grow. This growth is a common result of the opposing forces of positive and negative polarity. This is the way our system happens to operate, and though at some point, we may choose to collectively change the way we operate in this system, at present this polarity exists.

Mastery and Manifestation – A Lesson on the Power of Mass Consciousness, and the Key to our Divine Creativity

We live in a big universe, and within it, the possibilities can be endless when it comes to our experiences. If we choose to experience the positive and take the proper steps to do so, we can avoid any potentially dangerous situation. This is not to say that we should be afraid or hostile toward any potentially negative or dangerous situation, individual, or group. It is to say that when we master the self and mature beyond the point where we feel the need to fight either against individuals or concepts which may intimidate us, we become better able to accept others as our allies (or at least peaceful counterparts).

We have a bright future ahead of us. Let's create it with courage.

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  1. I am seeking some clarification and greater understanding. Generally, Cory Good is recently told that about 300,000 from earth would presently ascend if it were to occur now, along with another 3 million wanderers. These numbers seem very low and strike a degree of fear and anguish in many. This article quotes Ra (The Law of One) stating that any person who achieves above 50% service to others is harvestable, it is my understanding that more than half of the earths population has chosen the service to other path, so why is it that only 3,300,000 presently are harvestable for ascension?

    1. I don't know of any verifiable source that states that more than half of the population is harvestable.

    2. I don't know if you're following more recent information, but I believe your question can be resolved. Corey said that as Blue Avians only accounted for souls that had no 4th-dimensional experience. According to his account, a great number of souls that are incarnated of superior dimensions and for that reason were not counted, because they would return to their dimensions of origin.

  2. i find dr. greers claims outright pathetic and outrageous. a human only half awake can see the obvious in plain sight. an attack on humanity has been under way on every level possible. AI, quantum computers now operating and controlling certain areas of earth. holding satanic rituals at cern and the world over. proof washington has been corrupted and taken over by a luciferian evil and most within are mind controlled, telepathic hypnoticed. most have been proven to be pediphiles and parcipitate in child sacrifice at behemian grove and elsewhere and part of a worldwide group of the elite of those in power and more. EVERYTHING is now poisonous-the air, soil, trees, food, water, vaccines and on and on. miles long craft and craft the size of moons in our solar system. technology beyond human comprehension and beyond our pradign being used against humanity and hidden from public. emf radiation being used on purpose against humanity as well as cell phone frequencys being changed to that of the human mind. first hand whistle blowers tesifying on evil, hostlie aliens being here in underground, underwater joint venture bases creating a human/reptilian hybrid. tall grays, dracconians, tall whites feeding off of humanity and doing genetic experments. dr. greer is obviously compremized and mind controlled. ALL ADVANCED RACES have great metepysical abilities as well as tech beyond our understanding as well as knowledge of mind control and way beyond.ONLY A FOOL TRUSTS AN EXTREMELY POWERFUL ADVANCED RACE COMPLETELY WITHOUTFIRST INVESTIGATING-FULLY-ALL ASPECTS OF THIS RACE. AND first hand whistleblowers testifying on talking to a nordic on how there race was taken over by the tall greys, reptilians and others. OVER 100,000 THOUSAND HUMAN BEINGS-MISSING-EVERY DAMN YEAR FROM AMERICA ALONE-THAT ALONE IS A RED FLAG. agductions and worse. i could write pages of proof earth and humanity is under assualt and is being taken over-NOW.

  3. EExtraterrestrials: Good? Bad? We need to try to think carefully, artfully and inclusively trying to find elements of truth and link them coherently together. What info out there' among the several narratives is more accurate? Generally speaking, I'm quite in agreement with Grant Cameron's recent exposition here shown in YouTube and I'm glad that he is mentioning FREE's survey. A more significant population of Experiencers anonymously informing about their encounters with NHIs and/or ETs beats what Tom de Long may have been told by a few government agents focusing on the negative perhaps for social control reasons.

    We rely on a larger, varied, anonymously surrendered data base that surpasses specific interviews and selected cases that may reinforce a researcher's bias.

    Dr. Greer's list of whistle blowers is also valid and necessary to learn from but he is too biased toward all ET's being benign and positive and may have dismissed evidence to the contrary. That doesn't mean there isn't good and important disclosure and information in what he presents and some other aspects that add to the whole "enchilada."

    However, FREE's results, probably represent a more balanced assessment: That SOME ET's (a minority) may not be agreeable and benign to the highest sacred aspirations of the human species, according to experiencers.

    Could SOME or much of what is being "disclosed" as the "Secret Space Program," for instance as researched by Dr. Michael Salla (William Tompkins, Corey Goode), be truthful? Well, perhaps, in part, yes, since they are not saying that ALL ETs are like this or that... In fact, we need to study the whole situation and multiple testimonies quite carefully. We need to compare and cross-examine information and - in most cases - withhold blanket dismissal. We also need to make personal and collective contact and find out for ourselves.

    Perhaps Goode's and Tompkins accounts of negative reptilian ETs refer to the minority of cases deemed "negative" in FREEs provisional results. These may be more but not interact as much with individual experiencers or they may be less in number but engage in military and other activities rather than contacts and/or abductions.

  4. i would like to address the ascention issue.the human race has been under control of dark forces and negative races for a very long time. everything is poisoned, we have dna changing things in the air, vaccines, food-everywhere. we have bio-organisms like morgellons, chips and more.i would like to see those of the light races live under similer conditions and see what would happen to them especially when cut off from there past memorys and connection to source and way more like humanity has been.we live in a negative beaten down world of evil. given the chance most would be service to others. so to the light. get your head out of your ass and be not biased and stupid. look at the broader picture and give most of humanity a chance to ascend . no disrespect intended.